“What’s wrong? Why do you look so unhappy?” Sitting next to Su Meng, Guo Xiang was a little worried about his disciple.

He thought that Su Meng was worried about Wei Ting.
After all, she loved Wei Ting very much back then.
Now that she was suddenly going to get a divorce, even though she was usually laughing and cheerful, she was actually feeling sad in her heart.

“Master, I’m worried about how to make my career go to the next level.”

“Do you really want to continue on this path? Even if there’s no chance to regret it in the future,” Guo Xiang asked after a moment of silence.

“Of course! I was muddle-headed in the past.
Now I’ve found my goal.
Moreover, Master, don’t you want me to inherit your mantle? I’m your only disciple.
Your mantle must be inherited by me.” Su Meng’s tone was firm.

‘In the future, nothing could delay my career.
I must work hard to let master live a good life!’

Looking at Su Meng’s firm expression, Guo Xiang’s eyes flickered.

After a moment of silence, Guo Xiang said, “I see that you really want to go into this line of work these few days.
Well, there are some things you should understand.”

Without waiting for Su Meng to ask him what it was about, Guo Xiang got up and walked out of the room.
When he returned, he held an invitation letter with a red gold border in his hand.

“If you want to be a qualified and recognized feng shui master, it is necessary to participate in the Feng Shui Master Competition.
Since you are so determined, then prepare to participate.” Guo Xiang handed the invitation letter to Su Meng.

“Feng Shui Master Competition invitation letter? Master, you actually have this!” Touching the invitation letter in her hand, Su Meng’s eyes were wide open.

The material of this invitation letter was obviously very high-end.
Touching it, it felt quite good.
As expected of a competition organized by the upper-class society.

“An old friend gave it to me, but I’m already so old.
I’m not interested in such things anymore.
Didn’t you say that you wanted to inherit my mantle? Then it’s just right for you to go.
This is considered VIP treatment.
There’s an independent room.
You don’t have to feel awkward because you’ll be staying with a group of men.”

“Old friend? Who is it? I’ve never heard you mention them before, Master,” Su Meng asked curiously.
A person who could get such a thing seemed to have a high status.
However, she had never seen anyone with money or status around Master.

Guo Xiang’s eyes flickered and he said perfunctorily, “It’s nothing.
It’s just people who have been in contact with each other in the past.
But to participate in the competition, you have to rely on yourself.
Don’t count on others.”

He casually perfunctorily said that.
It seemed that he didn’t want to talk about this topic too much.

“Don’t worry, Master.
I will definitely not let you lose face!” Su Meng didn’t continue to ask.
Actually, it made sense when she thought about it.
She hadn’t met all of Master’s friends.

Moreover, he had sold antiques all his life.
He would more or less have some connections.

“I’m not a big shot.
Besides, I’m already so old.
What’s there to lose with this old face? Just be yourself and don’t cause trouble.
Remember, everyone there is a big shot.
Don’t talk too much and compete seriously.
We pay attention to detail in this line of work.
It’s okay if you lose.
The most important thing is to live a comfortable life.
Don’t force yourself.”


In fact, Su Meng knew in her heart that her master hoped that she could inherit his mantle, but he didn’t want her life to be too tiring and stressful.

Sure enough, the only person who treated her the best was her master.

A warm feeling slowly flowed out from the bottom of her heart.
Su Meng secretly swore in her heart that she would try her best to let her master live a good life.

“By the way, take this thing with you.” After Guo Xiang finished his instructions, he took out a silver bracelet from his pocket.
On it was a small copper bell with an ancient texture, about the size of a soybean.
The bracelet was new, but the bell looked old.
There was even a bit of paint on it, revealing a bit of black.

“What is this?” Su Meng took it and asked curiously.
It was obvious that this thing had some experience.

Guo Xiang didn’t explain further.
“You don’t have to ask.
Just put it on.”

Su Meng put on the bracelet obediently and looked at the small bell carefully.

She didn’t know what material the bell was made of.
It looked a little like gold and a little like copper.
There were tiny patterns carved on it.
It was very exquisite, but she didn’t know what it was.

With a light shake, the bell made a dull sound.
Although it wasn’t as clear and melodious as the other bells, it made people feel at ease.

Although she didn’t know the origin of this thing, her master would never harm her.

This was absolutely a good thing.

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