Fu Ze waved his hand.
“Let’s go to the private room.
How about we gamble on dice? Wouldn’t it be better to have a beautiful girl as a companion?”

“Is this what you’re playing at the opening ceremony?”

Wei Ting had never been interested in such a meaningless game, so he directly rejected it.

Just as he finished speaking, a crisp and pleasant voice sounded.
“Bring me along for this game.”

The two of them turned around and saw Su Meng and Wei Xue walking over slowly.

As Su Meng had dressed herself up a little today, her style was a little different from her usual plain self.
Fu Ze took a few more glances before he recognized her.
He asked in surprise, “Su Meng? You’re Su Meng?”

Fu Ze had not seen Su Meng many times, but just those few times had given him a very bad impression of Su Meng.

Su Meng had a submissive personality.
Sometimes, she was very extreme toward Wei Ting’s matters, causing quite a few embarrassing incidents.
She did not dress herself up normally, so she looked even worse than a village girl.
Wei Ting was such an outstanding man, yet he actually married such a weird girl.


“You?” Fu Ze frowned in dissatisfaction.
This woman’s brain was indeed abnormal.
She couldn’t be here to cause trouble, right?

He didn’t reply to Su Meng.
Instead, he said to Wei Ting, “Aren’t you going to interfere?”

Wei Xue, who was standing beside Su Meng, also spoke.
She said to Su Meng anxiously, “Sister-in-law, what are you talking about? Today is such a good day.
Let’s just quietly attend Brother Fu Ze’s opening ceremony.
Don’t give him any trouble, okay?”

However, Su Meng ignored their reactions and continued, “Even without me, don’t you still want to play this game? If I lose, you can do whatever you want.
If I win, I want half of the shares of your clubhouse.”


Hearing Su Meng’s words getting more and more outrageous, Wei Ting, who had been silent all this time, finally opened his mouth.
However, he only criticized Su Meng, “Don’t mess around here.”

If Su Meng was messing around in his own territory, he would let her be.
However, this was Fu Ze’s territory, and it was such an important day.

Su Meng was already filled with hatred towards Wei Ting.
Hearing him criticize her, she immediately met his gaze and said word by word, “I didn’t make a scene, and I didn’t act shamelessly.
I just wanted to participate in his game.
How can that be considered to be fooling around?” Her tone was filled with extreme coldness and ridicule.


Wei Ting noticed Su Meng’s emotions.

Last night, Su Meng’s hatred towards him made him doubt if it was because of the medicine.
At this moment, the hatred in Su Meng’s eyes had not diminished.
What did he do to make Su Meng hate him so much?

Where did this hatred come from?


“Sister-in-law, stop fooling around.
Don’t make things difficult for my brother and Brother Fu Ze.”

Wei Xue noticed that Wei Ting’s gaze fell on Su Meng.
She quietly took a step forward and blocked Su Meng’s body.
She said to Wei Ting, “Brother, Sister-in-law just likes to play.
Don’t be angry.
Just advise her.
Sister-in-law has always had this kind of childish temperament.”


Wei Xue’s words were already very standard.
On the surface, it sounded like she was speaking in favor of Su Meng, but Su Meng understood that these words were all digging a hole for her.
Didn’t this mean that she wasn’t sensible and was making things difficult for others?


As expected, Wei Ting’s expression darkened a little.


Su Meng didn’t think much of it.
She turned her head and continued to say to Fu Ze, “I’m serious.
Unless you don’t dare to play?”

“What a joke.
I don’t dare? Come with me.” He actually agreed.
Indeed, it was very effective to deal with Fu Ze using provocation.


Fu Ze brought the few of them to a private room.
The private room was filled with beautiful women.
When everyone entered, all the beautiful women’s gazes fell on Wei Ting.
Wei Xue was so angry when she saw this scene that her head was almost fuming.
From an angle that Wei Ting could not see, she fiercely glared at those beautiful women.

Fu Ze ordered a waiter to bring over a set of dice and handed it to Su Meng.

Su Meng smiled.
She didn’t pay any attention to how attractive Wei Ting was.
She took the dice and threw them directly into the dice cup.
Her movements were skillful and beautiful.


Su Meng said to Fu Ze, “You can randomly name a number.”

“Six sixes, big straight.
Let’s have some good luck first.”

Then, he saw Su Meng’s slender wrist shaking rhythmically.
Her head was slightly tilted, and her expression was focused.
It was as if she was listening to the sound of the dice shaking.

Finally, after shaking it for a while, she simply flipped the dice cup upside down on the table and removed the cup.
Everyone watched and saw that the dice were all sixes.

“You have some skills.
Again, six twos!” Fu Ze was not convinced and called a number again.

Su Meng shook the cup again and finished.
She took away the dice cup and sure enough, there were six twos inside.

No one made a sound.
Everyone was shocked.

“It’s your turn.” Su Meng handed the set of dice to Fu Ze, but Fu Ze did not take it.
His expression was a little ugly.
He still steeled his temper and muttered in dissatisfaction, “It’s fake, right? There are too many people who can do this with luck.”


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