Although the man despised a female feng shui master in his heart, he did not dare to express it directly.
It would be better to ask her about her background first.

“I am just an unaffiliated person.
My master is not very famous and does not have a sect,” Su Meng replied indifferently.

Upon hearing Su Meng’s words, the man immediately put on an arrogant look.
He mocked, “You actually came to participate in the competition even without a sect? Do you have a registration card? Don’t tell me you don’t know that you cannot enter without a registration card.
I have never seen an unaffiliated feng shui master come to participate.”

This time, not only did the middle-aged man dislike her, even the other people who were queuing up also began to persuade her to leave.

“Miss, a female feng shui master isn’t good enough to begin with.
You won’t be able to become a great person.
Even if you get a registration card, you won’t be able to get a ranking in the future.
It’s better to leave before the competition starts.
Otherwise, when so many people watch, it’ll be too embarrassing.”

“Yeah, how can a woman become a feng shui master? Isn’t this a joke? How can this person come to register?”


For a moment, everyone was pointing fingers at her.

However, Su Meng didn’t mind at all.
She coldly swept her gaze across the crowd.
It was useless to argue over such a question now.
She might as well use her strength to slap their faces in the end.

Feng shui masters were respected occupations no matter which circle they were in.
Even the lowest ranked feng shui master would be addressed as a master.
Of course, the higher the rank, the better the treatment.

These people looked friendly on the surface, but in fact, they secretly wanted to kick the other party into the water as soon as possible.
This way, there would be less competition and it would be very beneficial for them.
Don’t look at how these people were crowding her out now.
If she waited any longer, she would be the one crowding others out.

The registration was very fast.
In a short while, it was Su Meng’s turn.

“Miss, please show your registration card.” The registration lady’s expression was cold as she spoke mechanically.

“Okay.” Su Meng took out the gilded invitation card that her master had given her from her bag.

Once she took out the invitation card, the surrounding people immediately fell silent.
Everyone was staring at Su Meng.
Even the registration lady revealed a surprised expression.
However, it only lasted for an instant before she immediately put on a smile and bowed to Su Meng.

“You are such a distinguished guest.
There is no need to queue up for an invitation card.
Someone will specially bring you in.”

After the registration lady finished speaking, she pressed a button.
Immediately, a man who looked like a butler came over and invited Su Meng to go with him.

When the people in the queue saw this, they were all surprised.

“So she really has the qualifications to participate in the competition.
I didn’t realize it.”

“It’s an invitation card.
She must have the help of a big shot.
It seems that being a feng shui master is her hobby.
But it’s really strange.
Why does she like to do this? She actually came to be a feng shui master.”

“Do you guys think she looks familiar? I seem to have seen her somewhere before, but I can’t remember.”

“Now that you mention it, I also think she looks familiar.”

Probably because they were afraid of Su Meng’s identity, the people behind were discussing in low voices.
This time, Su Meng did not hear them.

Under the lead of the staff, Su Meng was led to a room in the hotel.

“Miss Su, this is where you can rest.
If you need anything, feel free to ask.
As long as you have this, you can ask for anything.” After the man finished speaking, he handed a golden card to Su Meng and left.

The competition would only start the next day.
Su Meng did not know what the content of the competition was.
Anyway, she had almost mastered the basics.
If she wanted to learn, she could not do it now.
She might as well go out for a spin to pass the time.

“Su Meng? Why are you here?!”

As soon as Su Meng walked out of the hotel, she heard someone calling her from behind.

She turned around and saw a strange girl looking at her angrily.

“You are…” Su Meng looked at the girl carefully and suddenly remembered that this person was Zhou Jia, the one who created a rumor about her and was invited to drink tea by the police.

She heard Zhou Peng say that Zhou Jia apologized online under her real name, which led to her suffering online violence and being depressed all day long.

However, why was this young miss here?

Although she was a little curious, Su Meng didn’t want to have too much interaction with this young miss.
She ignored her and just wanted to leave.

“Did you not hear what I said?” Seeing Su Meng ignoring her, Zhou Jia was so angry that she stomped her feet and ran to Su Meng to stop her.

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