“Miss Su, if you’re scared, you can just back out.
After all, you’re the only woman here.
No one will laugh at you if you backed out.”

Su Meng had an impression of the person who spoke.
It was the man who was standing behind her when she registered yesterday.

She didn’t expect that he hadn’t given up on the idea of backing out.
Su Meng couldn’t help but wonder why she felt that this person cared a lot about her.

Not interested in talking to him, Su Meng just shook her head and did not have any intention of quitting.

Everyone saw that Su Meng did not quit.
As a man, if they were more afraid than a woman, wouldn’t they be embarrassed to death? Therefore, no one wanted to quit.

Although feng shui masters often dealt with the yin-yang technique, there were also some timid people who did not dare to accept such cases.
They were just looking at feng shui.
Even if they were afraid, there was no need to mock them.

When the host saw this… He continued, “Of course, it is a little difficult to find a doll with a camera because we are not sure if the doll is still here.
After all, this is one of the arenas in so many competitions.
So many participants have not been able to find it.”

“However, our staff members have hidden a doll.
It was discovered by an archaeologist in a cemetery last month.
It is a palm-sized porcelain doll.
I believe that it should not be too difficult for everyone to find this.”

Not expecting there to be a hidden competition format, everyone heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.
Fortunately, they did not quit just now.
Otherwise, they would have really suffered a loss.

Some people here were impatient.
Seeing that the host did not make things clear just now, they could not help but ask, “Why didn’t you finish speaking just now? If we really quit, wouldn’t we have missed an opportunity?”

Hearing the question, the host maintained his smile and said, “If you want to become a highly respected feng shui master, courage is also a necessary condition.
If you are afraid of such a small matter, how are you going to convince everyone in this industry in the future?”

After hearing the host’s words, the crowd no longer had any objections.

It was actually not that difficult to find a hidden doll.
Seeing that there were no more questions from the contestants, the host looked at the time and announced the start of the competition.

The contestants who were originally gathered in the small courtyard dispersed in a hubbub and went to look for the doll.

Su Meng decided to start the search from inside the building because she could clearly feel that the cold and gloomy aura was emitted from inside the building.

When Shen Jian saw Su Meng enter the building, he chased after her without thinking.
He felt that Su Meng was the most reliable among these people, although he did not know where this feeling came from.

There were no decorations in the living room on the first floor.
There was only a sofa and a coffee table in the middle, and a display cabinet filled with dolls.

“Oh my god, there are actually so many dolls inside.
How are we supposed to find them?” Shen Jian followed closely behind Su Meng.
When he saw the dolls in the display cabinet, he could not help but exclaim.

“Can’t we just look at them one by one?” Su Meng walked over and opened the cabinet door.
She did not let go of any of the dolls.

Some of these dolls were made of cloth, while others were made of unknown materials.
They looked very real.
If they were not too small, they would look exactly like real people.
Even their eyes were so realistic.
They could even reflect human figures.

In addition, these dolls could move their joints, and their bodies could make various poses.

However, these dolls were all very new.
It was obvious that they were placed here temporarily to confuse people.
They were not the ones for the competition.
One of them was a porcelain doll, and the other had a miniature camera in its eyes.

Since there weren’t any here, they would go upstairs to take a look.

Long before Su Meng went upstairs, there were already people checking upstairs.
Other than the fourth floor, there was movement on every floor.

It was a waste of time and energy to search little by little.
Su Meng took out the compass to see where the yin qi was the most intense.

Shen Jian saw her actions.
He said in confusion, “Master, why are you using the compass? We are looking for dolls, not feng shui.
Besides, if we want to use the compass to find something, we need something to guide us.
Now that we don’t have any clues, it’s useless even if we take it out.”

When the others saw Su Meng’s actions, they shook their heads.
They had wanted to try using the compass, but the needle kept spinning crazily, so they couldn’t confirm anything.

Sure enough, just as Su Meng took out the compass, the needle on it started spinning crazily, as if it had suddenly stopped working.

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