Under the illumination of the phone, she saw everything in the room.

Su Meng’s attention was on Shen Jian.
When she heard Shen Jian’s voice, she also looked into the room.

When she looked up, even someone as bold as Su Meng was scared to the point that her heart skipped a beat.

There were many bloody handprints on the ground and on the bottom of the wall.
They were small and looked like they were left by a child.
Especially beside the bed, there were a lot of bloodstains.
Other than the bloody handprints, there were also traces of dragging.

This was the scene of the murder.
From this, it could be imagined that the two little boy and girl had hidden under the bed to avoid the murderer.
In the end, they were discovered and dragged out from under the bed.

The furnishings in the room were all toppled.
It could be seen how hard the two children had worked to survive, but they still could not defeat the murderer.

How desperate they must have been.
Unfortunately, no one could save them.
In the end, they could only watch helplessly as they fell into the hands of the murderer.

An exceptionally sad emotion rose from the bottom of Su Meng’s heart.
Tears flowed uncontrollably.

“Let’s go, let’s go.
The atmosphere here is not right.
Let’s go out first!” Shen Jian was the first to react.
He pulled Su Meng and walked outside.

Su Meng’s expression was a little dazed.
She let Shen Jian pull her along.

When they reached the stairs, Su Meng whispered to Shen Jian, “Porcelain doll, that porcelain doll is on the top of the third floor.”

“Ah, what?” Shen Jian did not react.
He let go of Su Meng’s hand and turned around to ask.

Su Meng did not stop.
She continued to walk forward.
Her expression was a little dazed.

When she reached the corner of the second floor, Su Meng felt dizzy.
Her feet were empty, and her body immediately fell forward.

“Hey, Master!” Shen Jian realized it was too late.
He grabbed nothing.
Seeing that Su Meng was about to fall down the stairs, a pair of hands suddenly reached out from the corner and caught Su Meng’s body.

Shen Jian walked over quickly and found that Su Meng was caught by a strange man.
After that man caught Su Meng, he princess hugged Su Meng in his arms.

This man was not a contestant.
Shen Jian had never seen him before.
When he saw that he was holding Su Meng, he immediately became alert.

“Thank you for catching her.
Leave it to me.” As Shen Jian spoke, he reached out to catch Su Meng.
Unexpectedly, that man took a step back while holding Su Meng and avoided his hand.

“Brother Wei Ting, what are you doing here? Isn’t this place…” Another woman came from behind.
She was dressed exquisitely.
It was Wei Xue.
When she saw Su Meng in Wei Ting’s arms, she stopped talking abruptly.

“Leave it to you? Who are you to her?” Wei Ting ignored Wei Xue’s words.
He only frowned and stared at Shen Jian with an ice-cold expression.

He had an impression of Shen Jian.
This was the man who always talked to Su Meng in the first match.
He did not expect that he would be so intimate with Su Meng in the second match.

Su Meng suddenly fainted.
He did not know if it was related to him, but Wei Ting looked at Shen Jian with an extremely unfriendly gaze.

Shen Jian sensed the unfriendliness in Wei Ting’s tone and felt that it was inexplicable.

Was there something wrong with this person’s brain? He was already so hostile towards him on their first meeting.
This made it even more impossible for him to hug Su Meng.
It was better to let him take care of her.

In the past, there had been cases of competitors fighting each other because of competition.
Although the man in front of him was not a competitor, he still gave him a sense of unreliability.

“What does it have to do with you?” Since the other party was not polite to him, he did not need to be polite.

“Brother Wei Ting, Sister Su Meng is in the middle of a competition.
If you take her away now, it will be considered as interfering with the competition.
She will be withdrawn from the competition.
It’s better to hand her over to this competitor.
This is more reliable.”

Wei Xue couldn’t bear to see Wei Ting and Su Meng getting too close, especially now that Su Meng was in Wei Ting’s arms.
No matter how she looked at it, it was too eye-catching.

If she had known that Su Meng would faint on the stairs, she would have delayed Wei Ting for a while so that he couldn’t catch Su Meng in time.
That way, Su Meng would fall down the stairs and die.

Although it was a pity that Su Meng didn’t fall, she couldn’t let Wei Ting and Su Meng get too close.
She couldn’t let Wei Ting continue to hold her.

She only dared to think about cursing in her heart, but on the surface, she pretended to care about Su Meng.

However, Wei Ting ignored Wei Xue’s words.
He coldly glanced at Shen Jian and carried Su Meng downstairs.

Seeing the scene in front of her, Wei Xue clenched her fists tightly.
She was so jealous that she clenched her teeth.

“Trash.” Only when Wei Ting’s figure disappeared did she fiercely glare at Shen Jian and curse him.
Then, she turned around and left.

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