There were so many female celebrities in the private room just now who were dreaming of getting Wei Ting.
Wei Xue was anxious.
She was afraid that someone would succeed.
If that happened, she would have another opponent besides Su Meng.


At this moment, she only wanted to go to Wei Ting’s side.
She wanted to leave, but Su Meng grabbed her arm.
Her grip was so strong that although it didn’t hurt, she just couldn’t break free.

Su Meng knew what Wei Xue was thinking, so she deliberately didn’t let her go back.
She even added fuel to the fire.
“Xiao Xue, do you think Wei Ting will like those beauties by his side? They’re so beautiful.
Even if they don’t wear makeup, they’re still better looking than us, right? Sigh, I originally thought that you were also very beautiful, but it’s a pity that you’re Wei Ting’s younger sister.”


The speaker had intentions, and the listener also had intentions.

The last sentence pierced straight into Wei Xue’s heart.
The fact that she was Wei Ting’s foster sister had always been a thorn in her heart.
Although she had obtained status and wealth because of this identity, it had also blocked her path to pursuing Wei Ting.

Wei Xue was listless like a wilted flower after hearing Su Meng’s words.
She had nowhere to vent the anger in her heart, and she could only let Su Meng pull her along.

Finally, after patiently accompanying Su Meng through the hall and the empty private rooms, they arrived at the entrance of the clubhouse.
As it had just opened for business, there were still many pieces of confetti left on the red carpet at the entrance.

Su Meng turned around to look at the clubhouse.
A shrewd light flashed in her eyes.
Fu Ze had been schemed against.
If he gave her the shares as promised, then she would help him.
If he didn’t, then she would just watch the show quietly.

There were many people at the entrance of the clubhouse at the moment, and they were all well-known in the circle of rich second-generation heirs.
Looking at Su Meng beside her, and then looking at the rich kids around her, a thought rose in Wei Xue’s mind.
If she fell down the steps…

Wei Xue sneered in her heart. Didn’t you want to be in the limelight? Don’t you long for Brother Wei Ting’s attention? Then I’ll help you have a little more attention.

She slowly retreated a little and leaned slightly against Su Meng.
Taking advantage of the crowd, she quietly used her shoulder to bump against Su Meng’s back.

However, she didn’t expect that Su Meng had been paying attention to her.
Su Meng also noticed these small movements.
She pretended to see something and suddenly turned sideways to dodge.
Using the cover of her long dress, she gently raised her foot and kicked Wei Xue’s ankle.

All of a sudden, Wei Xue’s ankle hurt, and her upper body lost a little strength.
She fell down the stairs face-first.


Everyone present heard a sky-piercing scream.
Then, they saw a long-haired beauty in a short skirt lying on the ground with her legs spread out.
The scenery under her skirt could be seen at a glance.


Su Meng looked at everything that happened with glee and thought to herself, ‘You really deserve it.’


Su Meng was laughing in her heart, but she pretended to be flustered.
Finally, when there was a commotion in the crowd, she pretended to have just reacted and rushed down to see how Wei Xue was doing.

These people who came to the clubhouse were rich young masters who loved to have fun.
When they saw a woman fall and reveal the scenery under her short skirt, they all stopped to watch.
They even started to discuss it with hushed whispers.

Wei Xue fell face down.
No one had seen her face.

“Xiao Xue! Xiao Xue, how are you?!” When Su Meng rushed down, she directly flipped Wei Xue over and then anxiously said to the people around her, “This is the Young Miss of the Wei family, Wei Xue.
Can one of you please call Wei Ting? He’s in the private room on the top floor.”


Wei Xue didn’t faint.
She was just dazed from the fall.
She only regained her senses when she heard Su Meng call her name.
The intense pain on her body and face made her moan involuntarily.

She could endure the pain on her body, but the pain on her face made her flustered.
The soreness on her nose in particular made her tear up.
Because it was too painful, she didn’t even notice that her nose was bleeding.
Two lines of blood poured down her nostrils.
They flowed all the way down her lips and chin, and finally landed on her chest.

She nervously asked Su Meng, “Su Meng, my nose! It hurts! Quickly look at my face! Is it hurt badly?” Wei Xue screamed in pain.
At this time, she was in no mood to pretend anymore.
She directly called out Su Meng’s name, and her tone was quite unpleasant.

Su Meng shouted, “Ah, Xiao Xue, you fell on your nose.
It’s bleeding everywhere! But don’t worry, your face is perfectly fine!”

Indeed, Wei Xue’s face was not disfigured.
There was a thick layer of red carpet on the steps.
It was not hard, so it would not hurt anyone.
She only slammed her nose on the way down.


Wei Xue was in so much pain that she started screaming.
Su Meng screamed even louder than her, as if she was afraid that no one would hear her.


This Su Meng was really stupid to the core! If she saw her nose bleed, then she should hurry up and help her wipe it off.
Otherwise, what would she do if Brother Wei Ting saw her?! She was so angry with Su Meng that she almost lost her mind.
She didn’t even notice that the scenery under her skirt was visible.

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