It was as if the outside world was a completely different world from the building just now.
When they returned to the arena, they could clearly feel waves of heat assaulting their faces.

It was still fine when they chose the stones in the morning.
It was cooler then, but now it was noon, and the sun was just right.

The contestants sat in the middle of the arena.
Their faces were slightly red, and they were all extremely hot.

It was different for those wealthy young masters who sat below watching the competition.
They had air conditioners on, and there were snacks and drinks.
There was also a small tablet on each of their seats, which was used to broadcast the scene of the competition.
All of them were very relaxed.

After waiting for about twenty minutes, the people from the technology department walked over and handed something to the host.
They whispered in the host’s ear.

“Alright, friends.
The people from the technology department came over to talk about the competition.
After the decision of the judges, the competition ends here.
The first place goes to Miss Su Meng, and the second place goes to Mr.
Shen Jian.”

The host returned to the center of the arena and announced the results with a smile.
At the same time, the big screen displayed the results of the competition.
Su Meng and Shen Jian’s names slowly appeared on it.

In the previous competitions, there were a total of four matches.
The first match was based on the elimination system, and those who failed would be directly withdrawn from the competition.
The last three matches were based on the points system.
It depended on how many clues you had found, the final completion rate, and so on.
The last match was the finals, and each match was different.

This time, the second match ended immediately.
To the other contestants, this was tantamount to cutting off their chances of making a comeback.

“This isn’t in accordance with the rules of the competition, right? Normally, there will be four matches, but it’s only the second match and it’s already ended.
This isn’t fair!” The man who had clashed with Su Meng protested.

Ren Tu, this is a decision made by several Masters together.
If you have any questions, please wait for them to come over before asking.” The host adhered to professional ethics.
There wasn’t the slightest bit of displeasure on his face as he smiled and spoke.

“The Masters’ decision is definitely not a problem, but the first place is a woman.
Even if she can become a feng shui master, this is the most authoritative Feng Shui Master Competition.
In the past, there has never been a woman who participated in the competition.
This time, she actually got first place.
This is not appropriate!” Ren Tu looked at Su Meng, his eyes were filled with disdain.

He then recalled that what Su Meng got was an invitation letter, not a registration card.

What was an invitation card? It was something that could only be received by an extremely prestigious Master in the profession of feng shui masters.
Su Meng looked so young, yet she was able to receive this.

Looking at how beautiful she was, she must have come here by getting rich.
He had never heard of a powerful female feng shui master.

Ren, from what you said, you are not so dissatisfied because the competition ended immediately, but because I am a woman and even got first place, right?”

So this man was called Ren Tu.
He had been full of opinions about her since yesterday and was always finding fault with her.
Su Meng looked at him with a calm expression.
No one could tell what her emotions were.

Ren Tu crossed his arms and said with disdain, “Yes, don’t forget that you received an invitation yesterday.
With your age and ability, I’m afraid you are not qualified to receive this.”

The feng shui masters had always had a high status.
Even those business tycoons had to call the powerful feng shui masters ‘Master’ politely.
Ren Tu was from the Green Mountain Sect.
Their sect had a strict recruitment system, and they had few disciples, but all of them were capable people.

The whole sect was respected by the outside world.
Ren Tu dared to question Su Meng directly in the competition because of the sect, and he was used to being arrogant.
He was clearly the genius in the sect.
He had gotten first place every time, but this time, he did not even get second place.
He was very dissatisfied.

Su Meng nodded and said calmly, “Then how can you accept this result?”

She knew that Ren Tu was not the only one who was dissatisfied.
Ren Tu was right.
According to the rules, she did not sign up.
If it was not for her master, she would not have been able to participate.

Even though she did not care about Ren Tu’s opinion, the circle of feng shui masters was just that small.
Furthermore, Ren Tu was from a large sect.
If she did not care, if these people said anything bad about her in the future, it would affect her reputation.
How would she be able to earn money then?

She might as well make use of this opportunity to convince them.
Perhaps, she might be able to make her name more famous.

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