“Everyone here, which contestant hasn’t solved a few big issues? They’re all famous in the circle, but I’ve never heard of you.” Ren Tu looked very arrogant.

“If that’s the case, why don’t we have a one-on-one fight? You decide what to fight.
Two out of three wins.
If I lose, I’ll withdraw from this competition.
I don’t want this ranking.
But if you lose…” Su Meng looked at Ren Tu.
She paused for a moment.

“If I lose, I will apologize to you,” Ren Tu interrupted.

“You are too shameless.
Miss Su will withdraw from the competition if she loses, and you only apologize? Miss Su lost the first place, but you only need to grind your mouth to apologize.” Shen Jian, who was at the side, could not stand it anymore and ridiculed him.

Ren Tu glared at him, and Shen Jian glared back.

Who was afraid of who? He was the evil lone star.
What was there to be afraid of for a mere Ren Tu.

The host reached out to touch the bluetooth earpiece on his ear.
The blue light on the earpiece flashed, as if it was a call.

He tilted his ear slightly to listen for a while, then nodded slightly in response.
Then, he looked at Su Meng and Ren Tu and said with a smile, “The few Masters have heard your conversation and expressed their interest in your competition.”

“This situation has happened before.
In that case, the Master said that it would be better for him to make the rules.
What do you think?”

Su Meng did not know the Master’s position, but Ren Tu knew it very well.
Seeing that the Master was so interested, he did not dare to say anything else and quickly agreed.

The host continued, “If Miss Su loses, she will withdraw from the competition.
If Mr.
Ren loses, he will acknowledge Miss Su as his boss.”

Su Meng: “…”

Even so, she did not want this bearded middle-aged man to be her underling at all.
Furthermore, this person had such a short temper.
Which Master had set the rules? Why did she feel that he had such a wicked sense of humor?

She ridiculed him in her heart, but she did not show it on her face.
She turned to look at Ren Tu again.
His expression had also changed, but he did not refute her.

“A feng shui master has to have the ability, courage, carefulness, and other factors at the same time.
Only then can the feng shui problem be solved better.
The Master said that in the first round of the competition, we will see who is better at drawing talismans.” The host gestured to the staff.
He asked them to bring the tools over.

“Draw the talismans on the spot.
Draw Boundary Talismans.
The Master will come over immediately.
After drawing, he will examine them.”

The staff brought two tables over.
The tools were already placed on them.

Su Meng and Ren Tu walked to the table.
They picked up a brush, dipped it in red cinnabar, and started to draw talismans.

Boundary Talismans were something that feng shui masters needed to learn when they first started.
The two of them were quite familiar with it.
Each of them drew one and finished it in a few seconds.

An old man slowly walked onto the stage.
He looked like he was in his 60s.
His body was slightly hunched, and his hair and beard were white.
He looked like a sage.

Ren Tu smiled when he saw the old man.
He bowed respectfully to the old man and shouted, “Greetings, Grandmaster.”

He did not expect these two people to be from the same sect.
Shen Jian looked at Su Meng and suddenly felt that Su Meng had been tricked.
This old man would definitely side with his grand-disciple.

The old man held a porcelain bottle that was six to seven centimeters tall in his hand.
He walked to Ren Tu’s side and picked up a clean brush.
He dipped it in the bottle a few times and spread it evenly on the talisman that he had drawn like a painting.

In order to let the distinguished guests below the stage see clearly, the camera only focused on the talisman paper.

Under everyone’s gaze, the talisman paper slowly changed color, and in the end, the entire piece of paper turned gray.

The old man nodded and praised, “Mm, the talisman paper was not destroyed directly.
Not bad, not bad.
It’s very effective.”

Others did not understand what this meant, but the feng shui masters present understood the trick very well.

This water was commonly known as Impure Water.
If one touched it, it would be tainted with bad luck.
If one rubbed it on the barrier amulet, the amulet would purify the water’s yin qi.
Just like how Su Meng used the barrier amulet to take the jade, it would not affect them.

Although Ren Tu’s amulet had turned gray, it was still effective.
However, it could only be used once.

“Master, don’t be so busy praising him.
We haven’t seen Miss Su’s yet.” Shen Jian looked at the old man who was praising Ren Tu and could not help but urge him.

The old man looked a little displeased when he heard this.
He glanced at Shen Jian and wondered which sect this disciple was from.
How could he be so rude?

However, there were too many people present, so he endured it and didn’t flare up.
He turned around to examine Su Meng’s talisman.

When it was Su Meng’s turn, the old man dipped a lot of water into it.
Then, when the water dripped, he directly wiped it on Su Meng’s talisman, making the talisman paper wet.

Shen Jian had been watching closely from the side.
When he saw the old man’s action, he shouted in dissatisfaction, “That can’t be right.
You didn’t use so much water on Mr.
Ren’s just now.”

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