“Master, have you prepared a gown for tomorrow’s banquet?” Sheng Qiu asked.


Hearing Sheng Qiu’s question, Su Meng finally realized that she would have to wear a gown for tomorrow’s banquet.
She had been thinking about the competition yesterday and hadn’t expected this.

Although Sheng Qiu was big and burly, he wasn’t careless.
He immediately saw that Su Meng hadn’t prepared a gown.

Then, he walked to the front desk lady, took a box, and handed it to Su Meng.

Su Meng opened it and saw a red dress inside.
It was a famous brand, and it was obviously very expensive.

“Master, this is just a little gift from us.
My wife reminded me of it.”

“This morning, after I told her that you would be participating in the competition, she prepared this dress and sent it over.
She said that you might not have thought of this.
Anyway, she prepared it in advance for you.
I didn’t expect that you really didn’t bring it.
Isn’t this a coincidence?”

Sheng Qiu spoke up before Su Meng could say anything.

“Then help me thank your wife.
I’ll thank her personally next time.” Hearing that it was prepared by his wife, Su Meng smiled and accepted it.

Sheng Qiu was really impeccable in terms of the ways of the world.
His wife should also be an excellent person.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so lucky to avoid fatal accidents.

A while ago, Sheng Qiu was having trouble with everything, but it was just because his feng shui was bad.
He himself was blessed, so even if there was a feng shui problem, no one had died in the company.
Later, his feng shui changed, and his fortune immediately rose.

Su Meng returned to her room and prepared to have a good night’s rest before attending the banquet the next day.

The people who were coming the next day were all real business tycoons.
She needed to conserve her energy and get a few more big deals for herself.

After a good night’s sleep, Su Meng spent the next day alone in her room.

The banquet was scheduled for 8 pm.
She lay in bed and scrolled through her phone for the whole day.
Finally, when it was almost time, she put on her makeup.

After putting on her dress and getting dressed, Su Meng slowly walked to the banquet hall.

As soon as she entered, Shen Jian walked over.

“Master, if it wasn’t for that bell bracelet of yours, I almost wouldn’t recognize you.
You’re so beautiful.
I dare say that you’re definitely the most beautiful tonight!” Shen Jian looked at Su Meng and praised her sincerely.

Su Meng smiled.
She was not interested in this kind of praise and wanted to continue walking.

She did not expect Shen Jian to stick to her again.
He started to chatter non-stop beside her.

“Master, let me tell you.
This time, not only are you famous, but I have also received a huge benefit! Do you know that in the past, even if I got second place, it did not cause any splash? No one paid attention to me at all.”

“But this time, there’s actually a rich person looking for me to look at feng shui.
This is the first time! In the past, I always took the initiative to look for other people and try my best to lower the price.”

Su Meng said perfunctorily, “En, congratulations.”

“Master, I’ve just done some calculations for myself.
Although I can’t see my and your fate, I can confirm one thing.” Shen Jian revealed a mysterious expression, wanting Su Meng to ask him.

Unexpectedly, Su Meng wasn’t interested at all and ignored him.

“Master, I’ve calculated that you are a person with great fortune and can bring me good luck.
Anyway, I’m alone, so I might as well follow you!” Shen Jian didn’t mind Su Meng’s coldness at all and continued to nag beside her ear.

After saying so much, Su Meng ignored Shen Jian.
When she heard that he wanted to follow her, she immediately rejected him.
“I’m not interested.
Don’t follow me.
Don’t forget your destiny.”

Su Meng’s words hit the nail on the head.
When Shen Jian heard this, he immediately fell silent.

That’s right.
He was an evil lone star.
No one would be able to like him.
Even if Su Meng’s feng shui attainments were outstanding and her fate was good, she could not take the risk of taking him in.

“Alright, looks like this young master is born with a carefree life.” Shen Jian smiled and comforted himself.
After that, he did not pester Su Meng anymore.


Su Meng had not eaten dinner yet.
She wanted to eat some pastries to fill her stomach first before she went to do business.
At this moment, a gentle voice suddenly sounded.
She turned her head and saw that it was Wei Xue.

“Aiya, Sister Su Meng, so you are here.
I have been looking for you for a long time.” Wei Xue walked in front of Su Meng and looked very happy.

“En.” Su Meng replied faintly.
At this moment, she could not be bothered to deal with Wei Xue, so she looked a little gloomy.

“Sister Su Meng, you’re not angry with Brother Wei Ting, right? He actually cares about you a lot.
However, he doesn’t know how to express himself, so he always makes things worse.
For my sake, please forgive him.”

Wei Xue’s face was full of gentleness.
Her appearance was extremely similar to a good sister who was worried about her brother’s and sister-in-law’s feelings.

“Is that so? But I don’t think he likes me.” Seeing how hypocritical Wei Xue was, Su Meng suddenly became interested and began to act along with her.

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