After dinner, Jiang Dao originally wanted to go for a run after a short rest following the schedule assigned by his agent.

But he didn’t have much time, and there are no lights on the mountain road after dark.
In addition, the program team has clearly requested that they should not go down the mountain without staff accompanying them at night.
His plan of a nighttime run could only be abandoned.

Fortunately, An Zhe practiced dancing with Hai Tang every night, which afforded a little bit of exercise – Jiang Dao would follow him on the side.

Hai Tang did not lower the requirements for An Zhe because of Jiang Dao’s arrival.
Her requirements for dance steps, rhythm, and movements were very strict.
If he fails a jump once, do it again, until muscle memory is formed, and there are no more mistakes.

She didn’t directly instruct Jiang Dao though, and simply allowed Jiang Dao to watch and imitate.

At first, Jiang Dao couldn’t keep up with the rhythm at all, so he could only observe An Zhe while repeating a few simple action combinations.

The second time, he was barely able to string together several movements along with the music.

The third time, his dance steps were gradually able to step to the beat of the music, but his movements were a little jerky.

The fourth time, a little better.

The fifth time, Jiang Dao was able to dance the whole dance with An Zhe.

“Okay, rest for a while.”

After five iterations, Hai Tang turned off the music, first commented on An Zhe’s movements, and finally looked at Jiang Dao.

“Have you studied dance? Who is your company’s dance teacher?”

Jiang Dao raised his hand to wipe his sweat: “Wu Lan.”

“Hm,” Hai Tang nodded.
“Don’t know them.”

Jiang Dao was rendered speechless by her words.

“You’re very good at imitating, and learn quickly, but your mood isn’t right.
It’s too perfunctory.” Hai Tang said.
“However, you’re a good seedling.
I have a friend who is preparing a stage dancing variety show recently.
Do you have any interest in participating?”

Jiang Dao was silent for a moment, then put on a shy smile: “It depends on the company’s arrangement.”

But inside, he felt inexplicable: Why another variety show invitation? He just followed the movements, how did he turn into a good seedling? If this continues, even he’ll feel the original owner is completely worthless.

You know, for Jiang Dao in the original novel, he had difficulty grabbing chances even if he tried his best.

As for him, haphazardly participating in a variety show, and receiving an invitation for another one… Moreover, it’s the other party who took the initiative to invite him.

Could it be that he entered the wrong book?

He just wanted to be a vase for five years, docile and transparent, and then terminate his contract with the company peacefully.
Why is it so difficult…

After a short rest, Hai Tang turned on the music again, and An Zhe began to practice for the sixth time.

Jiang Dao drank a bottle of mineral water, turned around, and left.

“Hey, Xiao Dao?” Hai Tang was surprised, “Where are you going?”

“I… I’m almost done with aerobics.” Jiang Dao replied.
“Going to do some strength training.”

Hai Tang was a little confused for a while.

After a long while, she asked, “Dancing was your form of aerobics?”

Jiang Dao nodded.

Hai Tang sighed heavily, her face speechless, and waved at Jiang Dao.

Tired.1as in her heart is tired

Jiang Dao turned to leave, and when his back turned to Hai Tang, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

He could see that this senior sister was stimulated by his words and should temporarily give up the idea of ​​teaching him to dance.

Back in the yard, he was about to find a place to do push-ups when Jiang Dao saw that the border collie Mu, who was playing with Cheng Zhiyi, ran away.
Cheng Zhiyi shouted several times, but the border collie didn’t even turn its head back, got into his kennel, and refused to leave.

“Dad2They’re not blood related – I think – but the author used this, so it should be done because Qi Peng requested it or out of respect, Taotao is so strange today.” Cheng Zhiyi was worried and shouted to Qi Peng and Chu Yinlong who were sitting and chatting beside the wall.
“Is it sick?”

“What’s the matter?” Qi Peng asked.

“When we were eating today, it didn’t come out to eat, it kept hiding in the kennel.” Cheng Zhiyi frowned.
“I just played with it for a while, and it ran back to the nest again.”

Taotao has been part of Taoyuan Dreamland from the real beginning.
He is six years old this year and is very intelligent.
Not only can he understand simple vocabulary, but sometimes he will play tricks in front of the camera.

This is the first time that he has actively returned to the nest halfway through playing.

Jiang Dao stepped forward: “That dog just now, is it sick?”

Cheng Zhiyi took Jiang Dao to the kennel: “Maybe… come and see, does he seem a little out of spirits?”

Squatting down in front of the kennel ,Jiang Dao tilted his head and looked inside.

Taotao retreated further, shrinking into the corner of the kennel, with his tail tucked tightly.
A small squeak somewhere between a threat and whimper came out of its throat.

“What is it afraid of?” Jiang Dao frowned.

He had seen a lot of hounds on the battlefield, and knew a little about dogs.
Taotao’s movements and sounds were a clear expression of fear.

But there are neither mutant beasts nor wars in this world, so what is this dog afraid of?

Jiang Dao was puzzled, got closer, and reached out to appease Taotao.

The fluff on the back of Taotao’s neck exploded at the movement.
Tail tightly pressed against its belly, it bared its teeth, and roared fiercely at Jiang Dao: “Woof!”

Jiang Dao: …

Okay, he understood.

Taotao is afraid of him.

Jiang Dao stood up helplessly, took two steps back, and hid behind Cheng Zhiyi.

Taotao’s whining threat immediately turned into aggrieved humming.

At this time, Qi Peng and Chu Yinlong also came to check.

Taotao was raised by Qi Peng, and he will follow Qi Peng home after each reason is finished, so he is very dependent on him.
Seeing Qi Peng, Taotao immediately rushed out of its kennel, threw himself into his arms, and buried his head in his arms.

“Oh!” Qi Peng was thrown to the ground.
“You are a big boy now, I can’t hold you anymore!” He reached out to hold Taotao’s face, and brought him to his eyes.
“Aren’t you smart? Why don’t you play with this brother?”

Forced to reveal himself, Taotao squinted his eyes and glanced over to where Jiang Dao was, but his body and posture were still defensive.
Tail clipped behind, gently rocking between his legs, he seemed to hesitate between fear and ingratiating himself.

Chu Yinlong looked at Taotao, then at Jiang Dao, and smiled.
“Are you disgusted by dogs?”

Jiang Dao was speechless.
“Can’t you say something nicer?”

Chu Yinlong asked, “I recall, you still wanted to raise a dog?”

Looking at Taotao who was coquettish in Qi Peng’s arms a minute ago, Jiang Dao looked disgusted.
“I prefer bulldogs.”

In the world outside the book, only dogs that can fight and cats that can detect are qualified to live with humans.
Those squeamish and unruly pets were eliminated in battle after battle.

Jiang Dao flattened his mouth, and turned to leave.
After finding a flat spot in the corner of the yard, he started strength training.

“There are no arrangements tonight, so everyone can rest early.”

Before the filming finished, the director gathered everyone in the mainyard and announced the activities for the next day.
“Tomorrow morning’s task is to pick up goose eggs and use them in town to exchange for ingredients to prepare lunch.
In the afternoon, we’ll go to the fields to pick watermelons, which will also be transported to town and exchanged… The workload is relatively heavy, so you can discuss who will do what.”

Qi Peng waved his hand: “Okay, we will discuss it tomorrow.”

An Zhe, who was standing beside Hai Tang, paled.
“Picking goose eggs… ah… I don’t want to go.
I, I can pick watermelons!”

Cheng Zhiyi quickly explained to Chu Yinlong: “He went to pick up goose eggs last time.
After being chased and bitten by a goose, he probably has a psychological shadow.
It’s not him being squeamish, he’s able to do work!”

Chu Yinlong sighed helplessly.

Qi Peng patted him on the shoulder.
“It seems that the few videos of you scolding rookies put a lot of pressure on young people, and they don’t dare to act like spoiled children in front of you.”

Chu Yinlong looked at An Zhe and said solemnly: “Don’t be afraid, as long as you’re not on my crew, I’m not that strict with people and won’t scold you.”

But An Zhe… became even more nervous.

The recording team quickly packed up the equipment, and left to go back down to a hotel at the base of the mountain.
Only a few cameras were left to record events day and night without interruption.

“The camera in your room can be turned off when you go to bed.” Qi Peng reminded.
“It will automatically turn on at six o’clock tomorrow morning, but basically you have to wake up before six o’clock.”

Chu Yinlong was curious.

Qi Peng: “Birds chirping! There are so many birds here, and they chirp at dawn.
The house is not soundproof, so basically is woken by the noise.
But you can make up for sleep at noon.”

After chatting a few more words, Hai Tang shared that the hot water was prepared, and the guests took turns washing up, and then returned to their rooms to rest.

Jiang Dao lay on the unfamiliar hard plank bed and straw mat, and no surprise, lost sleep again.

It’s even quieter than the city at night.
Although he can occasionally hear the cooing of owls and the chirping of insects, it’s too quiet compared to the noisy traffic sounds of a busy city and the electrical appliances in the house.

Beside him, Chu Yinlong was motionless, breathing deeply.

Jiang Dao stared at the camera signal light slowly flashing red in the dark, obviously feeling sleepy, but his brain stubbornly refused to rest.

Feeling helpless, Jiang Dao quietly got up, padded over to his suitcase, and took out a pair of earphones.
He lay back on the bed, put in the earphones, and found a TV series on the phone, and started playing.

Putting the mobile phone facedown on the bedside table, he gradually fell asleep listening to the human voices in the earphones.

In the middle of the night, the sound disappeared from the earphones.

Jiang Dao opened his eyes in shock, stared at the beam of the roof for a long time, and sighed helplessly.
He opened his phone, found a web drama with many episodes that could be watched for free, and started playing it.

After an hour, the sound of the film stopped abruptly.

When Jiang Dao woke up, he found his phone and found that the battery was out.

Jiang Dao got off the bed, looked around the room, and finally found a plug in the corner by the door.
However, his phone charging cable is only one meter long, and the plug is far away from the bedside.
Even adding an extension cable couldn’t make up the distance.

Helpless, Jiang Dao went out lightly, brought a rattan chair from the yard and put it next to the plug.
Then he curled up in a rattan chair with a pillow, charging his phone and sleeping while listening.

The next morning.

Chu Yinlong, who was awakened by the sound of birds chirping, kicked away the quilt with a grumpy face, and sat up with a frown.

In the next second, his eyes were drawn to the figure curled up in the rattan chair by the door, and the originally frowning brows slowly stretched out in surprise.

The faint morning light penetrated a little from the window and shone on Jiang Dao’s profile.

The big boy hugged the pillow and curled up in the rattan chair.
Neck stretched a subtle curve, his skin was almost transparent in the morning light.
His lines seemed to be plated with bright gold, so dazzling that it was almost too dazzling to look directly at him.

However, this dazzlingness seems to carry a distressing vulnerability.

Chu Yinlong lowered his eyes and put a hand under the quilt that was piled up indiscriminately around him, only to feel a coolness with his palms.

How long has he been curled up in a rattan chair like this?


ML can’t cook! He’s not perfect

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1as in her heart is tired2They’re not blood related – I think – but the author used this, so it should be done because Qi Peng requested it or out of respect

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