The blind youth’s words carried a profound meaning as if he had already encountered Xie Shuci before.

Xie Shuci looked at him skeptically for a while.
Although he had inherited only a small portion of the original body’s memories, there was no recollection of the blind youth’s appearance.

Associating it with how the original body had given drugs to someone named Young Master Li, Xie Shuci had a daring guess—since the blind youth was so good-looking, could it be that the original body had done something to him? Damn it! Beast! That’s despicable! The blind youth hadn’t even come of age!

With these thoughts in mind, Xie Shuci hesitated and asked, “Have we met before?”

The blind youth’s palm was initially somewhat cold, but under the repeated brush of Xie Shuci’s breath, it gradually warmed up.

A faint smile appeared on the blind youth’s lips, tinged with a hint of irony.
When his lips moved, although he didn’t produce any sound, Xie Shuci could still perceive the playful tone in his voice.
“We’ve had a chance encounter, but I never had the opportunity to ask for your name.”


Xie Shuci nodded, perhaps the original body really had done something to him.
Xie Shuci wanted to make amends for himself.
“I used to have some mental problems.
If I did something offensive to you, please treat it as if I was ill.”

The blind youth’s hand grew increasingly warm, and as a result, Xie Shuci’s lips became dry.
After uttering those words, Xie Shuci slightly tilted his head backward, distancing himself from the warmth of the blind youth’s palm, and took two deep breaths.

The blind youth paid little attention and withdrew his hand.
He groped his way forward, took a few steps, and leaned against a large tree, sitting on the grass.

He had hastily treated his wounds, so aside from a few scattered bloodstains that made him look slightly disheveled, the overall scene was still extremely pleasing to the eye.

Once seated, he opened his lips and said, “Rest assured, you haven’t had the chance to offend me.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Shuci didn’t think too much about it and breathed a sigh of relief.
“That’s good, then.”

After the blind youth finished speaking, he closed his eyes.
It seemed like he was attempting to circulate spiritual energy, but unfortunately, when the spiritual power accumulated into a fist-sized mass in his palm, it dissipated with a bang, unable to take shape.

After several attempts, the blind youth was drenched in sweat, his forehead covered in cold sweat.

Xie Shuci felt somewhat uneasy.
Even though the blind youth appeared calm, he must be feeling extremely uncomfortable internally.

Sure enough, after another failed attempt, the blind youth pursed his lips with frustration and helplessness, pounding the grass with his hand.
The movement caused his wounds to reopen, and blood began to seep out once again.

Xie Shuci hurriedly reached out and grabbed his hand, writing in his palm, “Don’t move, your wound has reopened.”

The blind youth froze, his foggy eyes opening as he searched for Xie Shuci’s face in the darkness.
A hint of confusion appeared on his face, and his cheeks lacked color, making him look fragile.
His lips were pale as he wordlessly asked, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

Xie Shuci choked for a moment.
Although he sympathized with the blind youth, he also knew very well that the blind youth was still being pursued by others.
Those people were clearly not ordinary cultivators, and Xie Shuci couldn’t afford to offend any one of them.
Besides, the blind youth was no longer in mortal danger, so he should leave him here to fend for himself and avoid getting into trouble.

That was the logical thing to do, but Xie Shuci had his teenage delusions.
He never refuted that fact and even had a bit of a hero complex.
Maybe the original blind youth could have easily killed him with just one hand, but now that the blind youth had lost his cultivation, couldn’t hear, see, or speak, and part of the reason was due to his own elixirs.
Leaving him alone here, injured, Xie Shuci felt that whether he could survive until tomorrow was a question in itself.

Xie Shuci couldn’t turn a blind eye to his difficult situation.

Seeing that Xie Shuci didn’t react, the blind youth grabbed his hand and wrote in his palm, “You’ve already saved me.
If you want repayment, I have nothing to offer except myself.
But as a useless person now, I will only burden you.
Please leave.”

With just a few short words, it would take an ordinary person ten seconds, but the blind youth took five minutes to write it stroke by stroke.
Xie Shuci couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sourness in his heart.

He simply stopped the writing and grabbed the blind youth’s hand, gently pressing the back of his hand against his own lips.
Slowly and deliberately, he said, “There’s a small immortal sect nearby.
I’ll take you there to seek refuge.”

After half a month of getting to know each other, Xie Shuci learned that although his senior brothers didn’t like the original body’s behavior and even despised his lowly actions, they still stuffed him with a pile of rare treasures before he left.
They were kind-hearted people, and if he entrusted the blind youth to them, he was sure they would treat him well.

The blind youth fell silent, lowering his gaze with a tinge of disappointment.
He silently said, “I’m a useless person, and no immortal sect will accept me.
Even if they are willing to accommodate me, it would be an insult to me.”

Xie Shuci’s breath hitched.
Yes, the blind youth’s temperament didn’t resemble that of an ordinary person, let alone his young age when he should be full of vitality.
Even if he were now in dire straits, he would never accept someone else’s charity.

Since the moment he mentioned being all alone, Xie Shuci had a feeling that his speculations about the blind youth’s background were mostly correct.
It was even less likely that he would leave the blind youth alone in this desolate place.

Xie Shuci stared at him for a moment, and no matter what, he couldn’t leave the blind youth behind.

He fell into silence, contemplating how to phrase his words in a way that would make the blind youth follow him without hurting his pride.

Got it!

Xie Shuci looked at him and said, “Regardless, it was because you consumed my medicine that you ended up like this.
If I just leave you like this, I’ll feel guilty for the rest of my life.
Little blind, I don’t have much talent, and my cultivation level isn’t high.
I can’t even protect myself, let alone protect you.
So, would you be willing to change your name and follow me from now on?”

Xie Shuci’s speech wasn’t fast, and the traces of his lips rubbing against the back of the blind youth’s hand were quite evident.
The blind youth should be able to understand what he was saying.

Xie Shuci anticipated his reaction, feeling both anxious and fearful.
This was the first time he acted like a hero, and if he was rejected, Xie Shuci feared he would find a tree to run into.

The blind youth’s expression slightly froze, and Xie Shuci stared intently at him.
Suddenly, he had an inexplicable intuition.
In this moment of distraction, Xie Shuci caught a glimpse of the blind youth’s true emotions.

The blind youth didn’t immediately respond.
His long eyelashes drooped slightly, partially covering his foggy eyes, as he pursed his lips gently.

Seeing his lack of response, Xie Shuci grew increasingly nervous, thinking he was unwilling.
He continued, “I don’t know if you have any blood feud, but in your current state, let alone seeking revenge.
It’s a question of whether you can survive.
If you follow me from now on, could you treat it as if the previous you have died? I won’t ask for your name.
With me, you will be just a Little blind, dumb, and deaf person to me.”

The blind youth raised his gaze, and although it lacked any spirit, Xie Shuci still saw a hint of confusion in his eyes.
“Aren’t you afraid of death?”

“I am afraid! Of course, I am!” Xie Shuci now valued his life greatly.
“That’s why I’m suggesting you change your name and follow me.
Didn’t those people say that you won’t live long after being shot? Just treat yourself as already dead.
Anyway, if you follow me, I, Xie Shuci, will make sure you never go hungry.
If you want to leave in the future, I won’t stop you.
But for now, you’re still injured.”

Xie Shuci spoke earnestly, not only pitying the blind youth but also genuinely feeling that his current state was partly his responsibility.
Of course, another reason was that Xie Shuci was somewhat afraid of this unfamiliar world and temporarily wanted someone to accompany him.

After listening to his words, a strange smile appeared on the blind youth’s lips.

Under Xie Shuci’s expectant gaze, the blind youth nodded lightly and opened his lips.

Hearing his agreement, a sense of pride surged within Xie Shuci.
He felt as if he had unknowingly saved a soul burdened by hatred.

His lips brushed against the back of the blind youth’s hand as he said, “There’s a small town ahead.
I’ll take you to see a doctor.”

The blind youth nodded and was pulled up from the ground by Xie Shuci.

Xie Shuci held onto the blind youth’s wrist and walked in the direction of the horse.

The blind youth followed calmly behind him, the smile on his lips turning somewhat cold for a moment before returning to normal in the blink of an eye.

Rather than saying that Xie Shuci was eccentric, it was more accurate to say that he lived in his own world.

He was ignorant of the ways of the world, somewhat foolish, and completely unaware that he was being led into someone else’s trap.

With the injured blind youth being carried by the immortal crane and Xie Shuci leading it, they walked for over two hours until they finally saw the small town not far away.

Xie Shuci exchanged some silver coins, settled their luggage and the immortal crane in an inn, and then took the blind youth to find a medical clinic.

The town wasn’t big, but it was very lively.

Ancient-looking houses, quaint and long cobblestone roads, plain and rough clothing, and all sorts of weird trinkets—it was all exactly the same as what Xie Shuci had seen on TV.

Xie Shuci brought the blind youth into a medical clinic, where an old doctor cleaned and bandaged his wounds, saying that it wasn’t a major issue and would heal with a few days of rest.

“Doctor, can his poison be cured? Can his ears and eyes recover?” Xie Shuci asked the old doctor with a glimmer of hope.

The old doctor had practiced medicine for decades and had seen all kinds of rare and difficult conditions.
He took the blind youth’s pulse, stroked his own beard in contemplation for a long time, and looked at the young face of the blind youth with clear eyes before sighing, “How did he end up like this at such a young age?”

Implicitly, he meant that the poison was difficult to cure.

The blind youth couldn’t hear the doctor’s words.
His dull eyes lacked any vitality as he sat quietly in the midst of several people, his figure appearing lonely and out of place amidst the lively surroundings.

His slender wrist rested lightly on the deep red wooden table, his head drooping slightly, and his pale face devoid of the arrogance it had shown before.
Unable to hear or see, completely cut off from the world, he seemed like a well-crafted puppet, displaying a touch of docility.

The medical apprentice who was picking up medicine at the entrance frequently glanced at the blind youth with a curious and pitying gaze, tinged with a hint of regret.

Xie Shuci could understand the apprentice’s thoughts.
The blind youth was so young and had an extraordinary appearance.
Even in his current haggard state, he still gave the impression of being a remarkable individual.
How could one not feel regret when he had become a disabled person due to being poisoned?

Xie Shuci sniffled and grabbed the blind youth’s cold left hand, trying to make him feel a little more integrated into the surrounding environment.

Although the blind youth couldn’t understand their conversation, he sensed Xie Shuci’s intentions.

The unfamiliar warmth in his hand made him pause for a moment.
After a brief hesitation, he slightly turned his head and lifted the corners of his lips towards Xie Shuci.

The old doctor withdrew his hand from the blind youth’s pulse and patted Xie Shuci’s shoulder, saying, “I can’t cure the poison he’s afflicted with.
The loss of his hearing, vision, and voice may gradually recover over time but don’t hold too much hope.
Starting tomorrow, bring him to the medical clinic every other day for acupuncture.
It might restore his hearing in the short term, but as for the rest, it’s hard to say.
It will depend on his luck.”

Xie Shuci felt delighted upon hearing this and quickly expressed his gratitude.
He wrote in the palm of the blind youth’s hand, “The doctor said your ears can recover.”

The blind youth raised an eyebrow in surprise and moved his lips silently, uttering a few words.

Xie Shuci caught his words and said to the old doctor, “Doctor, thank you on behalf of the blind youth.”

After leaving the medical clinic, Xie Shuci was in high spirits all the way.
The blind youth’s hearing could recover, and there was a possibility of his vision and voice recovering as well.
Xie Shuci genuinely felt happy for the blind youth.

He held the blind youth’s hand and walked on the street, unable to stop himself from babbling and gesturing in the palm of the blind youth’s hand.
“In the stories, the masters can discern their surroundings by listening to sounds.
Can you do that? Since you can fly, you must be able to do this too.
Even if your eyes can’t recover, it doesn’t matter once you can hear.”

“In the future, you can live a normal life, get married, and have children just like ordinary people.
With your good looks, you will definitely marry an equally beautiful wife…”

When Xie Shuci was happy or nervous, he loved to chatter away.
Even though the blind youth couldn’t hear, he still wrote tirelessly for him.

The blind youth didn’t find it annoying and nodded in response from time to time.

As they walked into the bustling market, Xie Shuci intended to find a place to fill their stomachs.

Just as he looked around, a clear and furious roar sounded ahead, “Xie Shuci! You dare to appear before me again?!”

Xie Shuci was startled, looking ahead in confusion.

He saw a young man in green clothes riding a tall horse.
Anger was written all over his beautiful face, his eyes blazing with fury as he stared at Xie Shuci.

In that moment, when he saw the young man, a memory fragment flashed through Xie Shuci’s mind.

After a moment, he clenched his teeth, Fuck— he remembered!

Isn’t this the Young Master Li, who was drugged by the original owner and almost got violated?

—Heaven wants to destroy me!

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