Her Royal Highness the Princess was kidnapped.

Her Royal Highness the Princess was kidnapped by the Demon King’s son.

Her Royal Highness the Princess was kidnapped by the Demon King’s son and the Holy Son of the Temple of Light – the Hero of prophecy – set out on a quest to rescue the Princess.

It is said that the Hero has had magic and martial arts training.
He is a master of the Sword Saint and the Law Saint, with MAX level swordsmanship and all-round ability in all five magical elements; he has completed 9 SSS level (super high difficulty) tasks for the adventurers’ guild, killing 233 people from the demon race without fail, and is known as the demon’s nemesis.
No one on the continent is worried that he can’t beat the Demon King’s son, everyone is only curious about what posture he will adopt this time to make the audacious Demon King’s son die a very ugly death.

This is very bad for me, very bad.

Because I am the Demon King’s Son.

Her Royal Highness the Princess, whom I had rumored to have “kidnapped”, was lying on the red velvet sofa next to me with a lollipop in her mouth, legs crossed, browsing through the haute cuisine on the take-out list, with one message on her body – “I’m staying here!”

Before kidnapping Her Royal Highness the Princess, I would never have guessed that Her Royal Highness the Princess was actually His Royal Highness the Prince, let alone that …he would refuse to be sent back after being kidnapped!

“Please, go away, I don’t want to kidnap you, I can’t beat the Hero.” My great Demon King mother gave birth to ninety-nine sons, and I am the oldest, but also the most unproductive one in all sons.
My perception of the magic elements is weak to near nothing, if not for the demon body’s natural blood thick defense high, how I have survived until now is unknown.

“Huh.” The prince, er, no, His Royal Highness, who was not at all impressed, just sharply ordered the most expensive wine and steak, using my money, and then smirked and said to me, “Shut up or I’ll kill you, yo.”

You’re on the side of justice, you know that?! I’m the bad guy!


After dinner, I started to clean up the table with a lot of hard work.

The prince began to watch my pet black dragon in front of her eyes, thinking it was very cute.
Usually when I want the black dragon to shrink a little, it resists as if I were going to kill it, but now it is shrinking very actively, not only actively transforming into a “chibi black dragon”, but also the prince began to make it wear a bow and turn around…

You are a dragon, not a dog! I was distressed.
There is not a bit of dignity as “the most powerful fire-breathing dragon that has been favored by the God of Darkness to come to earth”?

The “chibi black dragon” did not even look at me, the treason to the enemy is particularly obvious, particularly shameless.

I am very hurt, it didn’t think about who diligently brushed its scales over the years, and who insisted on taking it for a walk after three meals a day, and who said to him “the world is so big, I want to show you” and really came out to see it? It’s me, it’s me, it’s me!

The prince is just a little more delicate than me, a little more forceful, there is no need to wag your tail to please him, okay? Do you need to go learn to be a dragon again?

I am very disappointed in you!

I would love to educate my black dragon like this.

But I didn’t, because I wanted to educate it with love, and because… I can’t beat the prince.
This ferocious human has just announced that my black dragon is temporarily under her protection.
But a mere human can be stronger than me, who is a demon! This, point, is, against, magic, law!

Or should I say I’m too weak?

I really deserve to be known as “the weakest of the weakest of the weakest demons in the 10,000-year history of the demon race”, but I am somehow a little proud of it.

“Hey, commoner.” His Royal Highness picked up his pointed chin and looked at me arrogantly.

“Don’t look at me like this, at least I’m also the great prince of the demon race.” I was indignant.

“So?” The prince clenched his fist.

“As long as you are happy.” I immediately knelt for the Grand Master.

“Consider this an after-dinner after-party.
Answer me, commoner, why did you kidnap me?” The prince was curious with a “I’m not curious” face, and his blue eyes, which seemed to be able to drown people, shone with a brighter light than sapphires.

So this was royal arrogance.
I realized.
So I had the guts to ask, “Why did you want me to kidnap you?”

“It’s up to you.” The arrogant prince was so arrogant that he turned his head to the left and refused to have any further contact with me, leaving only a glittering trail of long golden hair in the air.

I also replied with a rare stiffness, “Well, my answer is also ‘it’s your business’.”

And then…

The prince made it clear to me that he was really in charge of me with a much higher force than I was.

In the end, I sat on the carpet with the “chibi black dragon” and looked up at the prince on the sofa.
He arrogantly held his sharp chi

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