all the memories come back to his mind.
Jing min looks back at the black stone bridge.
He can ’t remember how many times he has walked on the bridge, maybe thousands of times, at least hundreds of times.
At the end of each cycle, he comes back here, walks across the stone bridge, and then remembers all the things.

”Your honor. ” A black robed man, transformed from the fog into an adult, saluted Jingmin respectfully.

”Yama. ” Jing min turned his head and looked at the man in front of him and said, ”it ’s really hard for you to come here to meet me every time.
How many times have we met? ”

”This is the 1365 times that I have come to meet you.
Please come back with me and have a rest. ” The king of hell said that and led the way ahead.

Jingmin ’s memory can only recall that after he finished his first reincarnation, he came here.
Except for remembering his name as Jingmin, he couldn ’t remember anything else.
Then he began the endless reincarnation.
Yama would meet him every time, and his attitude was very respectful, which made him feel that maybe before his first reincarnation, his identity should be different, but that memory had been forgotten by him.
Otherwise, as the Lord of the underworld, why would Yama treat him so respectfully without any reason.

In Yama palace, there is a courtyard specially prepared for Jing min.
every time after his reincarnation and before he goes to the next samsara, he takes a rest in this courtyard.

Jing min ’s sense of boredom is getting stronger and stronger.
He doesn ’t want to be reincarnated again and again.
Even if his soul is out of his wits, it is better than this endless reincarnation.

When Yama came to ask him to go to samsara again, Jing min refused and asked him how to get rid of his soul.

Yama was shocked to see him, ”do you want to be scared? ”

”I ’m really tired of it.
I don ’t want to go on samsara. ”

”Although you have been reincarnated for more than a thousand times, you will not have any memory before each reincarnation.
Even if you feel tired now, you will have a new life after the memory disappears. ”

Jing min slumped back in the chair.
”I remember the hundreds of lifetimes I started reincarnation, I could live to be over 80 years old.
But in recent hundreds of lives, I lived shorter and shorter.
This time, I came back before I was 15 years old.
Therefore, although I will not have the memory of the past in every reincarnation, I still remember this sense of boredom in my soul.
If I am just born, I will come back again.
What ’s the significance of not reincarnation? ”

”But… ” Yama hesitated for a moment and said, ”your God is not in your soul now.
Even if I am Yama, I can ’t make you scared. ”

”Why do you lie to me? ” Jing Min said with a smile, ”in fact, I have already felt that there must be a reason why you will let me reincarnate from generation to generation.
Is it that as long as I don ’t reincarnate, my soul will disappear? ”

Yama ’s face changed, and he did not answer Jing min ’s words, but Jing min had confirmed his own thoughts from his silence.

”Sir, I am also entrusted to reincarnate for you in the underworld. ” Yan Wang said with a serious expression, ”in the ninety-nine days, someone is waiting for you to go back. ”

”You ’ve told me this more than once, and I ’m tired of hearing it.
You can bring a message to that man.
Anyway, I don ’t remember who he is, and I don ’t want to go back.
You let him stop waiting for me. ”

When Jing Min said for the first time that he didn ’t want to go back to samsara again, Yama said that someone was waiting for him to go back ninety-nine days away.
As long as he had enough reincarnation, he would be able to return to ninety-nine days.
He didn ’t remember where it was 99 days away, but the name was quite tall.
It should be a group of people standing at the top of the universe overlooking all living beings, or immortals.

He didn ’t remember who was waiting for him to go back.
At first, he was very curious and thought that no matter who was waiting for him, it would be hard for him to wait in vain.
But in the samsara again and again, he saw more life, see the joys and sorrows, see more, also see the light.
In this world, there is no time to kill the feelings, a long time, any feelings can fade down.

Seeing Jing min ’s resolute attitude, the king of Yan stopped advising him.
He asked Jing min to have a good rest in the hospital and left alone.
Jing min doesn ’t matter.
Anyway, it ’s killing time.
I don ’t know how long it will take him to die.

There is no day in the underworld.
It is always so gloomy and dark.
Jing min lies in the house most of the time.
When he is bored, he walks in the courtyard.
I don ’t know how man

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