The battle of machines (4)

Jing min, together with Demetrius, watched the technicians and soldiers install mining equipment in the command cabin of the ship.
Just experienced a storm on the planet, Jing min sitting in a wheelchair, inconvenient to go down, can only in the command cabin, to see if they have any wrong installation.

Mo Gan, who led the mechanical team, also stood in the command cabin.
They were very complicated when they heard that the equipment simulation experiment made by Jingmin was successful.
Since the first occupation of Jinming star cluster by Denan Furie, they started to manufacture mining equipment, but failed to succeed.
Later, they had to hand over to Dixing Institute of mechanical science and technology to continue research and manufacture, but they also failed to get the news of successful simulation experiment.
It is said that the progress of phatani is far ahead of them.
In fact, they are very anxious to get those precious metals, which means that the Treasury will be full for at least one or two hundred years.
Now they ’ve finally succeeded in the simulation experiment, but this is still the man of fittany.

The installation of the equipment alone took a whole morning.
After the installation was finally completed, the technicians were instructed to start the equipment and conduct the first field experiment.

Twenty minutes later, the monitoring staff reported that ”the first layer of rock has been successfully explored, with a depth of 30 meters. ”

At this time, all the people watching are still calm, because the first layer of rock is only slightly harder than the ordinary rock layer of other planets, and it is not difficult to excavate.

Fifty minutes later, the monitoring staff reported for the second time that ”the second layer of metal layer has been successfully excavated, with a depth of 50 meters. ”

Under this, everyone ’s expression began to change.
Although the metal layer is called soil layer, its hardness is several times harder than the hardest rock layer.
It is said that fittany has been able to explore the metal layer, and now they have succeeded, so at least the progress is not far behind them.

Another hour later, the monitoring staff reported in a excited voice for the third time that ”the third heterogeneous ore bed has been successfully explored! The depth is 40 meters! ”

The mechanical group of people can ’t believe the big eyes, you look at me, I look at you, the expression is difficult to describe.
Even the combat team members who came to join in the fun were excited.
They could even excavate different ore layers, which were the best shell materials of mecha, which could not be damaged by explosive shells.
Even if the precious metals are not excavated this time, it is very difficult to get these minerals.
And they are only the last barrier to precious metals, and they may have surpassed fittany.

He turned his head and looked at Jing min ’s side face.
In more than a month, he was able to achieve this degree, which was beyond his expectation.
He suddenly had a feeling that choosing to trust this person may be the most correct decision he has ever made in his life.
To be able to save him is not the luck of the other party, but his own fortune.

”Yes, it ’s a success. ” The watchman ’s voice trembled with excitement, and he yelled, ”I made it! Really? It ’s true! The final corrosive liquid layer did not corrode our digging equipment, and after the liquid was sucked up, it did not corrode our storage device! We ’ve got precious metal! The first field experiment, the first success

Not only the technicians on the ground cheered, but the people in the command cabin were excited and didn ’t know what to do.
Some people can ’t believe it.
They even suspect that they are dreaming.

”Did you succeed?! Did you really succeed?! Oh, my God! I ’m not dreaming, am I?! Or am I hallucinating? ”

”It ’s amazing! It ’s incredible that the first field experiment was a complete success

”Is that true? Is it true? ” A mechanical group member shakes another person ’s shoulder, his face is unbelievable, even his eyes are wide.

”I, I don ’t know.
It should be true.
It may or may be in a dream. ” The person who is shaken is more surprised and unbelievable than the person who shakes him.

”He actually did it, and it only took a month.
How could that be possible? ” One of them said that Jing min could never be a member of the Dao machinery group.
He looked at Mo Gan in disbelief.
”Leader, is this true? ”

Mogan ’s excited hands trembled.
Instead of answering the team member ’s words, he kept staring at the screen, watching the first precious metal dug up by the technicians.

Seeing that the technicians on the ground are standing next to the first huge precious metal, bouncing and excitedly waving to them, it means that they have really done it, and that they can finally exploit the precious metal of Jinming star cluster.

The fighters who saw all this were excited, but their concerns were different from those of the mechanical group.
The mechanical group could not believe that Jingmin had actually manufactured mining equipment within a month, while the warfighters focused on more practical things.

”Do all those precious metals belong to us?! Are they really mine? ”

”I thought we had to wait and see that fertany took all the precious metals, but we still got them first.
Ha ha ha ha… ”

”With the precious metals of the whole Jinming cluster, our empire will be the richest country in the universe, and it will be really rich! ” ”Some of these precious metals will make our people ’s lives better and our army ’s treatment will certainly be higher. ”

”Great! How wonderful! Before that, we drove away the Zerg and occupied Jinming.
I was seriously injured.
As a result, I was robbed by phatanabe.
I was really angry for a long time.
If fittany knew that their hard work had been in vain, and that the precious metals had finally returned to us, he would have been very angry! ”

All people are in ecstasy, are excited, only Jing min is very calm and calm.
Those precious metals are great wealth for a country, but only a strong enough country can keep such a huge wealth.
So even if he made efforts to get those precious metals, he didn ’t care at all and didn ’t regret it.
His purpose is just to prove that he has achieved it, and that ’s OK.
And he knows very well that with this success, he will be valued by this country and more by Denver Frey.
It ’s more important to him than to get those precious metals.

Mo Gan managed to calm his excitement a little.
He went to Jing min and said to him, ”excuse me, can you show me your design and manufacturing process records? ”

”I ’ve given all the materials and reports to General de nanfrey, and I ’ve taught the assistants the manufacturing process without reservation.
If you want to know more, you can find them. ” Jing Min said to Mo Gan, and then looked at Denver Furie and said, ”this is only the first batch of equipment, and it is still an experimental object.
If we want to mine all the precious metals in the shortest time, we still need to manufacture them in large quantities.
You can send those assistants back to Dixing to participate in manufacturing.
I won ’t participate in the later manufacturing.
However, if there is any problem that needs to be solved by me, I can still come forward.

”After that, I will arrange to deal with it.
You can have a good rest these days. ” Looking at Jing min, he said, ”I ’ll take you back first. ”

Those who were immersed in excitement and excitement could not extricate themselves.
No one noticed that Jing min and de nanfrey had moved away.
Only Mogan looked at the back of the two people leaving and had a thoughtful expression.

Jing Min has not lived in the ward for a long time.
When he arranged a studio for him, he also arranged a suite for him on the ship.

After Jing min was sent back to his room, he said seriously, ”I have worked hard for you during this period.
I will apply for a reward and let the whole empire remember your contribution this time. ”

”Thank you, general, but I hope I don ’t want to announce my identity for the time being.
I don ’t want John to know that I ’m still alive.
I want to give them a ” surprise ”when the time is right. ” Jingmin said.

After thinking about it for a while, he wanted to say, ”as you like, don ’t disclose your identity for the time being. ”

Jing Min said with a smile, ”now, general, do you think I can talk about cooperation with you? ”

”You can work with me, not with us, and I will do my best to help you achieve your goals and protect your safety without harming the interests of the Empire, ” he said

”That ’s fine. ” Jing min nodded and said, ”it ’s much more convenient to cooperate with the general than with your whole army.
After that, it will be helpful for the general to help me and take care of me. ”

Looking at Jing min ’s face for a while, he stood up and unconsciously rubbed Jing min ’s hair.
”You can rest assured… ”

Jing min was shocked in his heart.
He looked up at Fernand ’s eyes and felt the familiar feeling.
They looked at each other for a long time.

After returning to his office, he had a video conference with the other five top officials of the Empire.
After he sat down at the round table, it was not long before five other people appeared on the other seats.

He informed them of the success of the research on mining equipment and discussed with five other people about Jing min ’s experience and his identity.

In the past few years, both of them have never had any difference.
They both support each other and help each other.
After the two of them reached an agreement, the other four did not object to their proposal.
Therefore, the decision to deal with Jing min was left entirely to denaturer.
If he succeeded in doing harm to the Empire, he should also bear the responsibility.

The wilkesha Empire has begun to manufacture mining equipment in large quantities, but there will be a windstorm in two months.
No matter how fast they manufacture, they will not be able to mine all the precious metals in two months.
So they are discussing how to ensure that after each storm, they can quickly occupy the Jinming star cluster.

After a good rest for three days, Jing min began to draw the design drawings and write the manufacturing plan.
When he gave the finished plan to Dr.
Fernand, who confirmed the feasibility, he immediately sent someone to arrange the implementation.

When the storm was over again, John, who had been prepared in advance and wanted to take over the Jinming star cluster in any case, found that the golden star cluster was once again occupied by the army of wilkesha empire.When the soldier reported to John, he said that he had not even found out how the wilkesha Empire had preempted jinmingxing this time.

Although John was anxious and angry, he could do nothing but wait for the next storm to pass.
However, when the third time wilkesha Empire army occupied the Jinming star cluster, John began to be nervous.
He sent people to investigate and ordered to find out why they were able to preempt again and again.

”What do you say? ” John, who received the report, widened his eyes and thought he had heard it wrong.

”Report to general, according to our investigation, the reason why weikes ’ army was able to seize the Jinming star cluster again and again is that they did not leave the Jinming star cluster during the storm. ” The soldier said, ”and they have a large number of cargo ships to and from the golden star cluster.
We have detected from a distance that there seems to be a large amount of precious metals on the ships.
They are likely to have successfully mined them. ”

”No way! ” John said angrily, ”no country can withstand the storm, even we can ’t, and wilkesha can ’t do it! Successful mining of precious metals is even more impossible! Our mechanical level is so much ahead of them.
How can they do it in such a short period of time! Continue to find out the real reason, and don ’t be deceived by them deliberately


Wilkesha ’s abnormal performance in the Jinming constellation has also attracted the attention of other countries, who are trying to find out.

He knew that at first no one would believe that they had not only begun to mine the precious metals, but also completely occupied Jin Mingqun.
Thanks to Jing min ’s design, he used the hard geology of those planets, and then used different minerals as building materials to build two-thirds of the buildings underground and one-third above the ground.
And Jing min designed the shape of the building for them, so that the wind disaster can pass through the building directly, instead of resisting the wind disaster by force.

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