“The information has arrived, and it has been released by the kingdom of biliver to every country that wants to fight for exploitation. ” Fernand stood up and went to the desk to pick up the computer, and then went back to pass the computer to Jing min.

Jing min took over and looked at the information inside the computer.

”The kingdom of biliver will certainly keep it.
This information is likely to be incomplete. ” Said Fernand.

After browsing the data, Jing Min said with a smile, ”it ’s not only incomplete, their exploration equipment is not good, but the content of the data is reserved.
Their new king is not only strong, but also very defensive

”I ’ll try to get a more detailed information for you. ” Said Fernand.

”No more. ” Jingmin said: ”before obtaining the mining right, it is very difficult for any country to obtain complete data, and even if we get the complete exploration data of biliver Kingdom, it is still not as complete as the data obtained by our own exploration.
Some information is enough.
I will try my best to make equipment that does not pollute the marine environment.
You should try your best to exploit it.
In the worst case, even if the ocean is polluted, can ’t it be mined? ”

”The kingdom of biliver will officially decide on the federal star, which country will carry out the mining.
Before that, each country can submit mining plans and cooperation contracts to fight for it.
” Looking at Jing min, he said, ”there are teams from many countries going to federal star one after another, so I would like to ask, are you willing to lead the team in the past, or are you willing to provide solutions and complete equipment behind the scenes? ”

Jing min thought about it and asked, ”should eckley go, too? ”

”He will certainly go. ” ”Fatani ’s claim to the mining rights is a must, and as far as I know, the team headed by eckley has set out for the federal planet.
They have the experience of mining marine energy before, and the equipment is really more advanced than other countries, so this time they want to negotiate directly to win the mining rights.

”I ’ll go, too. ” Jing Min said, ”let aikeli see with his own eyes who defeated him.
I also want to see what his expression will be when he sees me. ”

”Then I ’ll send someone to get ready.
Let ’s start in a few days.
I ’ll go with you. ” Said Fernand.

”Can you come with me? ” Jing min looks at him.

”Well, the army that came to replace me on the side of the Jinming constellation has already set out.
I was going to spend some time in Federation star, but now it ’s just a little bit earlier.
What ’s more, the teams from various countries going to Federation star are escorted by military forces, including during mining.
And I ’m in charge of you, so I ’ll keep an eye on you and protect you.

”That ’s hard work, general. ” Jing min looks at him like a smile.

”It ’s my duty, ” said Fernand, in a serious manner

Although wilkesha Empire also had marine energy mining equipment, it was unable to carry out mining without polluting petrels.
Jing min quickly drew a detailed equipment manufacturing drawing and handed it to the machinery team of the first fleet to complete it.
He supervised and guided it.

Although the mining equipment is still in the process of manufacturing, soon Jing min set out for federal star as the team ’s chief mechanic.

All the countries that arrived at the Federation star began to talk with the representatives of the biliver Kingdom about mining, describing their advantages and what they could do.

After a full round of negotiations, only the plans of the wilkesha Empire and the phatani empire could be exploited without polluting the ocean.

So the representative of the kingdom of biliver decided to gather the teams of the two sides and hold a meeting together.
The higher the commitment given by the country, the mining will be carried out by which country.

”Brother, have you investigated the identity of the chief machine of the wilkesha Empire? After I asked someone to ask him, I didn ’t ask him any information about him.
Who is it? It ’s so mysterious.
” Before going to see the representative of the kingdom of biliver, eckley asked John.

”I sent people to investigate.
The information I got from the representative of biliver only knew that it was the same person as the manufacturer of the mining equipment of the Jinming star cluster.
There was no other information. ” John stood up, put on his uniform and went out.
”Let ’s go. ”

”The same person? ” Eckley snorted coldly and said, ”well, I really want to see what kind of person I am.
I can ’t find out what kind of person Wilke is hiding so deeply. ”

There were a group of people standing outside.
After seeing the two people coming out, they walked out of the hall together with them.

Among the crowd was Tony, who, as deputy finance minister, should not have been in such a team.
But the last time he came home late, a small quarrel with acre, eckley directly asked John to find a way to remove his position, and will take him wherever he goes, so that he can monitor him at any time.

Tony can ’t stand up to his anger.
No matter how angry and unwilling he is in his heart, he can ’t resist because he has to keep his father ’s position.
Now he has not only no freedom, but also no dignity.
He has no love for eckley.
Besides his disgust, his most emotion is regret.After getting on the bus, John patted eckley ’s hand and said, ”don ’t worry, no matter what kind of person he is, we will definitely get the mining right this time.
Not only do we have rich experience in marine energy exploitation, but after your transformation, there will never be any other country ’s equipment in the universe.
Even wilkesha can ’t have more powerful ocean mining equipment than us.
And the wilkesha Empire, it is impossible to give a higher commitment than us.

”I ’ve heard that the general, general denafrederick Locke, will also appear.
I ’d like to see this man, who even wants to avoid his big brother. ” Said eckley, looking out of the window.

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