hich side to choose for mining, it is better to make clear the mechanical capacity and not be cheated by some small people who have been packaged up.
In that case, it will make people laugh

After receiving the signal from the South Furie, Denis, the Deputy General of South Furie, opened his mouth and said, ”in one month, our chief mechanic, Sean, has manufactured the equipment for mining precious metals in the Jinming star cluster and designed buildings that can withstand the wind disaster.
As for his ability, we, wilkesha Empire, have the most say.
After all, we are the biggest beneficiaries.
Among the federations, there are not a few who benefit from it.
Although the machinist eckley of fittany is famous, he is only in mecha.
As for the ability of mining equipment, I think there should be a clear comparison among the representatives.

As soon as he heard that the precious metal of jinmingxing was mined by wilkesha, John was angry and had a heart ache.
However, when he heard that Jingmin only took one month to manufacture the mining equipment, he sarcastically said, ”one month? It ’s just impossible.
I know more clearly what kind of identity and ability this Sean mechanic you mentioned is.
So I advise you not to blow him too far, because it is ridiculous to listen to the ears of our insiders

”Show the delegates the new plan and contract. ” Said Fernand to Delles.

Dilace gave his heart ’s plan and contract to the representatives of biliver, who circulated them to each other.

The representative sitting in the middle asked, ”can your country really guarantee that it will not pollute the marine environment.
If there is certain pollution, will you give compensation? ”

This representative said to John and them on purpose.
They invited the two sides at the same time, hoping that they would not give up to each other and constantly offer higher terms.

”Once the contract is signed, we will definitely implement it. ” Dilles said.

After staring at Jing for a long time, Ackley heard the representative ’s words, and immediately touched John next to him and motioned him to speak with his eyes.

John gave him a soothing look and then said to the representatives of biliver, ”we haven ’t prepared any new plans and contracts this time because we have absolute confidence that we can do better than each other.
So it ’s up to you to make the contract, just like them or higher than theirs.

”All delegates have to think about it. ” ”We promise to compensate you once the ocean is polluted.
It ’s absolutely possible to do so, ” dilles said.
As for whether the other party can do it or not, I think you should judge in your mind the recent failure of the federal states to recover the arrears.

After listening to this, the representatives of biliver looked at each other with hesitant expressions on their faces.
It is a fact that fittany has not paid a lot of money to other countries.
Moreover, they have become stronger through their own years.
It is common for them not to pay attention to other small countries.
But wilkesha is different.
Not only have they been friendly to some small backward countries, but they are now very rich, and they have never failed to abide by trading contracts.

Eckley was very dissatisfied that sheen could sit at the same meeting table with him.
He felt that with his present status and status, ability and fame, sheen was not even qualified to appear in front of him, let alone sit here.
He also simply did not believe that sheen could produce the Jinming star cluster mining equipment in a month.
If so, he would not know how much he had?

”Then we ’ll use mecha as collateral. ” Said aikley suddenly.

”Eckley! ” John made a noise to stop it.

But aikeli did not stop, continued to say, ”since their advantage is precious metal, our advantage is more advanced mecha, then we take our own advantages, you can choose. ”

Eckley was satisfied with the way those representatives were moved,

then he took radnanfrey ’s hand, and Fernand bent over, and Jing min whispered a few words in his ear.

”Well, let ’s sign a cooperation plan and a contract at the same time.
Let ’s try to exploit a planet on one side, and then you can decide which side of the world you want to give the rest to. ”

After a while of quiet discussion, the representatives of biliver thought that the proposal of de nanvrie was very good, so the representative sitting in the middle said, ”general kinlock ’s proposal is very good.
Even if you two sides say it well, we should see the actual mining situation to be relieved.
In order to avoid taking greater risks, we decided to follow general kinlock ’s proposal Propose to do it.
We will draw up a new contract, and then send someone to sign with you.
It ’s hard for you to come here today.
”All of them stood up, and after the representative of biliver had shaken hands with Denver and John, both sides began to go out.

Tony saw the door open, and the people inside were looking for his familiar face in the crowd.
When he saw Jing min, he ran over excitedly.

”Sheen! Sheen Tony called Sean ’s name out loud, and as he pushed the crowd out of the way to Jing min, he was immediately stopped by the guards of Denver Frey.

In front of Jing min, Denver Furie looks at the excited Tony with gloomy eyes.

”Sheen! I know it ’s you.
It ’s wonderful that you ’re alive! Sean, are you still angry with me? Sorry, I didn ’t protect you! Sean, let me see you.
” Tony ’s brain has completely lost its mind.
He has forgotten where this is, that eckley and John are watching him, and what consequences he will have if he does so.
He just desperately wants to get rid of the guards who control him.

Everyone looked at Tony, who looked like he was crazy.
Eric and John looked very ugly.
Tony ’s behavior was undoubtedly hitting them in the face.

”Drag him away! ” John ordered the guard in a low voice, not to let him continue to be disgraced here.

John ’s guard stepped forward and dragged him out.

”Sheen! Sheen! I love the person has always been you, you still love me, right? Sean!…

Eckley was shaking with anger.
He didn ’t expect Tony to have the courage to make such a move in front of so many people.
He glared at Jing min with fierce eyes, hoping to tear up his face to see if Tony still loved him.

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