The battle of machines (10)

”are we really going to have to leave like this?! Can ’t king biliver give us more time Eckley said with great reluctance.

John, who had just heard the soldiers ’ report, said with a black face, ”biliver ’s army has been deployed.
If we don ’t withdraw, there will probably be a military conflict.
And isn ’t there no progress in solving the problem of leakage? It doesn ’t make much sense to stay a little longer.

”Shall we go back to Emperor now? ” Although Ackley was not reconciled, he was very clear that what John said was true.

”For the time being, we will not return to Imperial Star, but go to federal star first. ” John said, ”after wilkesha fails, we can renegotiate with the biliver kingdom.
In any case, even if it is polluted, they intend to exploit some of the planet.
We haven ’t completely failed.
We still have a chance to turn the tables.

”Have they started mining yet? ” Asked eckley.

”It is said that the equipment is already being built, and mining should be carried out in the next two days. ” Said John.

”They are absolutely impossible to succeed.
We can start to prepare the contents of the renegotiation now. ” Eckley said for sure.

Jing min was in charge of supervising the operation test of the equipment.
Denaturesque came in from the outside and went to his side and asked, ”how is it? Is it ready for mining? ”

”Well, there ’s no problem.
We can start mining tomorrow. ” Jing min looked at the data and said.

”Fatani has failed.
They cannot solve the problem of energy leakage.
The kingdom of biliver is forcing them to leave by force. ” ”They are already preparing for the evacuation, ” he said

”It ’s not easy to leave after such a long time. ” Jing Min said with a smile, ”I thought they were going to hang on to the end and want to wait and see us fail before we continue to talk about mining with biliver. ”

”I ’m afraid that ’s what they think.
If the kingdom of biliver didn ’t force them to leave, they would have done the same.
But even if they don ’t wait here, they will go to federal magnitude, and the ultimate goal is the same.

”I really want to see their disappointment. ” Jingmin said.

Looking at Jing min, he said, ”it ’s not early.
Go to have a rest.
You have been busy during this period of time.
You haven ’t had a good rest.
Tomorrow is a very critical day.
Only when you have a good rest can you have a mental response. ”

”Well. ” Jing min saw that there was nothing that he had to leave to solve.
He nodded and followed him out in a wheelchair.

Fernand picked up Jing min and put him on the bed.
He took off his clothes and let him lie down.
Then he took off his clothes and put him in bed with him.

Jing min leaned against his arms, his back was close to his broad and strong chest, which made him feel very comfortable and at ease, and soon fell asleep.

When he held this man in his arms, he felt a sense of possession of the whole universe, and his heart was filled with infinite satisfaction.

Two people close together, the body of mutual dependence, spiritual interdependence, two people in love together, such a gesture is the best enjoyment.
If time can stay in this moment forever, they are willing to.

On the first day of Jingmin ’s mining, mudatis, king of biliver, came to watch as usual.
However, with the failure of eckley, he did not hold much hope for pollution-free mining.

Mudatis is also ready to talk about mining again, but now he is slightly inclined to wilkesha.
Because he had been exhausted by John and their patience before, and did not want to deal with them any more.
However, if wilkesha ’s mining process is not as good as that of fittany, he will have to continue to consider fittany for the sake of interests and the planet.

”Start the mining unit. ” Jing min issued the start-up command.

”Roger that.
It ’s started.
It ’s running on the countdown.
Five, four, three, two, one.
The startup is complete. ”

Jing min ’s desktop screen in front of him is the operation picture of each equipment.
While looking at the operation pictures and data, he looks at the actual situation of the seabed on the large screen in front of him.
As long as there is a bit of error, he will order adjustment.
If it is impossible to make adjustment, he will stop to solve it.
So at the moment, his brain is really in a state of high concentration.

”Successful exploitation, liquid energy has entered the storage device, no abnormality was found. ” The operator reported.

”The left wing is too high, five degrees down, balanced with the right. ” Jingmin command road.

”Yes. ” The operator reported ”descent complete. ”

Until the first storage device was almost full, there was no energy leak or other problems.

”Start slowing down and replace the second storage device in five minutes. ”

”Roger that.
It ’s lowering the running speed at a constant speed.
The countdown to replace the storage device is in progress. ”

Mudatis looked around and found that wilkesha ’s people and fittani ’s people behaved very differently.
Fittani was very excited when mining was successful, but wilkesha ’s people were extremely calm.
He can see that every technician here is 100% devoted to his own work, completely without any distractions.
It ’s just that his experience in mining in fatani tells him that success is likely to be temporary and that problems may arise at any time.What mudatis didn ’t know was that they were so calm because Jing min had seriously warned them that as long as the mining was not completed, it would not be a success.
Accidents may happen at any time.
Keep calm and devote yourself to your work.
Although it can ’t completely avoid accidents, it is the best way to stop accidents in time.

He did not talk to mudatis or ask him to leave the command room.
He looked at the screen and looked in the direction of Jing min.
His eyes were worried, but he was not worried that the mining would fail, but that Jingmin ’s body would not be able to endure such high-intensity work, mainly because he was worried that his recovery from leg injury would be affected.

Mudatis has been waiting for them to have problems because he is afraid that they will hide the actual situation.
When he came, he also specially told the accompanying technical personnel to guard against them.

Mudatis sat in the command room for a whole day, never waiting for the picture of energy leakage to appear.
The technicians behind him were nervous and looked at the screen nervously.
After a whole day, mudatis and his entourage were quite tired.

Seeing that he still did not want to ask them to leave, he had to stand up and say, ”the mechanical technology in your country has not let me down.
Today is a perfect day.
I have witnessed the most advanced mining technology in the universe.
I hope you will allow our technicians to continue to study and visit in the future.

Naturally, he could hear that he was trying to send someone to keep an eye on their mining process, fearing that they would conceal the leak.

”Your people are welcome to visit. ” Said Fernand.

”Your mechanics and technicians are very good. ” Mudatis looked at Jing Jing ’s direction and said, ”when the energy mining is over, I hope to invite general kinlock and your mechanics to my palace for a banquet. ”

”If time permits, we ’ll certainly go, ” replied Fernand

After sending mudatis away, denaturesque immediately went to Jing min ’s side and said, ”tired? Leave it to them.
I ’ll take you back to rest.

Jing Min has been in a state of high concentration, and did not feel tired.
When asked by denaturing Furie, he relaxed his mind and felt that he was really tired.

After taking Jing min back to his room for a rest, he washed him in the bathroom, and then put him on the bed.
He sat beside the bed and gently helped him knead his legs.

”Does your foot hurt today? ” Asked denaturing softly.

”I don ’t remember if there is any pain.
I ’m too focused.
I forget to feel it. ” Jing Min said with her eyes closed.

”Hard work for you. ” He was possessed, holding his face and kissing him.

”No hard work. ” Jing min put his arm around his neck and said, ”this is what I want to do, so I don ’t feel bitter.
If I can ’t do what I want to do, it ’s really bitter. ”

Suddenly his heart throbbed and hugged Jing min tightly.
He knew how much hatred he had in his heart, and the pain he had suffered before made him heartache.
He can ’t change what has happened, but no matter what happens in the future, he won ’t let him suffer any more.

”Don ’t worry, my feet are OK.
I ’ll get better soon. ” Jing min thought he was worried about his feet, so he said something to comfort him.

”After that, the command work will be handed over to Mogan and they will do it.
You only need to supervise them.
They can do a good job.
You don ’t have to be too tired, and don ’t force your body to persist.
I ’ll be worried and heartache He held his lips and sucked them gently and heavily.

”I see. ” Jing min kisses him back, and answers vaguely at the same time.

They had been waiting for news.
They had thought that wilkesha ’s people would soon leave the maritime star cluster, but the news they kept waiting for was that wilkesha had not left, had not failed, and was still mining.

It was not until there was a definite news that wilkesha had signed a formal mining contract with bilifer.
After that, wilkesha would be responsible for the exploitation of all the energy of the maritime constellation.
They finally realized that they had lost completely this time.

”How could it be?! How can it be? ” Eckley hit the table angrily.
He couldn ’t accept the fact.
He lost to sheen, who should have disappeared, but suddenly came back from the dead.

John sat on the sofa with a calm face.
At the moment, he couldn ’t say a word.
He just regretted that he failed to eradicate sheen completely, leaving such a hindrance, which actually became their biggest resistance.
If he knew this would happen, he tried his best to let him die in front of himself, so that he would not have the chance to escape.

”Ah ”I won ’t take it, ” said eckley, as if he were crazy! How can I lose to that sheen? ”

After falling for a while, eckley was still shaking with anger.
He looked up and saw that John had been silent.
He walked quickly to shake his shoulder and said ”big brother! What are you still doing here?! Let ’s get him killed! Kill him ”I ’ve given orders a long time ago, and if they had the chance, they would have done it. ” John said weakly, ”but now my people have no chance to connect with him. ”

”I don ’t care! ” He kicked the sofa to vent his anger and yelled, ”I don ’t care what you do, even if you die together, you ’ll kill him for me! Now? Now! Kill him at once

”Calm down! Calm down! Do you hear me? ” This is the first time John yelled at eckley, who was stunned and looked at him.

”I ’ll try to deal with him.
If I can ’t kill him for the time being, I ’ll never let him get better, ” John said to eckley

John had a vicious light in his eyes.
He had a plan in mind.
He would kill Sheehan if he had a chance.
But if he couldn ’t kill him for the time being, he had other ways to make him restless and stop him from helping wilkesha any more.

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