The battle of machines (12)

the people in fittany made a lot of noise.
John used this to keep pressuring wilkesha to hand over Jing.

He had reached a consensus with all the senior leaders of wilkesha that they would never give back to fittany.
Moreover, after knowing what happened, they agreed with him to help Jing min expose John ’s true face, on the condition that Jing min would stay in wilkesha forever.

So John and their one-sided quarrel is very serious, and they don ’t respond and ignore it.
However, this is only temporary.
When they have the evidence, they will naturally fight back against this matter.

The first lift mecha designed and manufactured by Jing min himself has been completed.
According to his design, the machinery group of the first fleet has manufactured a whole batch of new mecha under his supervision.

After a period of testing and training, he announced that he would use the most powerful Pirate Group in the universe, the poisonous wolf, to carry out the first actual combat test of these mecha.

In the eyes of other countries, this is a very bold and risky decision, and even the people of wilkesha Empire feel that this decision is very irrational.

The poisonous wolf has been running in the universe for so many years.
Naturally, they have their strong points.
They are not only good at group attack, but also particularly good at cooperating with escape.
Every time they hijack a passenger or cargo ship, they only kill those who resist.
As long as they don ’t resist, they won ’t kill people.
They also said that what they robbed was used to help the poor and backward planet, so they also called themselves the Pirates of benevolence and righteousness.

But robbery is robbery, and crime is crime.
No matter how well the poisonous wolf packaged itself, it will not change the fact that they infringed on his property.
Their so-called relief of backward planets is actually just a benefit for those planets to cover their escape.
Even if they really want to help those backward planets, those who have been robbed of their property do not owe them.
Their poverty and backwardness are not caused by those robbed.
Why should their property and goods be robbed by pirates in the name of benevolence and righteousness.

There are many countries in the universe who hate the poisonous wolf, especially those with rich products but insufficient technology and mechanical level, so they can only rely on property trading to develop.
Because they are the key targets of the poisonous wolf, because the poisonous wolf has to lose a lot of property every year, they hate the poisonous wolf quite a lot.

One of the important reasons why the poisonous wolf has not been annihilated for so many years is that the planet they occupy is very special, which belongs to the natural layout planet that is easy to defend and difficult to attack.
Although these planets have no resources, no products, and no development, they are extremely suitable for pirates of the universe who live on robbery.

Another important reason why the poisonous wolf has been able to roam in the universe for so many years is that after exterminating them, he has obtained the evidence before making it public.

”It ’s said that wilkesha ’s first fleet is going to destroy the poisonous wolf? ” Ackley asked John.

”There ’s nothing wrong.
When they get the exact news, they ’ve already set out. ” Said John.

”I also heard that their new mecha was made by Sean.
They are going to test the new mecha ’s combat effectiveness with the poisonous wolf? ”

”Yes. ” John nodded.

”It ’s ridiculous! ” Aikeli satirized: ”manufacturing two mining equipment, I really regard myself as a mechanical genius.
I dare to be so arrogant and use the machine armour that has not been fighting to exterminate the poisonous wolf.
The general kinlock was sick of his brain, and he believed him.
He was a lunatic

”It ’s also an opportunity for us. ” John narrowed his eyes and said, ”poisonous wolf is easy to defend but difficult to attack.
After so many years, no army has broken it.
With the mecha you have transformed for the lone wolf, they can ’t win at all.
Take advantage of this opportunity, we will give the poisonous wolf some more fighting power, let them lose more ugly

”Hum! ” ”It ’s really a good opportunity to crack them down, ” eckley said with a sneer.
With this failure, I wonder if those people in wilkesha will be so protective of sheen cosa.
When the time comes to stir up the feelings of the people of wilkesha Empire and force them to hand over Sheehan, I must torture him severely and then kill him! ”

”Report general, there is the yuekan constellation ahead. ” The soldier reported to Denver.

Sirius is just behind the yuekan group, because its distribution is very special, like a natural barrier, which can protect the hidden Sirius and make it difficult for people outside to attack them.
And the man of the poisonous wolf can easily defend and defend, and can easily attack people outside.

This is not the first live broadcast of the extermination of the poisonous wolf.
Because many countries hate pirates very much, countries often broadcast the process of exterminating pirates so that the public can watch and vent their anger.

However, it is usually only when they are sure that they will be able to exterminate the pirates.
However, when everyone knows that their mecha is the first actual combat, it is necessary to carry out live broadcasting, so that those who want them to win feel worried, and those who watch the fun also think that they are too arrogant and will definitely suffer. ”Combat readiness! ” ”Carry out plan C! ” ordered d ’enrique


All combat personnel of the ship are beginning to make preparations.
This time, he will personally participate in the battle and test the mecha specially made for him by Jing min.

Before he set out to fight, he squatted in front of Jing min, raised his hand, looked at his face and said, ”give me a kiss of blessing, and I will return with victory. ”

Jing min held his face and bent down to kiss him.

Fernand pressed his head and deepened the kiss.
Their lips and tongues were entangled for a long time, but they were still attached to each other, as if they had not enough kisses.

Fernand stood up, bent down on Jing min ’s forehead and gave him a heavy kiss.
After looking at him for a long time, he turned and left for the mecha cabin.

Jing min watched his back disappear and went to the command cabin in a wheelchair to see the process of their fighting.
He has deeply realized the feeling of sending his beloved to the battlefield.
Even though he knows that he is very powerful, he can ’t control the feeling of worry.
So what he can do is to do his best to support him in the rear, enhance his combat effectiveness and reduce unnecessary accidents.

The live broadcast on the ship has started.
All the people connected to the federal satellite network can see the battle process.

The men of the poisonous wolf had received the news and were ready to fight.
Chater, the leader of the poisonous wolf, received a message from John a few days ago that if they could cause heavy casualties to wilkesha ’s first fleet this time, they would be given another batch of weapons in addition to the mecha and weapons to support them this time.

Chart, who was able to take the position of leader of the poisonous wolf, was not an ordinary man.
He had known for a long time how powerful denaturing Frey and the first fleet were, and did not want to easily confront him.
But John told him that they were using the latest mecha, and that they had come here to test them, which was a little too contemptuous of them.
With John ’s promise to him, he was willing to fight.
If he couldn ’t fight, he would run away.
He didn ’t believe that wilkesha ’s first fleet could catch them.

The poisonous wolf ’s ship has also reached the inner circle of yuekan star cluster exit, and is ready to fight.

After he flew out of the ship, he did not rush directly to the other side, but gave instructions to the Deputy captain in the command cabin.

”Jamming shell launch! ” The Deputy captain ordered, according to the instructions of d ’nan Frey.

Each of the five ships of the first fleet fired more than a dozen jamming shells, creating a large area of golden dust fog in an instant, with a visible range of less than half a meter.
All the people who want to see it can only see the yellow dust, but nothing else.

Sitting in the command module, Chater didn ’t take the yellow dust from the interfering shells seriously.
He calmly ordered, ”turn on the ship ’s unobstructed perspective device. ”

”Yes. ” Chart ’s men immediately followed his orders and turned on unobstructed perspective, but there was still a yellow sand on the screen, and nothing else could be seen.
He repeatedly opened it several times, but he could not see anything, so he said in a panic, ”report to the leader! Unobstructed perspective doesn ’t work! ”

”What? ” Chart stood up immediately.
”No way! It ’s always been useful before.
Why didn ’t it work this time?! You go to check it and see what ’s wrong.
Solve it as soon as possible! ”

”Report to the chief! All mecha ’s unobstructed perspective doesn ’t work.
We can ’t see anything now! ” The captain of the first unit of the poisonous wolf operation reported urgently.

”How can it be? ” Chater got nervous immediately.
It was very dangerous and had no chance to win in such a situation.
Although we don ’t know whether the other party can see it, it ’s better to avoid it at this time.
The best choice is ”you return to the ship immediately, retreat to the yellow sand, and then continue to fight after the yellow sand has dispersed! ”

And they, of course, saw it very clearly.
The barrage shells launched by them are the latest research and manufacture of Jingmin.
The general non obstruction perspective equipment can not work at all.
Even if the poisonous wolf ’s equipment had been modified by eckley, it still didn ’t work.

”General, they even retreat in a mess.
Obviously, they can ’t see it at all.
Before they retreat successfully, let ’s rush up! ” Asked the leader of the first combat team.

”Keep a good distance, retreat immediately after a quick attack and be covered by ship attack guns.
Don ’t be obsessed with fighting. ” ”I ’m not sure, ” ordered the Frenchman.


The soldiers of the first fleet rushed forward immediately, locked in their respective targets and settled down.
Then they retreated according to the orders of desanferry.

In the command cabin of the poisonous wolf, screams and explosions were heard one after another.
Chart could only watch the lights, which represent the condition of the mecha, go out one by one.

”Retreat! Come on ”Cover up, get out of here! ” roared chatter

”Chief! None of our men have retreated back.
Now there is nothing to see in front of us.
The artillery cover is likely to attack our own people! ” ”Not so much! All the fighters should retreat as far as possible, and the ships should withdraw immediately, otherwise the artillery fire of the other side would be…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before Chater finished his words, the first fleet ’s artillery had already attacked their three ships, and the attack was very accurate.
All three guns were hit.
Now they knew very well that the other side could see them.

The gunfire of the Third Fleet was very fierce.
The poisonous wolf, which was hit continuously, began to shake and many equipment began to malfunction.

”Retreat now! Come on Chart steadied himself and yelled, ”don ’t stop the fire! ”

The netizens who watched through the satellite network could not help being nervous.
They could only hear the gunfire attack of mecha and the artillery attack of warship, but could not see the picture at all.

The gunfire was in full swing.
It was obvious that both sides were attacking, but the people who watched did not know what the situation was and who was more seriously attacked.
They really wanted to know.

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