The battle of machines (14)

as the leader of the poisonous wolf, chart is also a man who can endure and resist.
He thinks that no matter how severe the torture is, he can persist for a period of time.
But the third day after Jing min came to see him, he couldn ’t hold on.
Maybe it was because he was very clear in his heart that John could not save him.
Instead of such meaningless insistence, it was better to follow Jingmin ’s words and get a release.

After the last press conference held by John and John, it was their turn to hold the press conference.
Because they claimed that what they were going to announce this time was a major event related to the federal states, and wilkesha had the highest influence in the Federation, so reporters from every country belonging to the Federation had arrived, which was much bigger than John ’s last scene.

When the reporters entered the hall, they came in.
When everyone was seated, the soldiers suppressed chat and tied him to a special seat.
Several soldiers stood watching him.

When they saw chart, the reporters still had some doubts.
Was there anything else the pirate leader needed to make public? Every time a national ship is hijacked by the poisonous wolf, the federal media will report on it.

”First of all, thank you for your time.
What we are going to publish today is some criminal evidence searched from the poisonous wolf.
Among the federal states, only one country knows that all other countries have been concealed.

”Please take pictures of the evidence on the screen so that all the people of the Commonwealth can see the true face of some people! ”

The reporters still don ’t know why, but they all follow dilace ’s words and shoot at the screen.

Then dilles pointed to the screen and said, ”all this evidence proves that General John dotley of fittany was in collusion with the poisonous wolf. ”

The reporters are stunned, some can not respond to what is going on, John dotley colluded with the poisonous wolf? What can they do in collusion? Hijacking ships from different countries together? Well, it ’s not likely, is it?!

”Look, everybody. ” Dilace began to introduce the same evidence.
”A lot of the mecha of the poisonous wolf was provided by fittany, and was transformed by eckley himself.
These are all evidence.
And these weapons and shells were also provided by fatani.
That is to say, one of the important reasons why the poisonous wolf has been able to travel in the universe for so many years is the support of John and his brother eckley

”I think now you must be wondering what benefits John and eckley can have in supporting the poisonous wolf.
Please look at the evidence below. ”

Delles played all the pictures of John and chart ’s contact.
Seeing those contents, not only the reporters present were shocked, but also the people watching the live broadcast were very surprised.
The people of fittany, in particular, when they heard that John was in collusion with the poisonous wolf, their first reaction was that it was impossible.
Even when they saw the mecha and weapons, they were comforting themselves that wilkesha was probably making a fake and trying to sow dissension.
But when they saw the pictures of John contacting chat, they couldn ’t find any excuse to defend him.
Besides shock and disbelief, anger was about to explode.

”Now that you have seen the evidence, let the leader of the poisonous wolf come to tell you in person what John has asked him to do. ”

All the shots turn to chart, who seems normal, and slowly begins to tell you all about his collusion with John.

The first time John went to chat, he asked the poisonous wolf to cooperate with him to kill the captain of the third fleet of fittany, which was Sheen ’s father.
The dotley family was rich.
At that time, John gave him a large sum of money at one time, and promised to give him another sum after the success.
So he agreed and successfully killed the captain of the third fleet.

After that, John contacted him and asked his people to help make an accident and kill the eldest prince of fittany.
This time, John not only gave him a large sum of money, but also gave them more than a dozen machine armours which were transformed by eckley himself.

Later, the two cooperated many times to solve those who hindered John.
John would provide information for them, so that they could hijack ships of various countries and escape more smoothly.

After Sheen ’s grandfather and several uncles died, they also killed Sheen ’s cousins at John ’s command.
In the process of pursuing and killing Sean and his elder brother, his men successfully killed his elder brother.
They thought sheen was dead, but they didn ’t expect that he was still alive.
John scolded him for this.

After John finished speaking, Jing min began to speak, and the reporters turned to him.

”The people of fatani say that I have betrayed the country and failed to cultivate the empire by serving wilkesha.
But those who blame me do not know what I have experienced. ” Jing min ’s face has no expression, but in the eyes is infinite sadness.

”John colluded with the poisonous wolf and killed my father.
My grandfather was so sad that he couldn ’t afford it.
Then John began to plan to seize power and control the minor emperor of phatany.
After getting the right, John forged charges and forcibly convicted my grandfather and several uncles.
Several of my uncles were persecuted to death by John in prison.
John personally showed off in front of my grandfather, which made my grandfather angryJing min blinked her tearful eyes, took a deep breath, and then continued, ”I saw my grandfather die, and I saw several of my cousins killed by the people John had sent for.
Although my brother and I escaped at that time, my elder brother was still killed in order to cover my escape.
I will survive, not because they mercifully let me go, but because they thought I was dead, so they left.
They probably didn ’t expect me to be alive until I showed up again

”The people of phatani should like to know why I chose to play for the wilkesha empire.
Now I will tell you the reason.
I want to repay kindness and revenge. ” Jing Min said very hard, eyes are also very complex.

”When I was about to die, it was general denaturer who saved me.
He took me back to the ship for treatment, so that I could survive.
The former Sean cosa was dead, in the hands of the men John had sent to pursue me.
I am alive now.
I am a new life and a life-saving grace given to me by general Denver.
Don ’t you think I should repay it? All I have done for wilkesha is to repay kindness

”All my family are dead, all because of John! So of course I ’m going to take revenge too Jing Min said angrily, ”can I go back to those who accuse me of betraying my country, a country where even the emperor is controlled by my enemies, a country where all officials and all the people support the killing of my whole family? ”

”Yes Jing Min said in a loud voice, ”I am a man of the phatani empire.
It was fatani who trained me.
But my grandfather and father worked for him all his life, but the whole family ended up in a tragic death.
Isn ’t it enough to repay the so-called cultivation of phatani? ”

”If you have not experienced the miserable experience and suffered the pain of others, please do not be kind for others, and don ’t decide what to do for others. ” Jing min calmed down and said without expression, ”here, I want to give the people of fittany a piece of advice.
When the highest power of a country is concentrated in the hands of one person for a long time, it will be the time for the country to perish from within. ”

Until they had left, the reporters and all the people watching the live broadcast were still unable to recall, because in such a short period of time, some of them could not digest such a large amount of news beyond their expectation.

John and his brother, eckley, had been conspiring with the poisonous wolf to do some shady things, and helped the poisonous wolf rob ships of other countries.
It is unforgivable that John and his brother acre have been colluding with the poisonous wolf to do some unseen things!

With such evidence, the people of fittany were almost on the verge of rioting.
They asked John and eckery to give an account immediately, and the officials were also required to explain the matter clearly.
Because this is really terrible! The two brothers, whom they regarded as heroes, were so dark and evil that they not only framed and murdered the former Zuo Xiang family, but also controlled the emperor.
They were the secret dictators of the Empire.
What do other officials do?! Just let them do whatever they want?!

”Big brother, what should we do now? Everyone knows the truth! We ’re done, we ’re done After watching the live broadcast, eckley was in a state of confusion.

John looked pale and clenched his fists tightly.
He tried to defend everything, but he didn ’t.
John kept all the evidence.
He thought that the universe pirates would be safest for those things that could not be seen.
However, he did not expect that this decision would bring him a fatal blow.

”Back to Emperor star! ” John sprang to his feet, and the soldier on the other side ordered, ”go ahead and go back to the Empire Star at once! ”


”What can I do when I go back? ” Aikeli was still very flustered and said, ”all the people have known about those things.
After going back, those people will certainly not let us go! ”

”There will be a way. ” John managed to maintain his composure and said, ”most of our men and weapons are still in Dixing.
Now we are the safest one to go back to Dixing first.
What ’s more, they only have the evidence of collusion between me and the poisonous wolf, and there is no evidence for me to frame the former left husband ’s family.
As long as the officials stand on our side and make a good plan, we may overturn the evidence, saying that wilkesha deliberately fabricated false evidence to slander us for sheen.

”How can the images you discussed with chart be overturned? Those things can ’t be forged Eckley didn ’t think it was a good idea.

”There must be a way to overthrow it.
Go back and talk about it. ” John didn ’t know whether he was comforting himself or eckley.
”Those officials were also involved in our framing of the former left prime minister.
They had to help us, or they couldn ’t get away with it. ”

Tony got a phone call from his father three days after the last big fight with eckley, who told him to be patient anyway and hinted that his family was already trying to get rid of John.
Then Tony was kept in the room, and John sent someone to watch him.
He was not allowed to go anywhere.

Seeing Tony after the live broadcast, he felt that the opportunity had come.
He couldn ’t wait to get in touch with his father, but the thought that John ’s men were watching him was too dangerous.
When he was in a hurry, he learned that the ship had begun to return to Dixing at full speed, so he put up with it.
He would wait until he got back to Dixing.With Jing min in his arms, he gently stroked his back

Jing min ’s face stuck to his chest, slowly shook his head, ”no, just feel tired. ”

”It will be over soon. ” ”Soon, they will pay the price they deserve, ” he said, kissing him on the forehead

Jing min straightened up, looked at him and said, ”after the end? ”

”After it ’s over, of course, you ’ll stay with me forever. ” ”I find that as long as I leave you for a second, I will start to miss you. ”

”Will the people of wilkesha agree? ” Jing Min said, ”no matter what I say, I ’m a member of the phatani Empire, and some people will be worried. ”

”Don ’t worry, I have a way to make you wilkesha ’s man. ” Said Fernand.

”What can I do? ” Jing min looked at him curiously.

”Marry me, and you will be my man, and of course wilkesha ’s It ’s a matter of course.

”Marriage? ” Jing blinked.

”What? Don ’t you want to? ” I ’ll punish you if you don ’t want to.

”I ’ll think about it. ” Jing Min said with a smile.

”No! You have to agree immediately and now.
” There was a deliberate threat in his eyes.

Jing min didn ’t answer him deliberately, so he fell down and pressed under his body, and fiercely kissed him.
He sucked his lips hard, and his hands were not idle.

”Um ~ ” Jing min clamped his legs, and some of them couldn ’t bear his teasing.
He vaguely begged for mercy, ”don ’t do this ~ ”

”have you agreed? ” As he took off his trousers, he asked, ”huh? I ’ll give it to you if you agree.

”Ah! ~ ”Jing min exclaimed because of his action.

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