Real and fake Mermaid (1)

Jing min felt very hungry and was awakened from hunger for the first time.
When he opened his eyes, he saw a lot of beds with blurred vision, and many people pressed their swollen eyes.
He felt that it should be crying and swelling.
When his sight became clear, he began to look at the place where he was now.

This is a house that looks like a warehouse.
There are more than 20 single beds in the small space.
Each bed is very narrow.
I feel that I can fall down when I turn over.
But it is very clean.
Both the room and the beds, as well as the people sitting on them, are clean and tidy.

What ’s the situation? Is this rebirth a servant? Is it a fight between servants? So this life is too simple? He doesn ’t think it ’s possible.

Jing start system, has not selected the function, the system will automatically start scanning the body, and then show that the body is poisoned.

Jing min sighed in his heart that every life could not be so simple.
Even if it was really just a fight between servants, it seemed to be quite fierce.
He uses the system to search for ways to remove toxins.
Although the system shows that his poison is very strong, the detoxification method is not particularly difficult.
With the help of the system, the toxin can be removed in a short time.

It ’s just that he feels a little strange.
If it ’s poisoning, he doesn ’t feel bad except hungry.
Just when he wanted to choose memory to undertake, want to know the situation in detail, the door was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

A strong man stood at the door and said loudly, ”come out, line up and follow me.
The auction is about to start. ”

Seeing those beautiful young people getting out of bed one by one, Jing min had to shut down the system and stand in the line.
Although we don ’t know what the so-called auction is, for the time being, we can only take a step and look at it, and then we can adapt to circumstances.

More than 20 people stood in two rows, waiting behind the wide curtain.
Jing min could hear the hustle and bustle outside the curtain.
It seems that they are the people who will be auctioned.

Turn to look at other people, those looks are pretty good on the face of the juvenile, since all have a vague expectation.
Is it a happy thing to be auctioned? Jing min felt a little strange in her heart.

The strong man came over again, with a register in his hand.
After counting the number of people according to each person ’s appearance, he suddenly went to Jing min, looked him up and down twice, and then said, ”you go to the end, and the last one is your turn to play. ”

Jing min saw that the big man was deliberately aiming at him.
He must have some purpose.
He felt more and more strange in his heart, but he still walked to the back position according to the big man ’s words.

Ray Berr and Donna, dressed in black cloaks and metal masks, walk into the auction.

After they found a place to sit down, Donna said to rabel, ”cousin, is this the first time you ’ve been to a place like this? In fact, it ’s very nice here, and occasionally you can meet some very good-looking man-made mermaids.

”Are there not enough beautiful mermaids in your family? I have to go to such places to buy them.
” Leber squinted at him.
He thought he was sick and agreed to come with him.

Donna shook his finger and said, ”you don ’t understand.
I ’m here to enjoy the pleasure of selection, which is much more interesting than those who come to the door. ”

Leber ignored him.
This kind of place was not supposed to be a place of their own, but now that he has come, he has to see what the fun is.

Donna ’s eyes swept around him.
After seeing a figure, he narrowed his eyes, leaned over to Leber and whispered, ”I see my acquaintance. ”

”Who? ” The people who could come to this place were either rich businessmen or servants of noble families.
It is certainly not very common for a noble like Donner to come here for fun.

Donald was just going to gossip with ray Berr.
The first teenager to be auctioned has come to the stage.
It ’s rare for him to come.
Donna decides to focus on the auction first.
”I ’ll tell you after it ’s over. ”

Jing min stands there watching the teenagers in front of him take turns on the stage.
He would like to know more about the world, but it ’s not the time to understand it in detail.
He can only pay attention to the surroundings and understand it with the system at the same time.

When Jing min saw the introduction of this body, the word ”Mermaid ” was written, he was shocked.
So in this life, he is not only a servant, not even a real human being, but a mermaid?

Jing min looked down at the long legs, and couldn ’t imagine what a fish tail would look like below.
Moreover, after he woke up, he didn ’t know what the body looked like, so he had to use the system to check it again.

There are two images in the system screen, one is the original appearance, the other is the present appearance.
Jing min more doubt, a body, how can there be two different appearance? Is it the state of Mermaid and the state of humanoid, the appearance will be different?

And these two looks are too different, right? It is not that the appearance is not good-looking now, although the appearance is also very handsome, but the skin is poor.
But the original appearance is also too good-looking, beautiful very unreal, as if does not belong to the human world of the spirit.More than 20 teenagers took turns on the stage and were auctioned off.
However, Donna became more and more interested because he did not see the man-made Mermaid he liked this time.

Finally, it was Jing min ’s turn to be the last one to come to the stage.
After a few glances, Donna felt no interest.
He turned to his side and said, ”it ’s no use today.
Let ’s go. ”

Hearing that Donna must leave at last, ray Berr, who was bored to the core, was about to stand up without thinking about it.
At the moment when he looked up, he saw the clear blue eyes of the people on the stage.
He only felt a sudden shock in his heart, and then he sat still.

Donna thought Ray ’s eyes were a little strange.
He looked at the people in the stands doubtfully, then turned his head and asked, ”what ’s the matter with you, cousin? ”

”Wait a little longer, wait till it ’s over. ” Ray ’s eyes could not leave the man ’s eyes on the stage.
There was something in those eyes that seemed to affect his soul.

After Jing min came to the stage, looking at the people under the stage, they were all wearing black shawls and white masks.
It felt like a group of ghosts were sitting below.
It ’s just that this auction house is much more luxurious than what he felt backstage.
It seems that the people sitting below are also rich people.

Jing min was thinking about what to do if he was bought.
Suddenly, he felt a strange feeling, which made him shake.

Some people have already started to bid.
Some people don ’t call after calling once, but there is only one person.
After each other ’s bidding, he will bid immediately and constantly raise the price, with a look of determined to get.

With fewer and fewer people bidding, Jing min will be bought and beaten by the one who has been bidding.
In other people ’s eyes, there is no suspense.

Downer whispered to rabel, ”it seems that the boy is going to have bad luck.
The one who has been bidding is the acquaintance I told you just now.
Guess who he is? ”

”Who? ” The face under Leber ’s mask frowned involuntarily.

”He ’s the merchant macante, the running dog that our prince ’s Royal Highness keeps, but now it ’s not sure who this dog is loyal to.
This man has a special hobby.
He tortures and mutilates several man-made mermaids every year, and then uses money to deal with them.
The young man on the stage fell into his hands, and there will certainly be no good results

Although it was a long distance away, Donna recognized that the man was mcandron at a glance, not only because of his fat pig like body, but also because of his disgusting temperament which was hard to ignore.
Donna had dealt with this man because of his business affairs, and he hated him from the bottom of his heart.

Ray Berr looked at the people on the stage.
He could not control the vibration in his heart.
After hearing Donna ’s words, although he knew that everything had not happened, he had the impulse to kill mcandro.

”Bid, I want to buy the man on the stage. ” Leber, struggling to control his emotions, said to Donner in a calm voice.

”Ah? ” Donna was surprised to see him, and it took him a long time to recover.
”Are you sure? ”

”Sure, no matter how much that mcandron calls, he ’ll be doubled up.
If I can ’t buy anyone who ’s on the stage, I ’ll auction all the man-made mermaids in your house. ” Rabel threatened.

Donna ’s eyes widened and he immediately turned to bid.

Listen to the higher the price, Jing min heart some doubts, with his appearance, should not be worth so much money.
What ’s more, he looks much older than those teenagers just now.
If it ’s his original appearance, he won ’t be surprised to ask a high price.

Michael Anton came with a purpose.
Someone told him to buy the people on the stage.
He thought that the price he offered was high enough.
No one would argue with him, because the people on the stage did not seem to be worth his price.
However, someone suddenly doubled the price he offered.
He didn ’t know whether the other party really wanted to buy the person on the stage or was deliberately against him.
He was anxious and angry.

Gradually, every time mcandron shouts the price, his heart is like being stabbed by a knife.
When downer doubled the price again, mcandron clenched his fist and began to sweat on his forehead.
However, he could not tell the price any more because he did not know when Donna would stop.
If he had to pay for the price at a high price, he would have lost a lot.

The strong man in charge of the man-made mermaid was also surprised that he didn ’t make a deal.
He took advantage of him and kept the man to the last one.
However, it is not in his charge whether or not mcandron has succeeded in the auction.
After the auction is over, he takes all the sold man-made mermaids to ask their buyers to take them away.

As soon as the auction was over, mcandron stood up.
The man who had doubled the price just now had already remembered to sit at that seat.
He walked over there very accurately.
He is very clear about who will come here.
No one knows that he is a prince ’s Royal Highness.
Let alone that other businessmen dare not offend him, even ordinary officials should give him some face.
Today he wants to see who dares to do bad to him.

Donald saw mcandro go by a long distance.
Judging from his fierce appearance, he must have come for trouble, so he sat still with rabel, waiting for him to come.Michael Anton takes off his mask and puts it on their table.
He shows his face to shock them and let them know who they are.
”You two seem to be rich.
Why do you come to such a place with so much money? Why don ’t you take off the mask and let ’s get to know each other.
I ’ll take you to a better place.
How about you give me that man just now? ”

Donna took off the mask, looked at him with a smile and said, ”haven ’t we known each other for a long time? If you have any good place, you might as well take me there.

”Don, count downer… ” Macante is shocked to see Donna.
He doesn ’t expect that the famous ghost ghost ghost will appear in this place.

Donna stood up, looked at him and asked, ”you said I ’d give you the mermaid I bought? ”

”I, I… ” Macante couldn ’t speak for a long time.
What he said was the prince ’s Royal Highness ’s man.
What he said was just a dog kept by the prince outside.
How dare he offend this cousin of Lord rabel? I can only quickly change the topic and say, ”misunderstandings, all misunderstandings.
If I had known that it was your favorite, I would have bought it and sent it to you.
It was my fault and my fault that you spent so much money in vain. ”

”Since you admit it ’s your fault, you can make up for it.
I ’ll send someone to your house tomorrow to get it. ” With a smile on his face, Donna said that since he automatically sent a man-made man-made Mermaid at such a high price, he should have made up for it.

”This, this… ” If Mai Anton is struck by thunder, he can ’t say a complete word, and dare not say no.
he can only look at the back of the two people leaving.

Ray Berr has not taken off his mask, otherwise mcandron will be scared to see him and his legs will be soft.

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