Real and fake Mermaid (5)

ray Berr walked into the room, but did not see the fish.
He faintly heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom, so he walked quickly.

Standing at the door, he hesitated to go in.
Although he knew that the relationship between the two was not enough to see each other take a bath, he still couldn ’t control the desire to enter.

Leber was stunned when he opened the bathroom door because he didn ’t see the man.
What he saw in his eyes was a blue fish tail patting the water.
The owner ’s upper body was completely in the water, and only the part of the tail kept swinging, beating the water in the bath with his tail everywhere.

It was really a beautiful fish tail, emitting light blue, beautiful as the best sculptor carved with extremely rare sapphire, each scale is so perfect.
Leber couldn ’t help but stare at it, his eyes full of obsession.

When a mermaid enters the water, its feet turn into fish tails.
On land, its tail turns back to its legs.
After his rebirth in this life, he always wanted to take a bath and feel surrounded by water.
Every time he entered the water, he felt that he didn ’t want to leave.
He didn ’t want to play with the water every time.
He felt that he could breathe freely in the water.

Although the bath in rabel ’s room is quite large, he still feels that he can ’t use it.
He wants to swim in a larger space.
It would be better if he could swim in the sea.
In the future, he must let Leber take him.

Every time when ray Berr was away, he played with water in the bathroom, because when he was poisoned, not only his face was not as good as before, but also his fish tail became ugly.
Now his body ’s toxin is almost removed, his appearance has been restored to five or six layers, and his fish ’s tail is almost as good as before.
But Leber has not made any further moves.
Although they have been living in the same room for this period of time, they are all sleeping in his bed and sleeping on the sofa.

The only one in my heart, the king, is willing to sleep.
Moreover, with his experience of getting along with his lover for so many years, he is definitely a man who wants to take advantage of the advantages, and he also wants to take advantage of the advantages if he does not have them.
Now he was lying in front of him, and he didn ’t jump on it.
It was really strange.

However, he didn ’t know how hard ray Berr had to endure.
The reason why he would sleep on the sofa was that Jing min would vomit poison blood every few days, and he looked very weak.
He didn ’t want to go to another room, and he couldn ’t sleep in the same bed with him, because now he couldn ’t do anything to him, and he was afraid that he would lose control.

Jing min finally got tired of playing.
When he put his head out of the water, he saw Leber standing at the door.
He was stunned.
He didn ’t expect that he would come back at this time, and he didn ’t know how long he had stood at the door.

”You, are you back? ” Jingmin said.

Leber went to the edge of the bath and squatted down.
Looking at Jing min ’s white face, he could not help but sigh in his heart that the pure blood mermaid was indeed a very magical existence.
He watched the face change day by day, and heard that he would return to the original appearance only after he got the fish balls back.
Ray Berr could not imagine how good he would look.

”Can you Ah Jing min just wanted to say whether you could go out for a while, but before he finished speaking, he was held out from the water by ray Berr.

Ray burl put Jing min on one side of the imperial concubine ’s couch and wiped the water from his fish tail with a towel.

”I, I ’ll do it myself. ” Jing Min wants to grab a towel and wipe it by himself.
The water on the fish tail will become legs after being wiped dry, but he doesn ’t wear pants.

Ray Berr pushed away his hand and rubbed it silently, as if he were doing a special thing.

Jing min ’s face slowly turned red, holding the edge of the imperial concubine ’s chair, biting his lips and enduring.
Mermaid ’s tail is particularly sensitive, especially after leaving the water, Leber ’s half hand and half towel are rubbed on his tail like a touch, which makes his body shiver.

Jing min ’s tail slowly changed back to his legs.
Naked, he clamped his legs and crossed his body with his back to Leber.
But blocking the front can not block the back, his posture, but more attractive.

Watching his long white, thin legs overlap, ray Berr rose to his feet at the last second of his rational run and said in a low voice, ”I ’ll wait for you outside. ”

Jing min felt his face, and after cooling down, he put on his nightgown and went out.

”How did you come back so early today? ” Jing min sat down on the sofa.

”There ’s a banquet at the palace tonight.
Come with me. ” He said.

”The banquet at the palace? ” Jing min thought about it and said, ”why take me? ”

”It ’s going to be a dry season soon.
This banquet is specially held for Abby. ” ”So I ’ll take you over and show him my respect first.
After all, you and he will meet.
It ’s better to take advantage of this party and become an opportunity for you to appear. ”

Jing min thought about it and thought that it was very reasonable.
After the drought, Abby would start to call for rain, and he would definitely bring the fish beads with him.
At that time, it would be the best time for him to get back the fish beads.Before leaving for the palace in the evening, Leber changed his clothes and waited in his room.

Jingmin comes out of the dressing room.
Ray Berr can ’t move his eyes when he looks at him.
This suit is made by ray Berr early in the morning, because sooner or later he will show up in front of the public.
But now he stood in front of him like an elf prince.
He suddenly regretted that he didn ’t want to see him like this.

Jing min was a little embarrassed by his focused eyes and said, ”what are you looking at me for? Is it strange that I dress like this

”I regret it.
Why don ’t we go to the party, and I ’ll try to find another way to get the fish balls back for you. ” Rabel said seriously.

”Stop it. ” Jing min gave him a push, ”let ’s go. ”

Reluctantly, ray Berr took Jing min to the palace to attend the banquet according to the original plan.

As ray Berr said, the party was dedicated to Abby, a celebration party for him before he summoned the rain.
The king was so high-profile that he wanted everyone to recognize Abby ’s importance and help Collie get more support.

Leiber got off the bus first and then stood outside the car.
Jing min reached out and helped Jing min out of the car.
He took Jing min ’s hand and entered the banquet hall.

Ray Berr has always been the existence of people ’s attention, and around Jing min such people, more attracted the attention of others.
They went all the way and everyone in the ballroom looked at them.

Rabel originally wanted to take Jing min to see the king, but the king was very weak since he made a deal with the king of mermaid sea country.
Before ray bers came, the king only showed up and went back to have a rest and let Collie and Abby host the banquet.

Colley and Abby, as the hosts of the party, are coming.
Naturally, they want to go over and say hello.
After all, rabel is not an ordinary official.
Although he is only a few years older than Colley, he is a serious elder of Colley.

”Uncle Wang. ” After Collie said hello to ray bell, his eyes were full of amazement, and Jing min asked, ”is this? ”

”He ’s your future aunt, my future companion. ” Said rabel seriously.

”Oh? ” Colley was surprised and asked, ”which official ’s young master is this? Why have I never seen this before? ”

Jing min is very different from the former haggard appearance.
Of course, he doesn ’t recognize Jing min as the person who appeared before him.

Ray Berr just smile, did not make any explanation to Jing min ’s identity.

After seeing Jing min, Abby has been in a state of panic, because he had seen the original appearance of len on the ship before.
Now that this similar person stands in front of him, how can he not be shocked.

Jing min smiles at Abby and says, ”Your Highness Abby, we have met again. ”

”Did you know each other before? ” Colley asked.

”No! ” Abby denied, the blood on his face faded slowly, his hand shaking in the glass.
”We don ’t know each other, we haven ’t seen it! ”

”We saw it at sea, and we saw it again.
Did your highness Abby forget it? ” Jing min was deliberately trying to scare him.
Looking at his panic, he felt very relieved.
”I have one more thing in my highness Abby.
When is your highness going to give it back to me? ”

”Don ’t talk nonsense! When did I get your stuff? ” Abby uses the roar to cover up his guilty feelings, but on the contrary, his voice is too loud to attract the attention of the people around him.

”This is, what ’s going on? ” Collie looked at Abby, pale, more puzzled.

”Collie! ” Abby grabbed Colley ’s hand and said eagerly, ”this man is coming out of nowhere.
He dares to talk nonsense in the palace.
Let the guards throw him out quickly. ”

”Who do you want to throw out? ” Ray Berr, with his angry eyes, shot at Abby like a blade.

Abby ’s heart trembled with ray Berr ’s momentum and couldn ’t help but step back.

”Lord, I said your highness Abby would not like to see me. ” Jing min full of fear with the aggrieved said, ”I don ’t want to be thrown away by the guards. ”

”Don ’t be afraid.
I ’m here, no one dares to do anything to you. ”

Of the four, only Colley was not clear about the situation among the other three.

”Corey, is that how your princess treats her elders? ” Ray Berr looked at Colley unhappily and said, ”you ’re going to throw my men out of here?! Does he have this qualification and right? ”

”Uncle Wang, there must be some misunderstanding.
Abby doesn ’t usually do this. ” Although Corey was a prince, he was not a rightful heir to the throne.
According to the last words of the former king, rabel was.
What ’s more, Leber ’s reputation for decisiveness and the support of most of his soldiers made him afraid to do anything to him now.
And Collie has always been a little afraid of Uncle Wang, who is only a few years older than him.
Even if they are rivals for the throne, Colley has never dared to play the prince ’s authority in front of rabel.Abby is flustered and can ’t calm down at all.
With Leber there, he can ’t let the guards take Jing min away like before.
He had just forgotten that Jing min was the one brought by ray Berr, and he would say that.
Now he is more at a loss.

Abby ’s body softens and he falls to Colley, who grabs him.
”Abby, what ’s the matter with you? ”

”I, I ’m not feeling well.
Can you take me back to rest? ” Abby, who had been pale with fright, looked weak again, and did look unwell.

Abby is going to call for rain in two days, but it ’s no good to fall down now.
Colley gets nervous and says to rabel, ”Uncle Wang, Abby is not well.
I ’ll take him back to the bedroom first.
It ’s impolite. ”

Looking at the two people left the back, Jing min and ray Baier looked at each other.

The king was not there, the prince and his concubine were not there, and even ray Berr soon left with Jing min.
A large number of unknown officials and nobles were left behind.
I didn ’t know whether to stay or follow them.
After all, the banquet had just begun, and all the important people had disappeared.

So the king ’s banquet in order to show the importance of Abby, because of their own early withdrawal, can be said to be a failure.
But the king, who was lying in bed now, did not know about it.

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