Real and fake Mermaids (10)

the continuous downpour lasted for several days, and the streets of the capital and the surrounding cities were filled with water.
The river kept rising, and a lot of land was submerged.

Abby goes to the square every day these days, hoping to activate the magic power of fish beads to stop the rain.
But every time he went to the square, the rainfall was bigger before.
As a result, he began to be afraid to go to the square.

Looking at the rain outside, it didn ’t mean to stop at all.
The king ’s face became dark as the weather.

”What ’s going on here? ” Asked the king, looking at Abby.

”I don ’t know what ’s going on.
It hasn ’t happened before. ” Abby, who was out in the rain all day, is now suffering from a high fever.
He tries to endure the pain and nervousness and answers the king ’s question ”maybe, there is something wrong with my fish ball and my mana is out of control. ”

”Is there any way to deal with it? ” Asked the king.

”I ’ll try my best. ” Abby ’s not sure now.

”We must do it as soon as possible.
If the rain continues like this, the problem will be much more serious than the drought. ”

”Father, I will try my best to stop the rain. ”

Collie held Abby ’s body boiling hot and said, ”father, I ’ll take Abby back to rest first.
He ’s still burning.
The magic power of the fish bead is out of control.
It ’s probably related to his body.
It ’s better to let him continue to use his magic power to stop the rain after his fever subsides. ”

”Go ahead. ” The king raised his hand and said, ”let the doctor get him some medicine with stronger efficacy, and let him have a fever as soon as possible.
The rain can ’t be like this again.
We must stop it quickly. ”

After they saluted, they left the king ’s bedroom.

Corey helped Abby back to their own bedroom.
Abby was still very sick after drinking the antipyretic.

Abby gritted his teeth and endured.
He knew that it must have been len who manipulated the fish bead last time, which led to this result.
Damn it! Why doesn ’t he die! In order to have to live against him?! No, it ’s not going to work like this! He has to find a way to completely control the fish balls.

The heavy rain continued to fall for two or three days.
Not only did the river rise sharply, but the water in the city was also very serious.
If it went on like this, there would be floods.

When rabel saw that the time was near, he led all the officials to see the king, and asked Abby to give an explanation.

”Rabel, what are you trying to do? ” The king ’s face was gloomy, and he looked at rabel with an angry look.
”I ’m not dead.
Do you dare to force me to abdicate? ”

What the king said was very serious.
Once this crime was put on rabel ’s head, even if Leber was the heir to the throne appointed by the former king, he would have to pay a price.
Because the former king said that rabel would inherit the present King ’s throne, and did not say that the present King must give up the throne to rabel when rabel is mature.

It seems that the former king ’s decision seems to be in favor of hegney, but in fact, it is completely planned by rabel.
The first king knew that once he was on the throne, he could not easily get down from the throne.
In order not to let hegny be forced to be anxious, he killed rabel recklessly.
The first king appointed rabel to inherit hegny ’s throne, which was also to win more powerful time for rabel.

”Brother Wang, I think you are mistaken. ” ”It ’s not what I want now, nor am I bringing these officials to force you to abdicate.
It ’s what the people outside want, ” he said solemnly.
Brother Wang, why don ’t you go out of the palace to see what the capital is like now, let alone other cities.
Many city people have already flocked to the capital of the state, and the people have surrounded the palace.
Does brother Wang have no idea about those people? ”

The king had known about these things.
Although he sent soldiers to disperse the people outside the palace, they refused to leave.
He could not order the soldiers to use force to drive them away, otherwise the situation would be more serious.

”It ’s going to rain.
What can I say about it? I ’ll let it not rain if I give it a statement? ” The king has made up his mind to rain.
Regardless of the relationship, Abby is still in a high fever.
He is not aware of the burning.
He can ’t get out of bed, let alone continue to use his magic power in the square to stop the rain.

”Is brother Wang confused? ” Leber was respectful on the surface, but ironically said, ”before and after the beginning of the rain, brother Wang vigorously publicized that the rain was called by Abby.
Now I don ’t remember this time? ”

The king ’s face was very ugly, but he could not refute rabel ’s words.
Just as he was about to pretend to be dizzy, he heard rabel say, ”brother Wang, don ’t be dizzy, even if you want to faint.
Before you faint, call Collie and Abby out and let them explain to the people outside.
When can the rain stop.
Otherwise, if the people rush into the palace We can ’t manage it.

”You… ” The king ’s originally dark face was flushed with anger, but he looked more bloody. ”The rain can ’t stop.
It ’s all my reason.
Please don ’t force my father. ” Abby came out with Colley ’s support, leaning on Colley ’s body with a look of fainting when he was weak, and said, ”father ’s health is not good.
Uncle Wang ’s intention to force him like this is too obvious. ”

”What do I have in mind? Tell me. ” Rabel looked at Abby coldly.

”As long as my father is still alive, he will always be the most respected person in this country.
What ’s the intention of Uncle Wang? Do you want me to tell you? ” Abby glanced at the officials behind him.
”Even if I don ’t say it, all the officials here understand.
Why should Uncle Wang pretend to be confused? ”

”What are you? In this place, it ’s not time for you, a fake, to teach me a lesson Leber ’s face was calm, but his words were devastating.

Abby ’s pale face was even more ugly.
He suppressed the panic in his heart and managed to keep calm.
He said, ”even if I ’m younger, I ’m at least a prince ’s concubine.
Has Uncle Wang insulted me like this, have you ever thought about the royal face? ”

”Leber! Don ’t go too far! ” The king pressed on his chest and roared hard.
Abby was Colley ’s Prince ’s concubine.
When rabel scolded Abby, he was insulting Colley.
If he humiliated Colley, he was insulting him.

Collie also scolded Abby because of Leber and looked at him angrily.

”Brother Wang, do you think I ’ve gone too far? ” Leber looked at the king and said, ”then I will tell brother Wang the truth, and brother Wang will judge whether I am too good. ”

”This man! ” Leber pointed to Abby and said, ”it ’s not a real pure blood Mermaid at all.
It ’s an artificial Mermaid, and he ’s the son of a pirate! ”

”What are you talking about? ” The king thought he had heard the wrong thing, and looked at rabble and Abby in shock.
But although he was surprised that rabel said this, he did not believe that what he said was true.
How could Abby be an artificial Mermaid when he successfully summoned rain twice?

Officials were also shocked when they heard rabel ’s words, because it was the first time that those who had been supporting him heard about it for the first time.
Compared with the king ’s disbelief, the officials were dubious, because they felt that Leber could not say such a thing without proof, and he was not the kind of person who could talk nonsense.

Abby ’s heart was about to jump out.
He closed his eyes and leaned weakly against Colley ’s arms, not daring to look at other people ’s expressions.

Collie looked down at Abby in his arms.
He didn ’t want to believe that rabel ’s words were true.
”Why does brother Wang say Abby is not a pure blooded mermaid?! If he was not a pure blood Mermaid, how could he summon rain? If brother Wang says such a thing, if I don ’t have evidence today, I won ’t give up even if I throw out my life! ”

”Isn ’t it easy to see the evidence? ” Leber looked at Corey without expression and said, ”the rain is called by him.
If you ask him to stop the rain immediately, I believe he is pure blood. ”

Abby calmed down a little when he heard that Leber couldn ’t provide evidence.
He opened his eyes and said, ”it ’s raining all the time.
It ’s because of my body.
I ’m still feverish.
I don ’t have any strength on my body.
I can ’t use the magic power of fish beads.
Uncle Wang asked me to stop the rain immediately.
Didn ’t you deliberately force people to suffer? ”

”When Abby ’s fever subsides, he ’ll stop the rain immediately.
You don ’t have to worry about him now. ” The king said calmly, ”it ’s you, rabel.
You have to be responsible for what you say today.
What will you do if Abby stops the rain? ”

”Brother Wang, I think you ’ve always been wrong about the point.
Now it ’s not that I want to embarrass him or whether I can wait, but whether those people outside can wait! If the princess ’s high fever has not subsided, and can ’t stop the rain, the flood will break out soon! Should those people be displaced or even lost their lives because of the heavy rain called by the princess? ”

”Brother Wang, if I think I ’m for myself, I can promise you that as long as he can stop the rain and prove that he is a real pure blood Mermaid, I will voluntarily give up the throne! ”

As soon as ray Berr voluntarily gave up the throne, many exclamations and breaths were heard among the officials.
Even the king and Collie looked at him in disbelief.

”You, do you mean that? ” The king suppressed the excitement and said, ”if Abby does, don ’t you deny it? ”

”Naturally, shall I give you a certificate? ” Said rabel calmly.

”Your Highness! ”

”Your Highness, think twice! ”

”Think twice! Your highness

The officials who had been supporting rabel were eager to persuade him, regardless of the fact that he was in front of the king.

”Good! ” The king said at once, ”that ’s what you said! Come on, get a pen and paper, and let him write down the voucher! ”

Rabel wrote that if Abby could stop the rain and prove that he was a pure blooded Mermaid, he would automatically give up the throne and never go back on his hand.The king took the paper, and his excited hands trembled.
He looked at it again and again, as if to see through the paper.
He can ’t even believe that what he wants to do with his life has come true so easily.
Is it because his obsession is so deep that everything that happens now is a dream? If it is really a dream, he is willing to continue the dream, never wake up.

Many of the officials showed anxiety.
At this time, Collie ’s uncle came up to the king and said, ”Your Majesty, the prince ’s Royal Highness is not well, it ’s very difficult to activate the magic power of the fish beads.
The simplest and most useful way to prove that the prince ’s concubine is a pure blood mermaid is to directly contact the king of mermaid sea kingdom. ”

The king immediately looked at him with a ray of hope in his eyes, and then turned his eyes to rabel and said, ”yes, you just want to prove that Abby is a pure blooded mermaid? If the king of mermaid sea state admits that he is a pure blood Mermaid, you should have nothing to say? ”

”I am willing to let the king of mermaid sea state personally verify whether I am true or not.
Does Uncle Wang dare to agree? ” Abby stood up straight, looking like I was real, and I wasn ’t afraid of verification.

Leber squinted at him for a moment, then pulled the corner of his mouth and said, ”yes! As long as the king of mermaid sea proves that you are true, my certificate will take effect immediately.

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