True and false Mermaid (11)

Abby is a real pure blood Mermaid, so he is not afraid to see the king of mermaid sea kingdom.
The king and Collie are very low in their heart when they see him so confident, and they are very happy.
It feels like rabel has lost the qualification to inherit the throne.

In order to contact the king of mermaid sea Kingdom, the king of land must use a round stone plate.
The red gem in the stone plate was cast by the king of mermaid sea kingdom.
The king drops his blood on the gem, and the king of mermaid sea will sense it.
Then he will use his magic power to make his vision appear on the top of the stone plate and talk to the king on the land.

The king, along with rabel, Abby and Corey, as well as several of the highest officials who witnessed, entered the room where the stone plates were placed.

After entering the room, the king went to the edge of the stone plate with the help of his attendants.
However, he was stunned when he saw the ruby in the middle of the stone plate.

The ruby, which was supposed to be bloody red, is now dark and has cracks.

”What ’s going on here? ” The king glared in shock and yelled, ”guard

The guard outside came in and saw the cracked ruby.
Look at me and I look at you.
They all look flustered but don ’t know what ’s going on.

”Say it! What ’s going on here? ” The king breathed so quickly that he covered his chest and questioned the guard.

”Sire, we don ’t know what ’s going on here, this, this… ” The captain of the soldiers was terrified and didn ’t know how to explain it, and they really didn ’t know why the stone was cracked.

”You are in charge of seeing the gate here, but don ’t you know why the gemstone is broken? ” The more the king said, the more angry he was, and his eyes turned black.
Not only did he miss the good opportunity to let ray Berr give up the throne, but also because he wanted to get such a good Ruby again, he had to pay a considerable price.
The king almost fainted when he was hit by double heavy losses.

Leber looked at Abby, sneered, and said to the soldiers, ”who was the last person to enter this room before we came in? ”

”Tell your highness that the last people who came in were the prince and the princess. ” The soldier captain replied.

The king ’s eyes were all on Abby and Collie, waiting for them to explain.

”We did come in last time.
I contacted the king of mermaid sea state to tell him the latest situation and let him tell my family that everything is fine.
When I left this room, the jewels were all right.
” Abby defended himself.

”When you left, were the gems really in good condition? ” Rabel looked at Corey and asked.

”I… ” Collie couldn ’t answer rabel ’s words, because he had to go through two doors to enter the room.
Abby said he wanted to contact the king of mermaid sea, so he brought him here.
But at that time, he was waiting outside the last door, and only Abby was inside.
So when he left, he didn ’t see whether the gemstone was in good condition.

”Hum. ” Leber looked at Corey and snorted, ”the answer is pretty obvious, isn ’t it? The last one to show up here is the one who cracked the gem

”Uncle Wang! If you insulted me just now, do you want to slander me now? ” Abby was unwilling to be slandered, and said indignantly, ”there is the magic power of our Mermaid king on the gem.
Any mermaid who wants to destroy it will be bitten by the magic power.
Even if I want to destroy the gem, I have no ability to destroy it! ”

”The fish bead is not yours.
Of course, it will not be you who will be bitten back! ” Leber gritted his teeth and said angrily.
He thought that the night he had a good sleep, len suddenly had a convulsion, and then vomited a mouthful of blood.
He thought that the reason was that the previous toxin was not clear and clean, but len said it was not the cause of the toxin.
He sensed that the fish bead was attacked by the magic power.
Fortunately, after two days of cultivation, there would be nothing wrong with len.
Otherwise, no matter what method he used, he would immediately kill Abby.

Jing min was seriously injured at that time, but in order not to let ray Berr worry, he quickly healed his internal injury with the system, so ray Berr thought he would be OK after two days ’ rest.

”Abby, didn ’t you really destroy the gem? ” Asked the king, looking at Abby.

”I swear it ’s not me! Please believe my father Abby assures earnestly.

The jewel was indeed destroyed by Abby, who knew that he was likely to be suspected, especially after Ryan appeared.
So he asked him to come to this room and destroyed the red gemstone, so that the king could not contact the king of mermaid sea kingdom.
In this way, they could not confirm their identity.
But he had thought it over for a long time.
In any case, he would never admit it.

”Now that the stones on the stone plate can no longer contact the king of mermaid sea, to verify whether Abby is a real pure blood Mermaid, we have to wait for the fever to subside and let the rain stop. ” By saying this, the king expressed his willingness to believe that the jewel was not destroyed by Abby.
As a matter of fact, he doesn ’t care about that much now.
No matter whether the gem was destroyed by Abby or not, and no matter what the purpose of destroying the gem, as long as he can summon the rain, stop the rain, and take this opportunity to let Leber give up the throne. ”As I said, it doesn ’t matter how long I wait outside, but people outside can ’t wait now.
Or let the princess immediately stop the rain, if not, it can only use another method How can Leber let them delay time? Let alone the fact that he can ’t wait outside now.
Even if he can, he will never let Abby go today.

”What can I do? ” Asked the king.

”I ’ve heard that fish beads can sense the host ’s blood.
If the blood drops on the beads, the beads will shine.
Let the prince and princess, in front of all the ministers, put her blood on the fish bead to see if it will shine.
If I can, I will admit that he is a real pure blood Mermaid

”Abby, can you do it? ” Asked the king, looking at Abby.

”I can! ” Abby didn ’t dare to have the slightest hesitation.
Even though he was still in a state of panic, he could not show it.
Moreover, he had a lot of Len ’s blood.
It was not difficult to make the fish beads shine.
Just waiting for everyone ’s face, he had to think of some way.
”No, I don ’t have the fish beads with me now.
Please allow me to get them. ”

”Go ahead. ” Said the king.

All of them returned to the main hall.
The other ministers did not dare to make any noise.
They could only ask the officials who went in with the king and them with their eyes.
All of them shook their heads.

The king asked his attendants to put a high little round table in front of all the officials, with a cotton mat on it for Abby to put fish balls later.

Abby came out, fists in both hands, and he scanned all the officials standing in the hall, then looked at the king.

”Let ’s go. ” Said the king.

”Yes. ” Abby put the bead on the cotton pad and pulled a knife out of his sleeve.

”Wait a minute. ” Leber looked at his other hand, still holding it all, and said, ”open it. ”

Abby ’s body was frozen, standing motionless, and his face was ugly.

”Abby? ” Crowley whispered.

Abby slowly grasped the fist, straightened out, and unfolded.
His hands were clean and empty.

”Is Uncle Wang satisfied? ” Abby ’s face was full of grievance but forbearance.

”Go on, ” rabel said, tugging at the corner of his mouth

Abby pulls the knife out of the sheath, palms half closed, and uses the knife to stroke hard in the palm.
A bloodstain immediately appears in the palm of his hand.
Blood slowly drops on the fish beads, one drop, two drops, three drops.

Abby kept praying in her heart, please, help me again, please!

All the people ’s eyes are focused on the fish beads.
After waiting for a long time, the fish beads just lie there quietly, without any reaction.

Abby swallowed nervously.
His hand holding the knife began to shake slightly.
He cried in his heart, bright! Come on! Why isn ’t it on yet?! What he dripped on was obviously the blood hidden in the knife, and his own hand was not cut.
But why didn ’t the fish bead react at all?! What the hell is this?!

A gust of wind blew into the hall, and the fish beads suddenly floated up.
All the ministers looked up at the fish beads, and didn ’t know what was going on.

The king and Corey also looked up at the fish ball, and they were only puzzled but not happy, because they did not know whether it was the fish ball that had a reaction.
The reaction just mentioned said would shine?

The fish bead floated from the officials ’ sky to the gate.
All the officials turned around and looked at the seat at the door, but they found Jing Min who didn ’t know when to stand there.

”No! ” Abby yelled, ”don ’t let him get close to the bead! ”

As soon as he saw Jing min, Abby knew why he was here.
He must have come to get back the fish ball.
He must not let him take back the fish ball.

Abby wants to rush to grab the fish ball, and ray burl ’s foot reaches out, knocks him to the ground, and then puts his foot on his back, making him unable to get up.

Now no one pays attention to Abby, because everyone is looking at Jing min at the door.
Jing min is wearing a long white cloak.
Standing there, people can ’t help but praise.
How can there be such a beautiful person in the world.

Jing min raised his head and opened his mouth slightly, so the fish ball entered his mouth and then slipped into his stomach.

”No Abby looked up at the scene and made a heartrending cry because he knew it was all over.
He was done.
There was no hope.

After Jing min vomited the fish beads, his body began to shine, and his hair and cloak were still blowing in the wind.
It looked like he was floating on the air first, which made people gape.

Jing min ’s body light is more and more bright, shaking people ’s eyes, so that people can ’t help but close their eyes.

When Jing min ’s body light gradually faded, until it disappeared, people in the hall found that he was more beautiful than before, some beautiful unreal, and not like the creatures of the human world.

”This This is The king was so excited that he stood up on his own strength.
He looked at Jing min in disbelief and said What ’s going on? ”Jing min took a look at the king and Abby, who was trampled on the ground by ray Berr, and turned around and walked into the heavy rain.

He spread his arms in the rain and slowly raised them.
Two beams of light from his hands shot into the sky.

The rain soon became smaller, and then the rain stopped, the thick dark clouds began to disperse, and the light reappeared in the sky.
The blue sky was clear, just like the rainstorm weather just now.

The king fell back to his throne.
He seemed to understand something, but he was not willing to ponder.

Collie ’s eyes have been looking at Jing min, even Abby has been trampled on the ground by ray Berr for a long time, but he also has an idea in his mind, but he does not know whether the idea is good or not.
What ’s more, if his idea is true, whether he should be happy or not.

Jing min takes back the mana and turns back to the hall again.

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