True and false Mermaids (13)

”guess, when the king saw us this time, did he want to say that he wanted me to marry Corey Jing min turned his head and looked at the next ray Berr asked.

”There won ’t be anything else to keep him from getting out of bed and insisting on seeing us. ” Ray bell took Jing min ’s hand and gave it a kiss.

”And Abby? ” Jing min asked, ”Collie seemed to like him before.
Did he just ignore him? ”

”Collie has always had no sense of responsibility, and nothing strange about Abby. ” ”Brother Wang thinks he has trained Cory very well.
In fact, he is not qualified to be a king.
He has been sitting on the throne for so many years without any merit.
Every day he thinks about how to kill me, so that his son can sit on the throne smoothly.
What good son can such a person teach? ”

”It ’s not easy for you to grow up like this? ” Jing min, half joking and half serious, touched rabel ’s face.

”It is quite unacceptable.
When I was at the border, I was not defeated by the enemy, but I was killed several times by the people he sent to assassinate me.
When I came back to the barracks from the dead again and again, I swore that since he wanted me to die, I would not die.
Not only will I live well, but I will snatch the throne from him, and then I will be angry with him

Jing min originally wanted to make a joke with rabel, but he was heartbroken when he heard what rabel said.
He was clearly the prince born in the future.
He should be the heir to the throne when he was born.
However, he suffered so much because he was born too late.

Jing min hugged rabel ’s waist and buried his face in his chest.

”It ’s all in the past. ” ”Now he can ’t do anything to me, and I will never let him take you away from me, ” he said

The king sat back on the bed, looked at Leber, looked at Jing min, and finally set his eyes on the hands they held together.

The king turned his head back, closed his eyes and said, ”rabel, you have always been a wise man.
You should know what I came to you for? ”

”I think I ’m smart, too.
Otherwise, how could I escape so many times from the people you sent to assassinate me. ” ”But I don ’t want to guess what brother Wang means this time.
I ’d better ask brother Wang to explain it directly. ”

The king took a hard breath, opened his eyes, looked at rabel and said, ”well, I ’ll tell you directly, I bought len for Colley with my life and health.
You uncle, you robbed your nephew ’s companion.
What do you think the people will think of you? ”

”Why should I worry about what the public will think of me? The man who married Corey was Abby, as the whole kingdom knew.
Besides, it was Collie who ordered len to be sent to the auction house before I was able to buy him.
Brother Wang, please listen to me clearly.
It was Collie who wanted to sell len, and then I bought len.
The transaction was completed long ago.
Isn ’t it a matter of course that len is my man? ”

”You ”The king said, pressing his chest, ” don ’t try to argue! Everyone knows that the pure blood mermaid is going to marry Corey.
The previous mistake was caused by Abby alone.
Now it ’s too late to correct it.

”Yes, Uncle Wang, I was cheated by Abby before.
I didn ’t know that len was the real pure blood Mermaid, so I sent him to the auction house.
Now I know that as long as he comes back to me, I will make up for him.
” Collie looks at Jing min with a little affection in his eyes.

Jing min was shocked by his eyes, and felt sick.
In order to avoid his eyes, he hid behind ray Berr.

”You believe everything Abby says.
You don ’t have a brain, don ’t you think? ”? Who would run to a prince without any reason to pretend to be a pure blood Mermaid, and still in the case that he already has a pure blood Mermaid beside him.
Even if you think he is a madman, he has said that he can prove it to the king of mermaid sea kingdom.
Even if it is only one in ten thousand, you should decide how to punish him when he is completely sure that what he said is false, instead of judging by your own ideas! ”

”Now, it ’s no use saying that. ” The king looked at Jing min and said, ”len, I heard that in your Mermaid Kingdom, the king ’s orders are more than everything.
Before you leave Mermaid sea country, your king asked you to come and marry Cory.
Is that right? ”

Jing min hid behind rabel and did not speak.

The king continued to say to Jing min, ”don ’t you listen to your king ’s words? Or should I contact the king of Mermaid and ask him to tell you in person

”Brother Wang, you don ’t have to persecute len.
It ’s useless. ” ”There ’s something I didn ’t intend to say right now, but if you ’re going to force Lynn, I ’ll have to say it ahead of time.
Lynn, he ’s pregnant with my baby

”You, you The king ’s eyes widened in shock, and he couldn ’t breathe normally.
”What do you say? ”

”I said, len is pregnant with my baby, and the pure blood Mermaid can ’t take it off after she has a baby. ” ”No, no… ” The king wanted to say no, but it was like a big stone in his chest, which made him breathless and speechless.

”Isn ’t there a bunch of doctors outside? If brother Wang doesn ’t believe me, let them come in and check on Ryan to see if what I said is true Reber said with a solemn face, ”how can I say such a lie as a bubble? ”

”Father! Are you all right Colley nervously held the king, whose face was not right.

”You… ” The king pointed to Leber, but did not come for half a day, rolled his eyes and fainted again.

”Doctor! Come on in! Come on Cried Collie.

A group of doctors outside the door rushed in to rescue the king, but this time the rescue time was not over for a long time.
When the doctors finally stopped, you looked at me and I looked at you, and bowed their heads one after another.

”How about it? How ’s my father Colley grabs a doctor by the shoulder and shakes it hard.

”I ’m sorry, your highness.
The rescue failed.
His majesty has passed away. ” Said the doctor, lowering his head.

”Impossible! ” Corey rushed to the bed and called to the king, ”father! Open your eyes and look at me, father! Father

Colley turned to the doctors and growled, ”you go on with the rescue! My father is still alive! He hasn ’t seen me marry a real pure blooded Mermaid, and he hasn ’t seen the birth of his grandson.
He can ’t die like this.
Please save it! If you miss time, you can ’t save it! ”

A doctor boldly advised, ”Your Highness, calm down, the king has no sign of life, we really try our best. ”

”Waste! You rubbish ”Get me a useful doctor, ” Crowley yelled in his unprecedented frenzy! If anyone can save my father, I will let him be knighted! Go, go

All the doctors stood still with their heads down.

”You, you ”Collie pointed to the doctors and said angrily, ” you ’re not going to save my father, you ’re not going to find a useful doctor! Good! You are all very well! I ’m going to put you all in prison, and you ’ll be in prison for the rest of your life.

”The prince is so sad that he has lost his mind.
You all go down and give some calming medicine to the bodyguard to help him take it. ” Said rabel to the doctors.

The doctors listened to rabel ’s words and walked out as quickly as they were rescued.
The king was dead, and rabel was the rightful heir to the throne, and even Collie could not contend with him, so these doctors of course chose to listen to rabel.

”Father! Father, wake up! Father Curly lay down beside the king and wept like a child, for he knew subconsciously that the king was now dead and that he had no hope of succeeding to the throne.

Ray Berr killed the king as he wished, but in fact he didn ’t intend to anger the king in such a way.
He used the mermaid king of the sea to force Jing min to agree to marry Corey.
Ray Berr had to say that Jing min was pregnant and angry with him.
In fact, Jing min was not pregnant at all.
Leber did not worry that the king would tear him down, because the king ’s body was so weak that he would be short of breath when he knew that Jing min was pregnant.
Even if he didn ’t die, he would not care to confirm whether it was true or not.

Collie screamed like a madman, attacking anyone who wanted to get close to the king ’s body.
Ray Berr asked the guards to catch him, infuse him with sedative drugs, and when he lost consciousness, he asked his attendants to take him back to his bedroom.

The officials received the news of the king ’s death and all rushed to the palace.
After seeing the king ’s body, the officials supporting rabel said that the country should not have a monarch for a day, so that he could sit on the throne quickly.

But the king ’s funeral is still going to be a big one.
Although he is dead, there are still some decent things to have.

People all know that Abby is a fake pure blood Mermaid, so the rain he summoned can ’t stop.
They also know that the real pure blood mermaid is the one who wants to marry rabel.
The people support rabel to inherit the throne and hope that he can sit on the throne quickly.

Rabel had already taken Jing min into the palace, and the succession ceremony would be held immediately after the king ’s funeral.
During this period, rabel had already begun to exercise the king ’s rights.

Rabel did not intend to live in the bedroom where the king lived before.
He asked the court attendants to rearrange the bedroom he lived in when he was a child.
He lived in it first, and then expanded and renovated it.
Later, it was used as the bedroom for him and Jing min.

There are a lot of things to deal with in this period of time.
Ray Berr is busy until very late to go to bed every day.
Every time he goes back to bed, Jing min is already asleep.

On that day, ray Berr returned to the bedroom hall early, because he had not been intimate with Jing min for a long time.
He really missed him too much.
But when he saw Jing min ’s sleeping face on the bed, he thought, why did he still fall asleep when he came back early today?

Taking off his clothes and going to bed, ray Berr carefully put Jing min in his arms and looked at his sleeping face.
Some could not bear to wake him up, but he could not control his body.Jing min had a good sleep, and was awakened by his kiss and touch.
He clamped his legs, opened his sleepy eyes and looked at him ”no way. ”

Seeing Jing min awake, ray Berr is more excited and reaches out to open his leg.
”Why not? Well? ”

”Don ’t you already know that? ” Jing min was tickled by him and said with a smile, ”don ’t be so itchy. ”

”What do you know? ” Leber had no intention of stopping.

”Pregnant, don ’t you already know that I ’m pregnant? ” Jing min wanted to say it in front of the king himself, but he didn ’t expect to be preempted by Leber.
He thought he knew it from the doctor.

”Huai, you are really pregnant. ” Leber ’s impetuous body stiffened in an instant.

”Yes, I thought you already knew that I was pregnant.
Aren ’t you tall? ” Jing min held his face and asked.

”Happy! Of course I ’m happy! ” Ray Berr hugged Jing min tightly, and his excitement could not be expressed in words.

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