Art life (1)

the huge music that can make people jump out of their hearts, the dazzling lights, and the people dancing in disorder.
Is this a bar?

Jing min felt very uncomfortable in her chest and dizzy in her head, which was obviously drunk, but her body seemed to have other strange feelings besides being drunk.
He didn ’t have time to think about it.
He started the system to try to stay awake.
Now he just wanted to leave the bar quickly and find a quiet place to stay.

Suddenly, someone came to help him on the shoulder, as if to take him away.
In the moment that the person met his body, Jing min felt a cold and disgusting, so he pushed the man away.

The man was pushed away and tangled up again.
It seems that he must take Jing min away.

Jing min ’s body couldn ’t make up too much strength.
After a long time of pushing and fighting with that man, his body became more and more out of order.
He had a bad premonition.

Jing min quickly scanned the body with the system, and was actually drugged!

No matter who that person is, giving him medicine is definitely not a good thing, and his body ’s subconscious reaction thinks that this person is disgusting and dangerous.

Jing min uses the system to support his consciousness, grabs the wine bottle on the table and smashes it on the head.
The man immediately falls to the ground with his head broken and bleeding.
The bar screams and the crowd runs away in panic.
The scene is in chaos.

Jing min took advantage of ran out, stumbled out of the bar door, looked around, decided to run to the opposite side of the road.
Because there are a lot of people there, even if someone chases him out, he is not easy to be chased.
In case of a large number of people, he can deal with it.

He staggered to the middle of the road, just in time a car quickly drove over, although the car ’s rapid brake did not hit him, but he was scared, a soft body fell to the ground.

The people on the car opened the door and got off, squatted beside Jing min and asked, ”are you ok? Shall I take you to the hospital? ”

Because the lights are too bright, the man is backlight, Jing min can not see what he looks like, can only close his eyes and shake his head.

”Then get up and get out of the way. ”

The man said that he would help Jing min up, Jing min also wanted to stand up straight and go on, but the drug effect broke out, his body did not have any strength, and could not stand at all.

”Help, help, me. ” Jing min had no choice but to ask this man for help.
He thought that he should not be so unlucky.
He happened to meet a person who almost hit him, who was also a bad person.
Moreover, he got off the car and asked him if he had anything to do and whether he wanted to go to the hospital.
He should not be a bad man.
Most importantly, his body didn ’t repel this person.

Jing min ’s voice is too small, the man did not hear clearly, and asked again, ”what do you say? ”

”Help me, villain, chase me… ” Jing Min said as loud as possible.

The man followed Jing min ’s line of sight to the door of the bar.
Several people rushed out of the bar, looking for what they were looking for.

The man picked up Jing min, opened the seats at the back of the car, put Jing min in, and then drove away by himself.

”Where do you live? ” Asked the man.

”I, I… ” Jing min brain is not very clear, subconsciously want to say that I do not know, but a burst of chest surging, he can not help vomiting out.

”Hey, don ’t throw up in my car! ” Cried the man.

Jing min vomited so dark that she felt that she had vomited all the things in her stomach, and then she fell back into the darkness and was unconscious.

When Jing min regained consciousness again, he didn ’t have time to open his eyes.
He felt that his headache was cracking.
He held his head and could not help moaning.
He started the system to relieve the headache.

”Awake? No more sleep? ”

A tall and handsome man stands in the bed.

Painting? Wait a minute.
Look at the sunshine outside.
It should be in the morning.
In the morning, what kind of painting is this man standing at the end of the bed? Jing min Leng for a long time did not respond.

Jing min thought of the incident last night, and thought that the man in front of him should be the one who saved himself last night.
He was about to speak, but suddenly he felt something wrong with him.
When he looked down, he found that he was actually * *, so the answer to what the man was drawing was very obvious.

”Pervert you Jing min immediately pulled the quilt to cover his body.

”It ’s very energetic.
It doesn ’t hurt? ” Cui Yan said with a smile.

Jing min was reminded by him that his head was more painful, not only a hangover headache, but also a headache because he didn ’t know what the situation was.
Isn ’t he just reborn and has a pervert? He thought he was a good man and asked for help.
Although they are all men, even if they are all men, in fact, it is not a particularly serious thing, but the problem is, after I lost consciousness last night, did he do anything serious.

”Where are my clothes? ” Jing min didn ’t want to talk to him all the time without wearing anything.Cui Yan took a look at him and turned to go out.

Jing min holding the quilt, holding the head of the head, the heart can not say, always feel that they have been taken advantage of, later must be good to ask that person clear.

Looking up and seeing the easel at the end of the bed, Jing min, because he was too curious, dragged the quilt to the end of the bed, stepped on the ground with one foot, and leaned over to see the contents of the painting.

After seeing what was painted on the painting, Jing min immediately widened his eyes.
Although he had to admit that his painting was very good and the painting was very realistic, it was a picture of himself sleeping naked, which made Jing min a little unhappy.

Jing min thought, how could this man do this? He drew his * * without his consent, and The details are so lifelike, right?! He can ’t help but lift the quilt around his waist and look down at his legs.
It ’s really like painting.

”What do you think of my painting? ”

Jing min didn ’t notice when he suddenly came back to the room.
He was scared and his feet were soft.
When he was about to fall on the ground, he was held up by a strong arm and was taken into his arms.

”It ’s a pity that you wake up before you finish painting.
Why don ’t you sleep a little longer and let me finish painting? ” Cui Yan said.

”You… ” Jing min ’s body tightly pastes on his body, buttocks are also dragged by his broad palm, just want to raise his head to curse, but in the moment of staring at him, he is stunned.

Just now Jing min was annoyed and panicked.
He didn ’t take a close look at this man ’s appearance.
Now, looking at him at such a close distance, he found that he was simply a mixture of Feng Qi and Zhao Bocheng.
Can you say.

After looking at each other for a while, Jing min ’s body suddenly shakes for a while, and the familiar feeling of pounding the soul appears again.
Therefore, this person in front of me is your lover?

Cui Yan stares at Jing min, how can ’t move his eyes, because he also feels the same feeling.

Cui Yan brought Jing min back last night.
Both of them were dirty.
Originally, Cui Yan wanted to throw him to the servant, but he didn ’t know how to take him to his room.
After stripping off his clothes and letting the servant wash them, he was fascinated by his body and wanted to paint the ”beautiful scenery ” in front of him.
He couldn ’t help but take out the painting tools which had not been used for a long time and stood there painting all night.
Although the painting was almost finished, it was a pity that he woke up before it was finished.

”Are you going to take a bath first? There are clean bathrobes in the bathroom, and your clothes will be sent up in a moment Cui Yan said.

Jing min came back to God and felt that the one behind him still held his broad palm.
He could not help blushing and said, ”you first let me go. ”

”Oh. ” Cui Yan ’s palm is reluctant to give up the touch of the skin on the hand.
The finger is not controlled by the brain and pinches it, which makes Jing min shake again.

Jing min stares at Cui Yan.
He is really not in the habit of playing hooligans on himself in his life.
He will eat tofu whenever he has the chance, no matter whether they have just met or have been married for many years.

Cui Yan released Jing min, Jing min immediately ran into the bathroom and locked the door to prevent the hungry wolf from rushing in.

Looking at the person in the mirror, Jing min took the water and patted his red and hot face.
He was so noisy that he even forgot his headache.

Turn on the hot water to wash off the sweat and wine gas on the body, looking back at the body in the mirror, can ’t help being stunned for a moment.
This body is really good.
It ’s not a muscle and line type, but a temptation to commit a crime.
No wonder that person will take advantage of their own drowsiness to draw themselves down, not a good figure is necessarily suitable for painting, can show artistic charm of the body, is the most suitable to be painted on paper.

It ’s strange that Jing Min has some doubts in his mind.
Why does painting always come out of his mind? Does it mean that the original owner of the body is engaged in painting?

Jing min opens the system and begins to understand the identity of this body.

I really want Jing min ’s guess that this time his reborn person is a student who has not graduated from the Academy of fine arts, called hibiscus.
He has a very good artistic talent.
He has shown his talent in painting since he was a child.
Although he has a lot of money to learn painting, fortunately, his family environment is pretty good.
He is usually thrifty, but he can afford to learn painting.

Through his own efforts, hibiscus was admitted to the Minshan Academy of fine arts, one of the best fine arts colleges in the country, but his parents died suddenly because of an accident.
At the same time, it is also faced with the dilemma of not being able to pay the tuition fees in the next few years and may have to quit school.

After the sadness, hibiscus decided to cheer up and stick to his dream of becoming a painter.
In any case, he would continue to study in the Academy of fine arts.
He got a scholarship for his excellent grades.
In addition, he worked part-time and got financial support.
He studied smoothly for two years, but.

”Are you ready? ”

Jing min heard the sound outside the door, immediately shut down the system, stop to continue to understand ”washed, I will come out immediately. ”

”I thought you fainted in it.
Breakfast is ready.
Come out and eat it. ” Cui Yan said.The bathroom is dry and wet.
Jing Min turns off the shower, goes outside to the dry area, opens the cabinet on the wall, and takes out a set of clean bathrobes to put on.

”Here you are. ” Cui Yan pointed to the clothes on the bed, leaning against the wall and looking at Jing.

”Thank you. ” Jing min picked up the clothes to go into the bathroom to change, and saw that the painting on the end of the bed was missing, and asked in doubt, ”where is the painting? ”

”I put it away. ” Cui Yan said.

”You… ” Jing min didn ’t know what to say for a moment.
According to his current status, he studied art, and he studied art.
As for nude painting, he should look at it from the perspective of art and thinking.
However, from his own perspective, he didn ’t want to be visited without clothes.

”Don ’t worry.
I won ’t let anyone else see it except me.
You should repay me for saving you.
If you ’d like me to finish painting, so much the better.

Jing min thought, how can he forget that his lover is a possessive person? He will certainly be more reluctant to be seen by others without clothes, so he has no need to worry about that pair of words will be surrounded by people.

But let him continue to draw this kind of thing, or later on, after the two people confirm the relationship, maybe it can be used as a kind of interest, now, or forget it.

Jing min pretended not to hear Cui Yan ’s words, the face expressionless into the bathroom to change clothes.

Cui Yan ’s home is a three story super villa with a garden and a swimming pool.
When eating breakfast, the housekeeper stands by with a dozen helpers, and there are many bodyguards and helpers outside.

Jing Min has never seen any scenes.
He has been a queen and queen at least.
Although he was born in this life, he is too lazy to pretend to be shocked and embarrassed in front of his lover and eat breakfast calmly.

”Are you a student of Minshan Academy of fine arts? ” Cui Yan asked.

”Well. ” Jing min nodded.

”Well, you should be very receptive to things like body painting.
After all, you must have painted a lot of body models.
You should understand that in the process of painting, you are carrying the idea of pursuing art, not other thoughts, right? ”

Jing min lowered his head and drank the seafood porridge in the bowl seriously.
He didn ’t answer his questions and didn ’t want to be surrounded by him.

Seeing that he didn ’t answer, Cui Yan was a little disappointed.
It ’s hard to meet such a good body, but he couldn ’t finish painting at once.
But it doesn ’t matter.
There will be a chance to achieve his goal in the future.
What he wants to do has never been unsuccessful.

After breakfast, Cui Yancai took out his student ID card and mobile phone to him, ”do you live on campus or off campus? I ’ll take you back.

”I… ” Jing min took over the student ID card, quickly checked it with the system and said, ”live off campus. ”

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