”um ~, ah! ”

The two bodies are entangled together.
In addition to the rapid and heavy breathing sound, there are people who are under pressure, who are constantly moaning.

For Jing min, this feeling should be completely strange, but when he was completely immersed in the pleasure, he gradually became familiar with this feeling.
Some similar pictures suddenly appeared in his brain, which made him feel a little trance.
He couldn ’t tell whether it was reality or illusion at the moment

Jing min whole body weak lie on the bed, clearly the person who effort is not him, why he will be so tired.
Zhao Bocheng clings to him and kisses him on the back.

Turning around, Jing min supported his shoulder and looked at him.
The eyes always made him feel very familiar.
When he was confused, he felt that their souls were entangled with each other, and the two souls were familiar with each other for a long time.
It was the familiar feeling that made people tremble when they contacted each other, just like when he got the jade pendant from the yama.

At the moment, he had an idea.
Perhaps from the beginning, what he felt familiar with was not the eyes, but the soul he felt through them.
Whether there was a possibility that he was not the only one who came here.

”What are you thinking? ” Zhao Bocheng kisses his eyes.

Jing min half closed his eyes and said, ”I wonder why we have developed into such a relationship and how long it can last. ”

”I ’m happy. ”

”Happy what? ” Jing min looked at him doubtfully.

”We have just begun, you have been worried about gain and loss, that you care about me, don ’t you? ” Zhao Bocheng said with a smile.

Jing min wanted to refute him, but didn ’t want to say something against his heart at the moment: ”I don ’t know.
I ’ve never fallen in love with a person.
I don ’t know how to define how I feel about you. ”

”Well, I ’m very lucky.
Even if you still can ’t tell how it feels to fall in love with someone, I will be the first one you fall in love with.
In my opinion, all the verbal promises are meaningless.
Time can prove everything.

Jing min couldn ’t distinguish his feelings for him for the time being, nor could he prove his conjecture in a short time.
He decided to let time prove everything as Zhao Bocheng said.

**The combination of the soul and the soul can feel incomparably happy, this is after thousands of generations of Jing min, now know things.

He didn ’t want to make do with those who had pursued him before, but he felt uncomfortable just thinking of sleeping in the same bed with those people.
If he really managed to live with someone else, it would feel like he had done something to others, but he was disgusted.
He had to live in disgust all his life, so he couldn ’t do it.

Now he is not only entangled with Zhao Bo Chengguang ’s body, but also kisses him all over the body.
He runs through his body again and again.
Miraculously, it makes him feel very happy both physically and mentally.

At noon the next day, the two men finally got up.
Jing min held on to his aching waist.
He felt that this was the first time that he was overwhelmed by Zhao Bocheng because he had no experience and had no ability to resist.
For the sake of health, we should never indulge in this way in the future.

Zhao Bocheng hugged Jing min and sat down on the sofa.
”I ’ll help you take back the old house of the Lu family, and let them live all the time.
You must be uncomfortable in your heart. ”

”No, I ’ll get a lawyer myself and give them five days to move out, or I ’ll just go through the legal process and drive them out. ” His original plan was to deal with Qian Xiang first and let Zheng Junming lose power.
Then he would deal with their father and son, and finally take back the Lu family.

The development of his relationship with Zhao Bocheng is not what he expected, so the order of the plan has changed.
He also wants to see how far Zhao Bocheng can do for him.

Lawyer to inform Zheng Jianlin, let them move out in five days, Zheng Jianlin even yelled at the lawyer out.
He has lived in this family for so many years, and he has long regarded this place as his property.
Even though the property is now under the name of Lu Jingyu, in his heart, there is no reason for his son to drive Lao Tzu out of the house.
If Lu Jingyu does, he will be in a bad way.

Jing min doesn ’t care what Zheng Jianlin thinks or what others think.
When the time comes for five days, he takes his lawyer and bodyguard back to the Lu family and asks the three people who insist on staying with the Lu family to go out on their own or ask the bodyguards to ”invite ” them out.

”Lu Jingyu! I have lived in this house for decades.
Why should you drive me out? ” Zheng Jianlin did not expect that he would really bring people to do with them.
He was angry and asked Jingmin.

”If you don ’t deliberately pretend to be confused, you should be very clear about the ownership of this property.
This is the residence of the Lu family.
I, the Lu family, can ’t live, but let your people surnamed Zheng live.
It ’s not appropriate from a legal point of view or from a moral point of view? ” Jing min sat on the sofa in the hall and looked at them.
Behind him stood five lawyers and twenty bodyguards, ready to ”invite ” them out at any time.

”You ’re going to tell the whole story, aren ’t you? I ’ll tell you the truth today.
I ’m your father.
I gave you your life.
Now you want to drive me out of the house.
Aren ’t you afraid of retribution Zheng Jianlin roared. ”Retribution? You tell me retribution? ” Jing min looked at him in surprise, as if he heard some funny joke.
”It ’s ridiculous to say the word retribution from your mouth.
I didn ’t expect that you would believe retribution. ”

Jing min laughed enough, stood up and looked at him with cold eyes and said, ”what if you are my own father? Did you give birth to me in October? From childhood to adulthood, have you raised and taught me? All your father ’s love has been given to Zheng Junming.
Have you given me a little bit? Have you ever given me a good look? Have you ever been a little bit of a father to me? From the beginning to the end, you have never treated me as your own son, but you want me to respect you as a father.
Only your Zheng family has such a truth.
But I ’m sorry.
My surname is Lu but not Zheng.
It ’s really a blessing in misfortune for me.

”I ’ll tell you Zheng Jianlin. ” Jing min stepped into him and said, ”don ’t think you are related to me by blood.
What you have done to the Lu family and me is just what you should have done without paying any responsibility.
Today ’s expulsion of the three of you is the beginning of retribution for you three, but it is not the end. ”

The bodyguard came forward and dragged the three people out.
Zheng Jianlin struggled and scolded, ”Lu Jingyu, you are a beast.
You even drive your own father out.
You will not end well… ”

”Let go of me, let go of me! ” Sun Qiurong lost one of her high-heeled shoes when she was dragged by her bodyguard.
She cried out, ”this is our home.
You have no right to drive us away.
Let me go.
This is our home. ”

Zheng Junming didn ’t say a word from the beginning to the end, but glared at Jing min with angry eyes.

Some reporters outside suddenly saw the three people thrown out by the bodyguards and rushed forward to take pictures.
After the bodyguard threw the people out, according to Jing min ’s command, they threw the three of their belongings one by one.

”My jewelry, my bag! ” Sun Qiurong crawls around picking up her jewelry.
She doesn ’t look like a lady.

”Mom, get up. ” Zheng Junming thought his mother was so shameful that he helped her up and helped her pick up the jewelry in the trunk.

”You all have a look, all of you! ” Zheng Jianlin said excitedly to the photographer, ”Lu Jingyu is not a thing.
He can even throw his own father out.
Does he have any conscience? He ’s just a brute.
You all take pictures, all of you! Let everyone know what he is

The three of them stayed at the gate of the Lu family for a long time.
Many reporters came to take photos and videotapes.
Zheng Jianlin angrily denounced Lu Jingyu as nothing.
He worked hard for the Lu family for so many years, but he didn ’t expect to be driven out by his own son.

Zheng Junming holds his mother to one side, and the mother and son make a look of bitterness and forbearance.

The three played tricks until they felt tired.
Zheng Jianlin saw that he had scolded him for so long, and Jingmin didn ’t come out to scold him or call them back.
He didn ’t have the strength to scold him, so he took Zheng Junming ’s mother and son away.

Reporters and media have made extensive reports on this scene, which is like a family ethics play.
However, the media did not judge whether it was wrong for Zheng ’s father and son, who had been occupying the landing home, or Lu Jingyu, who had driven his own father out of the house.
It was up to the audience to decide.

In fact, the media do not want to offend the public and be scolded before they see who the majority of the public opinion is biased, so they wait for the people to judge by themselves, and then they decide to go to the other side.

After the media reports, public opinion did not completely turn to that side.
Some people think that since you, Zheng Jianlin, have remarried and continue to live in the Lu family with his wife and children, it is hard to say why.
What ’s more, you have so many hotels in your hands.
You must have a lot of assets in your hands.
You can ’t have no place to live.
It ’s Sima Zhao ’s heart to decide what kind of idea he is trying to stay in the old residence of the Lu family.

There are also some people who are more old-fashioned and inclined to Zheng ’s father and son at the beginning.
They think that it is immoral and inhumane to drive his own father out as a son.

Jing min didn ’t pay any attention to what others thought of him.
He just did what he had to do.
He threw the three people out of the Lu family.
He finally helped Lu Jingyu do what he wanted to do but failed to do.

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