Art life (4)

Jing min sent a short message to Cui Yan, asking him to pick him up.
Cui Yan went outside the hotel where Jing min lived in less than half an hour.

”Why did you suddenly live in a hotel? The previous house was gone? ” Cui Yan asked.

”I didn ’t live in my house before.
It was rented by a classmate ’s family.
We quarreled, so I moved out. ” She said faintly.

”Can I help you? ” Cui Yan took a look at him and knew that he couldn ’t send a message to himself without any reason, and let himself come to pick him up.

”You said that I could ask you for help.
I thought about it carefully, because I am short of money now, so I agree with your request. ”

It ’s not that there is no other way to get money.
It ’s just that it takes time to get a lot of money.
The way to get a lot of money immediately is to find Cui Yan.
Didn ’t he particularly want to paint his own body? Then let him draw well.
In any case, it is destined to be his person in the future, so it is better to cultivate the interest between them in advance.

Cui Yan looked at Min unexpectedly, but for him, he could not agree with his request.
So he didn ’t say anything.
He acquiesced in Min ’s proposal and sped up the car ’s speed.
There was a faint excitement in his heart, and a sense of impatience.

After arriving at Cui Yan ’s residence, Cui Yan said to him, ”you go to take a bath first, and I ’ll go and prepare for it. ”

Although he thinks that drawing a picture is not something to do.
What can I do to take a bath in advance.
However, he didn ’t say it, nor did he express his dissatisfaction.
He took a look at Cui Yan, who had a hidden excitement, and went to take a bath obediently.

On the way, he didn ’t feel much, thinking that although they were not familiar with each other in this life, they had loved each other for so many times and had done everything.
It was no big deal to draw a picture.
But when the warm water washed his body, he thought that he would show his body in front of Cui Yan later.
He was a little timid and shy.

Jing min goes out in his bathrobe.
Cui Yan is waiting for him outside.
He thought he would do it in his bedroom, but he took him to a spacious and bright studio.

In the middle of the studio, there is a square sofa bed, which is covered with blue flannelette with excessive color.
There are many cotton wadding of different sizes scattered on the flannel, which looks like white clouds in the blue sky.

”Go and lie on it. ” Cui Yan has already prepared the easel and the easels, just waiting for him to lie on it.

He pressed his hands on his hot face and gave himself some mental construction.
He told himself that it was art and that the man was his lover, so he was not shy.

He took off his bathrobe and put it aside.
He sat on the edge of the sofa bed and asked, ”what posture do you want to use? ”

Cui Yan went to Jing min and said, ”you lie on it first.
I ’ll help you to pose. ”

Jing min retreated a little, and then lay down in the middle of the room.
He kept telling himself that no one else saw Cui Yan.
Cui Yan was his lover.
It didn ’t matter if he was seen.
Anyway, he would be watched.

Cui Yan holds Jing min ’s one foot, helps him to bend up the foot, and then leans to one side.

Jing min did not expect that he let himself put out such a posture, immediately put his feet together and sat up, discontented at Cui Yan, ”you… ” Isn ’t he able to see everything clearly in this posture? How can that part be so highlighted? Only a half veiled posture can show the charm of art.
He wants to take advantage of this posture.

Cui Yan approached Jing min and said, ”you can ask me to do anything you want as long as you can make me paint to my satisfaction. ”

”Can you really do anything? ” He asked.

”Of course. ” Cui Yan said for sure.

Jing min bowed his head and thought, in the end, whether or not to agree to his request, after that, there may be many places that need his help.

”Have you been demented by the school recently? ” Cui Yan looks at Jing min, his hand has been holding his leg, his smooth skin is too much to let go.

”Did you investigate me? ” Jing min raises his head and stares at Cui Yan.
Because Hibiscus tore up Su Mo ’s entries, he is indeed recorded a demerit.

”I ’m one of the directors of Minshan University.
When I saw your student ID card that day, I checked it by the way.
It ’s just a matter of words for me to cancel the demerit recording for you.
What do you think? ” Cui Yan hooked the corner of his mouth and asked in a bewitching tone.

Jing min thinks that since Cui Yan is the director of Minshan University, many things will be easier to handle.
Isn ’t it because the school leaders have acquaintances with his parents that Su Mo is particularly convenient to do.

Jing min bit his lips, and then lay back, posing as if he were being slaughtered.

Cui Yan puts Jing min in the position he wants to see.
The scenery in front of him makes his blood flow up.
The little pink bird lies quietly and cleverly there.
The posture is very attractive.
He can ’t help but want to touch and kiss.
Cui Yan felt that he was torturing himself by putting Jing min in such a posture, but he especially enjoyed the torture.Cui Yan was afraid that his actions would scare him, so he resisted the impulse to touch the little bird.
He could only use the gesture of helping him to stroke his white and tender skin like goat ’s milk.

Jing min was touched by him and couldn ’t help shaking.
His body, which had nothing to wear, felt hotter and hotter.
He turned his head to one side and said, ”I only do art, but I don ’t sell my body.
Please don ’t touch it. ”

Cui Yan looks at his ruddy face, smiles and goes to the easel to start painting.

Jing min is lying on the sofa bed.
In Cui Yan ’s eyes, he is like an angel lying in the clouds.
His skin is covered with warm white light, and every part of his body is so perfect, just like a perfect work made by God himself.

Cui Yan felt that he was infatuated with his body and wanted to feel the feeling of blending with his body.
It must be a very wonderful experience.
At this moment, for the first time in his life, he felt sorry that his painting skill was not high enough.
He felt that he could not draw a perfect performance of the beautiful scenery in front of him.

Cui Yan ’s painting skills were not learned in school or taught by others, but taught by his famous painter ’s mother.
But because he wants to inherit his family business, and he has more talent for business, so painting is only one of his interests in cultivating his sentiment.

Although his mother was a painter, he was also influenced by his mother and loved to appreciate paintings.
His family also opened more than ten galleries and funded many frustrated artists and art students.
But Cui Yan has always been unable to appreciate those nude body paintings.
Like his mother, he prefers paintings with moral meaning and many associations.
For the first time, he felt that the beauty of his original body could be so attractive.

Jing min felt the heat in Cui Yan ’s eyes.
At the place where he was watching, his skin seemed to become hot and hot.
He tried to ignore his sight, and kept telling himself in his heart that this is art, this is art.

Cui Yan painted for several hours.
The sun was almost setting, and the yellow sun was shining through the glass wall.
Jing min because at the beginning feel uncomfortable, the spirit is too tight, unconsciously slowly fell asleep.

Cui Yan put down his brush, went to the sofa bed and sat down.
His eyes almost greedily looked at Jing min ’s body.
He thought that if he was awake, he would stare at himself.
His smart and bright eyes could directly look into his heart and make his heart vibrate.
Although he did not open his eyes at the moment, but so quiet lying, also very beautiful.

Cui Yan tolerated again and again, and finally did not hold back.
He kissed the pink finch.
His body still has the fragrance of bath liquid, and the air conditioner is on in the studio, so his skin is not cold, warm and moist, and the touch is very good.

”Um ~ ” Jing min felt something sliding on her body.
She clamped her legs and turned to her side and fell into a deep sleep.

Cui Yan felt that he was so cute that he couldn ’t help eating his tender tofu again.
He touched all the places he wanted to touch and kiss all the places he wanted to kiss.

Jing min always felt that there was something crawling on his body, which made him sleep uneasily.
He turned to lie flat and opened his eyes to see Cui Yan sitting solemnly by the bed.

”Awake? Are you hungry? ” Cui Yan originally wanted to pretend, but seeing that he still had some sleepy and lovely expression, his eyes couldn ’t help becoming soft.

Jing min sat up and touched his stomach.
He was really hungry.
He went down and put on his bathrobe and asked, ”have you finished painting? ”

”Not yet.
It will take a few more times to complete. ” Cui Yan said solemnly.

Jing min looked at him, the expression on his face obviously did not believe his words, he went to the easel to see how much he had completed, but only one look, he immediately moved his eyes, could not help blushing.
The painting was not finished yet, but even he was embarrassed to see the completed part.

This man is really a mixture of rascal and lecher.
Jing min stares at him and turns to go out to change his clothes in Cui Yan ’s room.

After eating dinner at Cui Yan ’s home, Jing min and Cui Yan agreed on the next time to draw.
Then Cui Yan gave him a card so that he could withdraw the money from it.
After Cui Yan took Jing min back, he left his work aside almost all day, so instead of seeing Jing min off, he asked the driver to take him back to his hotel.

Jing min took Cui Yan ’s card and immediately became a rich man.
The next day, he rented a very high-end suite to live in.
With so many life experiences, Jing Min has been used to enjoying it.
He will never treat himself unfairly in daily life.

Jing min called the people of the moving company and asked them to move all the things put in Su Mo, and then transferred some money to Su Mo, which was the storage cost of these days.

Su Mo stood in the living room and watched the people remove all the things of Hibiscus.
He regretted that he had not destroyed all the things.
He thought to himself that Hibiscus had found out what happened to him and Wu Xiuyuan.
In addition, he had imitated his paintings before.
In this way, he would not have to continue to play.

Jing min used Cui Yan ’s card to get a large amount of cash from the bank, then took the money and went to the gallery near the school to find Wu Xiuyuan.In addition to giving classes to students, Wu Xiuyuan has a fixed time every month to see new paintings in the gallery, and he will pick out the paintings that he thinks are good and hang them in a more prominent position.

Wu Xiuyuan, who was directing the staff to hang the painting, suddenly saw Jing min coming with a big black bag.
His face was full of surprise, and then he strode up to ”Hibiscus! ”

Wu Xiuyuan didn ’t answer his phone calls these days.
He didn ’t go to his class.
Now seeing him suddenly come to find himself, Wu Xiuyuan felt a little uneasy and happy.

”I have something to tell you.
It may not be convenient here.
Go to your office. ” Jing Min said without expression.

”Good, good. ” Wu Xiuyuan quickly took Jing min to his office.

”Hibiscus… ” Wu Xiuyuan looks at Jing min with apologetic eyes.
These days, he still doesn ’t think about how to explain his relationship with Su Mo, so that he can forgive himself.

Jing min zipped the black cloth bag, poured all the cash in it on Wu Xiuyuan ’s desk, then looked at him and said, ”these money are the expenses that your gallery funded me before.
First, I will give you all the money with interest. ”

”Hibiscus, what are you doing? ” Wu Xiuyuan was surprised to see the cash on the table.

Previously, Wu Xiuyuan ’s gallery subsidized hibiscus, and then hung Hibiscus paintings in the gallery to sell.
Hibiscus said that no matter how much money those paintings sold, all belonged to the gallery, which was counted as his repayment of the subsidy.

”I don ’t care how much money I paid for those paintings that were sold before, but those that have not been sold recently, please return them to me. ” Jing Min said very seriously.

”Hibiscus, I… ” Wu Xiuyuan looked at his resolute appearance and felt very uncomfortable.
”Don ’t do this.
I know Su Mo and I You ’ve been hurt by the two of us.
But I promise you, there won ’t be another time.
I ’ll go to tell Su Mo right away.
We ’ll never see each other in private except in class.
Can you forgive me this time? ”

”No, you and Su Mo did not hurt me, just disgusted me.
It ’s all between you to see or not to see each other in the future.
It has nothing to do with me.
I don ’t have any feelings for you, so I don ’t have to forgive this

”Hibiscus! ” Wu Xiuyuan went to catch Jing min ’s hand, and Jing min dodged him.

”I ’m here to pay back the money today, and I ’m here to get my paintings back.
By the way, we ’ll be cleared from today on.
Please do not deliberately do some ambiguous things in the future, and do not say some ambiguous words to me, or I will report you to the school and accuse you of harassment.
” Jing min looked at him with disgusting eyes.

”You… ” Wu Xiuyuan closed his eyes because of Jing min ’s unfeeling words.
He felt very sad in his heart.
He also knew that he could not forgive him immediately, but could only slowly obtain his forgiveness.
Therefore, he could not completely get rid of his relationship with himself, and the paintings could not be returned to him.

Wu Xiuyuan deliberately found a lot of excuses not to return the painting to Jing min.
Jing min also saw his mind.
He knew that he could not take the painting away today, and it was meaningless to continue to pester him.
He could only take the painting back in other ways later.

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