Art life (8)

Su Mo not only arranged for his grandmother to be interviewed, but also for his parents in addition to his brother abroad.
The whole family looked very happy.

Because Su Mo became famous all of a sudden, many friends and relatives came to congratulate her.
Su Mo ’s grandmother was also very happy recently, as if she was much younger.
She usually had to lie in bed or take a wheelchair because of her poor health.
She also wanted to go out to visit relatives and friends and show off her grandson.

Su didn ’t approve of being a famous painter for a long time.
Now Su Mo is just a student who hasn ’t graduated.
He has already become famous, and his paintings can sell for such a high price.
Su Fu is very happy, and he also gives Su Mo a lot of awards, so that he can continue to work hard and draw better works.

Su Mo has been walking in school recently.
He enjoys the envious or envious eyes of other students and the feeling of stars supporting the moon.

Jingmin sometimes met him at school, and saw the pride on his face, which made him feel ironic and funny.
He did not know what he had to be proud of and proud of.
Besides, those enthusiasm and pursuit are false, but it is Cui Yan who made him an illusion bubble.
If he moves his fingers, he can be pricked by whatever he has made.

The domestic art association is going to hold a painting exhibition for outstanding young painters.
The exhibition is very grand, and the number of people invited is not large.
Therefore, it is a very glorious thing to be invited.

Jing min and Su Mo are both on the list of invited people.
Jing min can show five paintings and Su Mo can show four paintings.
Su Mo, who was also very happy because of the invitation, knew that he could display one less painting than Jing min, and his excitement was immediately discounted.

The school asked Wu Xiuyuan to take Jing min and Su Mo together to send the painting to the exhibition.
Everyone ’s position in the exhibition has been arranged.
After all of them are hung up, it will be officially displayed the next day.

”Open your picture and I ’ll have a look. ” Wu Xiuyuan looked at Jing min ’s paintings that had been sealed.

”Is this necessary? ” Jing min looked at him coldly and said.

”I am your teacher in charge.
What kind of paintings do you want to send to the exhibition? I can only see them first. ” Wu Xiuyuan naturally said.

Jing Min said with a sneer, ”I ’ve asked people to say hello to the people in charge of the exhibition.
My paintings can be displayed directly after they are sent to the exhibition.
The school just wants you to send us there.
Even if you don ’t, do you think my paintings can ’t be displayed? ”

Wu Xiuyuan glared at Jingmin with an ugly face, but he didn ’t know how to refute his words.

”Forget it, teacher. ” Su Mo pulled Wu Xiuyuan ’s arm and said, ”it seems Hibiscus has made a relationship with a big man this time.
The teacher still doesn ’t care about him, or it will be bad to offend him. ”

”Hum. ” Jing min disdains to hum, let Cui Yan arrange for his people to carry the painting back to the car.
He wanted to give the school a face, and took the car arranged by the school, but he really didn ’t want to stay in the same space with these two people, so he had better take Cui Yan to send him the car.
In any case, even the driver and hands are ready-made.

Jing min had expected that Wu Xiuyuan would embarrass himself, so he asked Cui Yan to arrange for him.
As long as he sent the painting to him, the person in charge of the exhibition would immediately ask someone to help him hang up the painting, no matter what the content was.

There is also a time and order to enter the exhibition hall.
Jing min ’s paintings have begun to hang.
Wu Xiuyuan and Su Mo have just entered the exhibition hall with their paintings.

Su Mo just said in front of Wu Xiuyuan that Jing min had a relationship with a big man in order to satirize Jing min deliberately.
But now that he seems to have a special relationship, he can ’t help being jealous again.
He did not think indignantly, is not long a good-looking face? He seduces people everywhere.
Sooner or later, he will expose his true face, let everyone know how dirty he is and see how he seduces people.

Su Mo was just curious to see what kinds of paintings Jing min exhibited.
But when he saw that the copy of ”kindness ” that he had copied was so conspicuous, he was shocked.

”Su Mo? ” Wu Xiu ’s foresight was still in a daze.
He looked along his line of sight and found that it was the painting which was similar to Su Mo ’s ”kindness ”.
He immediately looked at Jing min angrily and said, ”how could you hang a copy painting in this exhibition hall? ”

”Who plagiarized who, who knows in their own mind. ” Jing min looked at a stunned Su Mo said.

”Hibiscus, don ’t go too far! ” Su Mo angrily said, ”now who doesn ’t know that kindness is my painting.
What do you want to do when you put a picture with such a high similarity on display here? ”

”I ’m willing to display my own paintings, whatever I want to do! ” Jing Min said it with reason.

”You Su Mo was very angry, but on second thought, if he had any evidence to prove that he was plagiarized, he would have taken it out long ago.
He would not wait until he won the prize and became famous.
Now he put the painting out for exhibition.
He must have been unwilling to do so.
But as long as he has no way to prove his plagiarism, his practice will only destroy himself. ”Please bring your person in charge out.
I have something important to tell him. ” Wu Xiuyuan looked ugly and said to the staff next to him.

”Wait, no more. ” Su Mo called the staff, and then said to Wu Xiuyuan, ”let him hang up, teacher.
We are all adults, so we should be responsible for our own behavior.
After the exhibition starts, there will be reporters coming to show everyone what he has done

”Let ’s go, teacher. ” Su Mo dragged Wu Xiuyuan away.
When he arrived, his eyes were gloomy and Jing min glanced.
He thought that since he was going to die himself, if he didn ’t take the opportunity to trample him to death, he would be sorry for himself.

The exhibition began, and a large number of oil painting lovers came to see the exhibition.
Because the number of people entering the exhibition hall was limited every day, the exhibition would take several days to finish.

Because the two paintings ”the light ” and ”mercy ” will be displayed, many people come for these two paintings.
The media and the Internet are so hot that they want to see with their own eyes who is better than the two paintings.

Although it is true that after seeing the painting kindness, people can feel a deep feeling, but when they see the light, the feeling of full of power makes people feel very shocked.
They can ’t help but sigh in their hearts that the authority of the international competition is reliable.
It is very obvious who should win the grand prize when these two paintings are put together.

After appreciating the light and kindness, the viewers were surprised to find that there was a copy of mercy in the exhibition hall, with Hibiscus syriacus as the signature.
All the people who saw the painting were stunned at the beginning, thinking that there was something wrong with the exhibition hall.
But after repeated confirmation, it was found that there were indeed two pictures of kindness, and the similarity was very high.

Although people who know how to draw can see that Hibiscus ’s ”kindness ” needs to be painted better, it ’s no longer a question of who paints well or who paints poorly.
It ’s not a competition to imitate paintings and see who draws more like them.
In such a formal and authoritative exhibition hall, two paintings with such high similarity appear.
If they are plagiarized, they are too obvious Dare you? It can even be described as arrogant and unscrupulous.

The reporter reported the incident at the first time.
There was a lively discussion between the Internet and art lovers.
There was a lot of people who had already scolded jingminkai.

The reporter waited for Su Mo outside the school, surrounded him for an interview.

”We used to live together. ” Su Mo told the reporters, ”then he suddenly moved out and took the painting to Mr.
Wu Xiuyuan and asked him to send it to the competition.
Because I had handed in the painting before him, he probably didn ’t know.
Because his painting was too similar to mine, Mr.
Wu returned his painting.
I don ’t know why he put the painting on display.
Probably, it ’s because he thinks his painting is better than mine

Su Mo has been paying close attention to the comments on the Internet.
Although many of the criticisms about Hibiscus plagiarism make him feel particularly happy, but in those comments, someone said Hibiscus painted better than him.
Although the people who said these words were also scolding hibiscus, he was still very angry.
What ’s better than two Hibiscus paintings?

”Well, do you have anything to say about his plagiarism of your works? ”

”I want to say that if it ’s other ideas and inspiration, it doesn ’t matter if I give it to him, but this one is specially painted for my grandmother, which represents my deep gratitude to my grandmother, so I can ’t give it to him.
I hope he can understand me and admit his mistakes. ”

”Why can you give it to him if it ’s his idea and inspiration? Are you good friends? ”

”Yes. ” Su Mo said, ”we were very good friends before.
Because his parents passed away, I felt that it was very hard to support his studies.
When I could help him, I tried my best to help him, and let him live in the house I rented, so as to reduce his burden and unnecessary expenses.
But, or because of the painting, he suddenly moved out.

Because Su Mo ’s words, the network scolds more intense, scolds anything has, moreover also scolds quite bad.
He even went to the school gate to block people, and said, as long as Jingmin, you must beat him to vent his anger, because he is so hateful.

Jing min had expected this, so he didn ’t go to school these days.
He was quite calm in the face of abusing him on the Internet.
However, he has no intention to explain for the time being.
He has to wait until things are fierce to a certain extent, and then give Su Mo a fatal blow.

”Well, um ~ ” Jing min was holding his thigh which was pressed on his chest and suffered the impact that seemed to run through his body.
He had tried to resist the impulse to scream, but he could not help but let himself shout out ”ah! Ah! No! No more! ”

Cui Yan has a strong body and seems to have endless strength.
Especially when he holds the person under him, he never wants to stop.
If he is not worried about his body, he really wants to let him stay in bed all his life.

Cui Yan felt that he was addicted to Jing min.
as long as he couldn ’t see him, he would miss him.
When he saw him, he just wanted to hold his arms and love him well.
He did nothing else.Jingmin ’s legs are finally released by Cui Yan, and can be straightened out.
His hand grasps the edge of the pillow and breathes heavily to release the strong impact of the intense exercise just now.

Jing min ’s breathing slowly smoothed down.
When Cui Yan started kissing from his chest, he knew that Cui Yan couldn ’t let him go so soon.

The lover of this life seems to like the little things under him very much.
Every time he uses his mouth, he makes him cry and beg for mercy.
Jing min sometimes can ’t stand such stimulation, and will resist fiercely.
Cui Yan binds him up and will not let him go until he has played enough.


Jing min only felt that his mind and eyes were all white flowers, and he could not recover for a long time.
Even if the man was finished, he still had to rely on his body.

Wait for everything to return to normal, breathing is also smooth, consciousness is clear, Jing min ’s hand clapped back, holding his Cui Yan ”go out. ”

”Wait a little longer. ” Cui Yan said, kissing his earlobe.

”Wait, wait, I ’m not comfortable with you. ” Jingmin said.

”You just ignore it when I don ’t exist. ” Cui Yan said as a rascal.

”You How can I ignore something so big Jing min really felt that this person was simply gifted, which was so much bigger than normal people.

”You are too young. ” Cui Yan said.

Jing min felt that he was sick to argue with him about this issue.
He simply buried his face in the pillow and ignored him.

Cui Yan holds Jing min ’s hand and kisses his fingers one by one.
Worried that he will suffocate himself, Cui Yan turns his face and asks with his earlobe, ”I ’ve already arranged for the media.
What are you going to do for an interview? ”

”The day after tomorrow. ” Jing Min said that he has not been to school for several days, and now the time is almost the same.
If he doesn ’t show up, things will not be easy to control.

”I used it for your sake, even my mother.
Don ’t you have anything to show? ” Cui Yan asked.

Jing min doesn ’t want to pay attention to him, because Jing min knows that there is only one thing he wants to express.
Even if he doesn ’t, he will seek welfare by himself.

Cui Yan, who got Bu Jing min ’s reply, really took action.

”Ah ~ ” Jing min held the pillow tightly and tried not to make a sound, because his cry and crying groan only made the person behind him more excited.

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