Art life (14)

”you did what I said, but it didn ’t achieve the effect I wanted. ” Su Mo said in a gloomy tone that he did not notice.

”Didn ’t get the effect you wanted? ” Wu Xiuyuan knew that it would be bad for him to call himself.
”What else do you want me to do?! Because of what you asked me to do, do you know how bad I am now? If you have already done this yourself, do you still want to end up like you? ”

”As long as I feel bad, you and hibiscus don ’t want to be better! ” Su Mo angrily roared, ”because this is what you owe me! ”

”What do we owe you? ” Wu Xiuyuan was also angry.
He retorted, ”the results of all this are made by yourself! If you didn ’t copy Hibiscus ’ paintings for the sake of winning the prize, and you gave them to me for competition, hibiscus would not break with you.
If you didn ’t publicize yourself and frame Hibiscus for plagiarism after winning the prize, how could Hibiscus disclose the evidence of your plagiarism?! He gave you a chance.
You never admit it

”What do I owe you? ” Wu Xiuyuan continued to roar, ”at the beginning, you seduced me first.
When I wanted to get rid of the relationship with you, I was rejected by you.
Now you threaten me with those photos and make up something that doesn ’t exist at all.
Tell me, what do I owe you? ”

”I don ’t care! ” Su Mo said in a loud voice, ”I will be like this now.
It ’s all your fault and you ’ve hurt me! You have to pay for it

Wu Xiuyuan covered his face and kept telling himself in his heart that he should be calm and calm.
He knows that Su Mo has been hit, and now he is half crazy, but he can ’t go crazy with him.

After Wu Xiuyuan took a deep breath and adjusted his mood, he asked Su Mo at the other end of the phone and said, ”what do you want me to do? The reaction of netizens to the article I published is not something I can control.

”Since publishing articles to expose the true face of Hibiscus has no effect, then you can go to the reporters, face the camera, and tell things one by one.
How dirty and dirty Hibiscus should be described, and the bigger the things, the better. ” Su Mo said.

Wu Xiuyuan endured for a long time, and said to him patiently, ”the school is actively investigating this matter now.
If I say these nonsense words in front of the reporters, and still frame their innocent students, once the truth is found out, what will happen to me? You should know the truth, right? How can I do such a thing in such a way? ”

”He ’s taken care of.
What kind of innocent man is he? Anyway, I have nothing to lose.
I have nothing to lose.
It has nothing to do with what happens to you.
I just want to get revenge.

”Calm down and listen to me. ” Wu Xiuyuan tried to suppress his anger and tried to communicate with him, ”you are not without everything.
You still have me.
After a period of time, after the limelight has passed, I can send you to study abroad.
If you come back a few years later, there will be few people who remember you.
Even if someone remembers, it doesn ’t matter.
Things have been going on for so long.
As long as you have a good attitude and want to start all over again, no one can say no, no? But if I lose my reputation like you, it will probably hurt my family, and then we will be burned.

”If I go abroad now and come back after a few years, there is basically no possibility of revenge.
Moreover, hibiscus must have been famous by then, and I didn ’t even have a chance to surpass him.
As long as I can get revenge now, I don ’t care what the result is.
I ’ll tell you one last time, do as I say, or I ’ll publish those photos.

Wu Xiuyuan tightly held the phone that had been hung up.
He couldn ’t help his anger.
He threw the phone on the bed and beat the wall to vent his anger.

He grabbed his hair and walked around the room.
He didn ’t know what to do now.
Should he follow Su Mo ’s advice? He felt that he was going to be crazy by Su mo.

Hearing a knock on the door, Wu Xiuyuan raised his head, straightened his hair and pressed his chest.
After his heart beat normally, he went to open the door.

”Dad, why are you back at this time? ” Wu Xiuyuan saw that the father who had just entered the door was very ugly, so he said hello to him carefully.

As soon as the Wu father looked at his son, he became more angry.
He walked into Wu Xiuyuan ’s room and looked at him and said, ”you are very comfortable at home.
Do you know that you are all because of you.
Those painters have removed all the paintings sold in our gallery! Those old customers who used to patronize our gallery are not coming now.
I can ’t even get in touch with them.
I went to see them in person and waited for several hours, but I didn ’t even see them face to face! ”

”What does this have to do with me? ” Although Wu Xiuyuan was surprised, he was more puzzled: ”is it because I published that article that they did it? How could that be possible? ”

”You Wu ’s father pointed to Wu Xiuyuan and said angrily, ”you have offended people who should not have offended, but you still don ’t know yourself! ”

”Who should not have offended? Who? Hibiscus? ” Wu Xiuyuan still does not understand, hibiscus, an orphan without a father and mother, when should not be offended? ”The hibiscus student, who was wrongly plagiarized, could easily turn over.
In addition to his own actual evidence, the most important thing is that someone is protecting him.
Otherwise, why do you think he was able to show a painting that is so similar to other paintings in such an important exhibition, and the student named Su Mo, why is he so miserable now? Even his family didn ’t dare to take care of him, or even broke away from him openly.
Do you think about the reasons for these things? ”

Wu Xiuyuan really didn ’t think about these reasons.
He just felt that Hibiscus was self indulgent and self indulgent, which was not only shameful and unbearable.
But now, as soon as his father reminded him, he realized that the man who kept Hibiscus must have an unusual identity and should not be an ordinary rich man.

After understanding this, Wu Xiuyuan suddenly got a little scared.
His father was also a very capable man, and his interpersonal relationship was quite wide.
It was impossible for him to cope with the person who could force his father to this level.

”Hurry up Wu Fu said, ”go and delete the article that you published that is too bad to expose, and then write a public apology.
You should think about how to say it.
In short, you should make it clear that your previous so-called revelations are all false! ”

Wu Xiuyuan is very embarrassed and distressed.
If he apologizes publicly and explains that he disclosed things that were false before, he will not say whether Su Mo will threaten him again if he knows.
The problem now is that he has no way to explain why he published a false disclosure article before.
If all the facts are told, he will surely end up like Su Mo and implicate his family as well.

”What are you doing?! Did you hear what I said Wu ’s father has always been a gentle man.
He seldom yells at anyone.
But if he doesn ’t wake up his son this time, the family will be ruined.

”I know, Dad. ” Wu Xiuyuan replied in a low voice and obedience that he had no emotion on the surface, and his internal organs had been tangled together for a long time.
What he regrets most now is that he had a relationship with Su mo.
if he had no relationship with Su Mo, he would not have been threatened by him, and he would not have to face such a difficult situation.

Wu Xiuyuan was in a dilemma.
He couldn ’t eat or sleep for two or three days, and his face began to look haggard.
Now his father and Su Mo forced him to take a road, but he didn ’t want to go, and he couldn ’t do nothing like this all the time, because he had nowhere to escape.

In the past two days, as long as his father saw him, he would urge him to make a public apology.
He could not respond positively and could only hide in his room.
He thought, he kept running away, and soon both sides would continue to force him.

Sure enough, on the fourth day, he received a call from Su Mo again.

Wu Xiuyuan felt powerless and did not speak after he connected the phone.
He put his mobile phone in his ear.

”You don ’t seem to be going to do what I tell you? ” Su Mo ’s gloomy and hoarse voice spread over the phone, he and Wu Xiuyuan these days, almost do not eat and sleep in front of the computer waiting for the news to come out, but he has been waiting until the fourth day, there is still no news on the Internet, he knew that Wu Xiuyuan did not intend to do according to his own words.

Wu Xiuyuan closed his eyes and did not respond to him.

Although Wu Xiuyuan did not speak, Su Mo knew that he was listening to ”click on the Internet and open the link I sent you.
I have already sent those photos to the Internet. ”

”What are you talking about? ” Wu Xiuyuan opened his eyes and suddenly stood up.

”Look at it first, and I ’ll call you back later. ” Su Mo finished and hung up the phone.

Wu Xiuyuan rushed to the desk, his hands shaking open the computer, his heart constantly out, finished, such a mood.

He opened the connection Su Mo sent him, and after seeing the above photos, his heart almost stopped.
He glared at the computer screen, when he found that although the photos were indeed taken by Su Mo, there was nothing wrong with those photos, but both faces were mosaic, and Ben ’s appearance could not be seen.

Wu Xiuyuan ’s legs softened and collapsed on the ground.
He didn ’t know how to describe his current mood, whether he should be angry or lucky.
He had been tortured by Su Mo and didn ’t know how to react.

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