Art life (17)

Jing min painted two paintings during this period and sold them in Cui Yan ’s gallery.
After hanging them, someone immediately wanted to buy them, but Cui Yan said that they could not be sold until they were hung for a month.
These two paintings are loved by many oil painting lovers.
After media reports, these two paintings are also popular.
Many people are waiting for a month to buy this painting.
Cui Yan simply asked the gallery ’s people to sell it by auction.
If the price is higher, the painting will belong to him in a month.

The mermaid painted by Jing min was originally intended to be collected by himself in private, but he thought that Jingmin ’s painting was so good that it would be a pity if he knew it alone.
With a desire to show off, Cui Yan finally decided to hang the mermaid in the gallery, but only for people to enjoy, not for sale.

As soon as mermaid was put up, it immediately caused a sensation in the art world.
Every day, a large number of art lovers poured into the gallery to enjoy the painting.
Many rich people even offered a sky high price just to get the painting.

However, Cui Yan couldn ’t sell the painting.
Not to mention that the painting was specially given to him by Jing min, he would never sell the painting to anyone because of the contents that always arouse his inexplicable emotions.
The other two paintings that he agreed to sell, although he also thought the paintings were very good, did not let him have a special mood.
Moreover, he also felt that he could not collect every painting he drew, and he also wanted to give others a chance to collect it, which would be good for promoting Jingmin ’s reputation.

There are many rich people in the world, and many people are willing to spend money.
Those who are willing to spend a lot of money but can ’t buy ”Mermaid ” want to buy the painting through the relationship with Cui Yan, or exchange it with other things.

Cui Yan has been bored to death by those people recently, so he decided to hang up Mermaid for a few days and take it back.
Then he told the gallery that it was bought by a mysterious person.
If someone asked who bought it, he said that the buyer didn ’t want to reveal his identity.

Su Mo came to the gallery with a mask.
He came to see the picture Mermaid.
Only this painting was hung on the middle wall of the gallery.
In order to protect the painting, it was covered with a special glass cover.

Su Mo was so miserable that he almost died.
Seeing all kinds of insults and curses made by Internet users, he felt numb and didn ’t feel much.
Anyway, he just scolded more seriously than before.
He didn ’t care.
He felt pain and despair because he had lost the control of Wu Xiuyuan and no chance of revenge.

But what he didn ’t expect was that it was Jing min ’s ”Mermaid ” that put down the heat of the scandal between him and Wu Xiuyuan.
This makes him feel very ironic and sad, he is just like a puppet, can be played with at will.

Su Mo himself does not know what kind of reason and mood he is out of.
He wants to see the mermaid painted by Jing min.

When he arrived, there were many people standing in front of the painting.
Seeing the obsession with the painting in the eyes of those people, he could not help but feel jealous.
But it ’s good for him to have too many people.
He ’s wearing a mask and mixing with the crowd.
Those who focus on the painting will not notice him, nor will it be more strange for him to stand here alone wearing a mask.

When he looked at the picture of mermaid, he first felt shocked.
Did the hibiscus, which was a student like him, had already reached this level? Then there is jealousy and chagrin, jealousy that he has such ability, even if he works hard all his life, he can ’t compare with him.

Su Mo looked at it, unconsciously, suddenly fell into the scene of the painting, the content of the painting, as if in his brain into a real picture.
The sea, the mermaid, and the people standing on the boat seemed very familiar.

Su Mo doesn ’t know what ’s wrong with him.
He is suddenly filled with unspeakable sadness.
In that painting, there seems to be pain that makes life more than death and heartbroken.
Is he and hibiscus a natural enemy? When other people saw this painting, they felt it was wonderful and shocking.
However, in addition to the shock, he only had grief and regret.

Su Mo felt that he was about to burst into tears.
He walked quickly to the door and wanted to leave the gallery.
But as soon as he was about to walk outside, he saw Jing min, who was getting off the bus outside.
He immediately turned his direction and went to the side to pretend to look at the painting.

Su Mo slants his head, carefully peeps at the situation outside.
He sees Jing min holding Cui Yan ’s hand to get out of the car.
But Cui Yan ’s back is to the door.
He doesn ’t know who that person is, but he probably guesses that the person is the one who takes care of Jing min.

Cui Yan leads Jing min ’s hand into the gallery.
Su Mo can ’t help but stare at Cui Yan ’s face.
His eyes are full of shock.
Of course, he knew who Cui Yan was, but he didn ’t expect that the person with Jing min was Cui Yan.
Now he knows why he failed so thoroughly and why even his family members have to get rid of him, not only because of netizens ’ dissatisfaction and public opinion, but also because Hibiscus ’ backing is too strong to easily kill him.Su Mo almost rushed out of the gallery.
His constant tears, crazy running, despair and fear made him want to go crazy.
He didn ’t know what he would do in the future.
Maybe he would be more miserable than now.
He felt that the road ahead was dark.
He could only run wildly.
After running out of the darkness, he might be able to see the light.

Wu Xiuyuan drives a car to find Su Mo ’s residence.
Originally, he can ’t be discharged from the hospital, but his hatred breaks out.
He can ’t take care of his good legs.
He runs out of the hospital secretly and drives his father ’s car to Su Mo ’s residence.

Wu Xiuyuan continues to speed up the exercise, thinking about what to do after seeing Su Mo, first of all, he must beat him hard, and then.

Wu Xiuyuan didn ’t think about what to do.
He saw a man running towards him like crazy.
He was surprised and subconsciously wanted to step on the brake with his injured leg.
However, the injured leg hurt when he tried hard and couldn ’t make it.

Wu Xiuyuan had not yet recovered from the pain in his leg when he saw the man who had rushed over was hit by his car and flew out.
In his fright, he somehow remembered that he could step on the brake with another leg that was not injured.

The passers-by nearby saw the accident and surrounded them.
The police called the police, and those who called the ambulance called the ambulance.

Wu Xiuyuan wanted to get out of the car to see the situation of the man who was hit.
As soon as he opened the door, he fell on the ground with his feet soft.
He struggled to get up and limped to the man who had been hit.

Su Mo lying on the ground, in front of only a fuzzy blood red, other su Mo can not see clearly.
He knows he was hit by a car, but he doesn ’t feel pain.
Maybe it ’s because the pain is beyond the human body ’s ability to bear, so he can ’t feel it.
Before falling into the darkness and losing consciousness, he thought that it might be nice to die like this, at least he would no longer feel pain and fear, and it would be a complete relief.

Wu Xiuyuan finally came to Su Mo ’s side.
His face was pale and lying beside him.
He looked at him and said, ”Hello, are you ok? Are you still awake? ”

Seeing the man lying on the ground tightly closed his eyes, Wu Xiuyuan reached out his hand shaking violently, took off his mask, and wanted to pat his face to see if he would wake up.

When Wu Xiuyuan took off his mask and saw that the man hit was su Mo, he was wide eyed and completely stunned.
For a moment, he didn ’t know how to react.

He came to teach Su Mo a lesson.
He didn ’t know whether he was dead or alive when he hit him.
His brain was blank for a long time and finally came back to his mind.

Wu Xiuyuan looks at Su Mo ’s face.
His mood is very complicated.
Even he can ’t tell clearly.
Is his mood now, in the end, feeling relieved or sad.
But to be sure, he did not feel sad for Su Mo, but felt sad for himself.

Recalling the general events in the past, it was clear that everything was very beautiful at that time.
He thought that he could wholeheartedly wait for Hibiscus to graduate, and then smoothly with him to live a better life.
But from Su Mo ’s courtship to him, the deliberate hint and seduction, everything has slowly changed.

If he had been able to refuse and keep a distance with him, then everything would not have happened now.
He suddenly hated himself and Su mo.
Both of them have caused their own fate.
They deserve it and deserve it.

Wu Xiuyuan thought of his father who was still lying in the hospital.
Even if Su Mo was hit by him and lying in front of him, he could not eliminate his hatred.
He took a look at the direction of the car and thought that it would be OK to crash him completely.

Ambulance came, medical staff will su Mo stage ambulance, quickly left.

Wu Xiuyuan sat on the ground, as if he had no soul, and looked at the direction of the ambulance leaving.
He had a premonition that this was not the end of their unfortunate lives, but the beginning of their miserable lives.

Soon, the traffic police came and took Wu Xiuyuan away.
However, Wu Xiuyuan was always in a state of trance.
He was clearly a living man, but he seemed to have died.
No matter what the question was, he did not seem to have heard it.
He did not answer or respond.

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