Art life (18)

Jing min and Cui Yanlai Gallery, apart from taking back their paintings along the way, also come to see the paintings just sent by other artists.

In fact, as soon as he enters the gate, Jing min sees Su mo.
although he doesn ’t know the purpose of his coming to the gallery, as long as he dares to do something in the gallery, there will never be a good scene.

When Su Mo ran out, Jing min also looked back at him.
Cui Yan saw Jing min and followed him to look back.
Although he was not very familiar with the figure, he immediately knew who it was.

Jing min saw Cui Yan frown, pulled his hand and said, ”go, don ’t worry about him. ”

Maybe it ’s the original owner ’s instinct.
Now Jing min not only likes to draw, but also likes to appreciate the works of other painters.
Occasionally, he learns something from the works of other painters.

In Cui Yan ’s private lounge, Jing min is looking at his paintings.
Cui Yan sits on one side and looks at him.
There was no language communication between the two, and the atmosphere was quiet and beautiful.
Cui Yan felt that it was a very happy thing to live a lifetime without any change.

After reading the painting, Jing min sits next to Cui Yan to have a rest.
Cui Yan takes the water cup and hands it to him.
Jing min takes a drink and returns the water cup to him.
Their things are tacit and natural, and the atmosphere is very beautiful.

”I don ’t have any inspiration recently.
Should I go out and feel the local conditions and customs of other places? ” Jing min leaned on Cui Yan ’s shoulder and said that since he had decided not to paint the content related to previous generations, he naturally wanted to go to some places to experience different landscapes and life if he wanted to get new inspiration.

”Where do you want to go? ” Cui Yan touched his hair and asked.

”Well I haven ’t thought about it yet.
I ’ll check it on the Internet first.
” Jing min turned to see him, ”are you free to accompany me? ”

”Of course I want to go with you.
Do you want to go alone? ” Cui Yan asked him.

“…… Can ’t I go alone? ” Although Jing min knew that he was unlikely to let himself go far alone, he still held one ten thousand questions in his heart.

”Of course not. ” Cui Yan didn ’t want to say that if he really left him so far away, he still had to live a life of fear every day? Not afraid of ten thousand, just in case, in case something happens to him out of his sight, isn ’t that his life?

”But you are so busy… ” Jing Min said on his chest.

”Aren ’t you going to graduate in a few months? I ’ll try to find time to accompany you on the trip.
” Cui Yan said.

”All right. ” Jing min thought that if he really went out to travel alone, he probably didn ’t want to go.

”Don ’t worry, no matter where you want to go, I will accompany you. ” Cui Yan holds Jing min ’s face, sucks with his lips and sticks his tongue into his mouth to tease.

Jing min raised his head in response to his kiss, and when his hand reached into his clothes and stroked, he snorted in protest.

Jing Min has been able to foretell what kind of life he will live after.
He must be as happy and sweet as the previous generations.
So many lives have passed, even if the later life is almost the same as the previous ones, he doesn ’t feel bored and never feels bored.
Because I don ’t know when the reincarnation will end, I cherish every day that I can be with my lover, and pray that this life can be longer and longer.

When Wu Xiuyuan ’s father was still in the hospital, he was so angry that he almost passed away when he learned that Wu Xiuyuan had hit someone and that the person he hit was su mo.
Although he woke up again after rescue, he didn ’t mean to spend money to help Wu Xiuyuan solve the problem.
Instead, he asked the police to lock him up as long as he should.

Wu Xiuyuan has completely abandoned himself, and does not speak a word any more.
He does not answer anyone who asks him what he wants.
After being shut up, the look haggard already can ’t see the original appearance, the whole person all seems to be quickly old.

Wu Xiuyuan looked as if he had no soul, but in fact his mind was clear.
He knew that his life was completely over.
So no matter how he is, it doesn ’t matter whether he is dead or alive.
It doesn ’t matter whether Su Mo is hit by him.

Sometimes looking at the sky, Wu Xiuyuan can ’t help but leave tears, thinking that if everything is a dream, if only it could go back to the past.
However, it is impossible, time can not go back, everything can not go back.
Even if everything is a dream, he will never wake up from the nightmare now.

Su Mo is not dead, but it is also half dead.
He is now paralyzed and can only stay motionless in bed all his life.

Su ’s father and his mother didn ’t want to take care of Su mo after he knew that he had a car accident.
Because of Su Mo ’s reason, Su ’s family had collapsed completely.
Su Mo ’s brother had to go abroad again, but he didn ’t want to continue his studies.
Instead, he left school to find a job and sent money back to his parents as living expenses.

Su ’s family is now living in poverty, where he can still raise a paralyzed Su Mo, but Su ’s father doesn ’t want to take care of him, but Su Mo ’s mother doesn ’t care about it and takes care of him from the hospital.When Su Fu sees Su Mo, he can ’t help but get angry.
Every day, he either quarrels or scolds him.
When Su Fu starts to scold Su Mo and says he wants to throw him out, Su ’s mother can only cry in silence.

Su Mo can ’t say complete words now, can only use voice to send out simple words, but his brain can still think.
He felt that it was really meaningless to live like this.
He might as well have died.
But what made him feel sad was that he did not even have the ability to die.
Sometimes he would think, why didn ’t he just run him to death? Why should he stay in this world to endure suffering.

Su Mo lies in bed every day, listening to his father ’s scolding, his spirit is more and more trance, he thinks is about to be free, but not, he has been living, living for a long time, so also suffering for a long time.

In the rest of his life, he often had some strange dreams.
Sometimes he dreamed that he was a mermaid, sometimes he dreamed that he was working hard to play the piano, and sometimes he dreamt of the mecha in the science and technology movies.
But in those dreams, he is very, very painful, so many dreams, suffering constantly, constantly tormenting his heart, so he is suffering both physically and mentally.

Occasionally, when he was sober, he would think that if he had not copied the hibiscus painting, things would not have developed like this.
Although those dreams made him feel painful, they also provided him with a lot of inspiration.
With those inspirations, even if his achievements could not surpass hibiscus, he would certainly become a famous painter.

Even if his plagiarism was exposed, it would be good if he had not been hit or paralyzed.
At least he could paint and paint all the things he dreamed of.
After many years, after everyone had forgotten what he had done, his paintings would still be famous.

As time goes by, Su Mo ’s dream time is getting longer and longer, the content of the dream is more and more clear, and the feeling of pain is more and more intense.
Many times, because he couldn ’t bear such pain, he begged his mother to let him die.
Although Su Mu didn ’t want to see her son suffer so much, she couldn ’t make her son die unnaturally.

What we didn ’t expect was that Su Mo was lying on the bed and with his own perseverance, he finished a painting with his mouth, and the painting was very good.
His mother took the painting to sell, did not say who painted it, but also sold a very good price.
But this is Su Mo ’s only painting in the latter half of his life.
With his body getting weaker and weaker, he can no longer draw with his mouth.

Jing min came out of the bathroom and fell on the bed.
He and Cui Yan just came back from a trip.
Although the trip was very interesting, there was no place more comfortable than at home.

When Jing min was about to fall asleep, he heard the sound of opening the door.
At this time, there would be no other people except Cui Yan, so he was still lying on the bed.

”Tired? ” Cui Yan pressed on his back, lifted his nightgown and stroked his leg.

”Well. ” Jing min did not open his eyes and answered him with a nasal voice.

”Someone just sent a very interesting thing.
Would you like to have a look? ” Cui Yan ’s face pasted on Jing min ’s face.

”What ’s interesting? ” Jing min finally half opened his eyes.

”I sent someone to take it to the studio.
You can see it. ” Cui Yan holds Jing min up.

Jing min buried his face in his chest and rubbed it.
After a little sober up, he went to the studio with him.

Jing min was stunned when he saw the painting on the easel.
Inexplicable sense of familiarity came to him.
He was stunned for a moment and then asked, ”who painted this painting? ”

”It was painted by Su mo Cui Yan said.

”Su Mo? ” Jing Min said unexpectedly, ”isn ’t he paralyzed? Can you still paint? ”

”He ’s really paralyzed, but he painted it with his mouth. ” Cui Yan was also surprised when he saw the painting.
He always sent people to pay attention to every move of the Su family.
So even if Su Mo ’s mother didn ’t say who painted it when she sold the painting, someone told him and sent it to him.

Jing min still couldn ’t recover from the shock and accident, but it wasn ’t Su Mo who drew the painting with his mouth, but he recalled the scene on the painting and was shocked how he could draw such a picture.

”What ’s the matter? ” Cui Yan see Jing min ’s face some bad, the floor he worried asked.

”It ’s OK. ” Jing Min said, ”I feel tired. ”

”Sorry, let ’s go back to our room and go to bed. ” Cui Yan kisses Jing min ’s forehead, then picks him up and walks directly back to the room.

Jing min lies on his clothes, but sleepless.
He always thinks about the painting he saw just now and why Su Mo painted such a scene.
Is Su mo the man-made Mermaid Abby? Or someone else in a previous life? In short, it must have been someone who had seen that scene.

Jing min hasn ’t fallen asleep, Cui Yan can feel it naturally.
He patted Jingmin ’s back and said, ”isn ’t it tired? Why don ’t you sleep? ”

”I don ’t like that painting. ” Jingmin said.

”I ’ll have the painting burned tomorrow. ” Cui Yan didn ’t ask the reason.
He immediately replied that he felt some remorse in his heart and felt that Jingmin should not be allowed to see the painting.
Although there was an inexplicable sense of familiarity when he saw the painting, he couldn ’t wait to see it.
If he had known that Jing min would be in a bad mood, he would never let this painting appear in front of Jing min.Jing min holds Cui Yan in his arms, buries his face in his chest and comforts himself not to think much.
Even if Su Mo is Abby, what can he do? Don ’t say he is paralyzed now.
Even if he is strong and healthy, he can ’t fight himself.

After that, Jing min also paid attention to Su Mo ’s family for a period of time, hoping to see whether Su Mo would draw other paintings, but he didn ’t wait for a long time.
Cui Yan sent people to make sure that Su Mo is absolutely impossible to draw with his mouth, and Jing min slowly puts this matter behind his mind.
He is not afraid that Su Mo will draw again, but just wants to see what kind of content he will draw.

Jing min of this life still cherishes and enjoys the happiness he has got, and Cui Yan ’s love for him is carefree and has no trouble for the rest of his life.

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