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just before the other shareholders recovered from the shock, one of the shareholders stood up silently and went out.
After that shareholder went out for a while, several shareholders responded and went out, and other shareholders left the meeting room one after another.

Since Jing Min said to transfer his own shares, most of the shareholders were moved after the reaction.
The company is now developing very well.
Schiller has a lot of shares.
If he can buy his shares, then his own shares in the company are among the best.

Sitting in the office, Jing min saw that Zheng Yongren was the first one to come in.
This shareholder can be said to be Schiller ’s biggest supporter in the company.
Now Jing Min said that he would no longer be the president and would not participate in the work of the company.
Even his shares would be sold, he could not be indifferent.

”Did Mr.
Zheng come to talk to me about the transfer of shares? ” Jing min knew what he had said.

”I want to know why you made such a sudden decision. ” Zheng Yongren, who is over 50 years old, has been working hard with Schiller ’s grandfather since he was young.
He often supports and maintains Schiller, not only because Schiller is indeed a capable person, but also because Schiller is the successor cultivated and valued by his grandfather.

”I just want to play the game well.
I ’m tired of fighting for power and profit.
Even if I win, it doesn ’t mean much.
Just let it go. ” Jingmin tells the truth.

”Your grandfather started from scratch and worked hard to build his family business.
He always wanted you to inherit it.
Unfortunately, he died unexpectedly before he could arrange anything.
I don ’t think he would like to see anyone other than you inherit everything from him, especially by Xirui.
” Zheng Yongren said.

”What can I do then? ” Jing min spread out his hands and said, ”even if I have a bad relationship with Xi Guangshan, he is also my father.
I think my grandfather doesn ’t want to see our father and son fighting.
I leave and it ’s good for everyone. ”

”So you have made up your mind to leave? ” Zheng Yongren ’s heart can not say melancholy, and again for the old chairman died too suddenly and feel sorry.

”Yes, I have decided to leave.
I will not change my mind.
I will also sell the shares as soon as possible. ” Jing min asked, ”does Zheng Dong want to buy my shares? ”

”After you leave, what good development can you make with Guangshan and Xirui? It ’s not good for me to buy your hands.
Maybe I should think about leaving.
” Zheng Yongren said

Jing Min said with a smile that ”Zheng Dong has always been an understanding person. ”

Jing min actually did not intend to sell the shares to Zheng Yongren.
After all, Zheng Yongren had helped Schiller a lot before.
He could not repay the kindness with the vengeance.

”I can understand what you think, ” Zheng Yongren also knows what kind of person Xi Guangshan is, so although he regrets that Schiller wants to give up the company, he also understands his difficulties and helplessness.
”If you want to go out on your own, I can give you some financial support, and I can take a stake in you. ”

Jing min shook his head and said, ”I have an idea and next plan, but I don ’t do it by myself.
Now the game industry is mature.
If I work alone, the process is too difficult. ”

”All right. ” Zheng Yongren sighed and said, ”if you need help, you can come to me at any time. ”

”Thank you. ” Jing min sincerely thanks him.

When the shareholders waiting outside saw Zheng Yongren come out, the whispering voice of conversation immediately quieted down.
Several shareholders saw that Zheng Yongren was on the elevator and wanted to leave.
They also went up to leave with him and wanted to ask him about the result of the negotiation with Jing min.

Several other shareholders entered the office and wanted to discuss with Jing min to see if it was possible for them to buy the shares.
In their opinion, if Jing min wanted to transfer the shares, he would certainly transfer them to Zheng Yongren, who had always supported Schiller.
But they also thought that if the price they offered was higher than Zheng Yongren, it was not impossible to buy Schiller ’s shares.

Jing min had already thought of transferring the shares to those shareholders who supported Xi Guangshan and Xi Rui at a high price, so he deliberately made a gesture that the one with the highest price would get the shares, asking them to pay a high price to buy the shares, and then destroy the company.

When Jing min was about to leave with the document, he saw Xi Guangshan coming towards him in anger.
Jing min knew that he was angry with Xi Rui.

”You son of a bitch! ” Xi Guangshan pointed to Jing min and scolded, ”you actually beat Xi Rui into the hospital.
You are so vicious, are you still not a human being? ”

Xi Guangshan didn ’t know what he was holding in his hand.
When he got closer, he smashed Jing min in the past.

Jing min nimbly dodged.
Instead of hitting him, he smashed a large vase in the corner and scattered the pieces on the ground.
It can be seen how much strength Xi Guangshan used.
His posture is no different from that of the one who seeks revenge.

Xi Guangshan received a phone call and was shocked when he heard that Xi Rui had entered the hospital.
He thought that something had happened to him.
He and his wife felt the hospital in a hurry.
When they saw Xi Rui lying on the hospital bed, his face was blue and swollen.
They were extremely distressed.
After Xi Rui wakes up, Xi Guangshan asks him what happened.
Xi Rui actually says that Schiller beat him.
Xi Guangshan is furious, grabs something at once, and rushes to the company to find Jing min ’s trouble.Xi Guangshan threw things out with the mood of trying to kill Jing min.
seeing that he didn ’t hit Jing min, he was even more angry.
He rushed to Jingmin and beat him with his fist.

Jing min was originally standing still, waiting for him to rush to himself.
When his fist was about to approach his face, Jing min moved very quickly to the side.

Xi Guangshan used all his strength to swing his fist.
Because Jingmin was standing there motionless, he thought that his fist would definitely hit Jingmin ’s face.
He did not expect that Jingmin would dodge after his fist was waved out.
It was too late for him to take back his fist.

Xi Guangshan was forced too hard.
After Jing min escaped, his whole body sprang out and dashed out on the ground.
His face hit the broken vase pieces by him.
He immediately screamed.

”Chairman! ” The shareholders and staff nearby were shocked and stunned.
After hearing Xi Guangshan ’s scream, many people immediately gathered around to check his situation.

”Ah! Ah Xi Guangshan ’s face was covered with blood, and he wanted to touch it with his hands.
He could only cry like a pig with his eyes closed.

”Call an ambulance, come on! ” One of the shareholders called out to the staff.

Jing min looked at those flustered people around Xi Guangshan, and said coldly, ”you can see that I didn ’t start with him.
The injury on his face was caused by his own fall.
Don ’t rely on my head again when the time comes.
But I don ’t carry this pot. ”

Jing min then turned around and left, completely ignoring the injured Xi Guangshan.
Those around Xi Guangshan could only stare at Jing min ’s back, and no one dared to stop him.

Wen Zhu sits on the edge of the hospital bed, wiping tears with a paper towel, while looking at Xi Rui, who is black and blue with pain.
After knowing that the wound on Xirui ’s face and body was beaten by Jing min, she would like to leave and rush to him with a knife and kill him.
But after Xi Guangshan stormed out, she decided to keep her son.
She thought, anyway, Xi Guangshan loved his son as much as she did, and it was absolutely impossible to let Schiller go.
Let Xi Guangshan go to beat Schiller to vent her anger.
After this account, she must let Schiller pay double.

Xirui not only had pain in his face, but also in his body.
He lay on the bed and couldn ’t move.
He could only groan in pain.

Although Xi Rui is full of injuries, but after the doctor has examined him, it is found that they are all skin injuries, and there is no internal injury.
So even if they want to sue Jing min, Jing min will lose some money at most.

Wenzhu is thinking, now Schiller must be beaten very badly, should also be sent to the hospital.
But she never thought that it was not Schiller who was sent to the hospital, but Xi Guangshan.

When Wen Zhu saw Xi Guangshan, who was crying with blood pain on his face, she covered his mouth in disbelief.
The idea in her mind immediately was, did Schiller even dare to fight his father?

”What the hell is going on here? ” Wen Zhu did not pretend to be a lady at all, and asked the staff who sent Xi Guangshan to the hospital, ”did Schiller do it?! Is that right? ”

The staff were frightened by Wenzhu ’s shrew face and stepped back one step.
They looked at each other and did not dare to answer her.

”Say it! Did Schiller do it? ” As long as Wen Zhu thought that Schiller had not been beaten, instead, he had beaten Xi Guangshan, and he was very angry.
She thought, this Schiller, is it lawless? Not only did he beat Shirley, but also his father.

One of the more daring staff members, thinking of Jing min ’s words when he left, opened his mouth and said, ”the chairman of the board fell down on the fragments of the vase when he hit the president. ”

”Nonsense Wen Zhu didn ’t believe such a remark at all.
”Since it was your chairman who hit Schiller, why did he fall down? How could the company have broken vase? ”

The male staff member told her in detail, ”it was the chairman who smashed the president with something as soon as he rushed to the company, but he didn ’t hit the president, but he broke the vase in the corner, and the pieces of the vase were scattered all over the floor.
When the chairman started to beat up the president, because the president dodged, the chairman fell down on the broken vase before he could recover his strength.
If his wife doesn ’t believe it, she can go back to the company to see the monitoring.

Wen Zhu heard the description of the male staff, angry words can not say, can only press the chest to breathe hard.

After Jing min announced that he would not be the president and wanted to transfer shares, Du Jie thought for a long time in his office, and then decided to tell Xi Guangshan and Xi Rui about the matter and discuss it with them.
However, no one answered Xi Guangshan ’s call or Xi Rui ’s call.
Then his assistant rushed to his office and told him that the chairman was injured and had been sent to the hospital.

Du Jie was startled.
How could he be hurt suddenly? He thought of the old chairman and his wife who died suddenly because of the accident made by him and Wen Zhu.
His heart immediately raised.
At this time, if Xi Guangshan had an accident, Xirui would not have been able to fight Schiller.

Du Jie hurried to the hospital.
On the way to the hospital, his assistant told him about the process and reason of Xi Guangshan ’s injury.
Du Jie was more and more confused.
Why did Xi Guangshan rush to the company to beat Schiller? And not only did not beat, but also his face fell blood.Until he got to the hospital, Dujie knew what was going on.

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