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when Du Jie arrived at the hospital, he saw Wen Zhu sitting on the edge of the bed crying with a very bad face.
At the same time, he seemed to be talking to Xi Guangshan on the hospital bed.
Looking at Xi Guangshan, he was relieved to see that although his face was covered with gauze, his eyes were open and he could talk to Wen Zhu.

”Dad, are you ok? ” Dujie went to the bed and sat down beside Wenzhu.

Xi Guangshan gently shook his head, looking very weak, but in fact, he only hurt his face, the body did not have anything at all.
He was so weak because he kept shouting in pain and used up all his strength.

Wenzhu ’s tears kept rolling out again.
She took Du Jie ’s hand and cried, ”Schiller, that little beast, is not a person at all.
He can even harm his father.
There is a little conscience in his heart. ”

”Didn ’t you say dad did it himself? ” Du Jie blurted out the facts he had just heard, but he immediately regretted it because he had already thought that Wenzhu ’s words were meant for Xi Guangshan, otherwise there was no need to say such things to him.

”He beat Siri into the hospital, and his father went to teach him a lesson.
He still dares to hide, causing his father to hurt the city… ” Wen Zhu ’s paper towel covered his mouth and cried, so don ’t mention how sad it was.

Du Jie immediately echoed: ”Schiller is really not a thing.
He even hurt his father so much.
It ’s natural for a father to beat his son.
It ’s not only hiding, but also hurting dad.
It ’s really unfilial.
If he does such a thing, he will surely have retribution in the future.

Wen Zhu wiped his tears and said to Xi Guangshan, ”God will surely punish him, but my husband, you must not let him go, you must give him some punishment, otherwise he is really lawless, who can control him in the future? ”

Xi Guangshan nodded slightly, patted Wen Zhu ’s hand and said, ”don ’t worry, when I ’m discharged from the hospital, I ’ll go back and teach that little beast a hard lesson! ”

”By the way, mom and Dad, I have something to tell you. ” ”At today ’s meeting, Schiller suddenly announced that he would not be the president of the company.
He also said that he would not participate in any management and other work of the company, and would transfer his shares in the company. ”

Xi Guangshan and Wen Zhu are stunned, shocked to see Du Jie and say ”really? ”

”Really. ” Du Jie nodded and said, ”he announced it in person in front of all the shareholders at the meeting today, and there are already shareholders discussing with him about the transfer of shares. ”

Xi Guangshan and Wen Zhu looked at each other with unbelievable expressions on their faces.
It was too sudden for them.
It ’s like they ’re trying to catch a bird and cook it.
But one day, the bird that had been flying in the sky suddenly flew into the pot.
Not only did they get caught off guard, they couldn ’t even react immediately.

”Schiller is bent on inheriting his grandfather ’s property.
There is no reason why he should suddenly do so.
I wonder if he has any conspiracy? ” Dujie says what he thinks.

After thinking for a while, Xi Guangshan said, ”even if he really wants to transfer his shares, it must also be transferred to Zheng Yongren.
This may be more unfavorable for us.
Zheng Yongren, the old fox, is not so easy to deal with. ”

For Schiller, Xi Guangshan thinks that he can still use his father ’s identity to suppress him, but once Zheng Yongren ’s shareholders and he are not many, it is the time when he is really facing a crisis.

”I contacted other shareholders on my way here. ” ”They said that Schiller didn ’t say that he would definitely transfer the shares to Zheng Yongren, but said that he needed a large amount of start-up capital, so he would transfer the shares to whoever offered a higher price, ” Du said

Xi Guangshan ’s eyes turned, and he felt that he had guessed Jing min ’s idea.

”That stinky boy must have thought that without his grandfather, he didn ’t want to stay in the company to fight with us.
He wanted to go out and start working on his own.
So he was in a hurry to transfer his own shares, but he beat him without scruple and hurt me

”So What are we going to do? ” Du Jie looks at Xi Guangshan and asks.

”We must find a way to let our people buy his shares, not Zheng Yongren. ” Xi Guangshan sneered and said, ”since we have made this stupid decision, then we will help him.
He is a newly established small company.
It is easier for us to suppress him than to kill an ant.
It ’s time for him to have a taste of human suffering, or that bastard will never learn to respect and love the young.

Du Jie thought for a while, but also felt that Xi Guangshan ’s words were reasonable.
If Schiller really went out to start a company from scratch, it would be very easy for them to hold him.
Thinking of Schiller ’s arrogance and disdain in front of him, he finally has a chance to revenge.
Once he leaves the company, he is nothing.
At that time, it ’s their turn to despise him and show off in front of him.

Wen Zhu listens to the conversation between Xi Guangshan and Du Jie in silence.
Although her face is expressionless, her heart is excited.
After so many years of shady life, enduring so many years of ridicule and humiliation, her greatest wish is to trample Schiller and his mother under her feet and severely humiliate them.
However, even after Schiller ’s mother died, she was still not accepted, and her child was not recognized by the Xi family.Wenzhu thought, the damned people are dead, only a Schiller, now unexpectedly also take the initiative to leave the company, her revenge and angry opportunity finally came.
Those who have died brought her pain and humiliation, she must revenge to Schiller ’s body, otherwise it is difficult to eliminate her only hatred.
She ’s going to start thinking about how to humiliate and torture Schiller so that he can ’t live.

After the positive purchase of those shareholders who supported Xi Guangshan, Jing min transferred all the shares at a very high price in a very short time, and formally separated from Xi Sheng game company.

Those shareholders bought shares and were very complacent for some time.
Xi Guangshan also held two banquets to celebrate.
With the support of Xi Guangshan and those shareholders, Xirui successfully took the position of president.

After leaving the hospital, Xirui went to work in the company every day.
His favorite thing to do recently was to stand in front of the glass wall of the president ’s office and watch the traffic as big as insects on the road.
He felt very satisfied that he would trample the whole world under his feet.

Xirui thought, he even dream to sit on the seat, Schiller that fool actually so easy to let out, sooner or later he regretted, but at that time even if he regretted too late.

After Jing min left the company, the happiest thing was not only Xi Guangshan and Xi Rui, but also Wen Zhu, and of course, Du Jie.
He was also a computer major, and he entered the company to play games after graduation, but Schiller never looked up to his ability, and many times his proposals were rejected.

Du Jie thinks that if Xi Guangshan was not the chairman of the board, he might have been fired by Schiller.
Now Schiller took the initiative to leave the company, he imagined in his heart that he was defeated and fled, and he will be more miserable in the future.

Both Xi Guangshan and Wenzhu, as well as Xi Rui and Du Jie, have paid close attention to the movement of Jingmin.
They all felt that Jing min would start his own company and start over again.
As soon as he made a move, they would immediately attack him.

Jing min in the rest of a few days, went to the previous rival company, that is, he Lang ’s company to apply.

The fact that Jing min was not the president and left the original company was not a big news, and everyone in the industry should know it.
Although not many people pay special attention to what Jingmin will do next, they will pay close attention to it if there is any new news coming out.

However, Jing min ’s next move, however, they were all very shocked and surprised, but also some incomprehensible.

After a few days ’ rest, Jing min publicly released a message saying that she was looking for a job.
This almost let everyone break their glasses, they did not expect, Jing min will transfer all of their own shares, run to work for others.
He is now a man with a large amount of money.
With his ability, he can start his own company.

A person who has been the president for several years, originally belongs to his own company, but suddenly he doesn ’t want to.
If he says let go, he will let go.
The reason for doing this is not to achieve greater ideals and aspirations, but to work for others? People who pay attention to this matter can ’t understand the reason why Jing min did it.

Jing min doesn ’t care what others think.
His message is not sent to everyone, but to someone.
He went back to Jiang Taigong to see what fish he wanted to catch.
How long would it take him to catch the bait.

He Lang has been paying attention to Jing min ’s news.
After Jing min released that information, he knew it almost immediately.
So Jing min to fish on the hook time, than he imagined, but also a lot faster.

Jing min opened the door and saw he Lang standing outside the door.
He was still stunned for a while, then he leaned to let him in.
Jing min thought, this person ’s action is too fast, right? I released the information at noon, and this person came in the afternoon.
And did not contact with him to find their own place to live, Jing min have to doubt, he is not monitoring themselves.

Jing min poured a cup of water and put it in front of he Lang, then sat down and said, ”did He Dong come to see me personally because of the message I released on the Internet? ”

”In fact, it should be said that I was just about to come to you when you posted that message. ” He Lang said frankly that he has been paying attention to Jing min ’s information.
After knowing that Jing Min has completely cut off the relationship with Xi Sheng company, he has the idea of cooperating with Jing min.

”Oh? ” Jing Min said, ”so is He Dong here to hire me? ”

”Hire or cooperate, ” he Lang looked at Jing min and asked, ”which one do you prefer? ”

Jing min smiles.
Even if he doesn ’t have the memory of previous generations, he knows himself instinctively.
”Of course, I only accept cooperation.
Can He Dong sincerely cooperate with me? Or do you just want to hire me to be your subordinate? ”

”Since I have come to you with 100% sincerity, you can tell me what you want. ” He Lang said.

”My request is simple. ” Jing min ’s expression suddenly became serious: ”I want absolute decision-making power, you give me a team, I can make the best game, after the game is done, you are responsible for publicity.
I don ’t care how much money I can share.
I have only one purpose.
You can help me destroy Xi Sheng.
” ”These requirements seem a little too simple.
Don ’t you have higher requirements? ” He Lang also thought Jing min would put forward higher requirements, for example, he wanted a company that could be controlled independently.
He Lang naturally knew that Xi Sheng was based on Schiller.
After he left Xi Sheng, Xi Guangshan and Xi Rui and his son could not become a climate.
For he Lang, it was too easy to deal with them.

“…… No more.
” Jingmin really has no other higher requirements.
He doesn ’t want to start his own company, but he is too lazy to manage it.
He has been used to enjoying the life of not taking care of things for so many years.

”When can you start work? ” He Lang asked.

”I can do it any time. ” Jingmin said.

”Then we ’ll sign up tomorrow.
After we ’ve talked about everything, you can choose when you want to start working. ”

”No problem. ”

He Lang stood up to Jing min and said, ”I hope we can cooperate happily. ”

Jing min stretched out his hand and shook his hand, and then wanted to send him away.

”It ’s almost dinner time.
I ’ll treat you to a meal to celebrate our upcoming partnership. ” He Lang said.

”I ’m sorry, I don ’t want to go out today, and I ’ve bought today ’s food and prepared to cook it myself. ” Jing min didn ’t mean to refuse him, but he really didn ’t want to go out.
He was used to it at will, especially in front of this person.
What he didn ’t want to do didn ’t look for any excuse.
If he didn ’t want to do it, he didn ’t want to do it.

”Then can I stay and taste your craft? ” He Lang a listen Jing min to their own cooking, more firmly want to eat with him.

“……” Jing min looked at him speechless.
He was still familiar with him as usual.
He deliberately said, ”yes, if you dare to eat my cooking, I don ’t mind if you stay. ”

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