Game developers (11)

the game developers (11)

got a lot of ”Star King ” and finally officially opened the service.
Originally, Du Jie advised Xirui to conduct a public test first.
If there is any problem, they can immediately modify the program and delete the player record before the modification.

However, Xirui has made every effort to compete with Jingmin ’s game.
He doesn ’t want to be compared in any details.
Since ”dominating the star ” is a direct service, their ”Star King ” of course has to skip the public test stage and open the service directly.

Many players are interested in registering this game, want to see if ”Star King ” is really as advertised in the same, all aspects of the crush ”star. ”.

First of all, just after landing in the game, we can see the various scenes, so that those players who have been improved the level of appreciation by ”master of StarCraft ” will be disappointed in the scene of ”Star King ”.

Some people think that this kind of junk picture is better than playing ”dominating the star ”.
At least the picture is eye-catching and the sense of reality is also strong.

Some players feel that since they have come, they should stay and experience it.
Although the scene is not very good, but the advertising is so strong, maybe there are other advantages? So he went on playing.

Xi Sheng can be said that the whole company is paying attention to the response of players after the launch of star king.
At the beginning, a large number of players registered for the game.
Both Xirui and the game R & D team were very happy.

Looking at the rising number of registered people, Xirui is very satisfied and excited.
He felt that he had been waiting for so many years that he was waiting for the arrival of this day.
He finally got the chance to compare Schiller.

At this moment, Schiller even hoped that the old chairman was still alive.
He wanted to let him see it with his own eyes.
The only grandson he taught himself and recognized was not as strong as himself! I ’m sure I ’ll regret not admitting his grandson.
Before long, he will be able to step on Schiller ’s feet, so that he can never turn over!

In fact, there are so many registered players.
To a large extent, it ’s because Xi Sheng ’s advertisement has attracted a lot of people.
However, after registering and logging in, because the scene picture is too different from what is expected and advertised in the advertisement, many players log in once and quit the game.

Then he felt very excited when he only saw the number of registered people rising.
He even felt that he had seen the success of the game company.

”Star King ” officially opened only two days ago, more and more players are dissatisfied with this game, and more and more players no longer log in after quitting.
In the major game forums, the game ”Star King ” is discussed, and the topic is very high.
However, there are quite a lot of players who satirize and belittle the game.

However, within a week, there was a lot of abuse of Starking on the Internet.
Game players satirized Sisheng company, saying that their advertisements were fraud.
They even said that all aspects of Starking were crushing ”dominating the star ”.
They didn ’t know their confidence and face.
It was clear that all aspects of the game were crushed by ”dominating the star ” That ’s right.

The players who have played ”master star ” and ”Star King ” at the same time can be said to be angry.
If Xi Sheng ’s advertising content is not so exaggerated and does not always compare with ”dominating star ”, they may not be so angry.
But after playing both games, they really exaggerate their own games to Xi Sheng and belittle the behavior of others ’ games.

Those fans and players who like ”dominating the star ” are particularly angry.
They think that Xisheng company has ignored the popularity of ”dominating the star ”.
As a result, the game can ’t be compared with that of ”dominating star ”.
Their behavior is simply vicious and shameful.

As for Xi Sheng ’s exaggeration and cheating on other players, many players have decided that they will never play any more games as long as it is produced by Xisheng company in the future, which will be black for the whole life of Xisheng game company.
The stock of Xi Sheng company falls all the way, causing the panic of shareholders and serious dissatisfaction with Xirui.

After several days of anger accumulation, looking at the increasing number of abusive and sarcastic comments, Shirley finally smashed the computer.

Looking at the people standing in his office, Shirley ’s eyes were about to explode.
He roared, ”I ’ve spent so much money to invite you.
Do you want to repay me with such achievements? ”

All the members of the game R & D team stood silent, and even Du Jie had nothing to say.
It was not that they didn ’t want to defend themselves, but Xi Rui was already very angry.
Their defense now is undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire.

In fact, these members are also very aggrieved.
Although it is really because of their disagreement and lack of tacit understanding, there are many problems in the game.
But if it is not for the exaggerated propaganda of Xi Rui, they can slowly modify the problems in the public test.
Even if they can ’t do with ”dominating star ” compared, it will be a very good game, at least will not be scolded so miserable.

”Have all the money I spent on this game and the money I gave you all gone for nothing? ” ”You bastards! ” shrieked Shirley! I knew you were so useless.
What did I ask you to do? ”Because of Xirui ’s rubbish, all the people standing there have changed their faces.
Even if they didn ’t have much money in the previous company, they had good abilities and deserved respect.
Even when they started working, they didn ’t have such anger.

”Xirui President Xi Dujie finally said, ”it ’s useless to say these things now, or we should try to find a way to remedy it. ”

”Remedy? ” Xirui glared at Dujie and said, ”you go to the online evaluation, how many people have begun to boycott our company ’s game now? ”?! Go and have a look! How can we fix it?! Is there any room for remedy? ”

Dujie was silent again.
He didn ’t expect that things would become so serious.

”Say! What to do now? ” ”What can we do to recover the company ’s losses? ” Xi Rui asked them?! The problem is caused by you.
If you don ’t solve it, it ’s up to you to take all the responsibility! ”

”That ’s too much for you to say! ” Finally, someone couldn ’t help but say, ”what is it that we take all the responsibility? Do you, as president, have no responsibility for everything we do during the game? ”

”That ’s it Another person echoed, ”if your propaganda and advertising content is not too exaggerated, and we have been compared with ” dominating star ”, the game we do will not be scolded so much by players.
We have never heard that the president is not responsible for the company ’s problems, but let the employees be responsible.

”I do those ads because I trust you! ” Hearing their explanation, Xirui was really more angry.
”I thought that you would be better than those of Weiyu company.
Who knows you will be so useless! The game that makes out unexpectedly rotten to this degree! It ’s you who have harmed my company.
Who is responsible if you are not responsible? ”

”You don ’t make sense! ” Another person stood up and said, ”it ’s bad luck for us to meet a boss like you.
If we don ’t work in your company, we ’ll save you the cowardice. ”

”Yes, we quit! ”

”If we don ’t pretend to understand, and we have to do what you say, there won ’t be so many problems in this game.
It ’s bad luck to give you a job.
Can ’t I quit? ”

”We ’ll just give you the money back! Who seldom works for a man like you

”We ’d rather not have your money, but also our dignity.
People like you deserve that the company can ’t do it! ”

”Shut up Xirui patted the table, his hands were numb.
”If you don ’t do it, you won ’t do it? Don ’t forget that we have a contract.
If you don ’t want to do it or you don ’t want to be responsible, I ’ll see you in court.

Other people are angry and speechless.
They can only look at Xi Rui with anger.
They didn ’t expect that Xi Rui would be so unreasonable.
Now they regret the decision to come to Xi Sheng to work.

After Xi Rui ’s secretary knocks on the door, he carefully probes in and says, ”president, all shareholders have arrived and are waiting for you in the meeting room. ”

Xi Rui put his hands on the table with his hands clenched, closed his eyes and tried to keep his anger down.
He didn ’t come to those shareholders, and today is not the time to hold a shareholders ’ meeting.
And those shareholders will appear in the company at the same time and don ’t want to know what they are here for.

Shirley lowered his head, pointed to the door and said, ”get out of here! ”

Others left Shirui ’s office one after another, only Dujie stayed.
He said to him, ”come on, what should be faced always has to be faced. ”

Xirui bit her teeth and looked ugly as if she were going to die, but she still held her chest up and walked out as if nothing had happened.

The meeting room was very quiet.
All the shareholders ’ expressions were serious, but no one was talking.
They had finished what they should have said before they came to the company.
Other words, just wait for Shirley to show up and talk to him.

As soon as Xi Rui entered the meeting room, all the shareholders ’ eyes were on him.
Even though he was ready for psychological preparation, he was still a little frightened when so many people looked at him with serious eyes at the same time.
These shareholders are older than him.
Many of them are at the age when he has to call him uncle.
Although he is the president now, he can ’t help being flustered in the face of all the bad shareholders.

Xi Rui sat down at the main seat of the conference table.
After sitting down, his legs trembled slightly.
He once dreamed of sitting in this position, and many times he dreamed of talking to shareholders confidently and domineering, and the shareholders looked at him with praise and conviction.

Now he finally got his wish to sit in this position, but for the first time in this meeting room facing all the shareholders, he was on pins and needles.
And those shareholders look at him, there are accusations, dissatisfaction, disappointment and anger, waiting for all kinds of emotions, that is, there is no praise and convincing look.

For a moment, Xirui even had an idea, thinking that he would be better if he were not the president.

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