”fake! It ’s all fake! ” Zheng Jianlin came back to his senses, pointing to Jing min and yelling, ”the fake things you ’ve made come out and want to harm me.
You ’re just crazy about you! ”

”If it ’s fake, it ’s up to the police to judge.
I ’ve already called the police.
If you have any words, you can go to the police to explain. ” Jing min had already called the police before playing the video.
Now the police have arrived.

Jing min gave the video recorder to the police, and the police took Zheng Jianlin and the video recorder with them.
Now that the technology is so advanced, the police naturally have their own way to identify the authenticity of the video.
They just have to wait for the results to come out.

Zheng Junming ’s eyes become very complicated.
When he looks at Jing min, he still has resentment.
He quickly follows Zheng Jianlin who is taken away and leaves with the police car.

After the farce ended, the reporters left in succession.
They rushed back to report all the contents taken today.
No matter how the police ’s appraisal results are, they will not delay their reporting on this matter.
As for the identification results, it is the follow-up.

Jing min apologized to the guests and asked them to return to their seats.
The birthday banquet continued and the kitchen began to serve.

Although he did not expect to make trouble today, he did not expect it.
He felt sorry for Zhang laojue in his heart, and later he made amends to him again.

On the contrary, old Zhang comforted Jing min and said, ”it ’s not your fault.
They thought they could get a bargain on my birthday, so they chose to make trouble today.
Zheng Jianlin is ambitious and killed your grandfather.
I will intervene in this matter and will not let him escape easily.

”In the end, it ’s because of our family affairs that ruined your old birthday party.
I really feel sorry for that.
After all these things have been dealt with, I want to stay in your house for a period of time, and I ’ll make a special meal for you for a month.
I ’ll make amends to you.

”I think everyone has a good time eating, and they are all satisfied when they leave.
If you look at it, there is not a table with leftovers.
These people are really able to eat.
But if you go and cook me a month ’s meal, I still accept it.

The efficiency of the police was very fast, and soon released the appraisal results.
All the contents in the video were true.
Zheng Jianlin was charged with murder and detained.

Jing min held a press conference again, saying that he didn ’t want to send his father to prison by himself, so the video had not been released before.
He has been giving Zheng Jianlin a chance to tell the truth on his own initiative, but he is not only unrepentant, but also pressing himself step by step.
Forced by helplessness, he has to choose to make everything public.

In his heart, he felt very guilty about his father and his mother.
Because of his incompetence and cowardice, Zheng Jianlin slandered them for so many years.
Only today did he disclose the facts and the truth.

Jing min also released the final image of Lu Xuexian, and enlarged the glass behind Lu Xuexian to the reporter.
Although only half of the figure was reflected in the glass, the clothes could be seen clearly.
He found out the old photos of Zheng Junming wearing the same clothes for comparison.
It was obvious that this was the same person.
Only Zheng Junming could appear in the Lu family in this dress.

Jing Min said that ’s why he was always against Zheng Junming.
His mother suffered from depression because of Zheng Jianlin ’s betrayal and Zheng Junming ’s mother and son.

Zheng Junming was in the lounge at that time.
He heard his mother recording a farewell video for him, and watched his mother jump down.
Even if he didn ’t want to stop him and go to find a servant, his mother would not die.

Zheng Junming has been growing up in the Lu family since he was five years old.
Everything is provided by the Lu family.
However, there is no gratitude in his heart.
He only resents the Lu family and his mother.

For the illegitimate child born to her husband and another woman, her mother chose to ignore the attitude, which is the greatest kindness to Zheng Junming.
Is it possible to treat a sudden illegitimate child like one ’s own flesh and blood to be a kind person? So Zheng Junming, who saw his mother commit suicide with his own eyes but didn ’t make a voice to stop him, can he be regarded as a kind person?

Those who supported Zheng Jianlin and Zheng Junming disappeared overnight.
Zheng Jianlin, Zheng Junming and sun Qiurong were accused by thousands of people and became the targets of national attack.

Zhengdeji hotel is also empty.
No one goes in to eat, and some netizens threaten to smash the restaurant.
Soon, zhengdeji, located in the golden section of the urban area, was closed.

Zheng Jianlin was sentenced.
Zheng Junming and sun Qiurong, mother and son, hide from each other and dare not see anyone.
As long as they are recognized in the street, they will be criticized and even the shops are unwilling to sell them anything.

Zheng Junming had to take his mother to a small remote place and hide for two or three years.
Sun Qiurong was found to have a terminal illness.
Only then did they return to Huadu City to find a hospital for treatment.

Three years later, Zheng Junming went to prison to see Zheng Jianlin for the first time.
Zheng Jianlin seemed to be a changed person.
He looked clean and tidy, but he looked old and decadent, like he was 20 or 30 years old.
Zheng Junming could hardly recognize him at the first sight.

”Junming, Junming! ” Zheng Jianlin looked at Zheng Junming through the glass.
His eyes were muddy, but there was more light.
”You finally come to see me.
Where have your mother and son been these years? Why don ’t you come to see me? ” ”We couldn ’t stay here for the last two years, so we went to live in other places.
We just came back recently.
Dad, are you OK in there Zheng Junming is not as bright as he was three years ago.
When he came back, he was still afraid of being recognized.
He wore a cap and a mask.
He took the mask off when he came in.
His face was not very good, as if covered with a shadow.

”No! I have a bad time, sobbing…
” Zheng Jianlin suddenly burst into tears and said, ”the life in this place is really not a human life.
Please send me some money quickly, or I will not survive… ”

”I ’m not rich, Dad. ” Zheng Junming said with a bitter face, ”my mother is ill, it ’s a terminal disease.
I ’m going to see a doctor and be hospitalized.
I ’ve spent almost all my money.
Soon, even my life will become a problem. ”

”Since it ’s a terminal disease, what else can be treated? It ’s all going to die anyway.
It ’s better to give me the money and let me live a comfortable life for a few days. ” Zheng Jianlin touched his tears and said.

”Dad Zheng Junming ’s eyes widened in disbelief.
”How can you say such a thing? It ’s my mother.
It ’s your wife.
If you don ’t treat her, do you want me to watch her die? ”

Zheng Jianlin was also excited.
”She is your mother, I am your father.
You can ’t bear to watch her wait for death.
Can you bear to watch me suffer? ”

”Then you want me to take it out too! ” Zheng Junming was extremely aggrieved.

”If you don ’t have money, you can earn it.
I have taught you cooking skills for so many years.
Is it for nothing? ”

”Do you think I don ’t want to? But I ’m the one to blame for all the things you ’ve done.
No one wants to hire me to cook.
Even the restaurants on the street don ’t want me.

”What I did? ” Zheng Jianlin glared at him and said, ”I don ’t do all those things for you.
If I don ’t plan the property of the Lu family, can you and your mother have such a good life? Now you turn your back on me.
What did I do to you when you were a child? It seems that you are more ruthless than Lu Jingyu.
I should have cultivated him well at the beginning, at least not to end up in the present

Zheng Junming ’s eyes turned red.
”Do you think you are the only one to regret? If it wasn ’t for you, I wouldn ’t still bear the name of illegitimate child.
If I had been born in an ordinary family, I would have had a better life at least

”Are you blaming me and your mother for giving you birth? You, you…
” Zheng Jianlin pointed at him with trembling fingers and was speechless.

”Zheng Jianlin, your time is up. ” The prison guard came to take Zheng Jianlin away.
When he left, he glared at Zheng Junming.

Zheng Junming covered his face and waited for some relief before he stood up and left.

Sun Qiurong was tortured by the disease.
She was no longer human, and only a bone was left.
She leaned back on the bed and saw Zheng Junming open the door and asked, ”back, how ’s your father? ”

”He ’s better than us, at least we don ’t have to worry about starvation. ”

Sun Qiurong said feebly, ”well, is there any way he can help us get some money? ”

”He wants me to give him money.
There ’s no way to get money for us. ” Zheng Junming ’s savings are only a little left, even to his mother to pay hospital fees are not enough, can only take medicine at home, can delay a day is a day.

”Don ’t you say he ’s in there, and it ’s good? ” Sun Qiurong asked.

Zheng Junming didn ’t speak.
He lay down on his single bed and looked at his cell phone.
The house price of Huadu was very expensive.
They could not afford to rent a slightly larger house.
They could only rent a small house with the toilet outside.
It was shared by several families.
Zheng Junming, who grew up in the Lu family, has never had such a hard time before.
Now, thinking about it, his life in the Lu family is really like a paradise.

Zheng Junming uses his mobile phone to surf the Internet to see if he has a suitable job.
He can ’t really wait for his money to run out and then starve to death.
In addition to cooking, he has no other expertise, can only look at the work related to the chef, pray that the interview will not be recognized.

He searched restaurants and jobs related to chefs, and inevitably saw news about Lu Jingyu.
Now Lu Jingyu is almost famous all over the country.
He has won the championship of the China Cup cooking competition twice.
Lu Deji is still the leader in the food industry.
There are more than ten branches in the restaurant, and there are still many people complaining that they can ’t get a seat.

Looking at the news that Lu Jingyu is sought after by fans, Zheng Junming holds his mobile phone tightly.
He hates everyone, his parents and Lu Jingyu even more.
Why was Lu Jingyu the heir of the Lu family when he was born, and he was an illegitimate son who could not be seen.
Why was his fate so unfair to him.

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