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Xi Guangshan suddenly fell ill and was sent to the hospital.
The doctor said that his body did not have any major problems.
Maybe he was stimulated by something too much, so he suddenly appeared like a heart attack.

Wen Zhu and Xi Rui are very puzzled, Xi Guangshan at home good, how can suddenly receive stimulation? Wen Zhu called back to ask the maid if something had happened at home today.
The servant told her that Schiller had come to talk with Mr.
Xi at home today.
As for the content of their conversation, they did not know why Mr.
Xi suddenly fell ill, and they were even more unclear.

Xi Guangshan was lying in the hospital bed with transfusion.
His face looked a little better than before, but his eyes were blank and his face was haggard.
It seemed that he was much older in an instant.
He looked as if he had suffered some kind of attack.

Wen Zhu sat on the edge of the hospital bed and said to Xi Guangshan, ”I heard the servant say that Schiller came home today.
Did Schiller say something to make you angry? ”

Xi Guangshan was expressionless and looked at the ceiling without blinking.
He didn ’t answer Wen Zhu ’s words.

Wen Zhu didn ’t pay attention to Xi Guangshan ’s fault, and continued to say, ”you know what kind of person he is.
Is it worth it to be angry for him? Don ’t let him in again

”He ’s really going too far.
Last time I let him and I went to the hospital with my injury, but this time I ’m so angry with my father that I ’m in the hospital again.
Isn ’t he afraid of thunder and lightning? ”?! This kind of person who is not benevolent, unjust and unfilial will certainly come to a bad end in the future! God will never let someone like him go! ”

Xi Guangshan, whose brain has been in a blank state, suddenly hears the voice of Xirui, then turns his face and keeps staring at his face.
Xi Guangshan wants to find something similar to him from Xirui ’s face.
How can his son, who has loved him for so many years, not be his own?

Xi Rui was a little uncomfortable with Xi Guangshan ’s strange eyes.
He leaned forward, held Xi Guangshan ’s hand and said, ”Dad, what ’s the matter with you? Are you feeling better? ”

Xi Guangshan ’s sense of loss and decadence is even more serious, because he has only now found that there is no place like himself.
Schiller at least looks like his grandmother, but Shirley doesn ’t look like anyone in their family.
He hasn ’t noticed this before.

”The company How ’s it going? ” Xi Guangshan asked in a hoarse voice.
He remembered that he had transferred all the shares to Xi Rui.
If Xi Rui was not his own son, the transfer of shares must be a conspiracy.

“……” ”The company is very good.
Everything is developing according to my plan.
Dad, don ’t worry.
I will succeed this time and live up to your expectations. ”

”Have you started to cooperate with Cao Rutang? ” Xi Guangshan asked.

”Yes, Dad.
Uncle Cao and I have already started to cooperate. ” ’replied Shirley.

Xi Guangshan closed his eyes again.
He had a very bad feeling in his heart.
He didn ’t want to talk to him again.

”Dad After hesitating for a moment, Xirui finally said what he wanted to say: ”the ancestral old house of our family, you said you would leave it for me before, right? ”

When Xi Guangshan heard him mention his old house, his heart trembled and he clenched his teeth.

”Dad? ” Xirui waited for a while.
Without waiting for Xi Guangshan ’s reply, he continued to say, ”Dad, what do you think Schiller has become? Easy to let you into the hospital, he did not take you as his father, he is a white eyed wolf! If next time you are so angry with him that you fall ill again, if there is something wrong, he will certainly sue me for property.

Xi Guangshan tightly closed his eyes, as if asleep, no one responded.

“…… I ’m not cursing dad about you, and I don ’t want him to divide the family.
” Xi Rui felt that what he said just now meant to curse Xi Guangshan, so he explained, ”I just think that Schiller has no filial piety to his father.
He not only works in other companies, but also works against his own company.
A man like him is not worthy of the property of the Xi family.
Generally speaking, only the eldest son can inherit the ancestral home of the Xi family, but I don ’t think Schiller is qualified to inherit at all.
Dad has said that he would let me inherit.
So In order to avoid Schiller fighting with me in the future, it ’s better to transfer the old house to my name now.
What do you think, dad? ”

Xi Guangshan finally slowly opened his eyes, he looked at the full face of Xi Rui, opened his mouth and said, ”peel an apple for me. ”

”Ah? ” Xirui is stunned.
He has no reaction to Xi Guangshan ’s irrelevant reply.

”Apple, peel. ” Xi Guangshan repeated.

”Where does he peel fruit? You don ’t know.
He ’ll scratch his hand as soon as he takes a knife. ” Wen Zhu said, ”if you want to eat apples, I ’ll cut them for you.
You can continue to talk about them. ”

”Shirley, cut it for me. ” The tone of Xi Guangshan can not be denied.

Wen Zhu looked at Xi Guangshan and thought that he was ill and wanted to feel the feeling of being served by his son.
It ’s normal that a sick person ’s mood will become bad.
At this time, Wen Zhu can only follow his meaning and say, ”Siry, you peel an apple for your father.
Be careful, don ’t scratch your hand again. ” ”Oh, good. ” Shirley picks up the apple and the fruit knife in the basket and carefully starts to peel the apple.

”Guangshan, ” said Wen Zhu, ”I also think what Xiao Rui said just now is quite reasonable.
The Xi family ’s industry and career will be left to the children in the future, just sooner or later.
The child has grown up and has the ability.
It is better to give it to him in advance, and we will live a life where we don ’t care about the world.

”Today Schiller came to see me and told me about the old house. ” Xi Guangshan looks at the hand that is cutting the apple in Xi Rui.

”What? ” Because Xirui was surprised, the strength of his hand was not well controlled.
If he was too hard, he scratched his hand

”What ’s the matter? ” Wen Zhu was frightened by Xi Rui ’s cry.
He turned to see his bleeding finger.
He quickly pressed the wound with a tissue and said, ”don ’t you want to be careful? I ’ll ask the nurse to come and disinfect and bandage you

”No, a little wound.
It ’s OK. ” Now Xirui doesn ’t care about his scratched finger.
He looks at Xi Guangshan anxiously and asks, ”Dad, has Schiller asked you about the old house? Does he want you to transfer the old house to him? You didn ’t promise him, did you? ”

”You silly child, you are in a hurry. ” Wen Zhu said, ”how could your father transfer his old house to Schiller? If it is true, your father will not be angry into the hospital by Schiller. ”

”Really, dad? ” Xi Rui still wants to hear from Xi Guangshan.

”I didn ’t promise him. ” Xi Guangshan said, ”you go back first.
I ’m tired.
I want to have a quiet rest by myself.
If there is a nurse, you don ’t have to stay here. ”

”Well, old house… ” Xirui also needs a guarantee or a definite answer.

”Wait till I get home. ” Xi Guangshan said with his eyes closed.

”Let ’s go.
Your father is tired.
Let ’s not disturb him any more.
We ’ll talk about other things when he has a good rest. ” Wen Zhu stands up and gently pushes Xi Rui.

”Dad, you have a good rest.
We ’ll go back first. ” Shirley also stood up.

Xi Guangshan closed his eyes and nodded.

After Xirui and Wenzhu had gone for a while, Xi Guangshan opened his eyes and sat up.
He bent down to pick up the paper towel that Xirui had just used to stop bleeding from the garbage can beside the bed and held it tightly in his hand.

”Dad seems strange today. ” He said to Wen Zhu as he drove.

”It must be because Schiller told him about the old house.
He was so angry that he would be like this.
Your father hated their mother and son so much.
He would not leave the old house to Schiller. ” Wen Zhu said, ”so besides you, he will not leave it to anyone else.
When your father leaves the hospital, he will have a good talk with you.
He has always been soft on you and will certainly agree. ”

”What about the old house? ” ”Do you want to divorce my father? ” Xirui asked Wenzhu

Wen Zhu talked and said, ”I ’ve been with him for so many years.
Although he is not your father, and because his parents have made me suffer a lot, he is also very good to our mother and son.
What can we do if we separate? Can I still be with your father? Your father can ’t get divorced and be with me.
Therefore, if you can not let him know the truth, it is better not to let him know.
As long as he does not know that you are not his own, no matter what you do, he will forgive you

In fact, before Wen Zhu and Xi Guangshan got married, Xi Rui already knew that his biological father was not Xi Guangshan, but Cao Rutang.
Even if he knew that Xi Guangshan was not his biological father, his obsession from childhood to adulthood made him want to compete with Schiller, and he could not easily give up the property of Xi family.

Xi Rui also thinks that although Xi Guangshan is not aware that he is not his own, he is so kind to him.
But these years, he is really very good to him, a father should do, he has done to him.
So it ’s better to bury the truth forever and never reveal it.
It ’s good for them.

Xi Guangshan could have been discharged the next day, but in order to wait for the paternity test report, he stayed two more days.
Wen Zhu and Xi Rui still did not feel strange and suspicious.

Xi Guangshan ’s hand holding the paternity test report kept shaking, as if these two pieces of light floating paper were heavy in his hand at the moment, which made him feel heavy and some could not hold it.
Having made enough psychological preparation, he was extremely difficult to open the appraisal report and confirm with his own eyes what the truth is like.

Seeing the appraisal report, Xi Guangshan suddenly became dark.
He knelt on his knees and crawled on the ground with his legs soft.
His mouth grew up and wanted to roar, but he couldn ’t make a sound because of his inner pain.
He could only keep tears.

Xi Rui was not born of him.
Xi Guangshan felt like a bolt from the blue, which made him suffer an unprecedented great blow in spirit.
Thousands of emotions surged into his heart, and his inner pain made him unable to accept the fact.

Although he has made psychological preparations, although he has already known that this is a fact, the possibility is very great, but when the final hope is completely extinct, he really feels what is despair and heartache, and what is repentance.

Looking back on the past, Xi Guangshan really felt that he had been stupid to a ridiculous and pathetic point.
Even if he helped others raise a son, his own son had never been put in his heart.
This is retribution, the retribution given to him by God! He deserved it!Xi Guangshan shrinks on the floor, beating and hitting the floor with his head, but this kind of self mutilation can not alleviate his pain.
He really regretted that he wanted to die immediately, but he was not reconciled.
He had been cheated for so many years, and he could not easily spare those who cheated him.
He wants to let those who cheat him, and those who owe him, pay the price!

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