Music life (1)

”ah Che! ” After a sneeze, Jing min couldn ’t help shaking.
The air was salty and wet, and the sound of waves came from his ears.
Jing opened his eyes and saw himself sitting on the beach by the sea.

But now it ’s dark.
What is the owner doing here, cold and hungry at this time?

Feeling the light behind him, Jing min turned his head and saw that there were many people in the distance who were busy.
There was a stage and a camera.
It seemed that they wanted to shoot something.

Jing min stood up, head a little dizzy feeling, nose also a bit not smooth breathing, should be a cold.
The wind on the beach is quite strong.
The original owner actually sat on the beach and fell asleep.
No wonder he caught a cold.

Before going to that busy place, Jing min starts the system to get a general understanding of what is going on now, at least why he is here and what he wants to do here.

This is the shooting site of MV, and the person who wants to shoot MV is Gu Mang, the king of music.
Chuyang, the original owner, is a fan of Gu mang.
It is said that Gu Mang ’s MV needs group performance.
In order to be able to have a scene in the idol ’s MV, he also wants to participate in it, so he found acquaintances to be a group actor.

But in the previous life, the original owner wanted to wake up by blowing the sea breeze at the seaside because he was too tired.
Who knows he fell asleep.
After the MV shooting, everyone left, and no one found him asleep at the seaside.
He not only failed to participate in the MV shooting, but also had a serious illness after returning.
And because of this disease, let his life faster to the tragic end.

It ’s enough to understand these for the time being.
The others can be understood after going back.

Jing Min has no star chasing plot.
In his opinion, even if he comes to participate in the shooting of MV, he will show his face at most, which is meaningless.
However, since it is what the original owner wants to do, he has to bear the mood of wanting to leave here and help the original owner fulfill this tiny wish.

In the temporary tent, in addition to the staff, there were also several waiting extras.
The original owner did not know any of them and did not know each other, so Jing min did not have to go to say hello.
He found an empty chair and sat down beside him, and began to look at the hand machine like other people.

The assistant director ’s face was not very good, hung up the phone, went to the side of the MV chief director and said, ”director, the temporary performance of drum beating suddenly can ’t come. ”

”No way? ” The director looked up at the assistant director, frowned and said, ”what ’s the matter with that man? ”?! This is Gu Mang ’s MV.
How many people have broken their heads to show their faces, but he dares to stand up and do not want to mix up or what? ”

”His agent said that he was injured in a fight and is now in the hospital.
There is no way to come over. ” The assistant director said, ”regardless of Mang, we should cancel the drum playing section or replace it with others. ”

”Don ’t you know Gu Mang ’s temper? The shooting content of the MV was finally determined after a long discussion with the whole team.
Now that the venue has been set up, how can he agree if you tell him the content temporarily? Isn ’t it a guy who wants to play drums back? Go and ask if there is anyone in the group show who will.
If no one will, send a message and ask someone who can play drums to come and re select people.

The assistant director nodded and went outside the extras ’ tent and said, ”is there anyone here who can play drums? ”

All the people in the tent look up at the assistant director, and Jing min also looks up at him.
When Jing min ’s brain still wants to say whether he will, his hand has been raised instinctively.

The assistant director looked at Jing Min who raised his hand and said, ”come with me. ”

Jing min can only stand up and walk out behind the assistant director.

Deputy director with Jing min came to the director ’s side and said, ”director, he can play drum. ”

The director looked Jing min up and down twice, and thought that he was very good in shape, much more handsome than the long one before, and his figure was also very slender.
It ’s this kind of weak temperament that doesn ’t quite fit in with this MV with a bit of rock and roll style, and the drum players they set this time need a bit of rebellious and bad youth style.

”Take him to have a try and see if he has the effect we want. ” The director also knows that although there is no way to change people temporarily, but if Gu mang is not satisfied with the change, today ’s MV is likely to fail.

The assistant director took Jing min to the newly built stage, pointed to the drum and said, ”you can play it again first. ”

Jing min goes to the back of the drum and sits down.
When he picks up the drum stick, he also turns on the system.
Neither the original owner nor he can play the drum, so at this time, we can only rely on the system.

The assistant director waved to the rocker camera and asked the camera to shoot the picture of Jingmin playing drum to show the effect to the director.

Jing min used the system to quickly search for the MV song to be shot.
After the assistant director called, he played the drum accompaniment of the song.

The director looked at the screen, saw Jing min in the beginning of that moment, eyes and momentum immediately changed, but he felt very surprised.
The director felt that he could not find any fault in his drum playing skills.
It was the first time that he saw someone who could play drums so well and had momentum. ”It ’s him.
After Gu mang comes, shoot immediately. ” The director said to the assistant director on his walkie talkie.

The assistant director was also quite surprised that Jing min played drums so well that it could be described as amazing.
He went to Jingmin ’s side and said, ”OK, you go to have a rest first.
I ’ll call you when I start shooting. ”

Jing min went back to the tent to rest.
The other performers looked at him from time to time, with a look of envy in their eyes.

The deputy director went to the director and said, ”director, I think that man ’s fighting is too powerful.
Will he be too aggressive? ”

”Do you think someone can suppress Gu Mang ’s momentum? He ’s just what we need.
This time it ’s a treasure.
Gu mang will be satisfied.
You can leave his phone later.
Maybe you can use him in the future.

This director has cooperated with Gu mang many times, so he knows Gu mang very well.
Gu mang has been very sharp since he started his career.
If you look at the whole entertainment industry, there is no one who is more powerful than him.
In the past few years, maybe I ’m getting older and older.
I ’ve learned to put my momentum behind me, especially when I ’m shooting MV and shooting movies.
If he doesn ’t accept his momentum, he will make everyone around him look dim.

Jing min watched the entertainment news with his mobile phone in the tent to learn about the entertainment industry in the world and Gu Mang, the idol of the original owner, by the way.
This man is really a legendary figure.
He is an outstanding singer and actor.
He is the highest selling record holder.
In the record is no longer popular today, his song network downloads, as well as the number of MV viewing, he is still the highest holder.
He has sung a lot of songs that can be called classic.
It can only be said that he can afford the title of ”king of music ”.
No wonder the original owners who like music worship him so much.

Jing min heard the commotion outside, and guessed that it should be Gu mang.
After waiting for a while, the assistant director came to ask him to shoot.

Gu mang has already stood on the stage.
Although the director has told him that the drum players have been changed temporarily, he is still stunned after seeing Jing min.
His idea is the same as when the director just saw Jing min.
he thought that Jing min was pretty good-looking, but he was too beautiful and gentle, without any rebellious feeling.

However, Gu mang didn ’t say anything.
His idea was that after shooting, he was not satisfied with many times.
This time, if he was not satisfied, he would change people to shoot again until he was satisfied.

Many singers in the shooting of MV are mouth to mouth, but Gu mang always brings feelings into the real singing.
The content of this shooting is only a small part of the MV.
Although Gu mang is demanding and perfectionist, he doesn ’t plan to spend too much time on such a simple shooting.

After everyone was ready, the director called for the start, the music sounded, and Jing min began to accompany from the prelude.
Gu mang has already begun to bring feelings.
According to the shooting content, Jing min ’s momentum has changed, and it seems like two different people before the shooting starts.
Although Gu mang was surprised, he didn ’t show half a minute on the surface.
He was still immersed in his feelings.
Knowing that the prelude was over, his face turned to the front and began to sing.

Jing min as the background, but will play the drum quite handsome and momentum, not only full of posture and play the posture is also very good-looking.
If you change to other people, Jing min may not work so hard, because if you exert too much, you will appear to dominate.
But he watched some MV shot by Gu mang during his break and felt that if he didn ’t work hard, it would be difficult to keep up with the effect he showed.

However, the shooting of MV achieves the effect of stage performance.
The staff watching below are shocked and enjoy the stage effect.

Looking at the screen, the director also felt that the cooperation between the two was unexpected, as if they had been working together for many years.
Even the gas fields were so complementary and consistent.
This piece of content shot here has exceeded the original content, but the two people on the stage did not stop, the director did not stop, the shooting continued.
The director thinks that the shooting content of this section may be longer.

Gu mang turns his head and looks at Jing min.
Jing min looks up as if he is telepathic.
Their eyes are on each other.
At that moment, their hearts are stimulated like an electric shock.

Jing min panicked for a moment, in order not to be disturbed, quickly avoid the eyes, focus on the accompaniment.

Gu Mang in that strange and wonderful feeling flow through his heart, along with the singing content of the performance action and saw Jing min several times, but Jing min did not look at him again, Gu Mang ’s heart inexplicably some lost.

The two people with different thoughts completed the performance perfectly, and there was nothing wrong with them at all.

It was not until the end of the song that the shooting stopped.
Originally, as long as a small part of the content was filmed, the whole song was shot.
Moreover, several cameras are shooting at the same time, and the contents from all angles are available.

Gu mang had to wait for Jing min before he stepped down.
Seeing Jing min coming, he stepped down a little in front of Jing min.

Jing Min has been watching the ground go forward, until Gu mang turned around, he just looked up at his strong broad back.
Is the idol of the former God the lover of this life? What a coincidence.Gu mang went to the director to check the playback of the shooting content.
When he was singing, he didn ’t see the part of Jingmin playing drum.
Now he can see it.
Appreciation and satisfaction at the same time, his heart seems to have another emotion.

Gu mang repeatedly watched the content of the film several times, and the director was puzzled.
Was he satisfied or not? Whether satisfied or not, you don ’t have to watch it so many times, right? If you are satisfied, if you are not satisfied, you can remake it.

Gu mang is actually in the process of watching Jingmin playing drums.
He seems not tired of watching it again and again.
The more he sees it, the more he likes it.
Until the director made a voice to remind him whether to remake it, Gu mang said that he would let the director take a separate shot of Jing min ’s drumming part, with both far shot and close-up.

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