Music life (2)

because Jing Min has already shot the part of drum playing, he not only shares a lot of scenes with Gu Mang, but also makes up a lot of his separate scenes later.
So he doesn ’t have to shoot the other parts of the show.

Jing min is waiting for the end of shooting in the tent.
His hands are cold because he is too cold, and he shivers from time to time.
His cold is becoming more and more obvious.
He wanted to drink some hot water to warm his body, but as long as the bottled mineral water on the scene would be colder, he could only bear it.

Finally, when the shooting was over, all the crew members were quickly packing up and ready to leave.

Jing min was holding his arm and waiting for the car to take them back with him.
Then the assistant director suddenly came to ask Jing min to follow him.
Jing min didn ’t know why, but he still followed him and went outside a black RV.

The assistant director knocked on the door, and the door opened from inside.
The assistant director said to Jing min, ”go up. ”

Jing min saw the RV and knew what was going on.
When he got on the car, he saw Gu mang sitting on the sofa.

After Jing min got on the bus, Gu Mang ’s assistant got off the bus.
There were only two of them left in the car, and the car had started to run.

Gu mang had been looking down at the mobile phone, feeling Jing Min has been standing, then looked up at Jing Min said ”sit. ”

”What can I do for you? ” Jing min sat down on the leather sofa beside her.

I ’ll see you back on the way. ” Gu mang saw Jing min ’s lips a little purple and his face was not very good.
He asked, ”are you sick? ”

”It seems that I have a little cold. ” Jing min just finished saying and sneezed ”ah Che! ”

make complaints about Gu Mang ’s search, and he knows where to live.
And I sent myself back on the way.
If he didn ’t know that he was the love of his life, Jing min could not get on the bus, but since he already knew it, he would not refuse.
To stay in a more comfortable place,

GU mang opened the box beside the armrest, took out a silver and black thermos cup from it and put it in front of Jingmin to ”drink it. ”

Jing min looked at the heat preservation cup, and looked at Gu Mang, did not move.

”It ’s never been drunk. ” Gu mang looked at him and said.

Jing min didn ’t dislike him.
He just felt that they had just met each other in this lifetime.
He seemed to care about himself a bit too much.
But now he felt more and more uncomfortable, and there was no mood to push off.
He picked up the thermos cup, opened the lid, and took a sip of it.

The tea in the thermos cup is a little bitter, and there is a little taste of traditional Chinese medicine.
Because the taste is not strong, it will not make people feel unable to drink.
Although I don ’t know what kind of tea Gu mang brewed with, the warm tea water flowed into his stomach, which made his body not so cold.

Gu mang has been holding the mobile phone, seems to be looking at something very interesting, but also very focused.
All of a sudden, his mobile phone remembered the sound of music, Jing min just felt a little familiar, did not care too much, and drank water with a thermos cup.

All of a sudden, Gu mang turned his mobile phone screen to Jing min and asked, ”is this song written by yourself? ”

Jing min for a time did not react, looking at his mobile phone screen stunned.

Gu mang looked at the way he stayed, and felt very cute in his heart.
His eyes were especially shining.
It seemed that there was a sea of stars in it, which made him feel like he was going to be sucked in.

Jing min Leng for a while before seriously looking at the content of the mobile phone screen, the person singing on the screen is the original owner, as for whether the song is the original owner ’s own words, Jing min needs to search.

”Did you write your own words? ” Gu mang shook his mobile phone and asked again.

”It should be… ” Jing min doesn ’t know if it ’s because of a cold.
His brain is a little slow and the system is starting a little slowly.

”Should? ” Gu mang is puzzled by his answer.

”I wrote it myself. ” Jing min, who finished searching, said that the words of the song were written by the original owner, but the song was not.
The reason was that his own music was used by others.

”This word is not bad, the music is very bad, and the singing skill is also very ordinary. ” Gu mang is very direct about his evaluation.

Jing min can only silence to the right, he has not understood the whole process, all do not know whether to refute Gu mang.
Gu mang is the king of music, dominating the music world for many years.
His evaluation naturally reflects his higher requirements for music than ordinary people.
Therefore, whether the original master ’s singing skill is good or not, Jing Min has to wait for a detailed understanding before he knows.

The driving car suddenly stopped, Jing min thought it would be so soon, but Gu mang sat still, did not want to get off the car, also did not let Jing min get off.

”Is it here? ” He asked.

”Not yet. ” Gu mang said.

”Do you know where I live? ” Jing min then remembered that he had not told him where he lived.

”Yes. ” Gu mang looked up at Jing.

Jing min didn ’t know how he knew it, but he couldn ’t speak at this time.
Otherwise, the content he said might expose the fact that he didn ’t know the real situation of the owner.
For has been unable to refute can not speak, Jing min heart a little depressed.After the car stopped for a while, the door was opened.
Gu Mang ’s assistant came in with a white bag, put the bag on the table and went down again.
The car continued to drive.

”Cold medicine, take it. ” Gu mang looked at the bag on the eye table and said to Jing min.

”Oh. ” Jing min did not have any surprise and unexpected reaction, let him take medicine, he took medicine.

”If you don ’t get better tomorrow, remember to go to the hospital. ” Gu mang said.

”Well. ” Jing min drank the water and swallowed the medicine.

After taking the medicine, but more than ten minutes, Jing min ’s head will be drowsy up, there is a kind of drowsy feeling.
He had closed his eyes and thought of taking a little rest, but unconsciously he fell asleep.

Gu mang looks at Jing min ’s body slowly lying down on the sofa and takes out a blanket from another box and covers his body.
Gu Mang, who was supposed to go back to his seat after helping Jing min cover the blanket, looked at Jing min ’s sleeping face.
Suddenly, he couldn ’t step forward, but slowly squatted down.

Gu mang touched his white and smooth face with the back of his hand.
He thought, how could his skin be so good that he could not see any pores at such a close distance.
The facial features are so delicate and beautiful, but it ’s rare that they don ’t look like those sissy young people nowadays.

Gu mang thinks that although this person ’s facial features are very good, but he is most happy with those eyes that seem to have starry sky.
It can even be said that the pair of eyes made him very fascinated.
He had not had a good feeling for anyone for many years.
Even he thought that he would not be moved for anyone in his life.
Who would have thought that he would fall in love with someone at first sight, and the other party was still a boy.

Gu mang has been looking at Jing min ’s face and forgetting the time.
Unconsciously, the car stops outside the residential area where chuyang lives.
His assistant sent him a message that he had arrived, but he hesitated to wake Jing min.

Jing min no one is very familiar, he felt that the car had stopped, hard to open as if by glue glued eyelids.
His eyes were still blurred and had double shadow, but he still saw that the person standing beside him was Gu mang.
He sat up with his hands on the sofa and asked, ”is it here? ”

”Here it is, ” Gu mang said.
”I ’ll send you up. ”

”Well. ” Jing min did not refuse, he felt that if Gu mang didn ’t send him, he might fall on the way.

Jing min stood up and sucked some blocked nose forcefully, and forced himself to get ready to get off the bus.

Gu mang put the blanket over his body, so as not to let the wind blow after he got off the car and the cold would be more serious.

Jing min suddenly in front of a black, feet a soft fall to one side, Gu mang quickly hugged him, patted his face and asked, ”Hello, are you ok? ”

Jing min ’s whole body is weak, even his eyes can only open a slit so wide, he said with a very weak voice, ”nothing… ”

Gu mang saw that he didn ’t faint.
It seemed that he was too sleepy because of the drug effect, and his whole body was weak.
He was a little relieved.
But Jing min looks like this.
Even if he sends him back, he doesn ’t trust him to stay at home alone.
What if something happens?

Gu mang thought about it and decided not to send it back, but to let the driver drive back to his residence.

Jing min was on the verge of falling into a coma, but he had been holding himself up to keep himself awake.
Now he was held in his arms by Gu Mang and felt the familiar feeling that reassured him.
He almost immediately fell into a coma.

Gu mang took Jing min to his room, helped him take off his clothes and put on a nightgown, so that he could sleep more comfortably.
Looking at Jing min ’s face again and again, Gu mang seemed to have made a great determination, and finally got up and left his own room to sleep in the guest room.

It ’s already early in the morning.
If he doesn ’t have a job, Gu Mang ’s work and rest time is normal all the time.
He thinks that he will fall asleep soon.
However, as soon as he thinks of the people who are sleeping in his bed, he can ’t sleep any more.

Gu mang struggled for a long time in his brain with his eyes open.
Finally, he could not resist the most real idea in his heart.
He quickly got out of bed and walked out of the room.

Back in his bedroom, Gu mang looks at Jing Min who is sleeping in his bed.
He feels like he is not occupying his bed, but his heart.

Gu mang looked at Jing min ’s ruddy lips and slowly attached to him.
He felt what it was like to put his lips in his mouth.
After this idea came into being, Gu mang pressed his lips on Jing min ’s lips without hesitation.

Jing min even in the dream is still dizzy, and the content of the dream is very confused, so that he can not distinguish whether it is the dream or the reality in the memory, if it is the memory, is it the memory of that world? It ’s like it ’s all mixed up.

Jing Min feels as if someone is kissing him, and driving his tongue entangled, is a familiar feeling and action.
The body suddenly wants to move, let him know that his lover is kissing him, but whether it is reality or dream, he is a little confused, anyway, follow the instinct of the body.

Jing min ’s sudden response makes Gu mang seem to be inspired.
He not only kisses more deeply, but also reaches into Jing min ’s robe and caresses it.
He had just wanted to kiss him, and he could go back to sleep with satisfaction.
However, the sudden attack seemed to enter his body in an instant.
His body and brain were impacted and were no longer under his control.

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