Music life (3)

Jing min ’s body suddenly became hot and dry, and he was in urgent need of vent somewhere.
He wrapped his feet around Gu Mang ’s waist and lingered.

Jing min closed his eyes and couldn ’t tell whether he was dreaming or reality, but he could feel that the man he was holding was his lover, so he completely followed the instinctive actions of his body.

Gu Mang in a moment ’s mind, thinking about why it suddenly became like this, but before he could control his brain and body, he immediately fell into the feeling of being controlled by * *.

Gu mang opens Jing min ’s legs to the greatest extent.
At the moment when he stands up, they both tilt their heads back as if they had been impacted at the same time.

”Ha ah ~ ” Jing min held his fist, and the sudden pain made him want to retreat.
However, he was held by a pair of broad palms at the waist, unable to escape.
He could only bear the pain and stimulation.

Gu mang pressed on Jing min ’s body, and his strong waist swayed.
The wonderful and familiar feeling made him sigh comfortably.

Jing min thinks that he is more likely to dream, because he can ’t open his eyes.
His body is burning like a fire.
He can ’t tell whether he is suffering or enjoying now.
Being tossed around for a long time, he felt that he was about to fall apart, he thought, this dream is too long, why not end ah?

Jing min kneels down and buries his face in the pillow.
In fact, his whole body is weak.
In this posture, Gu mang holds his waist to help him support.
When Gu mang finally let go of him, his body immediately fell on the bed.

Gu mang doesn ’t remember how many times he vented his anger.
When he finally mastered his reason, he wiped his face full of sweat and sat by the bed looking at Jing min, who seemed to have no life like a puppet.

Gu mang was surprised and immediately turned Jing min ’s body over.
At the moment when he met Jing min ’s body, he felt that Jing min ’s body was very hot.
He put his hand on Jing min ’s hot forehead and confirmed that he had a high fever.
He immediately got out of bed to find his mobile phone and let his personal doctor come.

Before the doctor arrived, Gu mang took Jing min to the bathroom to clean it, and then helped him change into a new nightgown.
He carefully put it on the bed and covered it with quilts.

Gu mang sat by the bed, stroking Jing min ’s hot face.
His heart was full of apologies and heartache.
He didn ’t know what had happened to him.
He actually did that to a boy he met for the first time, or did it when he was ill and unable to resist.
He not only took advantage of others ’ danger, but even raped him.

Gu mang kisses Jing min ’s forehead, because he is too guilty and self reproachful.
Such Jing min makes Gu Mang ’s heart ache almost melt into a pool of water.

After Gu Mang ’s private doctor and nurse came, he gave Jing min an injection and infusion, and then went to the guest room to have a rest.
Gu mang sat by the bedside for a night.

”Um ~ ” Jing min felt a little uncomfortable in his head, and his breathing was not very smooth.
After he went from deep sleep to shallow sleep, he didn ’t wake up very long because he didn ’t sleep well.

”Awake? ” Gu mang saw Jing min open his eyes, touched his forehead, felt that his fever was not as serious as last night, and then slightly relieved, ”do you feel uncomfortable? ”

Jing min looks at Gu Mang in a daze.
He doesn ’t know where he is.
He even feels that the man in front of him is a little familiar, but he can ’t remember who it is.

”Still uncomfortable? ” Gu mang stroked Jing min ’s face.

Jing Min has been looking at Gu Mang, until his brain operation slowly returned to normal, memory began to become clear, he did not know what is going on now.
What happened last night, he always thought it was a dream.
It turned out that it was true.
Did he have a relationship with the lover he met for the first time in his life?

”I… ” Jing Min wants to say that I want to drink water, but just said a word on the throat pain can not, the voice is very hoarse, like a block of sand and stone in the throat, very uncomfortable.

”Don ’t talk. ” Gu mang closed Jing min ’s open mouth and turned to pour him a cup of warm water.

Although Jing min didn ’t say it, Gu Manguang could feel what he wanted to say by looking at his eyes.

Put Jing min up from the bed and sit down, and then let him lean on his chest, holding a cup to feed him to drink.

After a while, the helper brought a small bowl of vegetable porridge, and Gu mang fed him to drink, and then laid him on his back.

Jingmin felt that his abdomen was a little swollen.
As soon as he opened his mouth, he was closed by Gu Mang ’s hand.
Gu mang went to take a brand-new urinal and helped Jing min take off his pants and put the urinal between his legs.

Jing Min has never had such experience in so many lives.
Moreover, he just has a bad cold.
Even if he is weak, he can ’t get out of bed and need a urinal.
Besides, he didn ’t turn his eyes.

Just when Jing Min wants to get up and go to the toilet to urinate, Gu Mang ’s hand reaches into the quilt and rubs Jing min ’s abdomen twice, and Jing min immediately sprays out.Jing min covered his face with his hand.
Although they had done everything in so many lives, it was too embarrassing to do such a thing for the first time.

After all this, the nurse came in again to help Jing min get an injection and infusion.
Jing min still has a low fever.
If the cold is to get better, she needs two or three days of injections.
The two nurses have already lived in Gu Mang ’s villa and will not leave until Jing Min has finished the two days ’ injection.
Therefore, Jing min can ’t leave these two days.
Gu mang will not let him go.

Jing min began to feel drowsy again.
He looked at Gu mang who was sitting by the bed and wanted to say that he would be busy with his own affairs, so he didn ’t have to be here to guard him.
Jing min just opened his mouth and was closed by Gu mang for the third time.

”Don ’t talk until you have a cold and your voice has not recovered, unless you don ’t want to sing again.
Do you know how important it is for a singer to protect your voice? ” Gu mang put a mobile phone on the bedside table and said, ”I have something to deal with later.
This is my mobile phone, which has the numbers of my other mobile phones.
If you want to find me, send a message to the first number.
If there is any other need, send a message to the assistant ’s mobile phone number.
Remember, from now on, you can ’t talk, you can ’t yell.
Do you hear me

Jing min nodded his head, Gu mang attached himself to his forehead and gave a kiss, which was very skillful.
After finishing, even Gu mang himself was surprised why he would be so skilled, as if he had done so many times so naturally.

After Gu mang leaves the room, Jing min closes her eyes.
Although Jing min is used to caring for her lover, she still feels moved and warm, especially when her emotion becomes fragile due to illness.

Although Jing Min wants to sleep now, he can ’t sleep until he understands his identity and the world.

Jingmin start system, began to carry on memory and understand the world.

His former name was chuyang.
He was in his early twenties and just graduated from university.
Although he liked music since he was a child, it was his dream to get into the Conservatory of music, but his guardian didn ’t agree.
And said that if he applied for the Conservatory of music, he would not pay his tuition, and secretly changed his wish to help him fill in the History Department of an ordinary university.

Chuyang ’s guardian is his uncle and aunt, because his parents died in an accident when he was in junior high school.
In fact, before chuyang ’s uncle and aunt is still very good to him, even if not like his own son, at least he is like a half son, the place that should be taken care of is also taken care of.

But why are chuyang ’s uncles and aunts so opposed to chuyang ’s Conservatory of music? There are some reasons why chuyang didn ’t know until he died.

When chuyang ’s parents were still there, because the family business was very big, so the family background was very good.
When he was a child, he had two very good friends, one named Ji Xiao and the other Liu Hang.
Because of their business contacts, the relationship between their three families was also very good.
And the three of them like music and singing.
When they were children, they said they would make a group together.

Because Ji Xiao had a bad heart since he was young.
In order to treat him, his family went abroad.
However, they also developed well abroad, even better than when they were at home.

The Jixiao family went abroad and didn ’t come back for many years, but they kept in touch.
Later, chuyang ’s parents had an accident, and they left a large amount of property to chuyang.
But because chuyang ’s uncle became his guardian, and his uncle ’s business failed, he used the inheritance left by his parents to repay his debts.

After paying off the debt, uncle chuyang continued to do business.
Although the business was not large, it could at least make the family have no worries about food and clothing.
Chuyang ’s uncles and aunts felt that they owed chuyang because they had used their parents ’ inheritance, so they were quite good to him.

Both Ji Xiao and Liu Hang are developing better and better.
Although the family gap between chuyang and Liu Hang is getting bigger and bigger, their relationship has always been very good.
Chuyang thinks that he and Liu Hang will be friends for a lifetime, and Ji Xiao, who has not returned home for many years, feels that their friendship will not change.

Chuyang has never had the feelings of friendship above Liu Hang, but in high school, Liu Hang suddenly confessed to him.
Liu Hang ’s confession was very sudden, and chuyang was a little frightened.
After serious consideration for a long time, chuyang replied to Liu Hang that he would seriously consider whether they would start a new relationship, but before he was sure that he had the same feelings, he hoped that they would still maintain a friendly relationship.

Liu Hang did not force chuyang to immediately agree to contact with him, agreed to give him time to confirm his heart, and during this period, Liu Hang chuyang was more attentive and caring, and expressed his feelings to chuyang very frequently.

Liu Hang ’s family opened a brokerage company, and held out several singers and actors, the company ’s strength is growing.

Chuyang has always dreamed of becoming a singer.
Liu Hang, who also likes music, supports him very much.
He also said that after he graduated from the Conservatory of music, he would sign a contract with his company.
By then, Liu Hang, who has already taken over the company, will help him become the best and most famous singer.

Chuyang, who thought his dream was very close to him, did not expect that his uncle and aunt would strongly oppose his entrance to the Conservatory of music.
Chuyang asked them why, and he only said that it was because the singer ’s road was not easy to go and was not realistic, so he did not support it.Chuyang knew that this was certainly not the real reason, but his uncle and aunt would not say anything else.
No matter how he begged them, they just refused to let him apply for the Conservatory of music.

Because he was changed to volunteer, chuyang, who received the admission notice, had to report to school.
However, he did not give up his dream of becoming a singer.
He learned the skills of singing and composing songs by himself in various ways.

When chuyang felt that he was suddenly far away from his dream, Liu Hang always encouraged and supported him and told him that even if he did not graduate from the Conservatory of music, he would sign him after he took over the company, so as not to be discouraged and sad.

Because of this matter, chuyang and his uncles and aunts had estrangement, and their relationship became colder.
The only person around him who was good to him was Liu Hang.
When people are lonely and frustrated, they are most likely to have feelings.
So when chuyang felt that he was in love with Liu Hang, he agreed to have a try with Liu Hang.

But in their contacts less than a year time, Ji Xiao returned home.

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