Music life (8)

the sound of nature singer competition has been held for many times.
Now many famous singers have participated in this competition when they just started their career, so every time they compete, they will have a high degree of national attention.

The content of this competition will be different each time, and the process will be improved as much as possible.
This competition not only tests the singing skills of trusted singers, but also tests their creative ability.
So in addition to singing classic and difficult songs, but also to sing their own songs.

Singing skills can be improved by practice, but the creative ability depends on whether you have this ability.
In fact, if you have to ask a singer to be very good at writing, it seems a little unrealistic.

Therefore, in the later stage of the competition, the organizers acquiesced in inviting foreign aid for the part that needed to be created by themselves.
Because even if the organizers don ’t acquiesce, there will still be contestants who will pay for the songs they have written and pretend to have created them for the competition.

In fact, the audience is very clear about this.
Some of them think that as long as they sing well, there is no big problem whether they can create or not.
However, there are still some audiences who think that the singers who ask for foreign assistance to create their own songs are not quite fair compared with the singers who write and participate in the competition.
Since the comparison is about their creative ability, of course, they should be fair, fair and open.
Otherwise, there is no need to design this link.
Who can sing better than others?

The organizers feel that although it is not possible to compare the singer ’s real creative ability by allowing the contestants to ask for foreign assistance, it must be a new song that has just been created.
Even though these songs are not all completed by the singer himself, it at least tests the singer ’s ability to select songs.

A singer ’s choice of the main song is just as important as the actor ’s choice of the script.
If he chooses the right song, he will become a success.
If he chooses the wrong one, all his efforts will be wasted.
Therefore, the organizers feel that such a test is also very important.

Gu mang became one of the judges of the competition and also participated in the production of the competition.
Therefore, according to Gu Mang ’s proposal, the content of this competition will still be changed.

Gu mang became the judge of the competition, which also raised more attention for the competition and became one of the selling points of the competition.

”The game will start tomorrow.
Are you nervous? ” Gu mang rubbed Jing min ’s hair.

”Not nervous. ” Jing min lying on the bed said that he had not experienced the feeling of tension for a long time, it was just a competition, and he could not really produce a nervous mood.

”It seems quite confident. ” Gu mang hugged Jing min and said, ”but your singing skills have improved rapidly.
I have confidence in you, so I have increased the difficulty of the competition.
You need to refuel. ”

Jing min ’s new songs, although there is not much need to use singing skills, but a little understanding of music can be heard, his singing skills are much better than before chuyang.

”I ’ll come on. ” Jing min closed his eyes and said that the competition would start tomorrow.
He had planned to go back to his residence, but Gu mang didn ’t let him go, so he had to stay.
He thinks it ’s better for them to keep a distance during the game.
But Gu mang said that even if they were photographed, it doesn ’t matter.
Their relationship will definitely not be exposed at this time.
When he said this, Jing min thought at that time that it was good to have money and power.
Although there were many superficial scruples, there were still many times when he wanted to do what he wanted.

Jing min was about to fall asleep.
Gu Mang ’s hand was slowly touching up from his thigh, and he didn ’t move.
Anyway, resistance was ineffective.
He wasted that strength to add interest to him and let him finish early so that he could go to bed early.

”Um ~ ” Jing min uttered a depressive hum.
His waist was lifted up and his legs were lying on the bed separately.
He didn ’t like this posture.
It felt like an animal was having sex.
But the person behind him is particularly fond of it because it can go deeper and crash faster.

Gu mang from Jing min behind the pressure on his body, first slowly moving, and then speed up.
When Jing min couldn ’t bear to escape, he held Jing min ’s waist tightly with one arm, which made him unable to escape.

”No, not so! ” Because of his sudden movement, Jing min screamed out in a panic.
He was picked up by Gu Mang, and his back was facing him.
This posture made him want to escape more, but he couldn ’t get rid of the strong and powerful arm between his waist and abdomen.

Considering that Jing Min has to compete tomorrow, Gu mang didn ’t make him too tired.
He only did it once and let him have a good sleep and rest.

Jing min fell asleep almost immediately after he finished.
Before he fell asleep, he thought that if he had to continue, he would not wake up, so he would fall asleep and let him do it.

Because of the need for online voting, the process of the contest will be broadcast live on the network.
Just go to the afternoon and prepare for the live broadcast.
The live broadcast will start in the evening.

Jing min got up just before noon.
Last night, because she went to bed early, she was full of energy the next day.
After eating, he is ready to leave for the game.Before leaving, Gu mang helped Jing min to tidy up his clothes, held his face and kissed his forehead, saying, ”don ’t be nervous. ”

”I ’m not nervous.
Do you expect me to be nervous and comfort me? ” Jing min looked up at him and asked.

Gu mang said with a smile, ”yes, even if you don ’t give me a chance to comfort you, why are you so calm? ”

”I ’m not nervous because I ’m confident and have a good psychological quality. ” Jing min thought that he had never seen any big waves.
If he was nervous about the competition at this level, he would have lived in vain for so many years.

”Did you sleep enough last night? If you don ’t sleep enough, sleep in the car again.
Anyway, it ’s still early.
Don ’t wait for the race to start.
You ’re sleepy again Gu mang is really helpless about Jing min ’s desire to sleep anytime and anywhere.
It ’s not because of other things.
It ’s mainly because he is worried that his habit will be unsafe.
If he falls asleep suddenly when he is alone, he doesn ’t know where he is.
So he doesn ’t dare to let him stay alone, which is why Gu mang doesn ’t agree to let Jing min go back to live by himself Why.
Gu mang arranged some people for him and told them to look at him all the time when Jing min went out.

Gu Mang and Jing min started at the same time, but they didn ’t take the same car.
Jing min and Gu mang arranged for his assistants and bodyguards to take the nanny car.

The venue of the competition is in a large video studio in the film and television base.
It takes more than an hour to drive past Gu Mang ’s residence.
If the traffic jam does not exceed three hours, he can arrive on time.
If there is no traffic jam, he can arrive in advance.

Although Jing min didn ’t wake up for a long time, he didn ’t feel sleepy for the time being.
However, according to Gu Mang, he kept his eyes closed in the car until he reached his destination.

Jing min ’s car arrived, just Jixiao ’s car also arrived, two people just got off on the face-to-face encounter.

Ji Xiao looked at Jing min and the assistants who followed him.
He said to Jing min with a smile and a kind face, ”I ’m glad you can become one of the competitors.
Although I didn ’t expect that we would compete together, it ’s good to be able to stand on the same stage in this way. ”

Jing min held his arm and looked at him with a smile and said, ”I also think it ’s very good.
On the same stage, there will be better contrast effect. ”

Ji Xiao felt the position of her heart and looked at Jing min with some expectation in her eyes and said, ”in the past, our dream was to be able to perform on the same stage and sing the same song together.
I hope this dream can be realized in the next two years

”People still have to have dreams.
Maybe when will they really come true? ” Jing min took a deep look at him and raised his feet to enter the studio.

”Call him to stay in chuyang

Jing min stopped and waited to see what he wanted to say.

”Chuyang, although I have apologized to you 1000 times and 10000 times in my heart, I know you will not accept my apology.
But I believe that time will dilute all the harm.
When I am not in the world, I will bless you to be a happy person in this world

Jixiao did not give up the idea of getting Jing min ’s sympathy for the time being.
He felt that as long as Jing min was soft hearted, he would have a greater chance of winning.

”I ’m sure that ’s not what you really think, but what I want to say is, I hope you can say the same thing in the future. ” Jing min looked into his eyes and said.

Ji Xiao can ’t help but clench his fist.
Jing min ’s expression has always been different, which makes his heart very uncomfortable and even wants to get angry, so that his facial expression can ’t be maintained.

Gu Mang ’s car has been in Jing min behind some, is two people look at the time, Gu mang has arrived.

Gu mang got out of the car and saw two people attacking each other with their eyes.
He went over and said, ”the competition has not started yet.
Are you going to compete? ”

Gu. ” Jixiao saw Gu Mang, and immediately saw an idol ’s expression.
His eyes were full of adoration.
He went over and said, ”it ’s great that you can come to be the judge.
It ’s a great honor for me to get your guidance when singing this time. ”

”Is it? ” Gu mang looked at him and said, ”I hope you can keep this idea until the end of the game. ”

”Hello, Mr.
Goodbye, Mr.
Gu. ” Jixiao finished and went in first.

Gu mang looks at him speechless, even does not give him Jing min, also pretends to be unfamiliar with him, walks into the studio behind him.

Jixiao looked at Jing min ’s back, he disappeared in the gate, then lowered his eyes also went in, from stepping into this door, his heart want to win the idea is more intense.

Jing min was taken to the rest room specially prepared for him by the staff.
After making up and changing clothes, he sat on the sofa and waited for the competition to begin.

The first competition was to draw lots to decide who would sing which song among the several classic songs that the organizers had already announced.
Because of the different songs, it ’s not easy to pick the songs that you are good at, so there are also elements of luck.The order of drawing lots is in accordance with the ranking of votes.
When the camera and the drawing barrel enter into Jing min ’s lounge, Jing min pulls out a piece of paper and shows it to Jing min.

Among the songs released by the organizer before, there was a song by Gu Mang, but Jing min didn ’t pick Gu Mang ’s song, because that song was taken away by Ji Xiao, who was in front of him.

Jing min after knowing that Ji Xiao draws Gu Mang ’s song, he thinks that Ji Xiao must be unhappy because Gu Mang ’s song is the most difficult of all songs.

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