Music life (11)

after the first round of the competition, Jingmin ’s popularity increased rapidly, and the click through rate of his singing clips during the competition was also very high.

Therefore, some netizens began to search some information about him before, and found that the content that can be found is very few.
He can only find that he signed a contract with the previous company for a long time, but he only started his career recently, and then he terminated the contract shortly after his debut.

When Jing min terminated the contract, it can be said that there was no attention at all, but because he has suddenly become a hot topic figure, netizens also began to wonder why he terminated the contract with the previous company.

Netizens are very puzzled, he is obviously long so good-looking, and not only the voice is good to listen to, the strength of singing is also very strong.
But why did his previous company arrange his debut so often? And after the debut meeting, there was no good arrangement.

Netizens feel that some brokerage companies are really pitiful, but they don ’t make arrangements for development after signing.
If he was given opportunities before, but he didn ’t have the ability and luck to be popular, then it ’s ok if the company doesn ’t promote it for the sake of profit.
After all, the brokerage company still puts the interests first, rather than a place dedicated to charity.
But it ’s hard to understand that the brokerage firm has been holding people down for so long.

Although the entertainment industry is the most lack of handsome men and women, but look like him so delicate and special temperament of artists, just to receive print ads can receive soft touch? The role of a vase in the idol drama can attract a large number of fans.

Although netizens don ’t know the process of Jingmin ’s termination of contract with the original company, they can probably guess the reason.
No matter the artist hopes to get a good development with the help of the company.
In the case of being hidden by the company, no one can stay and want to seek another development.

So now netizens are very God, a lot of things only a little bit of clues, they can guess things out.

The content of the second round was announced on the official website the day after the first round.
In the second round of competition, there was a chorus among the contestants.
Jing min, the first winner, and Ji Xiao, the second, sang the same song.
The third, fourth and fifth place sang the same song.

The content of the second round of competition is not available in all previous competitions.
This is a new competition method discussed by Gu Mang and the production team, because when singing the same song, who sings better will be more obvious.

The production team has divided the parts that everyone wants to sing and sent them to each contestant by email.
They have a week to prepare.

Jing min didn ’t get up, he was awakened by the mobile phone ring.
He didn ’t want to answer the phone.
He covered his ears and wanted to continue to sleep, but the ring kept ringing.
The mobile phone has been ringing, no one to help him hang up, indicating that Gu mang has got up, so Jing min can only reluctantly open his eyes, climb to the bedside, take the mobile phone on the head cabinet to answer the phone.

Jing min squinted his eyes and didn ’t see who was calling.
He directly connected to ”hello. ”

“…… Haven ’t you got up yet The other side heard Jing min ’s voice with the husky just wake up.

”Who are you? ” Get up angry very serious Jing min impatient ask.

”It ’s me, Liu Hang. ” The other side said.

”Liu Hang? ” Jing min was more annoyed to hear the name ”why? Can I help you? ”

”Are you free now? ” Liu Hang asked, ”can we meet? I want to talk to you about something. ”

”No time.
I can ’t see you.
I have nothing to talk about. ” Jing min refused directly.

”I I know you don ’t want to see me, but I beg you to put aside your resentment and let me tell you what I want to say Liu Hang said in a very sincere tone.

”What do you say directly now, please simply and clearly say the point, I am not in the mood to listen to your nonsense, meet more impossible. ” Jingmin said.

“…… Well, please give me a little time to listen to me Liu Hang organized the language a little bit in his heart, trying to avoid it.
He felt that Jing min didn ’t want to hear the words ”last night, Ji Xiao had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital.
He really valued the game, so he kept practicing these days without much rest.
The rest of his time is not much, and there will be no more opportunities to realize his dream, to achieve luminous fever.
So I ’m here to plead for him, help him, and let him win this game, OK

”A heart attack? Are you sure? ” Jing min is very clear that Ji Xiao has had a heart surgery.
Now Liu Hang said that he had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital.

”Yes, the doctor said that he may not live for two years.
Let him do what he wants, and let us try our best to help him realize his dream. ” Liu Hang said in a sad tone, ”you just look at the previous affection and help him for the last time.
I will pay him back later.
What do you want me to do, OK? ”

”I have the so-called affection with him, he knows better than anyone else.
Besides, I don ’t want you to do anything for me to make me waterproof in the competition.
It ’s impossible for me to help him win the game, which is even more impossible. ” Jing min ’s tone is firm and there is no room for discussion. ”Can you not be so hard hearted? ” Liu Hang said excitedly, ”even if he doesn ’t have the feelings of so many years before, even if he and you are just a stranger, you can ’t do good to help him fulfill his last wish for the sake of his short life? ”

”I ’m sorry, I ’m not so kind, so I can ’t do what you say. ” Jing Min said coldly.

”You How on earth can you promise me to help him? ” Liu Hang asked in a low voice.

”I don ’t want to do anything.
Stop talking nonsense and hang up. ” Jing Min said he would hang up.

”Don ’t hang up! ” Liu Hang cried out, ”I beg you.
Can you help him? ”

”Who are you talking to? ” Gu mang into the room, see Jing min holding a mobile phone, mobile phone made a lot of sound.

”Liu Hang. ” Jingmin said.

Liu hang on the other side of the phone also heard Gu Mang ’s voice.
He felt that the voice was a little familiar, but he couldn ’t remember who the voice looked like.
After being stunned, he asked Jingmin, ”who is talking? ”

”My boyfriend. ” Jing min originally wanted to hang up the phone directly, but he was disturbed by his sleep and listened to such a long time of nonsense.
He was very uncomfortable in his heart and deliberately stimulated him.

”Man When did you have a boyfriend Liu Hang still some reaction does not come over, just subconsciously ask the question in the heart.

”Do you care? ” Jing min hung up the phone, threw the mobile phone, turned over on the pillow, ready to continue to sleep.

”What did Liu Hang call you for? ” Gu mang goes to bed and lies down beside him.

”Ji Xiao had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital.
The doctor said that he would not live for two years and asked them to help him fulfill his wish as much as possible, so Liu Hang called me to help Ji Xiao win the competition. ” Jing min closed his eyes and sneered, ”Oh, this doctor is really responsible? ”

”I found that he had undergone heart surgery before returning home.
He pretended to be ill and asked Liu Hang to come to you? ” Gu mang said.

”That ’s right. ” Jing Min said, ”Ji Xiao is very determined to win this time.
I refused Liu Hang.
They saw that there would be other actions.
You can handle the next thing.
I don ’t want to manage it. ”

”I ’m in charge, of course. ” Gu mang patted on Jing min ’s buttocks, ”since I ’m awake, I ’ll get up for breakfast and sleep after eating. ”

”Not hungry, not eating. ” Jingmin said.

”Eat and sleep. ” Gu mang began to lift Jing min.

”Ah I don ’t eat, I don ’t eat.
” Jing min lies on Gu Mang ’s shoulder.

Gu mang ignored Jing min ’s protest and walked outside the room with him.

Liu Hang was holding his mobile phone and couldn ’t recover for a long time.
He even suspected that he had just heard something.
Maybe he didn ’t call at all just now.
All the conversations just now were illusions.

Liu Hang ’s fingers trembled slightly to open the mobile phone screen.
Looking at the time on the call record, his hand trembled even more.
He threw his cell phone, suddenly grabbed his hair and walked around the room.

Liu Hang has been unable to control his anger.
He wants to rush to Jing min and scold him.
He asks why he can ’t wait for two years.
How hungry and thirsty he is that he has a boyfriend in such a short time!

At the moment, Liu Hang has completely forgotten Ji Xiao ’s heart attack, and his brain is constantly echoing the three words Jingmin just said about his boyfriend.
He is really about to explode, and he just feels dizzy and dizzy.
He can ’t accept such a thing to happen, nor can it go on like this.

Liu Hang repressed his anger and forbeared again and again, but in the end he did not.
He rushed out of the door and decided to find Jing min and ask him clearly in front of him.

Liu Hang kept knocking on the door outside his original residence in chuyang.
Of course, no one would help him open the door, because Jing min had not gone back to live for a long time.

He called Jing min again, Jing min directly pulled him black, he was very unwilling to change his mobile phone to call Jing min like crazy.

Jing min simply throw the phone, let Gu mang give him a new mobile phone, and do a new card.

Ji Xiao learned that Liu Hang went to Jingmin, but Jing min still didn ’t promise to help him win the game.
He was very angry, thinking that since this road could not go through, he had to take another way.

Without Jing min ’s help promise, Ji Xiao is already very uncomfortable.
Suddenly, Liu Hang is out of his mind, which makes him even more angry.
Although he did not know the specific reason why Liu Hang suddenly lost his mind, he could guess that it must be related to chuyang.

Tomorrow is the second round of the game, Jixiao can only bear the anger in the heart, thinking of the next countermeasures.
He is good at the songs arranged by the production team this time.
He is confident that he can sing them well.
Even if he still ranks second, it doesn ’t matter.
As long as the scores of the later round and the first two rounds add up to be the first.

So now what worries him most is the third round of competition.
He tried his best to find out.
The last round of the competition is not simply to take out his own songs and sing them on the stage.So he has to do something to make sure that he gets super high points in the third round.

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