is no different from directly abandoning the game.Jing min looked at the recording pen still in the recording state and said, ”the purpose of your self directing and self acting is to record the process of our dialogue, and then go back to edit the audio, and then let the so-called passers-by can publish it on the network, right? ”

Ji Xiao was exposed by Jing min face to face, and also said the whole process of his plan.
His face was more ugly than before, and he couldn ’t say anything for a moment.

”What? Don ’t you want to admit it? ” Jing min shakes with the recording pen.

Jing min ’s words seem to remind Ji Xiao in general, he said aloud, ”I don ’t know what you are talking about, what recording pen is not recording pen, you don ’t wrongly injustice me! ”

”Hum. ” Jing min sneers and ignores him.
He leaves the bathroom and prepares to go back to his own rest room.
As soon as he opens the door of the bathroom, he sees several bodyguards arranged by Gu mang for him are blocking the door to listen to the movement inside.
No wonder no one else has come in for such a long time.

Jixiao covers his chest, just now Jing min took out the recording pen that moment, he was nervous that he really want to have a heart attack.
The first plan failed, and he was very unwilling, but he could only grit his teeth.
After the game was over, he would start the second plan.

When Jing min returned to the lounge, she saw the pictures on the TV screen.
The other three contestants were already standing on the stage to prepare.

Three people sing the same song, because everyone has to sing all the lyrics once, so this song is an extended version after re editing, but when singing, the lyrics are still allocated, so as to make comparison.

The other three contestants should have practiced together.
Their strength is equal and their cooperation is very good.
It seems that they are ready to fight him and Ji Xiao together.

Jing min and Ji Xiao didn ’t practice together, because he and Ji Xiao couldn ’t practice together peacefully.
However, Jing min didn ’t care about the other three contestants, including Ji Xiao ’s tricks.
He would win the competition with his own strength, and then calculate the account with Ji Xiao.

After Jing min and Ji Xiao came to the stage, both the live audience and the audience watching the live broadcast on the Internet were looking forward to their performance.
I wonder if they will cooperate with each other and have an aural feast just like the previous three contestants.

Before the prelude, the two had already begun to brew their emotions.
Even if it was this moment, Ji Xiao still didn ’t think his singing skills would be worse than Jing min ’s.
And what he did was to ensure that he could win without any loss.
After all, composing songs was not his strong point, and he himself had to admit that Jing min was much more beautiful than him.

From the first sentence to the third sentence, Jing min sang.
He did not disappoint the audience who were full of expectations for him.
His singing was full of appeal, and soon brought the audience into the emotion of the song.

The fourth sentence to the sixth sentence is part of Ji Xiao.
The style of this song is that he is good at.
During this period, he really spent time and mind on practicing.
Therefore, although the audience still feel that his singing is not as emotional as Jingmin ’s, his singing skills are still quite good.

Two people you sing a few words, I sing a few words, the more behind the singing, the difference and difference will become more and more obvious.

If the first three contestants are equal and can not hear the difference, it makes people feel that they cooperate very well.
Then the obvious contrast between Jing min and Ji Xiao makes the audience finally understand the reason why the production team arranges the competition.
In the process of singing the same song at the same time, the comparison is very clear.

In fact, Ji Xiao ’s singing skills are not bad, but Jing Min wants to crush him, so he gives full play to most of his strength.
When singing to the back, the audience all have an illusion that they can only hear Jing min ’s voice but not Ji Xiao ’s voice.

Even Ji Xiao felt that he couldn ’t sing any more when he went to the back.
Jing min ’s singing appeal was too strong, and people had no other mind to do other things except to listen to him sing.

After the two people ’s singing ended, the music stopped.
Jixiao ’s hands holding the microphone were full of sweat, and the other one was hiding behind him, shaking.
His face was particularly ugly, not only because of his intentional makeup, but also because of his own special discomfort.

The host stepped onto the stage amid the applause of the audience.
He stood between Jing min and Ji Xiao.
After the applause, he picked up the microphone and was about to speak.
Ji Xiao, standing on his right, suddenly collapsed on the table and covered his heart with a look of dyspnea.

The host ’s head subconsciously turned to the right.
He was stunned.
Seeing Ji Xiao lying on the ground with his eyes closed, he immediately squatted down to help him.

The live audience didn ’t know what was going on.
Everyone looked very confused.
The network watching the live broadcast was also in a muddled state.
They couldn ’t figure out what the situation was.

seeing that his situation was very wrong, the host quickly motioned to the people in the production group off the stage to ask them to carry Ji Xiao down.

After the members of the production team came up, several people worked together to lift Ji Xiao down.
Before the three judges gave their comments and ratings, the director immediately suspended the live broadcast.
At least they had to find out what happened to Ji Xiao.

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