Music life (14)

in the third round of the competition, it is the most difficult part to sing your own songs.
Because it ’s very difficult to make a new song sound good to the audience for the first time, unless it is able to create a special melody brainwashing, or the special part can make people immediately attracted and remembered.

On the basis of the original, the production team has further improved the competition.
Instead, it has changed the creation form of propositions, that is to say, all the styles and creative forms are limited, so that those who have been prepared in advance will have to re create within a week.

The songs that Ji Xiao asked people to help him with before can ’t be used.
They can only start writing again like other contestants.
However, Ji Xiao is not good at writing.
If he really wants to create a song by himself, he can ’t listen at all, so he still has to have someone to help him.

It ’s hard to create a good song in a week, and it ’s even more difficult to add the words and tunes perfectly.
In addition to Jing min ’s effortless completion, other contestants in just a few days of time, worried hair has dropped a lot.

Ji Xiao asked his helpers to help him recreate several songs for him to choose.
However, he was not satisfied with one song.
He wanted to use the songs he had prepared before to participate in the competition.
However, the previous songs did not match the emotion of the songs assigned by the production team.
If you use composition as an example, this is a proposition composition.
If you deviate from the topic, even if you write well, you will not get a high score.

Whether the contestants are ready or not, the competition has officially started as scheduled.

There are many people who sympathize with him and support him.
However, there are many people who resent him using his illness to win sympathy and undermine the fairness and fairness of the game.
So we are not sure what the final result will be.

Ji Xiao ’s face today looks more frail and sick than before.
When Jing min saw him, she could see that his face would make up, so she looked at him with sarcastic eyes and said, ”dare you take off your makeup and go on stage again? Is your powder too thick? ”

”Do you care? ” Ji Xiao said, biting his teeth.

”Hum. ” Jing Min said with a smile, ”I don ’t have the mood to care about you.
I just feel that your face looks a bit out of the way.
I hope that after the end of my competition, you will never appear in front of me again. ”

”I don ’t see your face very well either.
As for who won ’t appear again in the future, we ’ll see. ” Ji Xiao is waiting for Jing min, his eyes are full of hatred and malice.

”Well, then we ’ll see. ” Jing min finished and turned to go.

”Chuyang! ” As soon as Liu HANGGANG arrived, he saw Jing Min who was going to enter the video studio and immediately called him.
He had been trying to see Jing min all the time.
Jing min didn ’t see him.
Last time, he didn ’t come to the game because of something important.
This time, he finally saw him.
Of course, he couldn ’t let him leave easily.

As soon as Jing min heard Liu Hang ’s voice, she seemed to see the God of pestilence, and quickened her pace to go inside.
Jing min is not afraid of him, but can ’t do anything to him for the time being.
Being entangled by him is too annoying, so simply avoid him.

”Chuyang, wait for me.
I have something to tell you. ” Liu Hang trotted to Jingmin.

Ji Xiao looked at Liu Hang, who ran past him to chase Jing min, as if he had not found him.
He was about to burst into anger.
However, he could only cover his chest, which was not smooth in breathing, and went to the rest room by himself.

When Liu Hang was about to catch Jing min, Jing min had already entered the rest room, and several bodyguards stopped him at the door.

”Chuyang, chuyang! ” Liu Hang, in a hurry, yelled at the door.

”If you don ’t leave, we ’ll have to throw you out. ” The bodyguard warned.

Another bodyguard filmed a video nearby, proving that Liu Hang was the first to make trouble.
”We have recorded the process.
Are you sure you don ’t leave? ”

Liu Hang clenched his fist tightly.
He knew that he had no chance of winning the battle with these powerful bodyguards, but he also knew that the bodyguards would not dare to do anything to him here, so he considered whether to break in.

”What is this doing? ” Gu mang is very unhappy when he sees Liu Hang making trouble outside the Jingmin rest room.

Liu Hang looked back and saw that it was Gu mang.
He immediately explained respectfully, ”Mr.
Gu, it ’s nothing.
I just want to see my old friends, but there is a misunderstanding between us.
He doesn ’t want to see me. ”

Although Liu Hang doesn ’t know Gu Mang ’s real background, he knows that he is not just a simple artist because his family has business contacts with Gu Mang ’s company.
Gu Mang ’s real background is very mysterious, but everyone in the entertainment industry knows that he is not easy to offend, because no one who has offended him, no matter how fierce, has a good end.
Naturally, Liu Hang does not dare to be presumptuous in front of him.

”Now that you know he doesn ’t want to see you, what are you doing here? Don ’t you see that the game is about to start? Do you think you want to play video games for your personal reasons? ” Gu mang criticized him with severe questions. ”I ’m sorry, I ’m leaving now. ” Liu immediately apologized.

After watching Gu mang enter his own lounge, Liu hangcai noticed that many people were watching him.
He immediately lowered his head and walked into the rest room of Ji Xiao.

Ji Xiao coldly looked at Liu Hang who came in and didn ’t speak.
He saw Liu hang outside Jingmin ’s door to see Jing min, because he was too angry in his heart.
Even if he found that many passers-by were looking at Liu Hang with different eyes, he did not go forward to remind him, but directly entered his own rest room.

Liu Hang didn ’t notice Ji Xiao ’s cold eyes, let alone his angry mood, because he was very confused in his mind and had no mind to pay attention to other things.
After entering the rest room, he sat on the sofa in a daze and thought about something.

Ji Xiao is more angry because of Liu Hang ’s attitude, but he can ’t quarrel with him at this time when he thinks that he will be on the stage later.
Otherwise, his mood will be more seriously affected.
After all the competitions are over, he has to win the hearts of the people and pave the way for the future.

Because Jing min was the first in the first two performances, he was the last one to sing on the stage, and Ji Xiao performed in front of him.

When Ji Xiao came to the stage, he would be weak but tough.
Jing min looked at the TV screen and thought that he was really blind when he was a singer.
He should be an actor.
Maybe he can achieve greater success.

Before singing, Ji Xiao comforts fans to the camera, so that fans don ’t worry about him.
He is in good condition now, so that everyone must vote fairly.

The more he makes a strong look, the more heartache his fans feel.
This is exactly what he wants.

Maybe it ’s just like Jing min thought.
In fact, Ji Xiao might be better if he went to be an actor, because he participated in the creation of this song.
It ’s just like plain water.
It has no taste.

The other two judges thought that he had a heart attack, and they could not bear to criticize him too much.
They were also worried that he would be called merciless.
Although they tried to give him some good comments, he could not find any merit in his song.
The two judges can only make the criticism as implicit as possible, and then give him some encouragement in all aspects, and then it is over.

When it was Gu Mang ’s turn to give comments, he was very straightforward in criticizing his songs from the beginning to the end.
Perhaps it was Gu Mang ’s critics that had an impact on people ’s hearts.
Ji Xiao standing on the stage was severely hit by Gu Mang ’s criticism.

Ji Xiao ’s forced calm face is about to support.
Although he has prepared himself to be criticized by Gu Mang, he did not expect Gu mang to be so cruel.

The other two judges were not so critical because they were worried that they would be said to be unsympathetic, but Gu mang did not have such concerns at all.
Because compared with the brain powder, Gu Mang ’s number of brain palsy is not less than that of any bright stars in the entertainment industry.
They can ’t tolerate any bad words from Gu mang.

What ’s more, Gu Mang ’s words have always been very persuasive.
Although Ji Xiao ’s fans are somewhat distressed, he has been criticized so ruthlessly, but inexplicably, they feel that Gu Mang ’s words are quite reasonable.

Ji Xiao was criticized too much by Gu Mang, and was greatly hit.
When he stepped down, his steps were unsteady.
Because he was too unwilling and unconvinced in his heart, for a moment, he came up with an idea.
He felt that he would faint again and see that he could attract some insults and accusations to Gu mang on the Internet.
However, he soon suppressed the idea.
His reason was still in his mind.
He knew that it was not good for him to fight with Gu mang.

To tell you the truth, the audience ’s expectations of Jing min are not very high, because the songs created by the first few people are really hard to hear.
So the audience thought that Jing min might sing well, but the competition content set by the production team was too strict.
It was really difficult to create a good song in such a short time.

Jingmin took a guitar on stage.
He was ready to play and sing by himself, but it was not a solo.
Of course, there was still music accompaniment.
The guitar was just a tool that he wanted to play handsome by the way.

Jingmin plucks the guitar string, a mouth is a light Lyric tune, and then accompanies the sound from light to big, the mood transition will not make people feel too sudden, nor too slow.

By the time of the * * part, the audience was immediately attracted by the tune, and at the same time produced the idea that the song was really good to listen to.

The songs that can really be popular for a long time and become classics and memories after they are not popular are songs that can immediately catch people ’s hearts when they listen to them for the first time.
Sometimes that kind of instant impact on the heart of the sense of being brought in, is most able to move people ’s hearts, because there will be a sense of identity that I have had such experience.

Jing min created this song, although it was very easy to complete, but also spent some thought, plus the help of the system, one shot and red, there is no problem.
And this song became one of his classic masterpieces after a long time.

Really good songs, people want to continue to listen to them after listening to them once.
This is what all the listeners have in mind at the same time after listening to Jingmin ’s songs.The live audience and some of the viewers who watched the live broadcast even had no patience to listen to the judges ’ comments.
They directly picked up their mobile phones and started searching the Internet to see if there was anyone on the Internet who recorded the live broadcast just now.
I didn ’t expect to have it, and the number of hits and playback is increasing at an amazing speed.

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