After the death of the emperor, the Su family, who controlled the military power of the imperial capital, made an action to assassinate the prince who had not yet ascended the throne.
Su Huai ’s father, Su Yongsheng, led his troops into the palace on the pretext of catching the assassins.
In a false fight with the assassins arranged by themselves, they let those assassins kill the prince, and then they quickly took control of the palace.

However, in just a few days, Anyang ’s world has undergone tremendous changes.
His father and his brother have not.
As the only blood of an family and the only emperor Qing, his fate is suddenly in the hands of others.
Whether life or death or other, he will not be in charge.

The throne can ’t be left vacant for a long time, otherwise the world will be in chaos.
But the prince is dead, and only Anyang, who can ’t inherit the throne, has no other male blood and no collateral.
Therefore, Su Guanglin, who controlled the military power in the capital, took the throne with the support of the minister who had been attracted by his family.

However, there are still many ministers loyal to the Anshi Dynasty.
Su Guanglin can kill several ministers who take the lead in opposing him and warn other ministers, but it is impossible to kill all the ministers finally in the an Dynasty.
As soon as the son of an Yang ’s family comes, he will support his two sons, so they will support Su Ming ’s family.

Anyang, who was almost imprisoned in the palace, was unwilling to marry Su Ming after knowing that Su Guanglin wanted him to marry Su Ming.
Although he is only 15 years old and grew up under the protection of his father and his father, it does not mean that he is naive enough to know nothing.
The palace is a place where there will never be a real pure minded person, because such people will not live long.

Although Su ’s father and son said that his brother was killed by assassins, the Su family quickly took control of the palace, and then Su Guanglin sat on the throne in a short time.
It was obvious that the Su family had planned for it.
What ’s more, his brother ’s death is very strange.
How the assassins got into the palace has not been investigated clearly.
All kinds of signs make Anyang suspect that the person who killed his brother was arranged by the Su family.

Anyang is not willing to marry Su Ming even though he is dead.
It is impossible for him to give birth to Su Ming ’s children, because in his heart, the Su family is already his enemy.
He wanted to avenge his brother, but he was trapped in his bedroom and watched by others.
He had no freedom at all, let alone take revenge on his own ability.

Anyang felt very painful.
He didn ’t want to live, but he was not willing to die, because he had not seen the people of the Su family get their deserved retribution and punishment.

There are many people who don ’t want Anyang to marry Su Ming.
Su Huai is one of them.

Other people do not want Anyang to marry Su Ming for various reasons, but Su Huai ’s reasons are different from others.
He felt that his grandfather was very old.
When his father became emperor, his elder brother would be the crown prince and the emperor in the future.
If Anyang married Su Ming and had children, in order to get the support of the ministers of the previous dynasty, Anyang would certainly be the Empress Dowager.
If the son he gave birth to became emperor, he would also be the Empress Dowager.

Su Huai had to wait until his position was higher than Anyang ’s, and how could he just look at him again surpassing him in status.
In any case, he could not let things go on so smoothly.

Su Huai thinks that the simplest and effective way is to make Anyang no longer exist in this world, so he will never have worries about his future.

He chose a sunny day to see Anyang, and after seeing Anyang, all the palace servants retired.

When Su Huai sees an Yang in looking at him, he is still that pair of lofty arrogant appearance, in the heart is angry not to be able to.
He felt that it was clear that their current identities were different.
Why was Anyang superior to him.

Anyang was born to be emperor Qing.
With the imperial education of the 15th anniversary, his momentum has been integrated into his bone marrow.
Therefore, it is not that he wants to appear aloof, but his noble temperament, which makes people feel that they want to bow their heads and dare not look directly.

Anyang doesn ’t know why Su Huai came to see him, but he doesn ’t want to see anyone from the Su family.
During this period of time, Su Ming always comes to deliver things to him, which is enough to upset him.
Now another Su family comes to see him, and he still looks like he ’s in trouble.
He doesn ’t want to pay any attention to him.

When Anyang saw Su Huai rushing towards him with a knife in his hand, he stood there motionless.
Maybe he would be free and would not have to face everything now and live in pain.

When the knife was inserted into Anyang ’s heart, he fell back to the ground and looked at the blue sky.
Although he felt that he was about to be liberated, he hated himself for not being able to avenge his brother before he died.

The young man in white killed the beautiful young man in red.
Jing min saw this picture in his last life, but he can ’t think why he saw such a picture in his last life.
Can only continue to look down, and so on after all things understand, and then seriously think about this problem.

Su Huai killed Anyang and told others that he committed suicide.Su ’s father and son are very surprised by Anyang ’s death.
Although they also suspect that Anyang was killed by Su Huai, he has already died.
No matter whether he committed suicide or homicide, they have lost a hostage that can be controlled.
It is no longer meaningful to pursue him.
If they want to subdue those ministers who are loyal to the former dynasty, they can only rely on spending more time and mind, and slowly wear away their strength.

But Anyang was not really dead.
After he was buried, a secret guard loyal to his father and Emperor dug him out and rescued him.
After that, he took him all the way to the south.

This secret guard was originally ordered to protect Anyang secretly after the death of Anyang ’s father.
He saw that an Yang was stabbed into the heart by Su Huai.
After su Huai left, he gave an Yang a fake death medicine, and then saved him after Anyang was buried and took him to escape.

Anyang ’s appearance is a big problem.
Once they are found out, they will either be caught back, or they will be chased and killed alive.
Fortunately, that comfort was good at medicine.
He gave Anyang a medicine that could make his face grow old and ugly.
However, this medicine could only last for a month.
After a month, he had to take it again.

Therefore, Jing min can see two different appearances of Anyang in the system.
In fact, he is the only one.

The dark guards and Anyang fled to a city on the southern border to settle down.
It was far enough from the imperial capital, and living in the city instead of the suburbs was actually more difficult to arouse suspicion.

Dark Wei left him a lot of money and a medicine book for Anyang to wait for him.
He had to do some things, and it would take a few months to get back here.

However, the dark guard never returned to Anyang because he was involved in a fight and was killed.
Anyang had to wait for seven years.
In fact, Anyang had already guessed that the dark guard must be more or less ominous.
Otherwise, he would not have gone back for so many years.
The people left by his father ’s emperor could not have gone back to see him because he had left him alone and fled.

The silver left by the dark guard is enough for Anyang to live a simple life for a lifetime.
In addition to purchasing the necessities of life, he hardly goes out of the house, but cooking and other things have to be done by himself.
At first, he really didn ’t know anything, and he didn ’t want to live, but he didn ’t know why.
He lived alone for seven years.

Every once in a while, Anyang had to go up the mountain to find some herbs to make him ugly.
He didn ’t know why, but he couldn ’t find any herbs for several days.
He began to worry because if he didn ’t get all the herbs, his appearance would recover.

On the day when Jing min passed through Anyang ’s body, Anyang searched the mountain for a long time, but he still couldn ’t find the herbs he needed.
However, in the last day, if he couldn ’t find the herbs, he couldn ’t go down the mountain and go back to the city until it was dark.

When Anyang hesitated whether to go down the mountain first or spend the night on the mountain and continue to look for it at dawn, he faintly heard the sound of fighting.
At this time, Anyang certainly won ’t run over to see what ’s going on.
It ’s like running to death.

He immediately ran away cautiously in the opposite direction of the sound, but before he ran a few steps, he was hit by something in the back of the neck and fainted on the grass.

The man who hit him was Xue Chengyu.
At that time, Xue Chengyu and his subordinates were fighting with several southern spies.
Although Anyang had tried his best to escape, he was still noticed by Xue Chengyu.
Xue Chengyu didn ’t know his identity, but he could tell that Anyang didn ’t know martial arts.
So he made him dizzy and went to hunt down the spies who had escaped from the limelight with his subordinates.
He planned to solve all the Nanman spies and see who he was.

When Anyang faints, his appearance returns to its original state, and at this time, Jing min ’s soul also enters into Anyang ’s body and takes its place.

After Xue Chengyu came back, he found that Jing min woke up earlier than he expected.
When he wanted to catch Jing min, he found that people who did not know martial arts had suddenly learned martial arts.
He was surprised.
After seeing Jing min ’s appearance, he felt that his identity was not ordinary, so he could not be released.

After the things, all by Jing min own experience, do not need to understand through the system, he or a detailed understanding of a Xue Chengyu this person ’s identity.

The father of the Xue family, Anyang ’s father and emperor, used to contain each other with the Su family.
Xue Chengyu ’s father was also a king of different surnames with outstanding military achievements.
At that time, he was named king Annan.

The king of Beiguang and King Annan, one south and one north, kept the border of their territory and made great achievements in war.
However, the father and emperor of Anyang did not treat them unfairly.
They were constantly rewarded by adding officials.
Because he was a benevolent and righteous emperor, he didn ’t do anything to make the old minister feel cold because he was so proud of their achievements.

However, as an emperor, he must be prevented.
The emperor gradually realized the ambition of Su family ’s existence, so he was called back to the imperial capital by the emperor of Beiguang.
It is not an easy thing for a general with military power to hand over his military power, not only to make everyone speechless, but also to let the king of Beiguang have no reason and excuse to rebel.Therefore, Anyang ’s father and Emperor exchanged the military power of the commander-in-chief of the capital and asked the king of Beiguang to take the initiative to hand over the military power of the Zhenbei army.

It is not easy for the king of Beiguang to completely subdue the soldiers of the imperial capital.
However, the king of Beiguang also felt that the emperor was on guard against him.
Moreover, the emperor ’s exchange of military power with the commander-in-chief of the imperial capital was already a great favor.
At this time, he could only follow the emperor ’s will.

In the emperor ’s heart, actually more trust in King Annan, because King Annan was the emperor ’s companion when he was a child.
They met and grew up together since childhood.
The emperor was very clear about what kind of man was king Annan.
Moreover, king an Nan was really loyal to the emperor.
He had never had any other ideas.
It can be said that he had been loyal to the emperor.
If the emperor wanted him to hand over his military power, he would not hesitate to give him a hint.

The emperor also knew that King Annan had a very good son, Xue Chengyu.
He wanted to wait a few years, and when Xue Chengyu was more mature, he would recall King Annan to the imperial capital, help him contain the king of Beiguang, and let Xue Chengyu continue to guard the southern border for his father.
However, the emperor ’s body was getting worse day by day, and Nanman ’s movements became more and more frequent, which made him unable to return to the imperial capital.

At the time of the emperor ’s death, if King Annan was in the imperial capital, it would be impossible for the Su family to kill the crown prince and take the throne.
However, the repeated attacks of Nanman made him unable to escape, which led to the Su family ’s opportunities.

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