An Yangchuan (5)

Xue Chengyu put Lengyu back into the box, took out another one from the drawer, took out a piece of cork and sent it to Jing min ’s mouth.
He pressed it on his body from behind him and said, ”I ’ll help you. ”

Jing min kept shaking.
His body could not bear it.
At this time, he couldn ’t say anything to refuse.
He could only open his mouth and hold the cork and let Xue Chengyu do what he wanted.

Xue Chengyu untied his pants, put a hand around Jing min ’s waist, lifted his buttocks up, and then slowly pressed down.

Jing min felt that the moment he entered, the body was immediately relieved from the heat, but his body was more excited and wanted to get more stimulation and pleasure.

Xue Chengyu hugs Jing min tightly, kisses his side face and neck, waist slowly swing.

Jing min is not satisfied because of not satisfied, dislike his action is too slow, Jing min mouth with cork, suppress the voice urge way ”faster. ”

Xue Chengyu immediately according to Jing min ’s words to speed up, a hand constantly stroking Jing min smooth skin, and then stay between the legs.

Jing min bit the cork and tried not to make a sound.
His body was very excited.
The feeling of being filled and caressed made his body feel a lot of satisfaction.
The shaking of the carriage makes Jing min think that he is doing this kind of thing in the carriage.
The sense of shame and inexplicable stimulation make his brain and body more excited.

Before and after are taken care of by Xue Chengyu, Jing min can only lie on the pillow, tightly grasp the quilt, with his nose whispered out unbearable groan.

Jing min ’s body was turned over, facing Xue Chengyu.
Xue Chengyu lifted up his straight and slender legs, then pressed them on his chest and began to sprint again.

”Woo ~ ” Jing min couldn ’t bear such a posture, but with cork in his mouth, Xue Chengyu ’s speed was too fast to make any other sound.
He could only protest with a small whimper like a kitten who was caught and couldn ’t move.

”Are you comfortable? ” Xue Chengyu asks in Jing min ’s ear.

Jing min nodded slightly.
The feeling of being tortured by * * has been relieved.
His body is painful and comfortable.
He has forgotten where he is, because his brain has no way to think and can only enjoy it instinctively.

Jing min had closed his eyes, paralyzed body, let Xue Chengyu play with him.
When he felt a warm current flowing into his abdomen, he immediately opened his eyes and looked at Xue Chengyu, struggling to shake his head.

Xue Chengyu held Jingmin for a long time.
When the heat wave in their bodies receded, he slowly let Jingmin go and helped him clean his body a little bit.

Xue Chengyu took out another box and took out a green jade stick which was much thinner than Lengyu.
He opened Jing min ’s leg and put it into his body.

Jing Min has not slowed down.
His heart is still beating fast, and his breath is not stable.
He looks at Xue Chengyu ’s movements and opens his mouth to talk, but he finds that the cork is still in his mouth.

Xue Chengyu wiped his hands with a wet towel, helped Jing min to bring the cork out of his mouth, and said to him, ”what you use is the medicinal jade for maintenance.
It ’s good for your health, only the thumb is thick and thin, and you won ’t feel anything. ”

Jing Min wants to say that even if he has only thumb thickness, he will feel good.
However, when he thinks of the size of the cold jade, Jing min thinks that this degree can be tolerated.
He took a look at the cabinet and thought how many things Xue Chengyu had prepared there? It seems to have been premeditated.

Xue Chengyu helped Jing min wipe his body and insert his face, then covered the quilt and let him sleep well.

Jing min was lying in the quilt.
He looked at Xue Chengyu and said, ”why do you have to leave things in my body every time? Do you know I ’m going to get pregnant

Jing min didn ’t want to get pregnant, not because he hated children, but because he would keep his memory every time he reincarnated.
Once he had a child, he was more concerned.
No, he liked this feeling.

”When you are pregnant, you are born. ” Xue Chengyu of course knows that he will get pregnant.
He doesn ’t care what Jing min is, but they will have children.
When he forced Jing min for the first time, he already had the idea of asking him to help him have children.

”It ’s easy for you to say, but it ’s not for you. ” Jing min white his one eye, ”my innocence was taken away by you, but also want me to give you a child, you want the beauty. ”

Xue Chengyu packed up his things and lay down beside Jing min, holding his head and looking at Jing min, he said, ”the child was born with your surname.
I can help you get whatever you want, but you must be mine. ”

Before Xue Chengyu didn ’t know Jing min ’s real identity, what he thought was that after he went back, they would become their own children as soon as possible.
If they had children, no matter what purpose Jing min came to him with, he would certainly put down what should be put down for the sake of the children.
But when he knew Jing min ’s real identity, he knew that it would not be so easy for them to be bright together.
However, he did not worry and fear anything.
He would level the road at all costs until the day when they stood upright and faced the public.Jing min is silent with his eyes open.
He knows that every time he has a body that can be pregnant, he has a reason to have a child.
Even if he doesn ’t want to have a baby, he can ’t make the decision.

Xue Chengyu lowers his head and kisses Jing min.
Jing min, who is immersed in his thoughts, kisses him back habitually.
They kiss each other for a long time, until Jing min ’s sleepiness comes up and slowly falls asleep again.

From the south to the capital of the emperor, Jing min suffered a lot because he spent most of his time lying down and sleeping.
The sober time is used to deal with Xue Chengyu.
Jing min thinks that there will be a lot of times when he is sad because Xue Chengyu ’s protest is too strong.

Xue Chengyu sat on his horse, and his soldiers stepped into the imperial capital.

Today, Xue Chengyu returned to the imperial capital with Zhennan army.
Many people in the city came to watch.
The teahouses and restaurants on both sides of the street where the army was going to pass were already full.

Xue Chengyu is the most famous general, because although he is young, he has already surpassed his father.
What ’s more, he made the soldiers of the southern barbarians feel frightened.
If they saw him on the battlefield, their first reaction was to stop fighting and run away.
The name of battlefield God had already been spread all over Dayan.

So people are curious about what the Zhennan general looks like, which is said to be cruel and frightens the southern barbarians just by hearing about his reputation.

Xue Chengyu and his elite soldiers had too much evil spirit.
When they passed by, they looked at the people who were noisy and talked about, and immediately stopped talking and hid behind.
Some timid, not only the face is scared white, there is a sense of inexplicable fear, the child is scared to cry.

Most of the teahouses beside the street are open windows.
There are many heads sticking out to look down.
Only one window is opened a little.
However, people inside are looking down, and they are looking at Xue Chengyu.

Although he was being watched by many people, the only one that caught the attention of Xue Chengyu was that he looked up at the window which was not fully opened.

Suddenly, he looks at Xue Chengyu, which makes Su Huai ’s heart seem to be hit by an arrow, and penetrates his body.
Su Huai pressed his chest, trying to suppress the feeling of palpitation and rapid heartbeat.

”Emperor Qing, are you all right? ” Next to see Su Huai face is not right, immediately concerned asked.

”It ’s OK. ” Su Huai shook his head.

”This Zhennan general is worthy of being called the evil god.
He even looks so terrible.
Although he is very handsome, he knows that he has a bad temper and is difficult to get along with.
If emperor Qing really follows him I ’m afraid it is…
” The valet did not finish, but his eyes were full of worry.

Xue Chengyu ’s back has disappeared from sight.
Su Huai goes to the table and sits down.
He holds up the tea cup on the table and puts it to his mouth.
Instead of opening his mouth to drink, he focuses on his own mind.

Today, he came to see what this young general looked like.
Combined with all kinds of rumors about him, Su Huai thought he was a gloomy and strong man with a full face.
Although King Annan is very good-looking, it is difficult for him to follow the good side of Xue Chengyu ’s description.

Su Huai didn ’t expect Xue Chengyu to be so imposing, so majestic and full of momentum.
It ’s really hard to be unmoved.
He put down a cup he hadn ’t drunk, put his hand on his chest again, and carefully felt the feeling he had just felt.
He asked himself, is it that he is moved by a person he has just met once? Even if that person looks really good, he is definitely one of the best in the imperial capital, but he How could that be possible?

Most of the soldiers of the Zhennan army have settled down in the camp outside the city.
Xue Chengyu only takes his elite soldiers into the city.
After returning to the palace, most of his elite soldiers will be sent to other places, and only a few will follow him into the city.

The gate of the palace was open.
Xue Chengyu ’s two younger brothers and three housekeepers stood at the gate waiting to meet Xue Chengyu.
When they saw Xue Chengyu riding on a horse from a distance, the housekeeper immediately asked his servants to think about King an Nan and report to the son of God that he was back.

When he was about to reach the gate of the palace, Zhuxin went into the carriage and helped Jing min to put on the curtain cap.
After the carriage stopped, Zhuxin helped Jingmin to get off the train.

”Welcome the son to his home. ” The three housekeepers took the lead in saluting Xue Chengyu.

”Big brother. ” Xue Chengqi and Xue Chengfeng, Xue Chengyu ’s two younger brothers, also saluted.

After getting off the horse, Xue Chengyu went to the side of the carriage, helped Jing min down from the carriage, and then helped Jing min into the palace.

Xue Chengqi and Xue Chengfeng looked at each other and wondered who made their big brother so considerate.
However, they knew that it was not the time to ask questions, so they suppressed their curiosity and followed Xue Chengyu.

After entering the second gate, when he was about to arrive at the main hall, Xue Chengyu said to Zhuxin, ”take the young master to my courtyard to have a rest. ”

”Yes. ” Bamboo heart immediately forward, supporting Jing min to the direction of Xue Chengyu yard.

Xue Chengyu wants to see King Annan first.
There must be many people in the main hall.
He can ’t take Jingmin directly.Xue Chengyu is the son of a generation.
The size and layout of his courtyard are of course second only to King Annan.
Although Xue Chengyu has never lived in this courtyard for so long, he has always taken good care of it.
This time, he must have lived for a longer time.
The housekeeper made great efforts to rearrange the furnishings in the courtyard.
He did not dare to be careless.

Although Jing min didn ’t suffer much, he felt tired after more than 20 days in the carriage.
When he got to Xue Chengyu ’s courtyard, he immediately took a hot bath and relaxed.
Then let Zhuxin help him dry his hair and put on new clothes, waiting for Xue Chengyu to bring Annam king to see him.

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