An Yangchuan (8)

Xue Chengyu came out of the bath room and lay down beside Jingmin.
Looking at Jingmin ’s sleeping face, he felt extremely satisfied.
He felt that being able to own this person is definitely the greatest harvest and happiness of his life.
Thinking of Anyang being killed in the palace, he was suddenly very glad that he did not really die.
However, his life may not be complete.

He kisses his forehead, eyes, nose and mouth.
His soft touch makes him want to hold people in his mouth.
He repeatedly kisses Jing min on his face many times, and Jing Min has no sign of waking up.
Thinking that he must be tired by riding in the carriage all the way, he will let him have a good sleep tonight.

Xue Chengyu hugs Jingmin into his arms, and puts Jing min ’s face against his chest.
He reaches into Jingmin ’s clothes, stroking his tender skin, and slowly falls asleep.

The next morning, it had already passed Xue Chengyu ’s usual time to get up and practice, but he didn ’t get up on time today, because he was so fragrant, soft and smooth in his arms that he couldn ’t let go of his body.
Even if he woke up, he didn ’t want to wake up.

Jing min from a deep sleep to half awake, suddenly feel some heat, abdomen is also very empty, there is a sense of urgent need to be filled.
Thinking that it might be the drug ’s attack again, feeling his strong chest behind him, Jing min took off his wet underpants and lifted his buttocks to rub against Xue Chengyu ’s abdomen.

Xue Chengyu lifted one of Jing min ’s feet and put it on his feet.
His waist straightened forward.
The feeling of being wrapped by the soft touch made him sigh comfortably.

”Um ~ ” Jing min grabs Xue Chengyu ’s hand and holds it with his fingers.
The feeling of being filled makes his body satisfied, but Xue Chengyu ’s speed in and out makes some people unable to bear it.
Because he is too big, he has been stretched out many times, which makes him feel comfortable and painful at the same time.

Xue Chengyu held Jingmin tightly.
He never thought that a female body could bring him such a wonderful feeling.
He finally understood what is the natural creature, and truly felt more happy than the immortal taste.
What made him feel more amazing was that such a small place could accommodate him.


Bamboo heart sent hot water in and out again.
Xue Chengyu pulled the curtain curtain curtain and got out of bed.
After wetting the towel, he sat back to the bed.

After a fierce exercise, Jing min lay on the bed with his legs open and let Xue Chengyu clean him.
Counting the previous generations, this man has helped him clean countless times, so he has been used to nothing.
However, when he helped him clean in previous generations, he had to get things out.
In this life, because his body was different from previous generations, he couldn ’t get those things out after they entered his body.

Although Jing min didn ’t feel much when Xue Chengyu helped him wipe it, he didn ’t do it well for a long time.
Jing min looked at him suspiciously.
After seeing his beast like eyes, he couldn ’t help closing his legs and no longer let Xue Chengyu continue to look.

Xue Chengyu patted Jing min ’s buttocks, covered him with quilts and went out to let people prepare food.

Jing min put on his clothes lazily, rubbed his eyes and walked out feebly.
When he met Xue Chengyu, who was just about to enter, he fell on him and didn ’t want to move.

Xue Chengyu sits on the bed with Jing min in his arms.
Soon, Zhuxin leads three female attendants in.
The attendants open the three layers of food boxes in their hands, and Zhuxin takes out the food inside for display.

Jing min leaned against Xue Chengyu ’s chest, looking at those delicate breakfast, no appetite.

Xue Chengyu took up the bird ’s nest porridge and handed it to his mouth one by one to feed him.
After Jing min refused to open his mouth for a few snacks, he wiped his mouth for him.

After the dishes were taken away, Xue Chengyu was thinking about whether to take Jing min back to bed and let him sleep for a while.
Zhuxin came in and handed out a post saying, ”son of God, this is a post sent by the housekeeper of the Imperial Palace in the morning. ”

Xue Chengyu did not move, Jing min left and sat up from his arms.
He stretched out his hand and took the card in Zhuxin ’s hand and said, ”let me have a look. ”

“…… Therefore, a banquet will be held on the boat at the time of Xu, and the general will be invited to visit the lake.
” Jing min finished reading this paragraph, looking at Xue Chengyu with bad eyes, ”just met one side and then hooked up? ”

”I ’ll hook up with anything, ” Xue Chengyu said, throwing the post back to Zhuxin.
”If you reply, you will say that I have something inconvenient and can ’t go. ”

Zhuxin took the post and went out again.
Jing min straddled Xue Chengyu ’s leg and said, ”well, why did he meet you once and invited you to visit the lake? It ’s cold.
What kind of Lake do you want to visit this evening? ”

Xue Chengyu put his arm around Jingmin ’s waist to prevent him from falling to the ground when he was excited.
This was the first time that someone questioned him in front of him, and it was the first time that someone threw aspersions on him.
He didn ’t know how many times he had died before.
But he looked at Jing min ’s face and thought that he was really lovely.

”You Hum Jing min saw that he was distracted, more angry, jumped down from him, walked to the bed, lying on the ground.

Xue Chengyu followed him, pressing himself on his generation and coaxed, ”I didn ’t promise to go? He killed you once before.
I ’ll remember it for you.
Don ’t worry.
I ’ll take revenge for you.
” ”I ’m afraid that if you ’re caught in his beauty trap and you can ’t find the north, you ’ll remember to avenge me. ” Jing min knew very well that Xue Chengyu only returned to the imperial capital.
The next day, Su Huai sent him a post to invite him to visit the lake in the evening.
Even if he didn ’t really like Xue Chengyu, he must have a purpose for him.
However, he knew that Xue Chengyu could not be attracted to Su Huai.
He still had this confidence because they had been lovers for so many generations.
However, he was not comfortable in his mind.
He wanted to deliberately make trouble out of Xue Chengyu.

Xue Chengyu touched his hair and said, ”I met him yesterday.
I don ’t think he even deserves to lift your shoes.
How could he be fascinated by him.
It ’s not that I haven ’t met someone more beautiful than him, and I ’m not only fascinated by you in the end

”Hum, don ’t think I won ’t care if I say a few nice words to coax me, ” Jing min sat up and said, ”I haven ’t been back to the imperial capital for seven years, and I haven ’t swam around yingyue lake for a long time.
Now that I ’ve come back, I ’d like to see the scenery of yingyue lake again. ”

”I see.
I ’ll send someone to prepare.
You can go to sleep. ” Xue Chengyu asked Jing min to lie down and cover his quilt.
After looking at him for a while, he got up and left to deal with his affairs.

Jing min didn ’t really want to visit the lake.
Although it was the late autumn season, it was also the time when yingyue lake was busy.
What he didn ’t like the most was to join the fun when it was cold.
However, Su Huai ’s purpose of getting close to Xue Chengyu is so obvious that he dares to rob a man from him.
Later, he will calculate with his new hatred and old hatred.
Now, even if we can ’t get revenge for the time being, we will be angry with him.

Xue Chengyu has already rejected Su Huai, saying that he can ’t go.
Although Jing min is not sure whether Su Huai will continue to visit the lake after he is rejected, if he goes and happens to see the cruise ship of Annam palace, he will surely try to get close to Xue Chengyu, and Jing min is ready to play a trick on him.

Su Huai is choosing the clothes to wear in the evening.
When he thinks of spending the night alone with Xue Chengyu, his heart beats faster.
When the time comes, under the moonlight, on the lake, the outside is busy and the boat is quiet.
After having a few drinks with him, he does not believe that Xue Chengyu is not interested in himself.

The valet sent a reply from Xue Chengyu to Su Huai.
Su Huai took it with excitement.
When he opened it and saw the refusal, his expression immediately collapsed.

In recent years, he was not only proud of himself, but also surrounded by aristocratic children and young talents of the imperial capital.
No one had refused him for many years.
He was the emperor ’s favorite minister, and Xue Chengyu dared to refuse him.

Su Huai angrily throws the reply on the ground.
His valet Fang Yun squats down to pick up the reply, opens it and says, ”the son of Annam king is really ungrateful.
He dares to refuse the invitation of emperor Qing! ”

Su Huai is not in the mood of choosing clothes.
He sits on the reclining chair and sulks.
He is angry, but he is still scratching his heart and lungs.
He wants to see Xue Chengyu.
But he feels that he is so frustrated that his heart aches.

Perhaps the emperor ’s face was not the intention of the emperor to refuse

”What do you say? ” Su Huai looked up at Fang Yun.

”Emperor Qing is the first beauty of our big Yan, and she is highly valued by his majesty.
How can anyone not be moved by Emperor Qing? ” Fang Yun said, ”Nanwang ’s world is another one who has only stayed in the south for so many years, and has seen several beauties.
When he saw emperor Qing, he must have thought that he had seen the gods, and he couldn ’t have been moved by Emperor Qing.
The reason why he refused the invitation was probably because of King Annan, who might have known that his majesty intended to marry emperor Qing to his son, but he had always been estranged from the royal family of Dayan, and he certainly did not want to.

”You ’re right. ” Su Huai thought about it and thought that Fang Yun ’s words were very reasonable.
He stood up and said angrily, ”the king of Annan is really hateful.
My father is the emperor now, but he still thinks of the royal family of the previous dynasty.
Hum! He doesn ’t want me to marry Xue Chengyu.
Can ’t I? I ’ll ask my father to marry him and see what he can do

“…… Will emperor Qing go to the lake tour tonight? ” Fang Yun asked.

”Go! ” Su Huai said, ”of course! Since Xue Chengyu doesn ’t come, we can ’t waste all the things that I have worked hard to prepare.
If you ask people to go, please invite all the people I invited last time and let them accompany me to swim in the lake.

”Yes. ” Fang Yun saluted and then went out.

Su Huai continued to choose his clothes, thinking that he would dress up carefully and make sure that the aristocratic children who accompanied him to swim in the lake would be fascinated again tonight.
Then he thought with some anguish, who would stay with him for the night after the lake tour?

When night came, Jing min just woke up.
He had a good sleep, so now he is full of energy.
He has enough energy to go to the lake and teach someone a lesson.

Jing min combed her head, changed her clothes, took out a porcelain bottle, and smeared her own medicine on her face.
Others are to the beautiful painting, only he wants to paint ugly.
Although he didn ’t plan to show up tonight, he was going to do some cover up just in case.

Xue Chengyu has been prepared for everything that should be prepared.
After he returns to the palace, he directly takes Jingmin to the lake.

Jing min from the mirror to see Xue Chengyu come in, get up to go to his front, look up to let him see his face ”ugly? ” ”Not ugly. ” He looked down at his eyes.

”Hum, it ’s not ugly to be like this.
Don ’t try to coax me. ” Jing min was originally a little excited, but suddenly he was not happy.
Everyone had a heart for beauty.
He had such a beautiful face that he could not show off.
He had to play ugly.
He felt depressed when he thought about it.

Xue Chengyu has always been a man who can never move his mouth, but this does not mean that he has bad eloquence.
However, in front of Jing min, he can neither start nor move his mouth.
He can only do something without doing it.

Help Jing min to wear the curtain cap, Xue Chengyu takes Jing min ’s hand and goes out.

There are many boats on the surface of yingyue lake.
The lake is very large, but not all boats can enter the lake, nor can any boat swim in the lake.
In the past, some senior officials of Qi Sanyue and others had to enter the area.

There are also many geisha boats on the lake, which have been parked at designated places, and music can be heard from afar.

The cruise ship of Annam palace is very conspicuous, because such a luxurious and grand three-layer cruise ship, even if it is an imperial capital, is not very common.
Even if ordinary people are rich, but the title has not reached, it is not allowed to have such a cruise ship.

After Jing min got off the carriage, Xue Chengyu helped him to the cruise ship.

Xue Chengyu ’s bodyguards and the servants of the palace are waiting on the boat, and all the arrangements are ready.
After Xue Chengyu and Jingmin get on the boat, the boat will go to the center of the lake first.

To the third floor of the most spacious and comfortable room, Jing min after taking off the curtain cap asked ”Su Huai to? ”

”Here it is. ” Xue Chengyu has just received news that Su Huai arrived earlier than them, and the cruise ship is already on the lake.

”Is it? ” Jing min smiles.

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