An Yangchuan (16)

while sitting in the carriage, Jing min suddenly heard a commotion outside, followed by shouting and fighting.
Jing min lifted the curtain and looked out.
The people outside were pushing each other in panic.
There were soldiers around his carriage.
Otherwise, it might have been overthrown by the crowd outside.

They came down from the mountain and were on the way back to Annam palace.
Suddenly, many masked men jumped out of the houses and alleys on both sides of the street, and attacked Jingmin ’s carriage with the same goal.

Xue Chengyu was riding a horse in front of the Jingmin carriage.
Seeing the people who jumped out, he looked as stable as Mount Tai and did not move.
But in fact, there was a cold and murderous look in his eyes.

Ordinary people are very panicked when they see those people jump out with knives and obviously know martial arts.
They want to run away, but because there are too many people, they can ’t run, which leads to the situation of pushing.

These masked men were obviously lying in ambush here, waiting for the carriage of Prince Annan ’s house to pass by.
Although they had been ambushed for a long time, Xue Chengyu was not unprepared.
He got the news early in the morning that the prince sent someone to bury them and wanted to take advantage of the chaos of the crowd and Xue Chengyu ’s soldiers to take advantage of Jing min.

When Xue Chengyu knew the news, he thought that this time he would never let go of the prince.

After all the masked men jumped out, some attacked the common people and wanted to create more chaos.
When the others attacked the soldiers guarding the Jingmin carriage, the soldiers who had been prepared for a long time opened a large net to trap the people in the net so that they could not push them.
Then they quickly rushed to besiege the masked people.

When those masked men attacked the people, they found that the people they attacked were very good, because those people who were attacked by them were soldiers who were specially blocked in front of ordinary people through camouflage.

The form quickly reversed, and the masked people were attacked.
Those masked people wanted to escape when they saw the wrong form.
But Xue Chengyu had already ordered to seize all of them.
How could they escape.

The masked men were all wounded, and then tied up one by one to suppress kneeling on the ground.

The soldiers tore off the black cloth on the masked faces.
Xue Chengyu ’s bodyguard captain Ming sword stepped down and grabbed one of the men ’s hair.
He raised the man ’s face and looked at it.
He said to Xue Chengyu, ”son of the world, this man is from the prince ’s house.
His subordinates have seen him before. ”

”Did the prince send you? ” Xue Chengyu looked down at those kneeling on the ground.

Those people know that the mission has failed, and they will die no matter what.
But they still have relatives in the hands of the prince, so they will not say that the prince sent them.

Xue Chengyu didn ’t need their answers at all.
He meant to tell those people to listen.
It didn ’t matter whether they answered or not.
”Send people to the prince ’s house and let the prince identify whether these are his people or not.
If the prince is not in the house, let the servants of the prince ’s house identify them one by one.
If no one knows them, they will all be locked up in the prison for strict interrogation.

Xue Chengyu said the word ”strict interrogation ”, which means that these people have to go through a period of torture in order to get the final relief.

When the people saw that the people who attacked them were arrested, they gradually calmed down.
When they heard that they were sent by the prince, their anger and dissatisfaction broke out completely, and they called for Xue Chengyu to act for heaven.
For the sake of the people and all the creatures in the world, they could not let the Su family continue to be emperor.

The mood of the people became more and more excited, and almost all the people in the city began to rush to the palace and yell for the Su family to abdicate.
Such a scene has never been seen in any dynasty.

Seeing that the time had come, Xue Chengyu quickly rushed to the palace with a large number of soldiers who had already entered the city.

In the assassin ’s palace, after hearing the prince ’s explanation of the process, the emperor frowned and walked around, but could not find a way to solve the problem they were facing.
The emperor looked at Su Huai, whose face was red and swollen.
Seeing that he had no idea, he felt anxious, angry and helpless.

When their father and son were at a loss and couldn ’t think of a way to deal with it, the palace servant came in in in a hurry, his face full of panic, knelt down and said, ”my majesty, outside, the palace is surrounded by people, and general Xue Chengyu is leading his troops into the palace! ”

”What are you talking about? ” At the same time, the emperor, the crown prince and Su Huai looked at the palace servant in shock.
The news was so sudden that he could not react for a moment, because they did not expect the Xue family to rebel so suddenly.
They were totally unprepared.

”The people are shouting outside the palace for your majesty to abdicate.
General Xue ’s troops are coming in.
The palace guards can ’t stop them.
Your majesty is running away! ” The emperor ’s bodyguard, lying on the ground, cried.

”Xue Chengyu! How dare he, how dare he rebel The emperor was angry and flustered at the same time.
He was the emperor.
How could he escape without dignity, and even if he wanted to, where would he flee?

”Father, father, please think of a way The prince was also flustered.
He didn ’t expect that Xue Chengyu would dare to lead troops into the palace.
This means that if they don ’t resist, they can only be arrested. ”Go! Go to inform general Liao and general Wu and ask them to send soldiers into the palace to rescue them immediately! ” The emperor yelled, ”hurry up

The old palace servant got up and ran outside while wiping his tears.
The guards outside tried to find a way to rush out of the palace to find help.

However, the palace has been surrounded by Xue Chengyu ’s soldiers, and no one in the palace can go out.
Moreover, their father and son have made great efforts to arrange and arrange for them to take them down as soon as the opportunity comes.
It is absolutely impossible to give them a chance to fight back and defend themselves.

Jing min sat by the window for a while, and Zhuxin came to close the window and asked Jing min to go to bed.
Now it ’s cold, and it ’s night again.
Zhuxin doesn ’t dare to let him blow the wind.
Jing min doesn ’t insist.
He gets up and goes to the bed.

Jing min knew that Xue Chengyu would not come back tonight.
Even if the royal family had been under the control of King Annan for a long time, and their father and son had been working hard for so many years, they would not do it easily without full assurance, and now they have the support of the people.
However, it is not an easy thing to lead troops into the palace under any circumstances.
There is no room for a little mistake.
If there is no final victory, we can not take it lightly for a moment.

Jing min is lying on the bed with her eyes open.
She is not sleepy at all.
The Imperial Palace tonight will surely go through a bloody night.
Many people will die this evening.
Although he knows how powerful Xue Chengyu is, he still worries about whether he will be hurt accidentally.

As soon as he closed his eyes, Su ’s father and son, on the pretext of catching the assassin, led troops into the palace, but killed the elder brother of the original owner, namely the prince of the former dynasty.
Jing min felt that maybe it was the residual consciousness of the original owner.
Just tonight, all the gratitude and resentment would have an end, and the big revenge could finally be avenged.

Jing min didn ’t sleep all night.
He opened his eyes and waited until dawn.
He knew that after Xue Chengyu had full control of the palace and the Su ’s father and son, he would send someone to take him into the palace.
Because there were some things he needed to do in person.

As soon as Jing min got up, Xue Chengyu sent his bodyguard to pick him up.
After washing, he combed his head and changed his clothes under the service of Zhuxin and other attendants, and went directly into the palace.

After the carriage entered the palace, Jing min lifted the curtain and looked out.
Although the outside had been cleaned up and there was no body or blood, Jing min still smelled the smell of blood in the air.
The scene of last night ’s fighting was in front of the Buddha.

After getting out of the carriage, Jing min stepped into the palace where he usually went to the court.
What he wore today is still a red robe, but it is more dignified and dignified than his usual simple and comfortable robes.

Jingmin walked into the hall.
All the officials were there.
Su ’s father and son were more than a dozen.
They were all in a mess and were kneeling on the ground.
They were no longer as dignified and dignified as usual.
There were also some civil servants and military generals who were obviously loyal to the royal family of Su and wanted to resist Xue Chengyu and his son.

Although some of the other ministers supported King Annan and Xue Chengyu, there were others who were not satisfied.
However, those people were more intelligent and didn ’t show up at this time.
This is the reason why Jing Min has to come today.

Kneeling on the ground, Su Huai looks up and sees Jing min coming in wearing a red dress.
Her brain, which was still in a trance, immediately wakes up and stares at Jing min with resentment in her eyes.

Those ministers did not understand why Jing min would appear in the court at this time, and they all looked at Jing Min who came slowly in with puzzled eyes.

After Jing min came to Xue Chengyu ’s side, King Annan stood up to the emperor with disordered hair and ragged robes and said, ”Su Shengyong, you and your father led troops into the palace in the name of rescue, but you and your father killed the prince and occupied the throne for eight years.
Can you plead guilty? ”

”Hum! ” Su Shengyong is very clear in his heart that at this time, he has been completely defeated, and there is no way to live, so everything doesn ’t matter.
”Since I have been defeated by your father and son, you can kill me if you want to! But don ’t forget that our Su family ’s land was taken from our Su family ’s hands, and you Xue ’s family took it from us.
You are also ungrateful and treacherous officials and thieves! ”

”You also know that it is ungrateful and treacherous for your Suhuai family to take the throne of an family! ” King Annan thought that he had failed to protect the crown prince, but he still felt sad and self reproached.
He had never been interested in being an emperor, but he really hated the Su family and his son.
”Ask yourself, did your majesty treat you and your father badly when he was alive?! Have you ever done anything to make your family feel cold?! Are you forced to fight back? ”

”It ’s no use saying more.
You just want to revenge the former royal family and be good to your own emperor.
Now you have won and can be emperor. ” Su Yong looked at the Annam King angrily and said, ”but remember, one day, your Xue family will follow my example, and someone will take the throne from your Xue family and take away the land! You ’re not going to end well either

”Even if one day, you su family will not see it. ” Jingmin said.

”What are you? ” Su Yongsheng reluctantly maintained his final dignity.
He knelt down clearly, but looked up at Jing min and said, ”even if I ’m down and down, I won ’t be able to get you killed. ” ”He is the most qualified person in the world to punish you and teach you a lesson. ” Xue Chengyu said.

”Do you want to know who I am? ” Jing min looked at Su Yongsheng and said.

”Hum, I ’m just a pariah.
I think I ’ve cheated the common people in a mysterious way.
Is he really a man recognized by gods? I have no interest in knowing who you are Su Yongsheng scornfully turned his face to one side.

”Then you ’d like to know, then, what am I? ” Jing min looked at Su Huai again.

Su Huai just glared at Jingmin and didn ’t speak.

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