Li Sheng, Wu Zhong and several other bodyguards of Jingmin go to Jingmin ’s car.
They want Jingmin to take in other people, but they don ’t know whether Jingmin will agree or not, let alone what they will do if Jingmin doesn ’t agree, whether to stay or follow others.

Jing min turned his head and saw that they were trying to talk but stopped.
He said, ”let them all go in.
This is not the place to speak.
It is too conspicuous for so many people to gather here, which may lead to great trouble. ”

Several bodyguards returned to inform others, Jing min opened the door with remote control, and all the cars opened in.

Jingmin said to Li Sheng, who was driving, ”you can choose some representatives to talk to me.
Other people can go into the room and find their own room to rest.
Except for the third floor of the middle building, you can use other floors at will.
Oh, by the way, find a good room for Professor Cui to rest, and arrange a person to be responsible for his daily life.

Jing min knew that suddenly the end of the world was coming, and the zombies in mandao Street began to bite people, which was not so easy to accept.
Even if these bodyguards are trained, people with strong body and strong heart can not accept the sudden change of the world psychologically immediately.

So Jing min asked them to take a rest and adjust their psychological state.
They are all professional, so they know how to make themselves adapt to the changes of environment quickly, and they will not be so easily broken down as ordinary people.
Time is a good medicine to cure everything, but also the best help for people to accept the cruel reality.
In the process of time passing, either become accustomed to numbness, or choose to leave the world.
There is always a choice that can make you free.

Jing min sits in a small conference room used by her parents, waiting for them to choose representatives to negotiate with him.

In addition to Li Sheng and Wu Zhong, there are three other people who are the leaders of all bodyguards who can control the people below.

After Li Sheng closed the door, Jing min motioned for them to sit down, and then said to them, ”I know that it ’s hard for all of you to accept the fact that the world has suddenly changed, but the arrival of the end of the world can not be prevented by human beings.
Therefore, either accept and strive to live, or give up life and leave the world.
There are only two choices.
However, I think that professional bodyguards like you, who are elites among the elite, should not give up their lives so easily.
So tell me what you think.

Li Sheng looked at other people, and then, as a representative, expressed their thoughts in their hearts: ”we all want to live.
You have materials and weapons here.
Staying here is the greatest hope for us to survive.
And I believe you really have the ability to predict the future.

”I can predict the future, and I hope that no one but the five of you will know. ” Jing Min said seriously.

”You can rest assured that we will never tell anyone else, including our other brothers. ” Li Sheng also made a very serious pledge.

”If you want to stay, I ’m welcome.
After all, I have enough supplies here for you people to live for a long time.
And I need help to help me get things done so that I can live better in this world Jingmin said.

Hearing Jing min say so, five people ’s hearts are at the same time relieved.

”But since you are in my place, you must listen to me.
I will not force those who want to leave, and I welcome those who want to stay.
However, no matter who I am, any one of you who is not willing to listen to my arrangement, please leave immediately.
If there is someone who doesn ’t want to leave and doesn ’t want to follow my plan, I ’ll have to use the simplest and fastest way to get rid of that person.

”Since I dare to let you stay, I will not be afraid of your bad thoughts.
Anyway, from today on, killing people is no longer an offence.
If there is any contradiction that can not be solved by conversation, we can solve it with a gun. ” Jing min exposed his electronic bracelet and said, ”but there are other solutions.
I have more than ten bombs hidden in this place.
As long as any one of them explodes, it will become a pile of ruins.
If all the bombs go off at the same time, it will become a huge pit.
I have installed bombs in other places for storing materials.
As long as my pulse stops beating, all bombs will explode immediately.

Five people looked at each other, did not expect Jingmin will do so much preparation, but they also feel that Jing min ’s approach is reasonable.

”If I have to face so many powerful people, I have to have some security to be at ease.
I hope you can understand.
I provide you with supplies and you help me.
I feel that it is very fair in the end when supplies are going to be very scarce.
” Jing min stood up and said, ”after getting along for a long time, you will find that I have a bad temper, and I don ’t like someone to fight against me.
So in order to avoid conflict, I hope you will do your best to restrain others.
I will not give anyone a second chance.

”Is there anything for us people to abide by when we stay? ” In order not to touch Jingmin ’s taboo, Li Sheng wants to ask clearly in advance. ”Don ’t make trouble.
Do it when I have a plan.
When I have no arrangement, you should stay well, have a rest and exercise.
Without my permission, I can ’t bring other people here.
Even if I have good heart, I can ’t save everyone.
However, if any of your members of the team want to come, I can give you a special train, other roadside encounter is absolutely not allowed to bring back.
You will know later that unnecessary compassion will kill more people and yourself.
That ’s all I want to say.
You can pass it on to others.
There are other things.
Li Sheng and Wu Zhong can come to me as representatives of all of you.

Jing min goes back to his room, takes out the first super energy crystal core that appears in the world, and lies on the bed and looks up like a gem.
Every time the super energy crystal nucleus appears, there will be a vision nearby, which will attract a lot of intelligent zombies in the past.
If he gets rid of the superenergy crystal nucleus before the appearance of the vision and the zombie of wisdom, he can save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

The superenergy crystal nucleus is not the crystal nucleus of ordinary zombies running all over the street.
The number of super energy crystal nucleus is not only small, but also appears after a long time every time.
Where will the next super energy crystal nucleus appear? Only he and Qi Yun in the world know.
If Qi Yun didn ’t die, with this failure, he would certainly prepare earlier.

However, Jing min is not worried, because he knows that with Qi Yun ’s selfish personality, he will certainly not tell other people about the super energy crystal core, at least not at present.
So even if Qi Yun asks for help, he can cope with it.

The end of the world has come.
From now on, the number of zombies will be more and more.
Not only will there be a large number of intelligent zombies, but also there will be countless ordinary zombies.
What ’s more, he is going to face not only zombies, but also human beings who are fighting with him.
Therefore, the earlier you get a power, the better.
Because a strong enough self-protection and attack ability is the greatest guarantee to live in this world.

Jing min sits up and starts the system to activate the powers that already exist in the body, so that those that are still weak become obvious quickly.

Sweat came out from his forehead, and he held the super energy crystal core tightly until the light of the super energy crystal core slowly disappeared, the blue color also slowly disappeared, and became a gray white glass appearance.
Jing min finally relaxed himself and lay down on the bed again.
He was sweating all over and breathing with his mouth open.

After a while, the fatigue of the body disappears in an instant.
Not only are the limbs lighter, but the whole body is full of endless energy.
This is the energy of the first super energy crystal core.

Jing min got up to run a bath, and then a comfortable sleep.

From the next day, Jing min asked all the bodyguards to refit their weapons.
He drew the drawings and recorded the video, so that they could follow the changes, which was to find something to do for them.
A small number of bodyguards have left in order to find their families in the distance, and those left are basically those who have no relatives or whose families are not far away, but whose relatives can not be saved.
Most of the people who have to leave have left as soon as they open.
They have not followed these people to come here at all.
Although they lost their families in their hearts very sad, but in the face of the cruel reality, how can they do?

So Jing min gives them something to do.
On the one hand, it can increase the number of weapons that can be used, on the other hand, it can reduce the time they spend in grief.

The bodyguards would send two or three people to drive out every day to check the situation, to watch the scenes of tragedies happening in front of the city, and to see more and more zombies.
After going out for a few days, the bodyguards would not like to go out again.
They prefer to work in the workshop to transform weapons, at least temporarily to escape reality.

The TV wall of the hall is connected with Jing min ’s camera installed on the street.
There are more than ten Street pictures, some of which have been invisible.
Although the rest can be seen, in addition to being watched every day at the beginning, the number of times to turn on the screen in the back is less and less.

In the context of chaos in the world, there are countless tragedies happening every day, and they seem to be a paradise here, as if they have not been affected at all.

As time went by, Jing min originally planned to wait until other people ’s abilities began to appear, and then go out to hunt the intelligent zombie, and use the crystal core of the wisdom zombie to enhance the ability.
There is no need to go out now, because there is no way for the crystal nucleus of the intelligent zombie to be preserved.
If the energy is not absorbed in 24 hours, the energy will be lost rapidly.

Jing min thought he could still live a quiet life, but one day when he just woke up, Li Sheng rushed to tell him that they had been surrounded by the army.

Jing min Leng for a moment, thinking of the army to encircle here to do what? It should not be to rob the material, is it because Professor Cui? Then just give Professor Cui to them.
Anyway, it ’s useless for him to stay here.
It ’s better to go to the base to do something.

Jing min decided to go to the rooftop to see the situation first and open the door to welcome the guests, which was not his style.

Standing on the rooftop, Jing min looked out with the latest high-power telescope, and then was jumped by his own vision.
He took the telescope and tried to look into the distance.
He found that when he was looking far away, he was as clear as he was looking at the near.
This should be the effect of super energy crystal nucleus.There is no need to open the system.
Jingmin can directly see the people outside clearly.
It feels like a telescope is installed in the eyes, which can adjust the distance arbitrarily.

Jing min handed Li Sheng the telescope in his hand, and then directly scanned the cars and people outside with his eyes to see the clothes on those cars and people.
It was true that they were soldiers.
But he remembered that after the end of the world, the army was divided into several factions.
He did not know which faction was outside now.

Jing min ’s eyes swept, saw a car sitting in the co pilot, is actually Qi Yun.

Jing min laughs and thinks that Qi Yun has some skills.
In such a fast time, he has changed from mixing with murderers to mixing with military people.
It ’s really interesting.

It seems that if Professor Cui should be handed over to him, he has to think about it carefully.
What about the army? Will he be afraid of them? What ’s more, there are so many armies of different factions.
Qi Yun thinks that only he can find the army as a supporter?

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