Jing min came out of the bathroom after taking a bath, put on a T-shirt and stood in the bedroom to blow his hair.
Before his hair dried, Shang Yue opened the door of the bedroom and came in.

Jing min looked at him, ignored him and continued to blow his hair.
He has been in the military area command for some time.
As long as Shang Yue has no task or job, he will find various reasons and excuses to come to his room, either to deliver things to him or to gossip with him.
In short, every time he comes, he tries his best to hold on.

How can Jing min not know the purpose of his coming to his room? The * * in his eyes is very obvious, OK? But Jing min is deliberately hanging him to see when he can endure.

As soon as Shang Yue entered the door, he saw Jing min ’s long straight legs, which were exposed outside.
He was so hot that he resisted the impulse to knock people down.
He went over and took Jing min ’s hand to blow his hair.
He sat on his side on the bed to help him blow his hair.

The fingers of Shang and Yue interposed in Jing min ’s hair, and helped him gently massage his scalp, hot wind and massage, which made Jing min a little sleepy after waking up.
Jing min simply relaxed and leaned on Shang Yue ’s body and enjoyed it with her eyes closed.

Until Jing min ’s hair was dry and dry, Shang Yue turned off the hair dryer, touched Jing min ’s hair and said, ”OK. ”

Jing min opened his eyes, also raised his hand to touch his hair, and then stood up and went to the table to pour a cup of water, sitting on the sofa to drink.

Shang Yue sat down beside the bed, and his sight could not leave Jing min ’s legs.
Especially after he sat down, his thighs could only cover a little, and the middle part was faintly visible.

Shang Yue looked at it and felt thirsty.
He simply stood up and poured water for himself.
Then he took a water cup and sat down beside Jing min.

Jing min finished drinking water, put the cup on the coffee table and said, ”what has become of the outside recently? I heard that the military region has begun to expand.
Are more people coming? ”

After drinking the water in the cup, Shang Yue said, ”it will be more beneficial for us to concentrate our strength.
Not only do we have many soldiers from other bases coming here, but also we have saved a lot of ordinary people during this period of time.
We can ’t live without expansion. ”

”So we plan to expand the new living environment around the military area command, right? ” Jingmin said.

”Yes. ” Looking down at Jing min ’s legs, Shang Yue said, ”at present, we are going to build three high walls, which are divided into three living areas.
The middle part is mainly for scientific research and military command, the second layer is for ordinary residents, and the outer layer is for military defense and garrison.
The division of residential areas is more convenient for management than for everyone to mix together.
It will continue to expand in the future.
Even in the environment of zombies running around, through our own efforts, human beings will be able to live more and more normally

”I ’ll tell you a secret. ” Jing min leaned on the sofa, put his leg on Shang Yue ’s thigh, leaned to his ear and said, ”in a short time, many people ’s abilities will be inspired.
At that time, as long as they are alive and have not become zombies, they will have certain abilities, but their abilities and energies are different.
And by absorbing the crystalloid energy of the wisdom zombie, you are about to increase the power ’s energy.
Therefore, your military area command is about to start to be ready now, or else it will be chaotic for a while

”How do you know these things? ” Shang Yue looks at Jing min doubtfully.

”If I say I ’m reborn, so I know a lot about what hasn ’t happened yet, do you believe it? ” Jing Min said with a wink.

Of course, Shangyue believed it, and almost did not hesitate to believe it.
Moreover, the first thing he considered was how to ensure the safety of Jingmin, and then how to make use of Jingmin ’s special experience.
He asked, ”did you not tell others about this matter? ”

”I told Li Sheng, Wu Zhong and three other bodyguards that I wanted to know the future.
At that time, I needed help.
If I didn ’t tell them that, I couldn ’t keep them. ” Jingmin said.

”It ’s a good excuse.
The ability to predict the future is more convincing than rebirth. ” Shang Yue raised his hand and touched Jing min ’s face and said, ”don ’t tell anyone about this matter in the future.
I will tell the supreme leader that you have the ability to foresee the future, and this matter is also listed as the top secret. ”

The top leader of the military region is the grandfather of Shangyue.
His father and uncle are also leaders.
Their family is all soldiers.
So Jing min is not worried that he will be too powerful, and the business is more and more afraid of the leadership.

Jing min didn ’t answer him, but looked at him with his head tilted, his eyes flashing, and he deliberately lured Shang Yue.

Shang Yue put his hand on Jing min ’s knee, and then slowly felt it on the Internet.
When he felt Jing min ’s sensitive parts and Jing min wanted to avoid, he pressed Jing min on the sofa and kissed him.

”Well… ” Jing min ’s mouth is blocked, can not speak, can only make a protest.
He now some regret that he seduced Shangyue without wearing pants.
After Shangyue pulled his thigh, the scenery was displayed in front of him.

”No, no… ” Jingmin pushed Shang Yue ’s head between his legs and raised his waist as he lowered his body, which made Shangyue more eager to destroy him.When the two men were in love, the military contact of Shangyue suddenly rang.
Shang Yue had to use the greatest perseverance of his life to stop and take out the contact device to look at the order above.

Jing min breathed hard, his face flushed, his whole body was weak, his legs open lying on the sofa.
After reading the content of the order, Shang Yue looked up to see such Jing min, and didn ’t want to leave at this time.
Now, he must not delay his mission.

Shang Yue buried his head in Jing min ’s legs, and after a few hard kisses, he stood up to tidy up his clothes.

Jing min closed his legs and lay on his side looking at him.
He was suddenly interrupted.
He was also very uncomfortable.
But he also knew that Shang Yue was a soldier and it was his duty to obey orders.
Can not be like when the boss so arbitrary, like what you want.

Shang Yue quickly tidied up his clothes, bent down and patted Jing min ’s buttocks and said, ”there is one thing I forgot to tell you.
All the people who take the lead in fighting for independence have been solved by us, and Chen Weilu is also dead.
Everyone else in the base has been taken to the military area.
Didn ’t you say that there are your enemies in that base? Now maybe it ’s in the military area.

After Shang Yue finished, he left quickly, leaving Jing min alone.
Jing min got up, took off his T-shirt, walked to the bed and lay down with his body.
Wait until the body temperature drops, then start to think about what Shang Yue said when he left.

If Qi Yun has also come to the military area command, then this period of time, muddling along at the same time, will not be so boring.

Jing min got up and dressed and decided to go out to see Qi Yun.

After he went downstairs, the two guards arranged by Shang Yue immediately followed him up.
He looked left and looked again.
Then he remembered that Shang Yue did not tell him where Qiyun and Qiyun were now after they were taken to the military area command.
Compared with the size of the military area command, he can ’t look for it everywhere.

Jingmin told the guard who he was looking for.
The guard went to inquire with the public contact, and then drove Jing min over.

The military region does not support idle people.
Even if they are old, weak, sick and disabled, they should do what they can, and Jing min is the only exception.
Qi Yun and they were taken to the military area command, naturally, to do something.
The military area command is now expanding.
Although most of the construction work depends on machines, there are many places that need manual work.
Therefore, it is expected that Qiyun is working in the construction area.

More and more people have been brought to the military area command, but the division of the area is not so strict.
Therefore, for the sake of the security of the military region, the soldiers on patrol and the soldiers guarding and managing those people are keeping a high degree of vigilance.
As long as someone dares to take the risk of destabilizing and threatening security, they will definitely rather kill by mistake than let go.

When the car drove to the construction site, Jing min saw many people working honestly through the window, and many soldiers with guns were guarding them.

Jing min just got off the train, and the leaders of the two small teams saw him and immediately met him.
They were Li Sheng and Wu Zhong.

”Boss. ” Li Sheng and Wu Zhong go to Jingmin to say hello.
Although they and other bodyguards are now members of the army, they still call Jingmin their boss when they see him.
They are grateful for Jing min, because they are brought in by Jing min, so they can directly become regular soldiers and accept the assessment and training of the regular army, without starting from the labor force.
Sometimes, they have more opportunities for meritorious service.
When the world is peaceful, they will be promoted first.

”You ’re busy.
Go ahead.
I ’ll look around myself. ” Jingmin said.

”Construction is in progress here.
It ’s a mess.
Be careful, boss. ” Li Sheng said.

”I see. ” Jing min adjusted the distance of his sight and scanned the busy people.
Beside a machine, he saw Qi Yun.

Jing min walked slowly past.
He not only saw Qi Yun, but also saw Wu Hao and his group of friends around Qiyun.
These people were not dead, especially Wu Hao, who was shot by him and was still alive.
His life is very big.

Qi Yun and his colleagues have been here for a few days.
Because of the independence of the former base, all the people brought to the military area command must start from the most difficult and tiring work.
If they perform well, they will have the opportunity to do other better jobs.

Since they arrived in the military area command, they have been honest and do whatever they want.
They are absolutely obedient to the arrangements.
They want to get the chance to change from being managed to being a manager, even if they join the Civil Guard.

Qi Yun has been waiting for the power to be activated, and in his mind thinking about the second super energy crystal nucleus, thinking about how to get to the second super energy crystal nucleus.
Of course, he would not willingly accept his fate and be controlled by others.
He not only wanted to find Jingmin to avenge him, but also wanted to become a master in this troubled time.

Qi Yun didn ’t have a palm, so his work was relatively easy.
He had finished his work seriously beside the machine.
As if he felt someone was looking at him, he suddenly looked up and looked at Jing min.

At the moment of seeing Jing min, Qi Yun was stunned for a moment, then suppressed his anger and glared at Jing.The machine suddenly stopped, and those people next to Qiyun looked at him suspiciously.
When they saw Jing min along the line of sight of Qiyun, they were also stunned.

After seeing Jing min, Zhao Gang thought that he had killed Qi Yun and rushed to Jing min with anger on his face, trying to teach him a lesson for Qi Yun.

The soldiers on the side found Zhao Gang burst into the sky and fired two shots into the sky.
After Zhao Gang ’s movement slowed down, he fired a machine gun in front of him, which made him sit on the ground.

More than a dozen soldiers came forward and pointed their guns at Zhao Gang.
They told Zhao Gang to hold his head and squat down.
If they dared to move around again, they would kill him immediately.
Zhao Gang ’s face turned white.

Other soldiers also raised their guns at other people to prevent others from following the riot.

Li Sheng came forward with a gun.
He looked down at Zhao Gang and asked, ”what do you want to do?! Don ’t want to stay here, or don ’t want to live? ”

Zhao Gang ’s anger in his heart had long been scared out of his head and did not dare to speak.

Others looked at Zhao Gang, and no one dared to move or speak for him.

Jing min walked over and said, ”he is aiming at me. ”

Li Sheng turned to look at Jing min, respectfully said, ”boss, we will deal with this severely, please rest assured. ”

”No, let them go on with their work.
Don ’t delay the completion. ” Jingmin said.

Li Sheng hesitated for a moment.
He thought Zhao Gang was a dangerous person, but Jing min had already said something, so he could only do it.

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