The construction has returned to normal.
As a result, the soldiers have been more vigilant because of Zhao Gang ’s trouble.
Now it is an extraordinary period.
Those who deliberately make trouble should not stay.

There are dozens of people doing things in this place.
After the soldiers maintained the continuity, except Qi Yun and his group, they all started to work seriously again.
But after seeing Jing min, the gang couldn ’t concentrate on their work any more.
They looked at Jing from time to time.

Jing min asked the guards to take the sunshade fan and armchair and sit under the sunshade fan.
While watching those people working, they ate fruits and drinks leisurely.

Although those soldiers did not understand why Jing min had to stay in so many comfortable places in the military region.
But they all know that Jing min is a privileged person.
He can do whatever he wants.
No soldier will ask him to leave.

Because of the hatred in his heart, Qi Yun can ’t ignore Jing min ’s existence.
But even if he shivers because of his anger, but there are so many soldiers watching him, he doesn ’t dare to act rashly.
Moreover, he was very clear in his mind that he could not be his opponent now in the face of Jing min, who already had the power.

After Wu Hao saw Jing min, his mood was very complicated, because in his heart, he always felt that Qiu Jin and he were good friends.
But he didn ’t understand why he suddenly wanted to change his personality.
First, he blew up Qi Yun ’s palm, and then shot him in the chest.
This has not only ignored the previous feelings, but also treated them as enemies.
He couldn ’t understand why.
Difficult things because the world has changed, so he has changed? Or is it that he was just like this, just hiding his real character before?

Wu Hao slowly recovered from his fright just now, and the resentment in his heart rose again.
It was they who worked hard here, while Jing min sat leisurely under the sun umbrella, which made him angry.

Although other people don ’t have so many complicated emotions, they feel a little uncomfortable in their hearts.
They feel that no matter how much they used to be friends, why is he the only one who enjoys it.
And they finally accept the fact that it is the end of the world, but they are constantly suffering.

Qi Yun lost one after another in Jing min ’s hands.
Now naturally, he has guessed that Jingmin is also reborn.
Although he does not want to accept this fact, he has to face the reality again and again.

He knew that in front of Jing min, he had no way to use the advantages of rebirth, because Jing min knew all the things he knew.
But even so, he didn ’t want to give up revenge.
He felt that he would surely have a way to revenge.
Once the time came, he would definitely grasp it.
But before the time comes, he can only bite his teeth and hold back the anger in his heart, absolutely can ’t be impulsive.

Shang Yue sometimes goes out to carry out a task and it takes several days to come back.
This is a common thing.
This time, it can ’t come back within a few days.
So Jing min ’s daily fun changed from sleeping in his room to boring.
He went to the construction site to see Qiyun and his work, and then he enjoyed all kinds of things beside him.

After a long time, Qiyun and his group found that Jing min was given preferential treatment in the military area command.
Those soldiers were very polite to him.
This makes the original imbalance in the heart of the people more unbalanced, the original heart with anger and hate, more angry.

Jing min is to deliberately provoke them to see when they can bear it.
According to his observation, Qi Yun, who hates him most, is quite tolerant this time.
It seems that he is also reborn, and knows that he has the ability and dare not act rashly.

Zhao Gang, who is always hot tempered, seems to be unable to help it again.
Jing min is waiting for him to be angry again.

Late at night, Jing min was sleeping deeply, and suddenly had a strange dream.
In the dream, someone is kissing his buttocks, wet tongue back and forth across the groin, numb and itchy feeling, let him shake.

Then he felt something between his legs wrapped in something warm and moist, and that thing was sucking at his most sensitive part, causing a heat flow in his abdomen, trying to erupt.

Something rough was walking upstream of his body, stopping at his chest and kneading, making him frown in his dream and sending out dissatisfied protestors.
At last it slipped away from his chest, but stopped at his hip and rubbed it.

Because the dream is too real, Jing min thought, how much do you think * *, how can you make such a spring dream.

When he forcibly resisted sleepiness, pulled himself out of his sleep and opened his eyes with difficulty, the picture he saw was that his legs were being opened, his waist was being lifted, and that huge thing was slowly entering his body.

”Ah! Pain…
” Jingmin that place was used in this way for the first time in his life.
The tight and small place was suddenly opened by a huge thing, which made him cry out with pain.

Shang Yue didn ’t stop because of Jing min ’s painful cry, but with faster speed and greater strength, he put all his things into Jing min ’s body at a time, and let him shout again.

Jing min held his shoulder when Shang Yue pressed on him, bearing his fast and powerful impact.
The feeling of the inner wall being quickly rubbed has made him very hard to bear.
A particularly sensitive point was hit at once, which made him unable to help struggling.
But in the case of physical paralysis, he did not use much strength, his struggle for Shang Yue can be ignored.Shang Yue turned Jing min ’s body over, then picked him up and let him sit on his thigh, supporting his waist up and down to the top.

Jing Min has no place to support, so he can only lean on his strong chest and open his legs to let him in and out of his body.

Finally, the first round ended, Jing min did not think that he would only do it once, but thought he would at least have a little rest.
I didn ’t expect that he started the second round of impact without pulling away from his body and completely softening down.

Jing min can ’t do anything but cry out.
His body has been completely controlled by Shang Yue, and he bumps it over and over with various postures.

Do not remember has been carried out several times, Jing min in the end has been unable to hold on to sleep in the past.

When he woke up the next day, Jing min found that he was lying in the arms of Shang Yue.
He thought that he thought that what happened last night was a dream, because he had not been fully awake from the beginning to the end.

In fact, it ’s already noon now.
Shangyue has gone out in the morning and came back.
When he came back, he saw Jing min still sleeping, so he lay down with him.

Shang Yue didn ’t fall asleep.
Jing min woke up and felt that he opened his eyes and looked down at Jing Min who was rubbing his eyes and asked, ”it ’s already noon.
Are you hungry? ”

”Well. ” Jing Min wants to sit up, just hold up the body and fall back, his back ache, not a bit of strength.

Jing min lay on the bed discontented with hem and haw.
After he had no voice, he got up and went out to get food for him.

Shangyue came back in the middle of the night last night.
Originally, he just wanted to come and see Jing Min who was asleep, but he couldn ’t help but pull out Jing min ’s pajamas.

The more difficult it is for business to have a rest for two days.
They can do nothing but stay in the room like a new marriage.
Jing min hardly got out of bed these two days.
He felt that he was about to die in bed, but fortunately, even if Shangyue didn ’t go out to perform tasks, there were many other things to do.

After Shang Yue was busy with his own affairs, Jing min could finally relax and recover his physical strength.
He didn ’t have to be paralyzed in bed like a bone soft palm.

When Shangyue is busy, Jing min can find a time when he is free to sit under the sun umbrella and watch Qiyun and their work.

They didn ’t see Jing min for two or three days.
They thought he was tired of it.
They didn ’t expect him to reappear again, which made their hearts more uncomfortable.

After the business finished, he went back to find Jing min, but found that Jing min was not in the room.
After contacting the guards arranged for Jing min, he knew that Jing min often went to the construction site to see those people do things.

Shangyue drove to pick up Jingmin.
In his opinion, the construction site was dirty and messy, which was not the place Jingmin should stay.

He got out of the car and went to Jing min ’s side.
He looked down at Jing min and asked, ”what are you doing here? ”

Jing min raised his head and replied, ”it ’s too boring to stay in the room.
I ’m here to see them do things to kill time. ”

”It ’s nothing to see. ” ”If you feel bored, we can go back to do something else. ”

”I don ’t want it. ” Jing min refused to say, ”I am not easy to waist acid. ”

”Don ’t do that kind of thing.
It ’s really something else.
Let ’s go. ” Seeing Jing min ’s resistance, Shang Yue coaxed him.

Jing min hesitated for a moment, there was no resistance, was pulled by the Shang Yue on the car away.

Wu Hao and Wu Hao saw the scene of two people ’s tugging at each other, and they were wondering about their relationship.
Shang Yue knew that they were high-ranking officers at a glance.
Their intimate posture also showed that they had an unusual relationship.

When Qi Yun saw Shang Yue, he immediately felt that his soul had been taken away.
After seeing Shang Yue ’s intimate attitude towards Jing min, his unprecedented jealousy erupted in his heart.
He doesn ’t understand why God is so unfair and why he should be so biased towards a person who already has a lot of people.
But like him this originally has nothing, the destiny also wants such bumpy, this is exactly why?

Jing min was taken back by Shang Yue.
At first, Shang Yue was quite honest, chatting with him and massaging his waist and legs.
Jing min was very easy to fall asleep, and Shang Yue gave him a comfortable press.
After chatting, he fell asleep, and then Shang Yue had a chance to take advantage of it.

It ’s time to fall asleep at night, but Qi Yun can ’t sleep.
Shang Yue ’s face constantly appears in his mind.
He really wants to get close to that person, hoping God can give him this chance, he will prove that he is more suitable for him than anyone else.
Now he is more eager for his powers to be inspired earlier, because only after the powers are activated can he prove his abilities.

In the room of ten people, I don ’t know who first talked about the scene we saw today, and then they began to guess the relationship between Qijing min and Shang Yue.

Qi Yun regained consciousness because of their discussion, and then took part in their topic.
All kinds of satire must be due to the unclean relationship between Shang and Yue, so he could enjoy special care in the military area command.Other people also agree with Qi Yun ’s statement in their hearts.
Otherwise, why is Jing min alone not doing anything all day long? If it is not because of improper relations, there is no other reason to explain.

Only Qi Yun knew very well that Jing min not only had the ability now, but also had made a lot of preparations as a reborn and rich man.
But of course, he would not say these things.
When he heard other people curse Jing min, he was a little more comfortable, and of course he would not help Jing min explain.

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